22 f. yep I'm a marine 🤘 love my job. my minds always in the gutter but that comes with the territory. grew up in a close family so my profile has a lot of incest "fantasy" lol enjoy! 18+ only please : D

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    Up until 10 minutes ago Maddy just thought her twin brother was a geeky little virgin. Then she was walking passed his room and something caught her eye, his door was ajar and her brother was lying on his bed watching porn and jerking off and she couldn’t take her eyes off it

    She watched for several minutes has her furiously beat his meat until he came all over himself then fell asleep. It wasn’t until ten she noticed she had her hand in her panties and her pussy was soaking wet. She quickly ran across the hall to her own room stripped and jumped on the bed,she couldn’t control herself and began playing with herself think forbidden desires of her own brother

    She rubbed herself harder and harder until her entire body shook and she experienced the most intense orgasm ever. Now she wondered if any other girls had such desires on their own family or was she just a weirdo