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2022-06-25 05:28:48

    not to add to the doom posting, but:

    the Supreme Court will soon review the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

    the ICWA protects Native children from being adopted out of their communities, and it’s under fire bc a white couple is suing on the basis that it’s “racial discrimination” that they can’t adopt a child away from her family, (Brackeen v. Haaland). it’s probably not going to end well.

    I encourage you to do your own research, but the point of this post: the Lakota People’s Law Project is assembling a brief, and coordinating with other legal teams on this, including working with the original author of the ICWA.

    the Lakota People’s Law Project have a petition you can sign here, and let’s be real, what they really need is donations, (especially since they’re going up against a campaign funded by oil conglomerates).

    i’ll put source links in the replies so i can keep them up-to-date.


    if a post about abortion rights is using gendered language, scroll past it. abortion is not a woman's issue, it's a human issue.


    "don't reblog important information/posts about a topical issue because it's not worded the way I like"


    Op, it is a gendered issues because abortion rights only affect females. Hope this helps!


    Women aren't human. Nice.


    holy shit you are actually fucking stupid if you think that's what op said.

    op is not saying that women aren't human you fucking braindead neanderthal. op is saying that abortion affects more than just women.

    but you freaks can't understand that because you think "woman" means "walking vagina" and "breeding machine". who's the real misogynist here?

    either go to therapy or jump off a cliff.


    not to mention that this case getting overturned is specifically being used by conservatives as a gateway to overturn gay marriage and pass anti-trans legislation, so like... yeah, this actually even affects people who can't get pregnant, too.


    The same Mike Pence that democrats were calling a hero last week for not getting in a fucking car? That Mike Pence?

    This post is me acknowledging that some people go onto tumblr to escape the real world and to soothe themselves after stressful experiences, so if they block or ignore social justice and news stories so that their decompression isn’t interrupted with yet more stress, it is not only no one’s business but it makes perfect sense.

    Never judge people for not reblogging something.