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2022-05-02 22:15:34

    "filler" is so misused bc anime filler is a really specific phenomenon where the animators can't fill their allotted episode count with material from the manga so they invent side stories or pad existing plots out. if something isn't an anime that was adapted from a manga it literally can't have that kind of filler. then people start to apply the concept to simply "episodes of a show that don't move the plot forward" and I don't even know why that's a problem bc if done well theres nothing wrong with those. having episodes with low stakes makes the ones with high stakes more impactful, and breathing room between major developments makes them more exciting when they do happen. some people seem to have this idea that filler = boring, plot = good, and I wish they would lose that mindset


    it feels like we retired the post about prince philip making it clap on instagram after he actually died. as if it were a magical sword forged solely to kill him and now, having accomplished its destined task, there was nothing left but to wax it and put it away in its box, left forgotten in some mouldering attic. but surely power yet dwells within the blade. surely his corpse may yet be mocked, that it may never truly rest in peace. surely we can preserve his legacy, that he may be remembered by all of history as a nasty little thottie who was punished for his icarian arrogance, struck dead by the gods for having the foolhardy gall to make it clap on instagram.


    Opposing force to claims to be pro life which only existed post scalias death and persists to this day and yet has universally failed to make anyone die as of yet.