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    Though the jokes that "since gay pride month is over, july is now gay wrath month" are funny and all, it's important to remember that July is ACTUALLY Disability Pride Month and ya'll should really be focused on boosting disabled voices and issues this month! For instance, the fact that marriage equality doesn't actually truly exist in the United States for disabled people, or the fact that disabled people are forced to live in poverty or lose their disability benefits, or the fact that 1 in 5 people with chronic pain end up sufferring from alcoholism or other addictions, or how accessibility is still a daily battle for all of us, or how there are active hate groups on places like reddit who try to "call out" those they see as "faking" their disabilities.

    This July, boost disabled voices. Talk about the issues that our community faces. Call out ableism.


    the weirdest thing about nonbinaryism is that people will get told they dont ‘look nonbinary’ because theyre just wearing plainclothes and dressed comfortably. instead of like. idk gothic eyeliner or fangs or a cape or flowing, long, gorgeous hair,


    i got distracted. anyway why did we make nonbinary the third gender where everyones supposed to be sexier. its funny and like in theory correct but what about the normal people. what about the sweatpant wearears


    sorry for adding a comment on your post but literally this. i want nonbinary to be boring. i want it to be mundane. i dont want people to look at me and go wohhh so androgynous swag. i just want people to go oh thats a person. stop elevating us higher thn others bc thats just othering us more. can we support nonbinary people who dont want to be special hot and sexy tiktok stars or whatever


    actually thank you you made me realize this was because ive been on tiktok too much


    Also we should perhaps let nonbinary people be fat

    when i was a kid I was really bad (or really good depending on your definition) at hidden object games. which is to say that I would not specifically search for the objects the book asked me to look for. no. that would make no sense. what i instead did was open a spreadsheet

    i then proceeded to list every single object in the image in my excel spreadsheet, highlighting the objects the book asked me to find in red as i went. Then, by the end, not only had i found the objects, I had also found and categorized all of the other objects as well. This way, if anyone asked me to find any other objects in that image, i was fully prepared

    on an unrelated note i was diagnosed as autistic before third grade


    my main criticism of solarpunk is why isn’t it happening


    it absolutely is and here’s the wiki we’re building

    what exists in terms of community developed sustainable technology

    but like any revolutionary social movement it requires active involvement to achieve the change you want to see. Here are some handy resources for getting more involved:

    Food Not Lawns - project to help communities feed themselves without capitalism

    Food Not Bombs - same idea as above but less emphasis on growing food

    The Buy Nothing Project - community resource pooling to combat consumerism

    Demand Utopia - Rojava solidarity & social ecology activism - speaking of which, The Internationalist Commune of Rojava have their Make Rojava Green Again project.

    Also, if you want your solarpunk social media then start looking to the decentralised non corporate sunbeam city mastodon instance (blend of tumblr and twitter without your data being sold) where you’ll find shit tonnes of information on making food, growing things, building sustainable technology yourself etc being shared - like this $3 DIY solarpowered USB charger or this $30 wind turbine made largely from salvaged parts.

    In terms of building online infrastructure to actively combat capitalism, using and helping to develop open-source, community run software & websites like the sunbeam city mastodon instance should be a priority. This is a good alternative to google for searching.

    In terms of building real world solarpunk infrastructure as resistance to actively combat capitalism, the organisations linked above are honestly invaluable - especially Food Not Bombs. I’d also add the Industrial Workers of the World (a democratic workers’ union for anyone in the world without hiring/firing power) as well as tenants’ unions - like ACORN in the UK. Finally, find or start a community garden.



    It wasn’t until recently that I realized not many people these days know about the Freecycle Network but it’s totally a thing and you should totally know about it.


    Finally details for a windmill

    The past is packed with monsters! Behemoths by the dozen! Let’s meet these fossils! (and their less colossal modern cousins)

    Earth’s ancient history is full of giant versions of modern animals. Evolutionary forces (competition for resources, changes in climate) pushed these species to become incredibly large. And I’m not just talking about giant dinosaurs - there were huge mammals and marsupials too. 

    A lot of these giants lived in the Pleistocene, an epoch stretching from around 2.5 million to 11,000 years ago. Mysteriously, the extinction of many of these animals coincides with humanity’s arrival as a dominant predator.

    Watch a video / listen to a poem about these prehistoric monsters.

    Illustrations by Mary McLain

    The Muppets (ABC) continuity error:

    In The Muppets, 1x01: “Pig Girls Don’t Cry.”, Fozzie Bear comments that “When your online profile says ‘passionate bear looking for love,’ you get a lot of wrong responses.” He quickly corrects his wording and says “Uh, not ‘wrong.’ Uh, just wrong for me.”

    This directly contradicts the following exchange from the “The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz”, considered by everyone to be the single most canon Muppet movie of all Muppet movies: