All friendships in the "pantheon" have such different vibes. Like—

    Regulus and Pandora were soulmates. They always so easy together. She always telled, he always listened. They complemented each other. When he was angry, she was tranquil; when she was angry, he was tranquil. While one of them was mad the other one was calm. It was a perfect balance. No one can destroy it.

    Regulus and Barty were lovers, but they also were found brothers, just not at the same time. The family. Family they both never had, but they found in each other. They were desperate in their relationship, clinging to each other like a lifeline and then were incredibly faithful their partners, rejoicing for each other, loving each other incredibly intensely, but already with an another love

    Regulus and Evan were allies. They got it each other very well, being in the same position. Son from a shitty privileged family, a king crushed by his crown. They dreamed of running away as much as they dreamed of staying. They shared each other's joys and sorrows and when it was bad with the family and scars healed too long, they always had each other.

    Regulus and Dorcas were comrades in misfortune, falling in love with gryffindors, so differently but also so the same. They found each other's eyes across the hall, when they heard something interesting, knowing that then they would share this information with each other. They shared secrets with each other, talked about fellings, talked about things that they never talked about with others. They talked at night, when Pandora fell asleep. They were platonically in love with all of them, wanting to admire from the side and be inside at the same time, dying from a tenderness that they had never felt before.

    Dorcas and Pandora were best friends. Yin and yang, oil and water, fire and ice, and and everything like that. Little lovers before and absolutely friendly loving each other now. They always held hands, talked a lot, braided each other's hair, read books aloud, telling about favorite stories. They are the only thing left of each other at some point. And then everything was lost. And they lost themselves, lost each other.

    Dorcas and Barty are absolutely another persons. They were a couple in other's eyes, they were "familiars in the same social circle" in each other eyes, scaring to accept they were a more than familiars, they were a friends. Oh, more than anything she hated the fact she missed him when he joined to deatheaters. She hated that she thought about them, thought about him, when she died. She thought that they were a more than just familiars, their consersations were rare, but their friendship was bright, but so short, like a match, that it burns brightly and quickly burns out. They found a common language almost the last, they did not have decades, but this “something” was woven from moments that filled the void in her heart while she bled, regretting nothing.

    Dorcas and Evan were each other's favorites. More words about love, about relationships, more tenderness, less tactility, because she really doesn't like hugs (with someone who is not pandora), respect for each other's personal boundaries at the highest level, yet there seems to have never been any distance between them. They were close, they were closer than with somebody other, but also they were ones whose connection was never caught. Platonic soulmates, who never truly hated each other, ending up tearing each other's soul to shreds.

    Pandora and Evan were siblings. Literally. They had problems, but they were always good to each other. He would have died protecting her, she would have died protecting him, and that was all of them. Hand in hand, together from the first day, twins, their faces are identical, their characters are incredibly different. They were two sides of the same coin, they were halves of each other, so that one of them dreamed and the other interpreted, they always went in pair, never separately. When one of them died, the other was never complete again.

    Pandora and Barty were the ones who don't think they could get along at all. But they got along. And it was silent contempt from the first seconds and unconditional support when it was needed. They were rivals in the final scores, overtaking each other in turns because their brains could hold an incredible amount of information, and were friends in everything else. They shared with each other laugh and tears they, shared problems and achievements, and it felt right. Then, looking at the Luna, seeing Pandora in her... It's never been easy. It's like you always knew your best friend was at arm's length, but you could never catch him, really.

    Evan and Barty were friends. No, it's not true. They weren't friends. They were a couple, lovers, husbands. Anyone but friends. Their love was capable of burning forests and draining the seas, it was passion and tenderness, it was painful and it was pleasant at the same time. They were dramatic, bickering and screaming, smashing dishes, kissing in the rain and in dark alleys, hugging each other like it was their last time. They were careful, examining each other's bodies, looking into each other's souls. They were... everything for each other. It killed them in the end. Their love was destructive and Barty never knew how to let go.

    I love them sm, thanks

    Keep thinking about Damian gradually distancing himself from vigilantism so he can live a normal life, but no matter how many times he bails, everyone keeps calling him because he’s still their best stealth guy, so now he’s got a full-time job and they still expect him to drop everything at a moment’s notice, and he’s this 🤏🏼 close to just blocking everyone and throwing his phone into the pier

  • “Ummm well…you’ve fought aliens without me before, and Isaiah the Hairless Cat is stuck in a tree again, so I’m kinda busy. Just do it yourself.”
  • “Sorry, I have to study for the GRE? Can we do it later? Like next week?”
  • “Look, I need to submit my vet school applications. I know this evil government takeover is a big deal, but I have other priorities.”
  • “No, sorry. I’ve got a volunteer shift at the rescue shelter. Can I take a rain check?”
  • “Listen, I know this mission is time sensitive, but that’s the same day as my graduation! Can’t you just call Aqualad or something?”
  • “No can do. I’ve got an interview for that job at the vet.” “I can’t reschedule! Are you crazy?!”
  • “Look, it’s been fun and all, kicking Joker in the face, but I have a shift soon? In like an hour so I gotta run. Bye!”
  • “I have a surgery scheduled at 4 pm! Do you think I have all the time in the world? I swear to god-”
  • *storms into the batcave wearing scrubs* “What do you want now?!”
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    The Japanese New Japan fans came together to vote for the best NJPW themes. Here are the results.


    Ok So, we got R3K seperately.

    We got Will Ospreay and Tanashi Hiroshi twice.

    Almost all (current/former) L.I.J. (except SANADA and TITAN)

    waiting for the inevitable ren narita and shota umino feud. narita’s whole shibata-lite deal and the “new era” announcement before fighting his way thru a tournament to get a WK spot is already being set opposite of umino who was given a title shot and then a spot in mutoh’s last match tagging with his obvious parallel in tanahashi. theyre gonna build on the shibata vs tanahashi ideological clashes of the past with the irony of tanahashi’s vision being positioned as the old guard now when he was so adamant about ending inokiism


    canon: they died

    fanfic: fUCK YOU


    Canon: and so they never met

    Fanfic: here’s a funny story


    Canon: There was tension and pining, but they never even kissed.

    Fanfic: Actually,


    Canon: Torture the cinnamon roll.

    Fanfic: Torture the cinnamon roll.


    Canon: When they traveled they stayed in separate rooms

    Fanfic: AND. THERE. WAS. ONLY. ONE. BED!!!!!


    Canon: … and they were roommates.

    Fanfic: oh my god, they were roommates


    Canon: They were international assassins who assassinated assassins.

    Fanfic: But hot DAMN wait till you hear about this cafe they opened


    Canon: They had a coffeeshop

    Fanfic: but they were ASSASSINS


    Canon: they were mortal enemies and attempted to murder each other on multiple occasions



    Everytime I reblog this has a new addition and it’s the best


    Canon: They were straight

    Fanfic: Lol




    I love fanfic so so so much.


    Canon: Am I joke to you?


    Fanon: No, just a disappointment.


    It started out great, but it got so much better.


    Dick: So what have you been up to, Damian?

    Damian: I am helping Drake take over the world.


    Dick: Okay, let’s unpack that, shall we? Why?

    Damian: He promised Kent the world and then panicked. He needs help.

    Dick: Okay, that’s sweet. So it’s more of a metaphorical-

    Damian: It is not. I anticipate total world domination in fourteen months.

    Dick: Homestly seems like you could do it faster, but continue.

    Damian, nodding: I could, but unfortunately I am limited by my projected timeline of Drake and Kent’s relationship development.


    Damian: They’re not ready to be co-rule a planet together.

    Tim, bursting in: What if we take over the world and Kon doesn’t like it?

    Damian: He will like it because it is from you.

    Dick: Okay, that’s actually a little sweet still. But also, don’t you think maybe you could start off a little smaller?

    Damian: A small country, perhaps.

    Dick: Not exactly what I meant.

    Tim: An island?


    Bruce: Any idea why Tim wants to buy - *squints at note again* - 400 lbs of chocolate?

    Dick, slumping into a chair: Oh thank goodness.

    Bruce, concerned: Everything okay, chum?

    Dick: Just do it. As a preventative measure against Tim and Dami taking over the world together.

    Bruce, already pulling out his credit card: Say no more. I don’t want to know.


    Supportive little brother dami


    bcc chess headcanon

    i have this headcanon that everyone in the bcc plays chess. both for fun & as a part of training. when wheeler joins he doesn't really know how to play chess. regal uses the time teaching wheeler to play to bond one on one with wheeler, even when the bcc is all together doing whatever (mox & eddie watching football, bryan reading, claudio halfway watching football & doing whatever he does, ect) regal will take some time to work on playing chess with wheeler.

    & of fuckin course wheeler picks it up pretty well, especially the strategy aspect of the game. regal starts setting him up against claudio & bryan, coaching wheeler through the game. when wheeler can keep up on his own regal sets up boards so that wheeler is playing regal, claudio, & bryan at once over time (the boards are set up & left, each player coming in whenever they want to make their move as opposed to timed chess).

    eventually wheeler can hold his own with bryan & claudio, beats them here & there. eventually getting the best of regal. it's a lot of fun & wheeler really finds himself enjoy it. he noticed eventually that no one plays with mox, that he's never invited to play. so he asks regal & regal says that he & mox play sometimes so invites him to watch.

    mox, while half paying attention & messing with eddie like he plays video games, beats regal again & again in less than 15 moves each time. to wheeler's amazement regal is actually trying & struggling to last as long as possible with mox but can never, ever get the best of him. bryan says that he refuses to play with mox bc he think mox is cheating. claudio says he plays with mox sometimes but grows frustrated. mox offers to play wheeler, & wheeler agrees fully expecting to get got very quickly.

    to everyone's shock wheeler just hangs with mox. he easily keeps up with mox's strategy & ideas, the random wild twists he puts in his game. their first match goes for over an hour, when none of the bcc has last 20 minutes. eventually mox wins but they end up setting up another game that last until the morning as a stalemate.

    wheeler declines mox for awhile, which starts to get under mox's skin bc he wants to play someone who can keep up. eventually wheeler agrees again & they play a quick four or five games where mox crushes him in the first few moves. mox calls wheeler out on letting him win but wheeler promises he was just trying different things that didn't work. they break bc mox is abt to physically fight wheeler.

    after dinner wheeler sets up the board & asks mox for another match. first time he's asked mox to play him instead of being offered. its touch & go for both of them for a long time, they work each other, take piece after piece, & when it's just so close to another stalemate...

    wheeler pulls out a surprising, glorious win over mox.

    mox has never been happier (or more annoyed) to lose & thus starts the epic battle for the bcc chess championship.

    claudio makes a little trophy that mox & wheeler have to pass back & forth between each other (they keep track of their win/loses & the title reigns [much to the annoyance of the other bcc they involved their wins over them too]). regal snaked a win & held the title for 4 weeks before mox bullied him into a match & took it back.

    bryan has never held the title once. though claudio managed to distract wheeler & win once (but lost it on the rematch a few days later).

    it become a genuine competition between wheeler & mox, while everyone else gets to flex their creativity trying to cheat a win off the other two. there is an unspoken rule to keep the title off of bryan bc it pisses him off so much.


    Oh yes I need stuff like that.


    god. it makes me so emotional to think garcia and yuta will be it for each other, you know? we're entering a new chapter in their story, which has arguably just begun. in the future, they're gonna be drawn together, whether it's as friends or as enemies, and they're gonna tell stories worthy of fight forever chants, and there will be heartbreak and pain but there'll also be so much joy and love


    Yeah like Dean Ambrose (nka Jon Moxley) and Seth Rollins


    Can you imagine board game nights with the batfam though

    Everyone thinks Dick will end up having to play the laidback referee. They’re wrong. They’re so wrong. Something about board games brings out his competitive streak and he’s actually the one stirring up the most shit.

    Jason and Steph spend half the night arguing about whether or not cornhobble is a word

    Twister is banned on behalf of Dick being stupidly flexible and winning every time (yes I know they’re all flexible, I just picture Dick as being just that little extra/having hypermobility)

    Monopoly is the last game of the night because it brings out the gremlin in Tim, who will either destroy everyone and win or destroy something if he loses. At some point they all gang up on Tim, and he still wins somehow

    One time he lost from Damian, the fallout was epic

    No one wants to play scrabble against Barbara bc she always wins (even from Jason, who usually dominates it)

    Sorry! is all fun and games until Cass “accidentally” flips the board

    She always wins at Snakes and Ladders though

    Damian always wins Goose Game, he has the weirdest luck

    If they decide on adding card games to the mix, Jason wins every single round of Texas Hold ‘Em without trying

    And Bruce gets destroyed by each and every single one of his kids and there’s nothing he can do about it


    Where are Duke,Harper and Alfred?


    Could you do a Jason and Damian bonding headcanons, please?

  • The first time one of them said "I love you" was in the heat of battle when Jason said it along with, "You better not die again, brat"
  • When Damian is angry, Jason will put on sparring gloves and tell Damian to have at it until he wears himself out and calms down
  • Damian knows when Jason has violent thoughts even if he doesn't talk about them—it's a League instinct
  • Jason can bench twice Damian's weight—they found out when Damian sat on a barbell because "this was my spot first"
  • When it comes to Damian, Jason's fear isn't the katana or assassin-like stealth, but the fact that he's a mirror image of Bruce
  • Back in the League, Jason once caught Damian playing with his mother's makeup and covered for him while Damian cleaned up
  • Jon teaches Damian TikTok dances and Damian teaches Jason
  • Jason's not allowed to pick Damian up from school alone on account of the time he pulled up on a motorcycle blasting AC/DC and shouted "I'M HERE MOTHERFUCKER"
  • Damian wanted to know what the ocean is like but Nanda Parbat was far from one, so Jason recreated it with melted snow and shell-shaped rocks
  • Damian cooked, and Jason was the last to say "not it" to trying it
  • One time Alfred told Damian to give Jason some fruits and vegetables so Damian gave him a single strawberry
  • When Damian is tired, he'll steal Jason's whole coffee maker and put it in his room
  • Damian knows about Roy sneaking into Jason's room at night
  • Jason's idea of cooking is slapping a huge piece of meat on the grill and calling it a day, much to Damian's protests
  • Jason lets Damian have a small sip of wine under supervision
  • Jason's the only one who lets Damian fight the way he feels most confident
  • They went sledding on an old table top
  • They can play ping pong blindfolded, but only against each other
  • Damian literally owns the world's smallest violin, which he busts out whenever Jason retells his death
  • Jason once went a whole road trip without noticing Damian in the back seat
  • Damian can mimic police sirens and Jason hates it
  • Jason attests that Damian can drive, but he'll also attest that Damian is the worst driver ever
  • Their have each other's contacts saved as "Bat Brat" and "Dead Hood"
  • They have bonfire s'mores on Jason's grave
  • Damian sticks Jason's mugshot to the fridge with alphabet magnets
  • Jason knows Damian hates surprise parties so he always tells him when the family is throwing one
  • They have a Jane Austen book club
  • The first time Damian got his heart broken (in the League, by Ra's) Jason was the one who picked up the pieces
  • Damian uses his prodigious art skills to speed-draw Jason in everyday life when he's not looking
  • They got #CancelBruceWayne trending for April Fool's
  • Jason occasionally writes poetry and Damian doodles in the margins
  • They can't beat each other in a bare fistfight
  • When Damian gets excited about something, Jason makes sure nobody can ruin it
  • Jason leaves sauce packets all over the place to confuse Damian
  • They know each other's limits and consistently toe the line
  • Damian submits a fake job application under Jason's name to Build-A-Bear
  • varadamehendalesworld

    My fav bat-kids duo