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2020-12-07 12:56:52

    Very Exciting Stuff. I’m so glad I have this community to share with, and have enjoyed the support the story has got so far, over the past two-plus years. I’m being asked all the time how people can further help the project, and decided finally to start a Patreon. Have no fear I’m always going to share the story here for free, where the story was birthed, but I do use my own money at times to help bring in contributors - artists, models, writers. I’d like to be able to keep others involved so I figured this is a way to make sure I’m able to keep doing it. My Patreon will give supporters early access to entries and I’ll probably end up doing some Patreon-only content: images and maybe some tangent scenes, canon or non-canon. But again, the plan is that I’ll always post the main story line here and at GiantessCity, just a little while after it goes up at Patreon.