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    Kitty! Hello! Firstly, congrats on 200 followers, you deserve every one of them :) Secondly, may I request #5 with Dazai? Please and thank you? Remember to take all the time you need and to take care and stay safe! Have a good day/evening/night!

    🌹200 Followers Event🌹

    Character: Dazai x reader

    Warnings: maybe a few spelling and/or grammar errors

    Notes: Thanks for requesting and for your patience Val! Hopefully you enjoy this, I may or may not have become a tad bit rusty with my writing but I'm trying to get back into it. Have a pleasant day/night

    Prompt: 5. "I won't let go."


    Stars littered the sky's surface accompanying the full ivory white moon tonight. Yokohama's streets weren't entirely empty but neither was it busy or noisy. You and Dazai walked across a section of cement with little walls on the side as the only barrier against the ocean beside.

    You looked toward your right and gazed at the gentle ripples in the midnight blue water, mimicking the sky above you. A sigh left your lips and it was out of content. Your left hand was linked with Dazai's as you both took a midnight stroll. However, you weren't walking on the same cement floor Dazai was on, instead you were gracefully taking steps on the cemented wall.

    Cautious, you were and at the same time keeping your eyes on the entrancing sea. But somehow you misjudged your next step and you felt yourself slip and your body weight lean over the wall toward the ocean.

    Dazai felt a little tug on his hand and from the corner of his eye he saw you about to fall. His eyes widen and he wraps the same hand that linked with yours, around your waist and the other arm wrapped around you to keep you steady.

    You felt your heart almost jump out of your chest but relief soon washed upon you when you rested your hands on Dazai's shoulders and saw him. "Careful, I wouldn't want my Belladonna falling over and drowning in the ocean without me." You didn't know whether to laugh or hit him on the head, or maybe both.

    He picked you up and put you down on the cemented floor where he was. He gave you a little peck on the lips and smiled. Linking your hands together once more, you both started to walk again, "Thanks." you said under your breath but loud enough for him to hear.

    "Don't thank me my love, I won't ever let go, I'll always be there to catch you..." you looked up at him and smiled, "...even when you clumsily fall." Your smiled diminished at that. He laughed at your expression. You always looked cute when you got upset whenever he teased you.

    He kissed the back of your hand and you both continued on, maybe you'll grab a snack before heading home.


    Aww, so cute <3 Amazing work as always Kitty - thank you for writing this!

    I've always wanted to ask this but if you want to be part of a tag list for my writing you can fill out this form (its just so that everything is in one place and I won't have to go looking in three different places)

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    Thank you both @lordsister and @tickotaku for the tag! (Tbh I completely forgot to do this the first time I was tagged - whoops)

    Tagging (feel free to ignore!) @nad-zeta @istanmyman @fairy-marshmallow @crunchy-cloud and anyone else that would like to!

    Between Lovers and Lovers Only

    Vincent x MC // Shakespeare x MC || Ikemen Vampire

    Something between a mix of romantic and married life HCs for Vince and Will (individually)!

    Warning(s): Will might be a little OOC

    Requested from Wattpad! Sorry if these are a little short or not the best!


    Vincent van Gogh

  • Every morning, without fail, Vincent always plants a kiss on your forehead, completely and utterly mesmerized at how the sun bathes you in its light
  • If you happen to get out of bed before Vincent to make breakfast or something he'll silently wrap his arms around you and just watch as you work
  • Actually, Vincent hugs you a lot throughout the day and cuddles when he can. He just loves being able to hold you <3 His hugs are always warm and tight (but not too tight!)
  • Cups your face when he kisses a lot too
  • Also kisses your nose every so often
  • Paint. The. Walls!
  • After moving into a house of your own one thing you two did was decorate the walls. Not every wall of every room, but there was a whole room designated to Vincent so he could paint whatever he wanted on it (Comte never let him when he lived in the mansion so he was very ecstatic); he also asked if you would paint on them with him.
  • You guys definitely did the cliché (?) handprint on the wall or something equivalent to it. It wasn't even intentionally either, rather a happy accident. Maybe one of you touched the wall, fingers stained with wet paint and the rest was history.
  • Asks you to come with him to flower fields/cliffsides/other landscapes when he goes out to sketch and paint. More often than not though his focus will change to you who lay/sit some distance away. He can't help it, you're a large source of inspiration for him, plus he loves you so much. Of course, he's going to draw/paint you.
  • Picnic dates in those same fields, the warm spring wind and sun the only other attendees beside yourselves
  • Vincent has definitely given you a hand made gift for your birthday/anniversary
  • To avoid getting paint on his wedding ring he'll loop a string through it and wear it as a necklace instead <3 He can't bear to take it off and put it to the side cause he doesn't want to risk losing it.
  • I feel like Vincent wants to see the world. He wants to show you the place he was born and see the beauty of other countries with you. So, if you’re up for it, maybe some time in your life the two of you will wander the ever-changing world together.
  • William Shakespeare

  • I'd like to think that the two of you stay living in the villa together- or something equivalent to it. Something in town, not too big but not too small either. Just perfect.
  • Two words: Hand. Kisses. Especially on your left hand and over your wedding ring. William also simply rubs his thumb over the metal band at times too.
  • Slow dancing in the living room?? Yes.
  • Definitely has dipped you into a kiss cause he can (if you allow him that is)
  • At one point you both had a mini poem competition to see who could win the other's heart with their words first (Shakespeare has to admit you did write a couple that made his heart dance in his chest)
  • Is constantly giving you single flowers and some kind of cheesy poetic comment to go with it (usually it’s how the flower could never compare to your beauty but is a close second. Therefore, he found it only fitting that he should present it to you)
  • Will adores your smile with how pure and full of happiness
  • Surprises you with gifts every once in a while - it's always something small and material though. Gloves, jewelry of some kind, perfume, books, things like that.
  • Shakespeare strikes me as the kind of guy that knows how to play some kind of instrument - I just don't know what. That being said, if you ever ask him then he'll play for you. Usually something slow and full of emotion
  • As dates the two of you go and see plays and musicals, just not one's that he's written himself; Will wants to experience a story that he doesn't know the ending to yet.
  • Sometimes you just walk around town too, window shopping, talking about whatever comes to mind
  • When you go to bed at night he'll sometimes whisper sweet poetic passages to you, all of them having reminded him of you.
  • You've turned his tragic-filled life into one of romance and William is enterally grateful for what you've done for him.