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2020-09-10 18:00:34

    Hey everyone who gets this......we are in the midst of very hard times. Pandemic and social injustice and understanding we are all having hardships, i kno we all know someone who is having and even tougher time. I have the pleasure of being able to assist someone in need . One of My best friend Shay Omar, (Was almost Shay Omar, Omar being her Late fiancé’s Last name). She gave Birth on 09.06.2020 to a Beauitful Baby Boy unfortunately Her Fiancé Passed on )09.07.2020. She is Now Left to care for 3 lovely girls and her newborn son and try to now find work with limited education and no job skills. This campaign is to raise at least $1,000 to assist with up coming bills and funeral /post death arrangements. Please find it in your hearts to help one of our own African American Queens in her time of need anything will help. Also if you know any resources nationally or in the Phoenix, Arizona that is welcome and appreciated. If you are hesitant on giving but would like to Ill be creating a baby registry as well as a registry for the girls and Shay for clothing and any essentials that may be needed and will post it by Friday sept. 11 2020.