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    My family is watching The Untamed on Netflix and they keep asking me to explain what’s going on. I have no idea, but they seem to think that I should have an instinct for fantasy plots and be able to figure out what’s going on when they can’t.

    May i assist?

    I think I’m actually doing a pretty OK job so far.

    wow this beautiful man is a much bigger dweeb than the tumblr gifs led me to believe

    obviously Sokka would continue to mercilessly bully Zuko after they start dating. obviously

    once he has a late growth spurt and shoots up to become Hakoda-sized his new favorite sport is hip checking Zuko with no warning at every opportunity. just completelyslams into him. there’s never any guessing if Zuko will just let it happen or unflinchingly sweep Sokka’s legs out from under him. the uncertainty is what makes it fun. 

    Zuko will be sitting around trying to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or read a nice book after a long day of reading Very Important Legal Documents, only for Sokka to flop on top of him and become immediate dead weight. Zuko doesn’t even complain, he just balances his tea on Sokka’s back and carries on. 

    a LOT of guards who are used to punishing people for VERY MINOR infractions have to learn to politely look the other when the Fire Lord gets up to make a speech and gets lovingly catcalled by his boyfriend. 

    aside from occasionally kicking Sokka’s ass a little bit as noted above, Zuko gets back at him by leaning into the fact that he was raised in a tense, highly political environment where minor infractions were harshly punished and even tiny displays of emotion could be exploited as weaknesses, by which I mean Zuko can put on a poker face so good that not a damn thing Sokka does can get so much as a blink from him. it drives Sokka absolutely up the wall. this is some of his best material and it’s sliding off his stupid stupid stoic boyfriend like water off a turtle duck. 

    (Katara thinks Zuko is extremely stupid for dating her brother but she does respect him for this.) 

    whoa this guy knows how to party

    [video description: a 3D printed toy for marbles. it’s two pieces that fit together, with small interlocking sections. the sections of one piece are higher than the other, until the second piece is lifted slightly; this means, when a marble is placed in one section and the second piece is lifted, the marble moves around the sections in a set pattern. over the course of the video, several different marbles of different colours are placed in various sections to create patterns as they move around the toy. in the corner of the video is a credit for @myonline3Dprinter, /end description]

    If you aren’t already, you should be buying from Cantrip Candles

    So, Cantrip Candles has already been a favorite company of mine for awhile purely just because of the quality of the products. They make candles designed to enhance your RPG experience, and they do a great job. 

    Their candles are divine, are 100% soy (so they don’t smell like burning plastic), have fantastic scents (seriously, there’s a bakery one that just straight up smells like fresh bread. It’s magic, I swear), really well priced, and the big ones even come with a metal D20 sunken in (a sweet bonus)


  • They’re black owned and operated
  • They partner with and support PRIDE and lgbtq communities year round
  • Also support other important causes (currently you can pay a dollar to help plant a tree as they partner with the National Forest Foundation)
  • They’re so nice, great with customer support, and just such a wonderful company. If ever there was time to support a black owned, lgbtq friendly shop, it was now.

    They are currently out of stock on a lot due to a surge in support (go figure) but are restocking in the next week. You can get updates about restocks and things like that on their home page.