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    only a few more weeks before school starts! to get ready i’ve been...

    ✏️ waking up earlier

    ✏️ slowly adjusting back to scheduled days

    ✏️ organizing my planner (marking upcoming events & writing my class schedule for the day)

    ✏️ getting mentally inspired (currently reading ‘becoming’ and listening to ‘gals on the go’ podcast)

    ✏️ writing down my aspirations and goals for the school year

    [ i’m very new to the community & i’d love if you looked at my studyblr. i follow back all studyblrs and i’m always open to talking— message/send me an ask! 🦋 ]

    xo, marie


    this is lovely!! welcome to the community!

    7.27.2018 | Only one week left of my summer Bible survey course to get started at seminary! It has seriously flown by, but I’m surprised how much I’ve learned in a simple intro class. Serious question though, does anyone else love studying at their coffee table? I just find sitting on the floor and working on a table around chest level so much more comfortable. Also, I definitely downed this whole Chemex by myself and I feel absolutely no shame. 

    Habits of successful students

    Discipline: “discipline is doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to”, which means that you have to force yourself to start doing things. 

    Concentration: when you make a real effort in your work (study, homeworks etc…) you will be more likely to actually focus, understand and learn. 

    Organization: always set tasks and goals and organize a study-schedule. Maybe you don’t really want to plan all the week, but if you just wake up and open your agenda/bullet journal/iphone calendar and write down all the things you have to do, setting due dates and deadlines, you’ll feel more conscious and encouraged to stay on track. 

    Tasks-splitting: sometimes, you write down your tasks. Some of these tasks may be very hard and complicated, and it will take a long long time to complete them. So, you can split them in smaller tasks, so you will feel satisfied after a shorter period of time, instead of studying for hours and still seeing that chapter undone on your study-schedule. 

    Watch the sunrise: when I wake up late, I feel like I don’t have enought time to do my work and lose my motivation. I literally panic and then I think “whatever, I could not complete all the things anyway”. So, if you wake up earlier you will feel more positive and  controlled. 

    Smart reading: try not to read your textbook just like a newspaper. For every paragraph you read, try to underline and write down key words and then your question about that subject. Literally, turn your textbook into questions. If you write down question - particularly why…? - and think about the answer, you will be more likely to remember that stuff later. 

    Healthy lifestile: if you don’t drink enough water in the morning, you will be more likely to have a decrease of concentration in the afternoon/evening, so: stay hydrated. Try also to have some snaks every one-two hours: feed your brain. 


    How to Brace Yourself for a New School Year

    August is fast approaching once again! Though I’m all for “starting the year/ school year right”, I think it’s pretty much unavoidable for us to get off track. A lot. Because of that, I put together this infographic to help minimize those stressful moments in your brand new school years.

    First of all, get your shit together. And I mean both physically and emotionally.

  • it’s a new start my friend!! detox your mind of all those negative thoughts (and people) and embrace the opportunity to start over. 
  • gather all the supplies you need. if you’re moving into a dormitory, make sure it’s equipped with everything you need to feel at home. 
  • her campus college packing list
  • do’s and donts
  • don’t go overboard with this step, but go get yourself some new stationery. choose wisely, and ensure that you’ll actually use it and it’s not just for purposes of aesthetic. we all want nice instagram feeds, but don’t let that be a reason for you to buy too much pretty stationery.
  • why not think of a note taking system before classes begin? 
  • the cornell system
  • mind mapping
  • flashcards
  • not all may find the idea of going back to school exciting, but you gotta have the motivation to keep that positive mindset in your head throughout the year! go you.
  • Organize your study space. You may have to stay in it much longer than usual now.

  • lighting is important. it’s oversaid, but never untrue. opt for natural lighting when you can, but if you can’t or you’re a night owl, get a good study lamp to brighten up those long hours of work.
  • I did say you’re probably gonna be staying here for some long bouts of time, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. make your desk one of your favorite places to be in. if you want to, make it really pretty. hang up some motivational posters or quotes - perhaps you even want a color scheme with that. 
  • desk inspiration
  • quote posters to get you going
  • quotes from writers
  • have an accessible stash of stationery on your desk at all times so that you don’t have to go looking for a pen and a sticky note when you need to write something down. keep pens, pencils and highlighters in a jar near you.
  • keep something green on your desk, like a succulent. plants are adorable and the sight of them can boost your productivity.
  • have a planner or a bullet journal, and make space for that too.
  • a bujo masterpost
  • if working with music helps you, have headphones with you as well. always have a study playlist on hand. go for instrumentals or wordless tracks.
  • study playlist masterpost
  • make it a habit to keep your space in check every night before you go to bed. it really could make a big difference in how much work you’re gonna be able to do. don’t forget to stay clear of distractions!
  • Create a stress management system.

  • okay. this is what i’m telling you to brace yourself for. there are gonna be those days or those moments when you’re gonna feel really depressed or panicked. you’re gonna be okay. feel free to message me or any other studyblr - we’re here to listen =)
  • take some time out to practice self care and put off work, even for a bit. school is not the most important thing in the world, keeping yourself alive and healthy is. you can sleep, be kind to yourself.
  • self-care reminders
  • soothe yourself
  • go get some food too. you can prep some of your own if you’d prefer.
  • food masterpost
  • mood boosting food
  • never ever ever underestimate the power of exercise. the feeling of finishing a workout is so so so satisfying and I can guarantee you will feel better in no time.
  • the seven minute workout
  • popsugar fitness
  • take out your mat and do some yoga. stretch out all those muscles you held in place for so long sitting at your desk.
  • I find it important to always have a mini-collection of unread books. if you don’t have any, one of my favorite places to be in is a bookstore or library - and I just read whatever I find. the results can be life changing.
  • take time to hone your skills in your hobbies. if you can, do it everyday - do that one thing that makes you really happy daily. maybe you like singing. or playing the guitar. or painting. whatever it is, go do it.
  • write it down! I keep an electronic journal and it really helps to just spill your thoughts out on a notebook or your phone.
  • honey, please talk to someone if you need to. it won’t hurt. 
  • Get a headstart on academics.

  • especially on subjects that are easier with advanced reading. if you already know what books you’re going to be tackling for english or literature, go read them.
  • sparknotes
  • shmoop
  • try asking upper years who used to take your classes if they still have their course outlines, or any material they were given before. this can save lives.
  • gonna be taking a language class? why not start learning it already?
  • duolingo
  • memrise
  • find textbooks and start using them!!
  • don’t have any idea of what you’re going to study yet? that doesn’t mean you should stop learning something new. you can listen to a ted talk or join an online course.
  • ted
  • crash course
  • coursera
  • Finally, set SMART goals for the school year. And have a concrete plan for how you’ll reach them.

  • what average are you aiming for? what organizations do you want to join? make your goals realistic and specific.
  • motivation is very important, but honestly, you can’t count on it to be with you every single day, every single moment of your life while you’re working for your goals. what will push you forward then? discipline.
  • building discipline
  • surround yourself with a community people who support you. like I said in the first step, detox all those negative people from your life. find ways to work with your friends and help each other in attaining goals.
  • set rewards for yourself too, not just in the long run but for the little things like finishing a good study session or passing a paper early.
  • study reward ideas
  • that being said, don’t underestimate the power of setting your short-term goals. those will be your stepping stones to pursuing the bigger picture you envision for yourself.
  • Tumblr and Pinterest, provided you don’t go too far in using them, can serve your daily doses of inspiration. don’t just use them for the sake of looking at aesthetically pleasing shots, though.
  • on a final note, don’t let academics take over your life. I hope you have a fantastic year, and good luck!
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    s.y. 2019-2020 is coming around again in a few weeks! hope this helps yall out luvs

    hello pals!! this is a masterpost of half (or so) of the reference posts i reblogged/made. i tried uploading this masterpost as just one big masterpost but i had over 250 links so that failed and here i am again. here is part one, encapsulating studying + certain subjects which will be followed by part two (slightly more general) here! enjoy ✨

    studying, school, + learning

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  • notes, studying, and self-study resources
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  • hope this helps + please check out part 2 as well!! ilysm 💗 

    ps here is a list of all my masterposts just in case 🐝

    - helena xx


    Matilda (1996), dir. Danny DeVito


    hold up Danny DeVito directed the most influential film of my childhood?


    Not only directed it but starred in it, took care of Mara Wilson (Matilda) while her mother was in hospital with cancer and even managed to get an advanced copy of the movie for her to watch before she succumbed to her illness. The man is a treasure.


    The best story I’ve heard about the production of Matilda was: 

    The scene where Matilda was dancing around her living room making things fly around to the song “Little Bitty Pretty One” was very nerve-wracking for Mara. She told Danny that she was anxious to do the scene, and he said, “You know why? Because you’re the only one dancing! We just have to have everyone else dance too! Then it won’t be scary!” 

    So everyone–the crew, the rest of the cast, the people at the craft services table, everyone–danced along with the song, at Danny’s insistence. Apparently the only one who wasn’t doing the full on dance was the camera man, who just did a foot shuffle so the camera wouldn’t jiggle. 

    If that’s not the sweetest thing ever I don’t know what is.