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2019-06-17 21:45:45

    Some of your videos don't work on iOS for some reason. The ones from the Mei/Widow threesome to the 2B riding.

    Animations not always playing on Mega online, but the downloaded video plays without problems.

    So if not playing - download and try through a third-party video player or try through the Gdrive mirror (all animations are now there too).


    Since tumblr is shutting down all involving NSFW content, where will you be posting now?

    It seems I need to move to twitter(there is nothing yet but it is temporary). if the tumblr banned me check my opening post on Patreon (tomorrow I will add working links there).

    All of this is pretty sad but it would be much better to post without restrictions on the content (you know who will be back then( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). Now in search of where I can go.

    PS for the new year I want to do a remake of my “Widow`s xmas” but with these damn moves I can’t be in time with what I have planned. 

    Shame on you Tumblr.


    So you do a lot of preggo stuff but haven't seen any for D.Va. Any plans for that in the future?

    There are reasons for this. I add preggo blendshape only for full nude models, at the moment I have only classic model (add preggo to plug-suit version is kinda wrong). I plan to port Ultimate D.va model from blender so there will be preggo:3