Formally Fessiblemirror Open and accepting to nearly all forms of BDSM. Short or long term. Have travelled a bit and have seen and experienced a lot. Looking for subs who know what they are and what they want. Looking for submissives for regular interactions, bondage fun and interested in pain fun, as I do have a sadistic streak and love humiliation and degradation. I practice R.A.C.K and C.N.C and S.S.C. Have lived in a BDSM 24/7 dynamic before with a signed contract and collared submissive. Been around the kink an BDSM scene over 20 years. Love latex,  bondage, maid uniforms as a few more of My kinks.

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2022-10-04 20:20:29

    nice and secure ….xox


    New slaves are hooded and only bottle-fed water for the first five days. This makes the plug training far less unpleasant for us both. The absence of nutrition also adds a very real reward to submitting entirely, embracing the fact these holes are no longer yours, and will be molded to my liking.

    Depending on individual progress the plug is removed once or twice a day, they are given an enema, and their water bottle to suck on while they wait for my warm release.

    They understand spanking and rubbing their freshly pierced slits are sings of affection now. They melt into their bigger plug after being used.

    Once they are adequately stretched and mentally reshaped they will be allowed to eat. The first month is protein shakes through a phallic feed pipe. Earning solid foods comes with a new exciting set of modifications and rules.