All black people both old and young matter . We are all people. # all people all around the world matter. # all minority people matter, for real. # life is too short for hatred, ignorance, racism, sexism, classism or fear-based violence. Grace,peace and love to all of you. Selah. # time for the whole US nation to wake up!!! Please, wake up. In Jesus name, amen.😔☹️


    Town of Tusayan 

    P.O. Box 709 | 845 Mustang Drive

    Tusayan, AZ 86023 PHONE +1 (928) 638-9909 


    Mayor Craig Sanderson 

    Vice-Mayor Becky Wirth

    <>Councilor | Brady Harris

    <> Councilor  |  Al Montoya 

    <>Councilor  |  Robb Baldosky 

    if you don’t have time to write an email, here’s a pre-written letter: 

    just copy, add your name, and send the email to a town member!

    <>Please do! Corporations are the biggest criminals of climate change, environmental damage and pollution. Capitalism is rooted in destruction.

    This project was rejected in 2016, but the developer resubmitted it last year without actually addressing any of the issues.

    The Grand Canyon Trust is collecting comments here: These comments will be sent to Heather Provencio, supervisor of the Kaibab National Forest, Cal Joyner, the Regional Forester and to USDA Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen. They are not public,

    OP: May 2019

    Comment: Jan 2020

    here’s an article about the original thread, including a transcription of the tweets & some context (May 28, 2019)

    another article that goes more into the issue of water (May 28, 2019) (“The Havasupai Tribe has, in fact, voiced concerns about groundwater pumping near the Grand Canyon. In 2016, the tribe sued the city of Williams and other well owners, saying the drilling of more wells for resorts, developments, theme parks and uranium mines, among other businesses, increasingly threatens the tribe’s water. […] Duthie said those sorts of concerns shouldn’t hinder Stilo’s proposal for the hotel on Kotzin Ranch because the company wouldn’t use a well.”)

    <>as of January 24, 2020<>, Stilo had submitted a a revised proposal for roads and utility easements connecting to parcels of land they own that are surrounded by the Kaibab National Forest” (unanimously approved). opening these roads would require “some blasting.” as regards the groundwater:

    Gitlin also worried that the new proposal did not adequately protect the area’s groundwater.

    The proposal promises that commercial water needs — which during peak season, would be 275,000 gallons a day — would have to be hauled in by truck. It still allows “residential uses” to be met by pumping groundwater.

    In the proposal, Stilo offered to agree to a “complete prohibition” on commercial groundwater use, except in the event of “technological breakthroughs resulting in proven zero-impact upon groundwater resources.”

    It suggested a restrictive covenant or a conservation easement to enforce that restriction, but it’s not clear who would be responsible for that enforcement.

    <>effectively, plans for development are going forward, & previous reassurances that no immediate proposals were being made seem like lies.

    it’s worth mentioning in light of some other comments going around that the issue here isn’t preserving the untouched pristine beauty of nature or something–this kind of terra nullius-inflected rhetoric in fact relies upon colonialist & genocidal logic–but rather the responsibilities & livelihoods of the people who belong to the land & stand to be harmed by these proposals.

    incidentally, <>the Havasupai Tribe have a COVID-19 relief fund that you can donate to here<>, in addition to emailing & calling the people listed above.

    The love of money (profit) is rearing it's ugly head again. It is still the root of all evil. When people love money and what it can buy more than they love life and people, then that money controls their life and actions, for real. # greed. # Spirit of Mammon. Everything about this act of destruction sucks. I will pray to God concerning this, Selah. 😔☹️

    ⚠️ RED ALERT: An unprecedented 17 states filed six-week abortion bans this year... ⚠️

    More than *300* abortion restrictions have been introduced since JANUARY.

    Tell lawmakers to STOP using six-week abortion bans to make YOUR choices for you <> add your name here!


    I support anything full of life or overflowing with love and this includes those barely born in the womb. All children deserve to live and to have life. Let the children live!!! For real. Selah. 😊😇

    “Sometimes we just have to cut off the dead branches in our life. Sometimes that’s the only way we can keep the tree alive. It’s hard and it hurts, but it’s what’s best.”

    — Nicole Williams (via purplebuddhaquotes)

    # true indeed. Life is too short for sin, stress, drama, games, lies, sadness, anger, violence or any other type of lawlessness, rebellion or playing GOD in any way, shape or form, for real. # time to let go. # selah. 😊☺😇

    There is an old belief in Serbian villages and small towns that certain pumpkins (and watermelons), when left outside during a full moon, will turn in to a vampire.

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

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