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    Summoned to Suffer

    “It may not seem like it right now, breeder boy… but it looks like today is actually your lucky day…”


    “Fresh off the transport truck just a few hours ago… I haven’t even had enough time to properly inspect and get acquainted with the new merchandise…”


    “Usually, when a breeder like you is snatched up and delivered here, they’ll sometimes spend weeks… even months down here in the holding pen where I typically get to enjoy slowly breaking ‘em in… breaking‘em down…” 


    “But lucky you… there’s a very special client who has expressed ah interest in spending time specifically with you… he’s already put in a request for you to be delivered upstairs to the ‘torment suite’… that means for your first week here, you’ll be fortunate enough to be sleeping on a nice comfortable bed instead of down here locked up in the cold, cramped confines of a kennel cage…”


    “Although… knowing what a cock-teasing deviant bastard this client can be, something tells me you won’t be getting a whole lot of sleep…”

    Summoned to Suffer

    “It may not seem like it right now, breeder boy… but it looks like today is actually your lucky day…”


    “Fresh off the transport truck just a few hours ago… I haven’t even had enough time to properly inspect and get acquainted with the new merchandise…”


    “Usually, when a breeder like you is snatched up and delivered here, they’ll sometimes spend weeks… even months down here in the holding pen where I typically get to enjoy slowly breaking ‘em in… breaking‘em down…” 


    “But lucky you… there’s a very special client who has expressed ah interest in spending time specifically with you… he’s already put in a request for you to be delivered upstairs to the ‘torment suite’… that means for your first week here, you’ll be fortunate enough to be sleeping on a nice comfortable bed instead of down here locked up in the cold, cramped confines of a kennel cage…”


    “Although… knowing what a cock-teasing deviant bastard this client can be, something tells me you won’t be getting a whole lot of sleep…”

    Heartless, But Not Hopeless


    soraSTOCKER” by DazidentEvil

    Heartless, But Not Hopeless

    by Skaea

    Contains: */M tickling, concentrating on foot tickling. SFW

    Woo, new tickle story! In light of all the hype for Kingdom Hearts III, I decided that a certain big-footed cutie-pie who gets targeted by pretty much everyone and their mom in the tickling community would be a perfect choice for a new tickle fic, especially because I needed a muse for such and I think the advent of KH3 is as good a time as any to work with it.

    The above picture is more or less the entire inspiration for this piece, and I whole-heartedly recommend checking out DazidentEvil’s DeviantArt gallery for more wonderful tickle art (though there’s a plethora of female and anthro tickles, he’s done quality male as well for my taste). I also deliberately made the timing of this story ambiguous, ostensibly so you can insert it into virtually any stage of Sora’s journey. It would certainly be nice to imagine this happening in a deleted scene in KH3 when it comes out sometime this year, though I suppose you could imagine it occurring at any time from KH2 onward. In reality, though, it’s probably my lack of canon knowledge that led to that decision - I haven’t played a single KH game due to lacking the proper consoles for any of them, and all I know about the franchise is from the strategy guides and part of a walkthrough of the first game. Still, I hope I did a good enough job capturing Sora’s characterization, and that my inexperience with the lore hasn’t prevented me from doing this scenario and the accompanying illustration the justice they deserve! :)

    Kingdom Hearts © Disney and Square Enix 

    This story is also posted on my Blogger!


    Sora was feeling lonely. Donald and Goofy were back at the Gummi ship, getting it repaired after a particularly nasty crash-landing, and who knew where in the multiverse Riku and Kairi were. It seemed as though everyone in his life was excessively busy, and had almost no time to spend with him at all.

    Sitting in the shade of a large tree, he stared up into the sky, thinking about the life he’d been forced to leave behind so long ago. So many things had changed since that time, whether he’d liked it or not.

    He didn’t want to show it, especially not on the Gummi ship, but Sora felt lonely. His traveling partners were wonderful company on his adventures, but even though he didn’t want to admit it to their faces, he still felt it just wasn’t the same as the two people he’d known since childhood. What he would do to have them back – no, what he would do to have the old Riku and Kairi back. The Riku and Kairi he’d known before the Heartless invasion of their island home had resulted in all three being separated from each other, and being changed so much that there was probably no returning to the blissful, halcyon days they’d used to enjoy together.

    Perhaps Kairi might welcome him back. But he wasn’t sure if the same could be said for Riku now, now that he’d fallen out with him several times throughout their journey. Even if they’d settled their differences after that, it didn’t change how much it had hurt.

    Maybe he shouldn’t be feeling this way. Maybe he should continue keeping up a brave front, wearing a smile on his face and letting his companions think he was okay. But how could he be okay when his world was not?

    Keep reading

    Secret Confessions

    “Well hey there, handsome… did you miss me? You wanna tell me what you’ve been thinking about while I’ve been gone?”


    “Were you secretly hoping I would come back down here and service that big, beautiful cock of yours again?”


    “Or maybe… maybe you’ve been praying I’d come back to untie you and finally let you go? I suppose I could do that… but here’s the thing… I’m not so sure I wanna let you go just yet, stud…”


    “I mean… you can’t deny you enjoyed it, can you…? The last time when I was down here… kneeling before you… worshipping that hot, hard, horny cock of yours… you fuckin’ loved the way I swallowed every throbbing inch deep into my throat, didn’t you…?”


    “You remember how good that felt, don’t you, stud? Better than you ever imagined another guy’s slobbering mouth would feel tightly wrapped around your dick pole, right…?”


    “There’s no way you could forget that… not the way you were grinding that big, thick dickmeat across my wet, slurping lips… I sure as hell know I won’t ever forget that…”


    “I won’t forget those loud, groaning grunts… those pleading whimpers… hearing you beg for me to take you over the edge and just get you off…”


    “Even as much as you despised being tied up… hated not being the one in control… so vulnerable… so defenseless… so helpless…”


    “So fuckin’ horny… yeah, there’s no way you didn’t love every agonizing, frustrating minute of teasing pleasure…”


    “And that’s why I came back down here, stud… to give you that same exact kind of sweet pleasure over and over and over again…”


    “So yeah… I’m gonna confess… I can’t let you go just yet… not when there’s a whole lot more fun I wanna show you….”


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    Birthday Punk

    “What are we doing here?…” I asked my friend as I drove the car into a remote park notorious as a cruising/hustler hang-out. I glanced around a bit apprehensively to notice the area was relatively deserted at this time of day. My friend who was currently seated in the passenger seat rolled down the window and waved his hand to some street-wise punk who hopped of a park bench and began to lumber towards the car… “What are you doing?!? Do you even know that guy…??”

    ‘Relax… it’s your birthday, buddy… I arranged a special little gift for you… just play it cool and let me handle this…’


    ‘Hey, dude… I was wondering if you were gonna show… Is this your friend you told me about?’ The lad pulled his hoodie down and cracked a cocky. mildly flirtatious little smirk. My friend introduced him as Tyler… it became evident that they did in fact have some type of passing acquaintance… clearly a monetary one as my friend produced a $100 bill which he proceeded to stuff into Tyler’s pocket when he opened the door to step out… ‘You can sit up front with the birthday boy, Tyler… Ill ride in the back…’

    As Tyler slid into the passenger seat, I had no idea what my friend had arranged with this hustler punk, but I had my suspicions. The lad leaned back, sliding a groping hand over his punk junk ‘So… your bud told me it’s your birthday… guess that means we’ll have to throw you a little birthday party, huh…?’ I nervously glanced at the tenting boner Tyler was already throwing in his ragged jeans. He clearly had a gift-package he was arrogantly proud of as he teasingly rubbed his hand along the stiffening outline… ‘So… where we gonna take this little birthday party…?’

    ‘That, my dear boy, is a surprise…’ My friend in the backseat retorted with a devious tone in his voice as he suddenly, without warning, pulled on the passenger seat lever… tipping the lad back even further before forcibly wrapping a smothering chloroform-drenched rag over Tylers face… ‘DRIVE… NOW!’ He barked at me while holding the flailing punk against him… pressing tighter to smother the boy’s confused grunts of protest and panic… ‘NNnnNNMmMMMMMPppPHHH?!?!?’


    I was just as stunned as Tyler by this sudden twist of events… probably equally as panicked as him but for different reasons. ‘DRIVE! NOW! Get us out of here before anyone sees us… head towards the warehouse…’ The overwhelming rush of adrenaline compelled me to swiftly put my foot on the gas pedal and I maneuvered the car out of the park without anyone else taking notice. I kept shooting furtive glances to my right… becoming increasingly turned on by the punk’s muffled grunts which eventually diminished to mewling whimpers and then finally sounds of complete silence… ‘NnNnNNNMmMMPPPHH?!?! NnnNMMPPHH…?? NnnnNnn…. Mmmmmph… mmmmm…………..’

    “Oh, my fucking god!?! I cannot believe you just did that!?! I mean… I knew you were fuckin’ crazy… but damn, man… you really… you’ve always said we should do… I can’t believe it… you’ve actually gone and done it… holy shit!?! How long have you been planning this…?!?”

    Once satisfied the thrashing punk trash was totally subdued and unconscious, my perverted friend stashed the rag into a gym bag stored under the backseat. He kept the front passenger seat tilted back so that Tyler remained out of sight ‘You know me pretty well, buddy… I’ve been working on this little scenario for a while… just had to wait to find the ideal subject… and believe me, Tyler here is absolutely perfect for our kind of fun…’ He went on to explain how the boy had no immediate family ties to speak of… not many friends who’d notice if he suddenly disappeared… he’d been couch-surfing for a few months after dropping out of college… hadn’t had much luck finding a job so lately he’d resorted to earning fast easy money in the park… cash for cock… letting the closeted queers give him quickie handjobs and blowjobs… ‘When I chatted with him the other day, I coaxed him to save up his spunk… told him I had a friend with a birthday coming up… a friend who dearly loved the taste of stored-up straight boy cream… promised him that if he refrained from cumming for a couple of days, I’d compensate him more generously than his usual closeted tricks. I wasn’t sure he’d do it, but as you can see… the punk took the bait…’


    My friend hadn’t completely lied to Tyler… I do, indeed, relish the sweet taste of a guy’s seed… particularly when it’s been roiling and boiling in his churning balls for a few days… or for that matter, for a few weeks… it’s one of the main reasons I enjoy keeping a guy on the edge. As I continued to weave through traffic, I reached my hand over to cop a feel of this passed out punk’s bulging basket… growing more eager with anticipation at the thought of getting to have some fun with my birthday present… “I still cannot believe you arranged all this for me… for us… I mean I know we’ve talked about it… fantasized about abducting some dumb piece of trash, but this punk street rat… he’s truly perfect!”


    The warehouse my friend owned was on the outskirts of the city… we’d played there numerous times in the past… and in exchange for having helped him renovate the remote building into a viable sex dungeon, he’d granted me total access. Once the car was parked, we hauled our rag doll punk inside through the loading dock entrance… carrying him down to one of the many rooms set up with bondage equipment in the basement.

    While we got him stretched out and restrained, I didn’t say anything at first because I didn’t really want to know the answer… and partly because I was so focused on unwrapping my birthday present as I employed a pair of scissors to slice away the boy’s jeans and hoodie… he wouldn’t be needing them again. I left the underwear and wife-beater on the boy as I took the liberty of rubbing my hands up and down his exposed flesh… deciding to savor the moment before finally inquiring… “So… how long do we get to keep this one…?”

    About that time, Tyler emitted a low, muttering moan… the effects of the chloroform were starting to wear off so my friend retrieved a black rubber ballgag which he planted securely into the groggy lad’s moaning mouth… ‘NnnNnnMmMmmmmpphh…? MMmmMMmmuummmpphh…?? NnNnNMmMMmMMPpPPPHHHRRRGgGHGHMMMPPHHH?!?!?’


    ‘Not WE, my friend… this one is all yours… this dumb little punk is your birthday present so you’re the one in charge… you decide how long he stays… how long you want to play with your new punk toy… his fate is completely your decision…’ My friend delivered several flesh-reddening slaps to Tyler’s tense, heaving abs as he began to thrash in a panic… his muzzled grunts were music to my ears as I listened to those garbled groans echo off the basement walls… ‘NNNRRRGGMMMPPHH?!?! MmmMMMPPPHHRRGGHH?!??! NnNnNNRRrrRGGGGHHMmMMPPPHHH?!?!?! MMMMPPPPHHHHHRRRGGGHHHHHHMMMPPPHHHHH?!?!?!’

    I just smiled with a bit of sadistic glee… enjoying the passionate way this captive punk boy strained so helplessly. I used the scissors to slice away the wife-beater… exposing his reddened torso as I delivered a few rough slaps myself to Tyler’s arching torso… “Calm down, Tyler Toy… you’re gonna want to save your energy… in much the same way you’ve so sweetly been saving up your straight boy punk spunk the past few days…” I traced the scissor blades across the fabric of his clinging briefs before administering a couple of snips… I then retrieved one of the many leather floggers and began to tap out a steady rhythm against the punk toy’s naked flesh… “Rumor has it you like getting your big dick serviced and sucked, punk… THWAP! THWAP!!… I look forward to the day when I eventually taste that sweet load, boy… THWAP! THWAP!!… but seeing at you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, there’s no rush… this birthday party is just getting started… THWAP! THWAP!! THWAP!!!”



    Zodiac Mythical Races

    Aries: Werewolves- also known as Lycans legend has it that they were a race of people who could purposely turn into larger-than-normal wolves, but some stories differ saying that it was a curse that turned a human into a half-man/half-wolf monster without his consent during a full moon. 

    Taurus: Dryads- also know as wood nymphs dryads were extremely beautiful and were literally the spirits of the trees. Legend has it that if the tree they were from died so would they. Love of nature, and an extremely strong tie to their home/roots nothing screams Taurus more. 

    Gemini: Fairies-Small magical creatures often depicted with butterfly, or insect wings. Are known to be small in stature and mischievous in nature. They cannot lie but they have been known to be very persuasive with their words. 

    Cancer: Sirens- Not to be confused with mermaids the original sirens had wings, but they lived by the sea. In some legends they were beautiful women who sang sailors to the rocks and drowned them, in other stories the sang them to the rocks to devour the sailors themselves. 

    Leo: Nephilim-The offspring of humans and angels in some stories they are giants, who are taller, stronger and dumber than most humans. In other stories they are beautiful/handsome creatures with retractable wings of ether, known for their passionate and ruthless behavior. Strong , handsome/beautiful, vain, and addicted to luxury sounds pretty Leo to me. 

    Virgo: Elves-magical creatures that often live apart from society, but have been know to both help and hinder humans. They are ageless peaceful and very beautiful. They live by their values, and value logic above all else. 

    Libra: Sylphs- Also known as air elementals they are known as the protectors of beauty and the promoters of vanity. They are said to protect the looks of those they favor. They are also responsible for the formations of the clouds.

    Scorpio: Vampires- these beings are said to be very hard to resist and emanate a powerful attractive aura. They can’t force anyone to do anything but they are very persuasive and it takes a strong person to say no. Dark, sultry, and sexy.

    Saggittarius: Centaurs-Half-human/half-horse Centaurs are the physical representation of logic over animal nature. They are great teachers and philosophizers, but they are also compelled by a lusty physical animal nature. 

    Capricorn: Satyr-The half-man/half-goat known for its sexual nature. As Dionysian animals they believed that every physical pleasure was made for them and often enjoyed all of them in excess. As they got older however some believe Satyr grew more sober taking on the responsibility of preserving the wild. 

    Aquarius: Androids-part human part robot they are more attractive, more intelligent, and stronger than humans. However they are emotionally inept and lacking in areas of creativity. they are also known to get sick of the error of humans and revolt from time to time. Intelligent, un emotional, and revolutionary. 

    Pisces: Mermaids- half-human/ half-fish and the subject of worldwide folklore. Mermaids belong to the sea and our seen as more spiritual than humans. they have hauntingly beautiful voices, but generally don’t have a need to kill humans. Beautiful, ethereal, and untouchable.

    Source: Unknown


    The Ticklish Gamer's Challenge

    The rules are simple.

    The challenge requires a Ler and a Gamer

    The Ler tickles the Gamer while the Gamer tries to progress through a level in a game. If they get a “Game Over” in the game, the Gamer has to pause the game, put the controller down, and be tickled alone for a few minutes as punishment. After completing three full levels, (bonus levels DON’T count! 😜) the Gamer and the Ler switch places.

    Have fun. 😉


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    This is the reason the Dark Souls Trilogy continues to live


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