Viking Feet
Last update
2023-01-27 22:51:29

    I just adore the way this clip starts! I love tickling my TickleToys awake when we stay together, and this totally reminded me of that! This kind of cooperative freeform foot tickling is as hot as it gets, especially when you have a gorgeous TickleBoiToy with equally beautiful soles who is clear that he enjoys having them tickled! And this hot Tickle Master is barefoot too! I would’ve been all over his sexy soles! Foot tickling 69 action is crazy hot!


    Best way to wake up


    A ton of y’all liked watching @alphatickl get his feet tickled from a long time ago, so I thought we needed a new addition to the “Alpha Gets the (Hidden)Giggles” collection 😌

    Bondage under the bed to connect to his padded ankle cuffs, shoe lace toe ties, and lots of baby oil to help my nails glide across his helpless feet 👣


    Here’s a short one of a nice pair of soles getting oiled and tickled, team. I hope it’s ok that it’s F/M this time. He has a great laugh, that we would really be able to enjoy if I was there destroying him with my many tickling talents. Can I oil and tickle YOUR soles like this?