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    How I Trained my Husband

    As my husband began to near 60 his once Always Hard penis began having trouble staying and keeping erect for me as I wanted it to. This started slowly three years ago but then two years ago I started to require him to wear a male chastity device (cb6000), so that I would know that he was not secretly masturbating his desire away to porn behind my back. I’m now convinced that It’s just his natural aging combined with our always having sex much the same way, same person, etc. In My Opinion, if I had My Way, I feel that He should always be hard and ready for me quickly whenever I’m in the mood to be entertained. After studying your Tumblr site & learning so much (Thank You) a month after keeping his penis locked and his desire securely intact, I’ve noticed quite a difference.

    I read over &over again on your extremely educational site Scienceofmaleorgasmdenial.tumblr.com that a males psyche & libido can easily be trained so that he will be powerfully erect and “stay” fully erect for a woman for longer & longer periods of time. So I decided to use your insightful methods to train my husband’s penis & subconscious accordingly. Now every time I unlock him for his once a week allowance to have sex with me I first make him strip and kneel before me. Then I tell him, “I’ll unlock you for some temporary freedom, but you have to promise me that you’ll lock back up whenever I order you to, even if you have not cum yet. On top of that you must remain erect and hard for me for one entire hour of teasing before you can have intercourse with me. If at any time during that hour your manhood drops below half mast (straight out) you agree to being iced down and locked back up in your chastity cage & You will forfit your ejaculation until the next time I unlock you!”

    That was four months ago and I have to happily report that it’s working like magic. The first time however, he did not remain fully erect and rock hard for me for the entire hour. He thought I wasn’t serious about locking him back up and waiting another entire week. How wrong he was!

    After another week of being kept locked in chastity his pencil had plenty of lead and had no trouble remaining hard for the entire hour. Sure he had to stroke it a few times, but he made it the entire hour and then we had the most amazing sex.

    I used to always have him orally please me before allowing him entry inside of me, now sometimes I do, but more often now I don’t. Teasing him for an entire hour before hand makes me wet enough. He always used to cum quickly, but with the practice of “Karezza” now Habitually, I orgasm freely & often while I make sure that He Doesn’t…

    I used to tease him about how he couldn’t last long enough to please a woman like real men can, but I honestly can’t say that anymore. He is Becoming a Real Stud Muffin.

    I know because of my keeping his penis locked in chastity all the time, combined with the Routine practice of Karezza, He’s both much more robust but sensitive now, and that coupled with his higher & higher levels of desire when I do unlock him, means that he is much more responsive to my touch. I do however have allot of fun with my new sense of empowerment that Femdom has taught me. I routinely now make him go down on me and clean me up orally after he has satisfied me orgasmically with his New Subjugated Joystick of Power.

    The first time he did not want to do it, changing his mind after he accidently Erupted all of his pent up desire deep inside me. I helped him to perform by getting a hold of his balls and making him do it. Four or Five months now of always making him please me orally after intercourse & I now have him doing it without me having to make him.

    I now have an obedient stud muffin of a husband that cleans up any mess he makes inside of me and he can remain fully erect and hard for well over an hour now. I just wanted to share this & make other elderly women aware that all males can be conditioned and trained in this scientific way. Males really value their rare managed orgasms and like being kept hard and on “Edge” under their woman’s feminine control. So once you are in complete control of their orgasms, they will diligently work very hard for it.



    Hope you don’t mind a repost? It just matches my fantasies. 


    How to Get Your Guy Into a Chastity Cage

    1. Tell him why you want to place him into a chastity cage.  For example ”I want you to always be your Horniest around me’ or “ I hear all the time from women how this will greatly improve our Sex Life” or “You Know I want total control of your erection my love.

    2. Start Cheap. I recommend a cheap device from Ebay. Search for Male Polycarbonate Chastity.

    3. Put it on for him. Be careful and extra gentle, the first time takes a while. If he has groin hair down there, leave it. He will discover he needs to shave on his own. Shaving himself will be his gift to you, if you want it. Tell Him that you Love it…

    4. Put his clothes on and take him out somewhere (like to dinner or a walk on the beach) where you can both see how it feels while walking, sitting etc.

    5. When you get back home he’ll want it off ASAP, Tell him you’ll take it off but only later. Visually tease him with lingerie & your sexiest clothing (purposefully bending over… ect…). Eventually Take it off of him and Have him jack off for you – following your precise instructions - Make sure he Cums Really Hard (and make it memorable), It’ll be the last time he Freely Explodes for quite a while.

    5. Then have him put it back on himself. This is usually the time he will bring up shaving. If he wants to shave, have him do it right (as instructed). Downward strokes. And after have him put deodorant on it, Not lotion or oil as so many recommend. You want that freshly shaved area to remain dry to prevent razor bumps.

    5. Tell him after he locks it and hands you the key, he will be in it for three days. That’s just enough time to drive him absolutely crazy with your lingerie & sexiest skimpy clothing. 

    6. For the next three days, Introduce him to his nipples. Have him wear a T-Shirt and lightly play with them frequently. Not nipple torture, light pleasure. Explain to him (WHY), that the nipples are directly connected to his brain and prostate area, thus giving him much better Orgasms. With repetitive training he can eventually have an orgasm that feels great, but leaves him beautifully hornier. This will take the attention off of his inaccessible penis while giving him a new path to pleasure

    7.  Monitor and inspect him not only daily but every few hours. Check for his comfort. This might not be the right cage for him. It can be too tight over time or too loose and pull out.

    8. On day three he will really want sexual activity if you’ve been visually teasing him properly. It’s time you introduce him to his first ruined orgasm. Be sure to Tie his hands behind his back or to the bed first, then take the penis portion of the cage off Only, Leaving the ring on around his balls. As slowly and seductively as possible, suck, stroke or play with him until he is Fully Erect (the ring you left on him will mystically accelerate this process). Then just make sure to let go of his “Joystick” just as he is about to Erupt. Always remember, It’s Better to stop 15 seconds too early than 1 second too late. You can always stroke/edge him more if you need to. This will ensure that his ejection is not pleasant for him, and over time he will not want it any more. Anyhow when he’s finally deflated enough, Lock him back up (using a cold wash cloth with ice if necessary). This time WAIT for 7 days. 

    9. Have him really practice / concentrate on using his nipples for pleasure. After some repetition he will be able to release some oozing boy juice into his cage relieving some pressure from his balls, but more importantly he’ll keep getting hornier and hornier.

    10. On day 7, make sure you tie him up again before removing his lock and cage. Most likely He’ll spring to life almost instantaneously. Keep him as Hard as Possible - as Long as Possible, Strategically Prolonging his Desperate Erectile Situation with Frequent Sustaining Breaks. “Enjoy’ your escalating feminine power as you (most ardently) Edge Him for as long as your heart desires. Handle him “Delicately” until you’ve Eventually given him another perfect ruined orgasm. At this point both his Libido and Dopamine levels will be hyper peaked and His psyche will be Astonishingly Horny and Exploitable. This is the perfect opportunity to mount his eager face if you so desire. Keep in mind, His Manhood will stay Quite Erect for a good long while after a ruined orgasm. Needless to say, When you’ve had enough, lock him back up in his cock cage. Keep on this effective 7 day schedule until he’s utterly begging and promising to do (Anything) - whatever you ask of him, without delay, if you will only Let Him Cum Profusely. Upon the day of your choosing, After a Series of Exquisite Ruined Orgasms, Mount his “Empty” Traumatized (But Extremely Virile) Erection for the Ultimate Subjugating RIDE of a Lifetime - Whatever Duration You Choose - Trust me Ladies, It’ll be the Best Sex of your Life.

    Now you have a Humble, Good Boy - that wants nothing more than to Please You ! ! !


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