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19, back at it again currently into formula 1, but you're never safe from a shitpost or two or more (Daniel owns my heart, Charles is a cutie, Seb and Kimi are treasures, cars go broom)

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2022-08-05 18:17:56

    seb retired at 12:00 fernando called stroll at 12:01 then told otmar he was leaving the team and blocked him alpine announced oscar while mark webber was asleep oscar denied he had a contract with alpine meanwhile mclaren hasn't told danny ric he's fired yet and zak brown has promised a seat to every twink he's come across in the past 6 months ferrari is prostituting charles so that tifosi stop talking about sunday's flop and pierre and george are on a date in greece

    sebastian announces that he's retiring from f1 at the end of the 2022 season leaving a vacant seat at aston martin so alonso signs a contract with aston martin and that leaves alpine with a vacant seat that would go to oscar piastri if only he didn't have a pre agreement with mclaren but piastri can't go to mclaren because his contract with alpine says that he's legally bound to take the seat alpine is offering him so alpine and piastri could enter a legal battle and who's winning it all out of this? mark webber who's piastri's agent. it all comes down to sebastian vettel and mark webber in this sport in this essay i will