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    He melted all of our hearts and touched the inner lining of our souls in the final act of the Oscar Award Winning drama,“MOONLIGHT”. As he battled against the core of his rigid emotions to spill that one line, “you’re the only man whose ever touched me”, I KNEW THEN that a star was born. 

    TREVANTE RHODES delivered such a riveting on-screen performance in Barry Jenkins’ critically praised masterpiece. The nuance of Trevante’s vocal delivery, speech patterns and subdued mannerisms, truly added layers and depth to the main character, BLACK. I could feel this man’s journey within the lines that Trevante didn’t say – especially in that one, pivotal kitchen scene. It was all expressed in Trevante’s eyes. BRAVO!

    Trevante is 27 years old and a former track star from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to snagging one of the central roles in Barry Jenkins’, MOONLIGHT, Trevante had appeared as Ramsey in Tyler Perrys, “If Loving You Is Wrong”, as well as doing minor stints on HBO’s,“Westworld”, Terrence Malick’s small film, “Song to Song” and starring alongside Elijah Wood in a movie called, “Open Windows”.

    We will next see Trevante Rhodes starring in the science fiction horror film,“The Predator”. Trevante plays the role of NEBRASKA WILLIAMS, a former marine who enlists in a special predator-hunting operation headed up by his best friend, Quinn. The film will hit theaters next summer on August 3, 2018!


    2018’s Real Man of the Year❗📷🎇🔥


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