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2021-07-27 21:44:40

    KIDNAP me


    It’s obvious that he still hasn’t comprehended what happened to him. He obeys all orders out of fear and desperation, not because he’s ready. But it doesn’t mater. that’s always the first step. And this one is quite easy to train. Not even a shock collar was needed.

    Like so many naive boys he thought kidnapping fantasies were some kind of fun. And in their youth and horniness they’re willing to trust so easily.

    But when they realize in the back of the car that it is driving too long, when they’re forcefully stripped and all their belongings taken from them, when they see their IDs being burned just before a blindfold is forced over their eyes…when they find themselves tied up, gagged and fully naked in the mercy of a total stranger who looks at them as if they were nothing more than pieces of fresh meat, when they realize no one of their friends and family know where to find them, then…, well then it’s already too late.

    And when they realize that, their eyes grow as big as this one’s.


    His human life is over. Now he will be trained and reformed into his Master’s obedient Dog Slave.