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    Austin Texas. Essentially the socialist woke capital of the south. And you know what goes with that…all the defund the police BS. And the cops excuse was just that, “understaffed and underfunded”. That statement would of course have to be legitimized but it sure sounds worthy.

    In June 2022 a teenage boy went into cardiac arrest in flight and died. The AED was not charged and thus no use. Mother is suing the airline. Tragic of course. But is anyone gonna ask/sue the “WHY” a teenager would go into non exertional cardiac arrest? Or we just gonna call it climate change, coinciditis, SADs and walk around the elephant in the room?

    Damn. It’s like watching a slow motion train crash.

    If you missed it the DoD medical talking heads said that seven year olds can decide their gender affirming care etc. Article below:



    Source: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 If you want more facts, followUltrafacts


    dude teddy roosevelt was rad as fuck ok my history teacher told us about the speech where he was shot. the shooter hit him right in the front pocket of his shirt, where he had his glasses case and his folded-up, multi-page speech tucked into it, which slowed the bullet. his security officials insisted he go to a hospital, but he said something along the lines of, “i promised these people a speech, and a speech they will get.” so he stood up there and delivered his speech, occasionally stopping to cough up blood. when he eventually finished, he got medical attention, and he was totally fine.


    “Fighting Bob Evans” oh my God.

    Don’t worry the cdc is on it. 🤔

    The pedo perp is from ABC. The same channel that didn’t air the Epstein info when they had the chance.

    Her hot mic video is even more telling.