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    My buddy Mike had gone behind Mr. Drayton’s house to pick up a couple bags of fertilizer for his boss. We were walking back from lunch and the boss had texted him to bring them with him. After waiting ten minutes I went back to see if Mike needed help. When I got there, all I could see was Mr. Drayton jerking off. He just grinned at me. I asked where Mike was and he just jerked faster. “Your friend must’ve been a real slacker. When I called Ed to see if there were any extra boys I could feast on, he said he knew just the one. He’s been at lunch ten minutes too late as it is. I’ll send him by. He didnt see me coming… or my hungry dick. He made a very filling meal for my balls though. You want to pump it a little? It’s about ready to shoot your friend out in a huge geyser! You might as well since it’ll be the last you see of him. ”


    You want to know where your boyfriend got to? Well he kept giving me the eye out back while we all were setting up for tonight’s bonfire. He told me that I was holding back some wood that would make him feel warm all over. Well i ain’t dumb. I could tell what he wanted and it just so happens that i wanted him giving my joint some attention. I let him give me some grade A head. After about twenty minutes though i knew we were on borrowed time so i just went for it. I held his head down as my cock engorged and swallowed him whole. It’s going to take another ten minutes or so before I’ll be able to put it away. Hes right though, i was holding some wood which is now making him feel warm all over.