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    For those panicking about not being able to export/backup their tumblrs:

    Here’s a handy guide that also includes a video for backing up your own posts using Python you can find here:


    You just need to download a program, one file, and follow the directions for entering the command prompts and you should be golden.

    I’ve tested it and can confirm that it works, and you can see your posts backing up immediately rather than waiting for tumblr to finish exporting your blogs which, given the strain the tumblr servers are probably experiencing right now, could take weeks.

    Just be sure you have a good internet connection first before starting it, and enough space on your hard drives if you have a lot of posts to back up. I wasn’t a terribly active poster, so all in all my blog came up to 678MB with 482 posts in total which is nothing. But if you were a posting fiend, you’re likely going to run up a bunch of GBs.

    It’s not a completely perfect solution as it does not back up comments left on your posts by others (unless you had a conversation chain via reblogs on your own page), your messages through the tumblr chat, your likes, or anything saved in your queue, but it will back up all pictures, gifs, videos, and media that you have posted on your page. 

    It also saves your posts in such a way that you can view them individually, or as an archive where you can scroll through all of the posts by day or month almost like you currently would on tumblr, sans your page’s fancy background themes. The pictures below will give you an idea of what it looks like (ignore the blurriness, I used my snipping tool to capture them, but when viewing posts directly they are clear and crisp) :

    This is what my very first tumblr post looks like backed up:

    It also creates a folder containing only the pictures, gifs, videos, and other media if that’s all you want to save.

    You can also use this tool to backup other artists’ or friends’ tumblrs as well, though it might be a good idea to ask them if they’re cool with you doing that first. 

    Anyway, I hope this helps, or at the very least, alleviate some stress over potentially losing years of posts. 

    Feel free to share the link above with anyone you know that has expressed a desire to backup their posts.


    Hey man, I love you art style. Seriously, out of all the Vore artists, you’re the best. Out of curiosity, are you still gonna make comics were Kira vores feral prey (mouse, lizard, fish, snake or other prey)?

    Thanks friendo! That’s incredibly flattering, and terribly inaccurate. I can think of at least a dozen other vore artists off the top of my head that are LEAGUES more skilled than I will ever be:

    feistydelights, meaconscientia, karbofelarya, supersheela, shyguy9, adjnoco, hypeishimaru, 1zumy, meatflavor, ianyteni, zuffmclaughlin, spittyart

    And that was without even thinking too hard. In a way, I’m a little envious that you still get to discover the real cream of the vore artist crop.

    In regards to your question…

    Logging back into Tumblr tonight and...

    Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and my outlook on life is maturing, but I don’t think the great Tumblr porno purge of 2018 is the worst thing to happen. A foolish business move on the site owners and runners’ part? Absolutely. And it is certainly an inconvenience to many adult content artists, creators, and communities that have developed here, but there will undoubtedly be another social site that will come about to take Tumblr’s place. It seems like many have already begun transitioning...

    I’ve had mixed feelings about this site as a whole, but it has helped me find a number of interesting artists, people, and a few friends for the time I’ve been on it, so I have to give credit where credit is due. And I will miss the interface for being able to post gifs, pictures, texts and audio. 

    I’m not quite sure what my plans are for setting up shop elsewhere as this place was where I’ve been doing most of my posts for the past little while, but here are the links to my other old haunts for those who have asked:


    Eka’s Portal

    To all my fellow Tumblr-ites out there that are angry about the changes taking place, or losing touch with the artists, friends, and followers they’ve made once they move on from Tumblr, I say to you:


    the hell do you want from me

    So tumblr has made a lot of size content unsearchable. This has already effected the way that many content creators monetize their work. NSFW accounts on tumblr have become invisible to anyone that hasn’t already heard of them, and you don’t need a degree in digital marketing to see how that’s bad for business.

    I’m not leaving, I’m just trying to adapt! So I want to know: in addition to commissions, what other content would you like to see from ‘ol Spitty?

    Process videos? PSD files? Tutorials? Streaming? A request box for low-tier patrons? Art trades? Collaborations? Other things that I’ve not thought of?

    I’d love to hear your suggestions, esp. from other artists! I don’t know how to do any of this stuff, but with tumblr takin a big dump on my face, now would be a good time to learn! Thanks in advance for the feedback, love you sweeties ~


    Process and rough concept sketches/videos, and streams please! It’s always neat to see how other artists work and to learn some of their tricks.

    The occasional special request raffles to celebrate total follower milestones or other contests like that can be pretty neat too.



    I think you and @shyguy9 could do something really fun together.


    Alyx getting an impromptu tongue-bath from Lidiya. Probably as punishment for that awful shirt.

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    Mouthy was originally published on The Super Sheela Super Show


    @supersheela sometimes I forget in addition to your regular steamy artwork that you also create GTS vore content on occasion as well, and then you go and post some and it feels like...

    I love the way you used the highlights to indicate how slick and slippery her plush tongue is, beautiful work!

    Artist: Stjepan Šejić /Shiniez

    Sunstone Chapter 6 - Mercy

    Allison “Ally” Carter is absolute perfection. And while I know she and Alan don’t work out as a couple, their friendship and shared journey to becoming doms makes me wish I had a friend as incredible as her in real life. And not just because she’s the surface of the sun levels of sexy hot. She’s also smart, loyal, funny, quirky, and a legit good friend.

    I love how she still exudes an air of dominance even when in the sub role, but even more than that, I love the moments when she’s not domming it up and she’s a complete goof, nerd, and an occasional hot mess.

    If Kira were to have a role model, or someone she looked up to as a ‘big sister’, it would be Ally.


    Let’s take those pesky pants off.


    @karasu69, broheim, homie, you are a master tease, but real talk...

    We all know that Emily would never go “all the way” with Ed, at least not in the way some of us are hoping she would, but you know what, that’s fine...

    Or more precisely, Kira will...

    There really should be a few more sketches of Kira showing off her empty maw, perhaps letting out a small, satisfied burp, or perfunctory belly rub as is the trope in a lot of vore comics, but it’s getting late, I’m lazy, and I’ve got an early morning of work ahead of me. Besides, I think people get the idea. Or maybe she didn’t really swallow him after all and is just messing with Emily. (☞゚∀゚)☞

    Anyway Karasu, hope you don’t mind, I wasn’t planning to let Kira continue to torment Ed, but your last couple of posts brought on a

    that I just had to exorcise.


    Who is your favorite fictional character you'd like to eat or be eaten by?

    Ooooooo… well, I don’t tend to be the one doing the eating in these fantasy scenarios, but when it comes to fictional characters I’d love to see as giantesses or preds, there are a plethora of ‘em! 

    And when I think on my favorite fictional characters from cartoons, television, and movies I watched, books I read, or video games I played growing up, I’ve noticed a pattern. It would appear that I have a “type”.

    Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty


    As a wee lad that had all of the Disney classics on VHS, (which makes me a dinosaur) I thought Maleficent was really cool. She was a tall, elegant, intimidating, and powerful sorceress that could transform into a dragon. That sh** blew my little boy mind! And I remember feeling a little sad when she was killed at the end.

    Lulu - Final Fantasy X 

    Artwork by Lithriel


    I eventually got a PS2 towards the end of the console’s life cycle, and spent hours catching up on a lot of the old games, which was great because by that time you could get them at a discount as part of the greatest hits collections, or for dirt cheap in bargain bins. One of those games was FFX, and I remember being smitten with the black mage the moment she made her first FMV appearance in the game (that sh** also blew me away, as I had previously played most games on Nintendo systems that didn’t possess those graphical capabilities). I remember being irked that the game really pushed the Yuna - Tidus romance, when I only had eyes for Lulu. I always kept her in my party, and you can be damn sure if any options came up to flirt with her I was going to take ‘em:


    And it should go without saying who my snowmobile buddy always ended up being:


    Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy VIII


    Starting to pick on something of a running theme here no?


    After finishing FFX and dabbling with FFX2, I figured I’d try some of the other Play Station Final Fantasy series and found an old copy of FFVIII. While the graphics were terribly dated by that point, and the game was far from the best in the series, I really liked its glam rock take on sorceresses in the world. And while Edea doesn’t end up being the big bad she was initially made out to be, I really liked her style, especially the mask she initially had, and some of those design aesthetics carried over into one of my Skyrim vampire sorceress characters:


    And I should also mention another FFVIII vixen who I personally feel would have been the better romance choice than what Squeenix ended up forcing on the players…

    Quistis Trepe 


    In addition to being the ultimate emo pretty boy, I was always annoyed at Squall for continuously spurning Quistis in favor of Rinoa, and even that romance felt lukewarm at best. Quistis was by far the more interesting, intelligent, and useful character, including her abilities as the party’s blue mage. And I fully admit to indulging in liberal use of her devour ability. While the good stuff was hidden behind the censor image of pretty flowers, my imagination was more than happy to fill in the blanks. And for those who haven’t seen it, Stjepan Šejić even made a joke of this bizarre ability of hers. If this game were ever remade with branching paths, I probably would have left Rinoa floating out in space, got Squall to pull his head out of his ass and give Quistis an opportunity to find a more entertaining use for that whip of hers. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Two more special mentions…

    Circe and Tala - Justice League Unlimited


    While they didn’t get much screen time in the series, anytime they appeared was always memorable, and I enjoyed their mischievous machinations. Given their penchant for magical trickery and desire to be worshiped and adored, I can easily see both ladies shrinking people down to tease and amuse themselves with. 

    Okay, getting away from the lady sorceresses, but still within the realm of villainous or wicked edged ladies…

    Shego - Kim Possible


    This show was my jam growing up, in no small part because of Shego (and the catchy theme song). She scratched another itch I have that loves a bad girl that (deep DEEP down) also has a softer, more tender side they keep tightly under wraps. I thought she was fantastic when she managed to take over the world in the alternate timeline, and adorable when she briefly had her personality reversed into the kind and thoughtful Miss Go. It would be interesting to see how both sides of her personality come out in giantess related scenarios. 

    Seven of Nine - Star Trek: Voyager


    I can’t say I’m a big Trekkie, or that I care about which series is actually the best and which one is the worst, but I did watch Voyager on occasion and I remember enjoying it. And then Seven of Nine happened. Granted her initial Borg appearance freaked me the hell out as a kid, but once she lost the heavy duty cybernetic implants, grew in her hair, and donned that legendary body suit, well, I’m going to hate myself for saying it, but resistance was futile. Seven of Nine is an interesting one in that she is on the one hand an incredibly intelligent, attractive, and capable member of the crew, and on the other she has an almost child-like naivety and is a complete novice when it comes to understanding subtle social cues or behaviors. I remember one episode where she told Ensign Kim to strip off his clothes so that they could have sex after she noted his interest in her, and she decided it would be and an opportune moment for her to experience this aspect of her restored humanity with the same casual air you may use when asking someone to pass the salt. It was her directness, and the way that she immediately had the poor Ensign practically backed into a corner ready to “assimilate” him despite being the one lacking in experience of this nature. I can’t help but think it would be a fun scenario to have Seven tackle the complexities of coming to terms with kinks and fetishes, particularly those typically reserved for the realms of imagination like macro/microphilia and vore. I can just picture a scenario where Ensign Kim had a giantess and vore kink, and after discovering as much Seven would design a special holodeck program for the two of them to simulate the experience as a means of studying this strange aspect of human sexuality. And it would likely be adorably embarrassing, but I can’t help but think it would be extremely entertaining  to watch as well.

    And because I can’t help myself…

    Morrigan - Dragon Age

    Art by Dafne Stavridi


     And so we end as we began, with a tricky, calculating and sharp tongued sorceress… that can also shape shift into (among other things) an enormous dragon. Go figure. Despite all of the missteps and shortcomings the games that followed DA: Origins had, if I was pressed to choose a favorite from this list of deliciously wicked ladies, it would be Morrigan.

    So there you have it. I have a thing for tall, dark, magical ladies with an edge to ‘em, and if you’re ever looking to get my attention, drawing any GTS/vorish scenarios featuring any of the ladies above is a surefire way to get it.

    I’d be curious to hear about other people’s fictional character preferences too, so feel free to share. 

    Still not planning to start playing League or to jump on the K-pop craze, but as a fan of animation I did want to add a few more gifs featuring Akali, my favorite girl in the music video, as well as some of the group choreography with the other ladies.

    What the animators and editors did with this video is mind blowing! They must have mo-capped the dancing sections, but it it looks as though they touched up each frame for each of the mo-capped dancers, and added more bounce to their movements to balance out the stiffness mo-capped animations sometimes have. And they added subtle timing changes so that all the characters move slightly differently rather than being perfectly in sync. That is such a nice touch, as opposed to using same animation frames on each of the characters, which would look a somewhat uncanny, because even the best dancers in the world are never perfectly synchronized with one another. 

    This must have been a real labor of love, but it certainly paid off as the end results speak for themselves (Almost 70 million views on the video in just over 2 weeks! Good gravy!)

    Just a couple of dude bros from Funhaus chatting about micro and macrophilia while playing GTA5 Online, like you do. 

    Wasn’t surprised that Lawrence “Mr. finger on the pulse of the internet” Sonntag is already familiar with the topic, but I was surprised at how quickly Bruce admits to considering it, or how James immediately sees how it could be an enjoyable experience for both parties in a giant woman/tiny man scenario.



    Are you going to do more vore comics with Ed?


    While the interest is appreciated, I had made a post regarding the continuation of the Ed comic a while back.

    The short answer is, probably not.

    And there are a few reasons why:

    1. Ed belongs to @karasu69 , so he’s not mine to take such liberties with, particularly because I don’t think he’d be too enthused with having someone depicting his character getting eaten by someone else’s OC that very few people know or care about.

    2. Ed and Emily have gained a pretty significant following in the short time since Karasu first created them, and I feel like a parasite leeching off of their popularity, especially as I have yet to crack the code and make characters of my own that garner a similar response.

    3. Karasu69 is far faster and better at posting new comic pages and artwork than I am anyway, plus they actually have story arcs, so it makes any side stories I come up with irrelevant anyway.

    4. I suck at finishing comics. I’m okay for one-offs, but when it comes making multi paged comics I tend to run out of juice.

    I still enjoy drawing the characters when I can steal a little time to do so, I just haven’t being posting them online, so here’s a sketch of Karasu69′s crew I did a couple of weeks ago: 


    So, she sent the picture to her friend who was confused as to whether the picture was photoshopped or not. Thought you’d all enjoy this. Probably just a matter of time before someone edits the picture and the caption to make it look like one of those IRL vore pics.


    Oldie but a goodie


    Hahaha, her friend is so shot. Forgot about this one.


    I love how she even had to ask if it was fake. Makes me wonder what direction that wouldve went in had your girl just ran with it.


    Would’ve gone exactly the way you think it would’ve.


    I like your girlfriend’s style, and the pics that came from your photo shoot were very fun to look at. They made for great drawing references too.


    If both of you are cool with it, I’d totally be down to try drawing more of her.

    Any chance you guys took more pics showcasing that lovely mouth of hers?