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2021-06-04 15:28:42

    Being HIV+ 😒

    I would have never guessed that in my 47 years of being a gay man I would become HIV+. I mean lesbihonest I knew one day it would eventually happen but not like this. I have been HIV+ roughly between January & April of this year. I got tested in April after I was dumped by my bf & was told I had contracted it within the last 4 months (seeing as my numbers were so good). My doctor then proceeded to inform me that my last sexual partner was the only kione to have passed this onto me. Now I can only speculate seeing as I was never or have ever been told if he did get tested & what his results were. Thankfully I got tested when I did cause in a months time of being on meds I became poz undetectable. My doctor said since my numbers were so good she wasn't surprised that I had become poz undetectable so quickly. I have spoken with everyone that treats HIV+ patients or HIV+ research and they all have said the same thing my last sexual partner gave this to me. I am beyond flabbergasted after everything I did & went through to be with him. I can't get the decency or respect that I deserve. Instead I get to take a pill to keep me poz undetectable for the rest of my life. I hope one day someone (or him) will come forward & give me the answers I deserve.