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    astrology ask thing

    aries: what are you passionate about?

    taurus: name 3 of your favorite books.

    gemini: what was the last text you sent?

    cancer: if you could choose your child's zodiac sign, what would it be?

    leo: name something you love about yourself.

    virgo: what's your #1 pet peeve?

    libra: describe your dream partner.

    scorpio: do you trust easily?

    sagittarius: if you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be?

    capricorn: what's your dream job?

    aquarius: do you believe in aliens?

    pisces: describe someone you love.

    sun: describe yourself in 3 words.

    moon: what's your favorite song?

    rising/asc: how would you describe your style?

    mars: are you easily angered?

    venus: what's your aesthetic?

    mercury: what color do you talk in?

    jupiter: what moral do you live by?

    saturn: what's your biggest fear?

    uranus: are you rebellious?

    neptune: share one of your dreams.

    pluto: what's the biggest thing you've learned by far in your life?

    lilith: do you have any guilty pleasures?

    chiron: have you ever broken a bone?

    ceres: are you a momfriend?

    pallas: do you have a good relationship with your parents?

    juno: do you believe in soul mates?

    1st house: are you confident?

    2nd house: if you could only keep one of your personal items, what would you choose?

    3rd house: do you like to read?

    4th house: what does your bedroom look like?

    5th house: name your favorite movie or show.

    6th house: do you participate in community service?

    7th house: if you could choose, what zodiac sign would you like your dream partner to be?

    8th house: do you believe in reincarnation?

    9th house: what's your favorite quote?

    10th house: are you good at public speaking?

    11th house: what sign(s) is your best friend/squad?

    12th house: do you like to be alone?

    Ask me 😊

    The zodiac signs as book elements/things

    Aries: The Narrative Hook- just endless possibility

    Taurus: Hardcovers- beautiful and strong

    Gemini: Relating to the Characters- being understood

    Cancer: Flashbacks- how did we get here?

    Leo: Binge Reading- when we can't put the book down

    Virgo: Shelves- the fantastic display of our collection

    Libra: The Subtext- reading between the lines

    Scorpio: Character Development- personal growth

    Sagittarius: Cliffhangers- the feeling of needing more

    Capricorn: Foreshadowing- how will we get there?

    Aquarius: Plot Twist- the thrill of unexpected changes

    Pisces: The End- the disclosure's bitter sweetness

    Emotional Temperament

    Moon in Aries: Sacrificial, young hearted, imaginative, reactive, self prophetic, fearless, quick tempered, innocent, abandoned, alone

    Moon in Taurus: Faithful, relapses into self indulgence, lazy, concerned but refusing to self sacrifice, overtly loyal, maternal and welcoming, disarming, fretful

    Moon in Gemini: lacks concentration, unsympathetic but genial, emotionally reactive, nerves, travels, secretive about emotions, undramatic

    Moon in Cancer: Restless, fearsome, psychic, unstable, intuitive, despondent, martyred, delivering, rich emotional world

    Moon in Leo: dramatised, fears of the inner child exaggerated, very coloured in impulse, self shame associated with lack of appreciation, faithful, subject to elusion

    Moon in Virgo: Irritable, over conscious of environment, easily triggered, helpful, intuitive, responsive to distress, anxious and consumed with worry, pedantic

    Moon in Libra: Impressionable and sympathetic, morale and concerned but detached and self contained, temperamental, evasive, passive aggressive, emotionally unstable especially regarding the day's interaction with people

    Moon in Scorpio: Contained but secretly uncontrolled, unsympathetic but empathetic, suspicious and paranoid, splitting, passionate and then empty, debilitating and destructive highs and lows

    Moon in Sagittarius: Escapist, psychic, speculative, detached but generous, tender hearted and noble hearted, shows tremendous loyalty to animals

    Moon in Capricorn: Self sacrificial, often altruistic and kindly, Dry, distanced but concerned, consumed with material worry, emotionally conscious to the extreme, suspicious

    Moon in Aquarius: Active emotional life is inhibited by over reactive intellectualism, can generate a coldness about the individual that hides regenerative warmth, excitable, over analyses emotion to extreme

    Moon in Pisces: Cannot resist environmental stimulus, the impressionable, lack of boundaries, psychic, devoted, melancholy, withdrawing, sacrificial, emotional hemophiliac


    what most blogs make the signs seem like

    aries: aggressive bitch who has 0 chill

    taurus: only cares about food

    gemini: two-faced troublemaker

    cancer: whiny little crybaby

    leo: self centered ho

    virgo: selfless neat freak

    libra: manipulative asshole

    scorpio: evil sex god

    sagittarius: don't give af about anything

    capricorn: ho that works 24/7

    aquarius: heartless bitch

    pisces: confused daydreamer


    me, in the year 2040, getting ready for a fancy dinner party, standing in front of my antique gold vanity mirror, wearing a saint laurent f/w 2039 evening gown and cartier diamond earrings, taking a sip of champagne: what did you learn at school today, honey? :-)

    my future child, laying on my king-sized bed with burgundy satin sheets: not much, in history we talked about the 2016 election. do you remember any of that?

    me: drops my crystalline wineglass

    Scooby Doo Where Are You: Scooby doo can talk because we say so now shut up and watch the fuckin cartoon

    The New Scooby Doo Movies: same

    The Scooby Doo Show: same

    Scrappy Doo: same

    The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo: same

    Boo Brothers: same

    Ghoul School: same

    The Reluctant Werewolf: same

    What's New Scooby Doo: same

    A Pup Named Scooby Doo: same

    Zombie Island: same

    Witch's Ghost: same

    Alien Invaders: same

    Cyber Chase: same

    That one johnny bravo crossover: same

    Live action Scooby Doo films: same

    The /other/ live action Scooby Doo films: same

    Every fucking adaption of Scooby doo ever: same

    Mystery Incorporated: Scooby doo is the descendent of an alien race of godlike creatures called the annunaki that cross the barriers between our world and theirs every thousand years by possessing animals; any offspring sired by the annunaki and normal animals have near supernatural abilities such as amplified intelligence and the ability to speak human language which makes scooby part horrifying lovecraftian god from the dawn of time and that's why scooby doo can talk