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    this image by j.c. leyendecker is the absolute epitome of wlw/mlm solidarity


    look at the two of them. dressed to the nines. silks from france and cotton from egypt. chanel on them both. they’re at a party neither of them was invited to, but so damn good looking that no one in their right mind would turn them away at the door. the woman - titties free under that dress, scoping out women in salacious flapper dresses in gloves created from 100,000 insects’ life work. the man - smoking a cigarette he took out from the mouth of one of the millionaires at the party, saying nothing but giving him a slow smile and a wink. the flower in his lapel is fake. dying plants in your clothing is such a hideous fashion. the both of them haven’t spoken to anyone there, though everyone has tried. they stand on the stairs staring at the heterosexual proles gathered below them together, and the two of them wonder if those fools realize that they’re outclassed, that in every way, they’ve been outdone. they leave early with a bottle of champagne in each fist, and no one stops them.


    This is the most extra analysis I have ever seen of anything ever and I agree with all of it


    So first off, I saw this and immediately felt the need to try and draw it. I didn’t spend too much time on it, but overall I think the shadow practice was pretty good, and I had to figure out a body for the man because I’m working with a white background instead of black. Shading faces with just a pencil is difficult y'all.

    BUT afterwards I started looking at more of Leyendecker’s work, and found out some pretty interesting things:

  • The man in the original was JCL’s OC from 1905, the “Arrow Collar Man,” who was created for JCL’s advertising work for Arrow Clothing, and he appears in a ton of ads and was super famous and even received fan letters.
  • JCL was really good at drawing handsome men, and he often modeled them after his (private) lover and life partner, Charles Beach, who he also left money and assets to after his death in 1951. People LOVED these handsome dudes and they helped sell everything from socks to suits to cars and more.
  • JCL was responsible for over 300 cover images for the big time magazines of the day like The Saturday Evening Post, and his handsome men and homoerotic images we’re printed all across the world! People were eating up these images of handsome gays and didn’t even realize it.
  • Here’s a good article about his life and work: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/the-perfect-american-male/

    So tl;dr: this image really is gay as all hell, that analysis wasn’t extra at all - it was probably exactly what JCL intended, and I wish I learned about JC Leyendecker sooner.