the space between life and death, that is where we are most alive - floki (vikings)

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    when bo burnham said “she likes her life as a mother and wife, but is that all she is?” and “she runs out the coop that her life spent confined to” and “a life of brighter days, the width a road away,” and “it’s anyone’s guess what then happened next but most think she died” and “but i think we ought to believe that she got to the other side” and


    Examples that show goalies are the best, part one

    1: Marc-André Fleury tripping

    2: Carey Price staring down at a player after they bounce off him

    3: Juliús Hudáček and Henrik Lundberg leapfrogging

    4: Whatever this dude is doing

    5: Anything Hudáček does

    6: Scott Darling not wanting to deal with this shit

    7: Sergei Bobrovsky giving the best hugs

    8: Ilya Bryzgalov in general

    9: Kari Lehtonen waiting for the puck drop

    10: Craig Anderson making himself a chair

    >part 1<

    {part 2}


    goalies really are the best <3


    I’m back on my Lonely Carrie™️ bullshit and this time I’m thinking about Carrie making friendship bracelets but having no one to give them to because her popular friends think it’s childish or sad or weird, so she just has a little pile of colourful thread bracelets sitting on her bedside table, then at school she sees Julie and Flynn wearing friendship bracelets they made each other and her heart breaks a little because she doesn’t think she’ll ever have that sort of thing with anyone


    this makes me so sad nooooooo

    Alex moments that are just incredibly important to me personally

    The confirmation of his sexuality

    Autism vibes

    The moment he meets Willie

    Excitedly telling his friends (a guy friend at that) about Willie

    Him and Willie talking about his anxiety

    The guys acknowledging his feelings for Willie

    Him openly enjoying stereotypically "feminine" things

    Admitting (some of) his feelings for Willie

    And, of course, the hug

    This anxious gay mess means so much to me and I'm so glad we have him in a kids' show