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    NSFW Asks

    I got tired of seeing NSFW asks with moronic questions like: “Is there anyone you want to have sex with?”, so I made my own. I hope you enjoy!

    1. Think of your three closest friends - would you have sex with any of them? Have you already?

    2. Where’s the most unusual place you’ve masturbated?

    2. Where’s the most unusual place you’ve given head? Received head?

    3. Where’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

    4. What’s your favourite position to give oral? Receive oral?

    5. What’s your favourite sex position?

    6. What’s your fantasy celebrity threesome?

    7. What’re your biggest turn-ons while making out?

    8. What’re your most unusual turn-ons in general?

    9. What’s your darkest fantasy?

    10. If you could have one fantasy fulfilled right now, what would it be?

    11. Would you rather have sex on a beach, on a plane, or in the bathroom of a fancy restaurant?

    12. What are your hard limits?

    13. How often do you masturbate?

    14. Have you ever been caught masturbating or having sex?

    15. What’re some songs that you want to have sex to?

    16. Folks who like dicks - where’s your favourite place for your partner to cum?

    17. Are handjobs boring or underrated?

    18. What’s your opinion on anal?

    19. Folks with a dick - does your cum shoot out far, or dribble out? What’s its colour and consistency?

    20. Folk with a vagina - can you squirt?

    21. Have you tasted yourself? If so, then what did you think?

    22. Are you vocal during sex?

    23. Do you like being rough with your partner? Do you like when your partner is rough with you?

    24. Do you like being restrianed? Do you like restraining your parter?

    25. What’s your opinion on sexting?

    26. What are your favourite parts/features on each gender you’re attracted to?

    27. Have you ever tried something sexual and decided you weren’t into it?

    28. What are your erogenous zones?

    29. What’re the most effective ways to tease you in public?

    30. What’re your favourite ways to tease your partner in public?

    31. What’s your biggest sexual pet peeve?

    32. If you could dress/style someone to be as attractive to you as possible, what would they look like?

    33. If you had to put on an outfit to turn-on your partner the most during a date, what would it be?

    34. What are your favourite pet names/dirty names to call and be called during sex?

    35. Have you ever hooked-up with a stranger?

    36. What’s the best sexual compliment you’ve ever received?

    37. Do you enjoy it when your partner has piercings and/or tattoos? Are there any particular body parts where you like your partner to have them?

    38. What’s your funniest and/or most embarrassing sex story?

    39. If your partner was going to send you a video of themselves, what could they do to make it turn you on the most?

    40. Are you a screamer, a grunter, a moaner, or a groaner?

    41. Is “vanilla” sex boring or underrated?

    42. What’s the best orgasm you’ve had in the past few months?

    43. Would you ever participate in an orgy?

    44. Do you enjoy seeing your partner have sex with others? Would you want them to do all of the same things that they’re willing to do with you, or would some be off-limits?

    45. Do you mostly prefer giving or receiving oral?

    46. Do you like going commando?

    47. What are your top five favourite blogs to reblog porn from?

    48. What’s your favourite sex scene from a movie/TV show?

    49. Do you own any sex toys? Do you want any?

    50. Have you ever cum without having your genitals directly stimulated?