Part 5/8 β€œ3-In-1 Day” (#2 Brazilian Boyfriend)

    THIS is the moment when things REALLY started HEATING πŸ”₯ up...

    Brazilian Boyfriend flipped Mrs_MO πŸ’‹ over on her knees, pushed her to the edge of the bed, GRABBED a handful of HAIR and began SLAMMING his 9” Cock πŸ† deep inside her!

    This is when I (Mr_MO) walked over, got in front of Mrs_MO πŸ’‹ and let her wrap those WET LIPS πŸ‘„ around my cock. The THRUSTING and SLAMMING of him behind her, would RAM my cock further down her THROAT as she moaned in pleasure. We would grab both of her ASS CHEEKS and get as DEEP inside of her as he could. Her MOANS with my cock in her mouth while getting fucked was driving us both NUTS πŸ₯œ .

    Mrs_MO πŸ’‹ then turned around, pushed Brazilian Boyfriend down onto the bed and climbed on top, sliding down onto his already HARD, ERECT and ready to EXPLODE COCK πŸ†. Because it did not take long from her grinding down on him and rocking her hips until she leaned down and looked each other in the EYES πŸ‘€ as he came πŸ’¦ DEEP INSIDE of her! After she was FULL of his HOT CUM πŸ’§ Mrs_MO πŸ’‹ layed back, SPREAD her legs to show me what he had left inside of her. 🀩

    Stay Tuned For Part 6...

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