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    I'm trying to tease a boy who hasn't cum in 9 days. I can have him touch and tease himself however I want for another 6 days and then I'm going to tease him in person. Wanted some advice on how to drive him crazy, since he's hard to edge in person. If I can get him to beg to cum I win a stuffie, so any help is appreciated

    Well anon, as we know from fairgrounds people will do all kinds of things for a stuffie, so let’s see what we can get up to.

    Long distance teasing

    So first of all is what you can achieve before you get there, with your messages. We cannot get enough of hearing how horny you are. Like really, if we’re into you that shit is like a drug. So anything saying how hot denying him has got you will be great, stuff like:

  • I think I dreamt of you last night, I woke up so wet
  • I get so turned on thinking of how horny you are
  • I can’t stop touching myself thinking about how full your balls must be getting
  • and basically any combo of words that suggests you’re horny, wet, or touching yourself will never fail.
  • Secondly getting him touching in more creative ways is a winner. 

    So making him do it while you’re chatting is always hot. BUT also try the reverse, that he has to ask to be allowed to touch, and when he does, tell him what you want him doing.

    Speaking of which, don’t just let him wank normally. Try things like:

  • Humping his cock between a pillow and mattress (don’t just hump the bed as it can actually do some damage
  • Lubing the inside of a condom and wanking that
  • Doing it somewhere different like another room or even where he might get caught
  • Giving him a certain number of strokes before he has to stop
  • Watching porn you choose
  • Finally make sure he’s thinking about what might happen when you do get to him in person. When he’s edging make HIM share fantasies of what might go on, see what he’ll admit. The best things to mess with him are the stuff he shares, as you know it’s going to hit home.
  • I personally always like to leave the idea that maybe he won’t even cum when you’re there as an option. The biggest mindfuck early on with denial is that moment you COULD cum, but you’re given the option to choose to be denied longer. So, so good.

    Oh actually, lastly, if you like this so much, just see how desperate he gets if you lock up his cock in a cage… Try suggesting it beforehand, they’re so cheap on ebay for a CB6000S copy.

    In person teasing

    So number one, take your time! You’ve built up all this desire, don’t go wasting it in minutes or hours. If I’ve been playing a game like this with my wife, which we’ll often do in anticipation of a sexy weekend away, we generally try not to let me cum for the entire first day so I’m on a denial high (which gets me extra dominant which she adores). We’ve even enforced this with me in a cock cage which was ridiculously hot.

    So yes, absolutely no rush, tease, touch, flirt. A big part of this is planning how you look. Pick something that will take his breath away. Be confident, the desire in his eyes will be the biggest confidence boost you can imagine.

    Make lots of eye contact, and physical contact. His body will be like a wound up spring, wind him up even more. For most guys in that state our nipples are like lightning rods for desire, so see how he reacts to you stroking across them. When my wife wants to show me she’s in the mood in public her go to move is hugging me from behind with a secret nipple rub. Works every time. Kissing, his mouth and neck are also very powerful. Really, if it turns you on then it will probably turn him on.

    I’d play games with a submissive classic too. Some point early on I’d have him sitting, get him to take his pants off, then kneel between his legs. As this point mention you’re not even sure you’re going to let him cum today, just to mess with him (maybe) and have a squeeze of his balls through his undies, making some comment about their fullness, and adding they could be fuller.

    Then, get him to get it out, he’s so expecting you to play, or suck him now. So don’t. Chat to him, about it, about how it’s felt, with his cock out, not even touching it. This is your first good chance to make him beg. Not beg to cum, just beg to have you play, to stroke, to kiss it, to suck it. Whether he does or not. Don’t, not yet.

    ‘I think you need more practise begging before I do anything like that’ you can tell him. But admit how horny it’s got you.

    So switch next, him between YOUR legs  Show me how desperate you are, and don’t you touch that fucking cock is that clear?’ will drive him NUTS.

    Hopefully he’ll make you cum, although an edge will keep you meaner, you decide. Either way ‘a few more of those today and I might start being persuaded’ is how you finish that.

    And then, well I’d keep him naked, or at least keep his cock out - maybe tie a hairband or cock ring around it to keep it hard (don’t leave it on too long). No touching allowed of course.

    You being dressed, him not is also a powerful turn on in this scenario. Some snuggling up like that, with a movie perhaps, where you just play with his nipples and occasionally brush over his cock but mostly his thighs and massaging his balls sometimes will work well.

    If you fancy it you could put on some porn too. Put on some of your favourites and have him rub you as you watch. Get him to share what he watches too, and whisper can he imagine having a girl blow him while he watched. He can now.  Of course it’ll need more orgasms and begging if he ever hopes to have it happen.

    At this point, if you want to work towards a grand finale, I’d be tying him up. Whatever his kink preference, dom, switch, sub, anything, that power exchange is always exciting (safewords in place of course). 

    Old leggings work great if you don’t have anything else, or your back up can be just he puts his hands under his bottom and if they come out, you stop.

    Either way, TAKE YOUR TIME. Get some good lube, not spit, nothing water based. Silicone lube is the way to go for a long, teasing wank. Although this‘Release’ lube from Lovehoney is AMAZING for handjobs (and on the UK site you can get three of them for £15 plus 20% off this weekend.

    If you need to learn how close he is, get him to give you numbers from one to ten where ten would be cumming.

    Promise if he goes over without permission you’re going to ruin it, then Post Orgasm Torture him by rubbing his super sensitive cock with all the cum he just wasted - that might put him off.

    But try not to let him go over. Get him to beg, truly beg. Get him to admit his fantasies as you edge him, how much he’s loved you doing this, how he can’t stop thinking about you caging his cock or whatever else you’ve put in his mind.

    And then, when he’s right on the edge, slow down, and ask

    ‘So you decide… which should I do, let you cum, ruin you, or just keep you denied?’

    You might be surprised at his answer.

    I hope that helps, fun to write a male denial answer. As you can see, most of this can just be switched around for a woman, so I hope it’s useful for everyone.


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    My Cruel Nurse Dream

    I have quite the erotic dream every once in awhile. I dream variations of the same dream every month or so. Last night I dreamed this dream again that this really good looking guy had been in an accident and that it had left him half-paralyzed. He couldn’t really move, but he was well on the mend. It’s was just going to take a long while for him to fully heal. He did have feeling in certain parts, however. In fact, it would seem his genitals were all the more sensitive as I gave him required daily sponge baths (being his nurse). Although his sexual response may have had something to do with him not having been able to touch himself or sexually release (masturbate) for three months. Till recently, All he gets down there are a few tender careful sponge baths, and we nurses aren’t exactly allowed to take it any further. At least not until I came on staff.

    I’m apparently either exactly his type in the looks department, or he’s just so pent up - any woman will do. Perhaps a combination of both. He gets a full erection now - every time I walk in his private room - and today, his manhood is larger and harder than usual - under the bed sheet (He’s no longer wearing a hospital gown). I give him a small frown as I uncover and expose his muscular athletic body. “What’s THIS about?” I ask, as I stare at his now, naked virile body…

    You mumble an apology and try to explain that it’s been weeks since you could touch yourself. My frown remains - but internally it is a sympathetic one. “I see… That must be very difficult for you, to constantly have an erection and not be able to do anything with it” You mumble something, and I lean over, my cleavage quite visible, and say, “Speak up, please, I can’t hear you” As I feel your eyes staring at my breasts.

    “Please, please will you Touch Me!” you manage to choke out pleading.

    My eyebrows raise a bit as I draw back and look you square in the eye. “Well, that certainly is a bold request. Hmmm, Well, lucky for you I guess I am willing.” Then without warning I turn around and walk out the door, leaving you totally uncovered and confused for the moment, as I am speaking with two other nurses just outside of your door, telling them to keep a look out… I come back in to your room and go over to the shelf. I grab a latex glove and slowly slide it onto my hand, letting go of the cuff with a snap…

    I close the door and pull the privacy screen around us. First I give you a thorough sponge bath, cleaning your fully erect package and groin area very well. Then I pull up a chair to the side of your bed. I powder your raging manhood and your balls and then I reach over and gently grasp your robust curved 8 inch joystick with my petite hand. You are so sensitive and hard, that my touch instantly sends a shiver through your entire body as I rub the powder into your skin. Your impressive straining package, impossibly grows even harder in my tender hand as I begin to slowly stroke you, with a feather light stroke. You babble a stream of thanks and ask me to grip your straining shaft just a little harder please… I have to restrain myself from smiling. in that cruel way that every boyfriend I’ve ever had - learns to fear…

    I sit prim and proper, a look of clinical boredom on my face, though the twinkle in my eye suggests I’m having way more fun than I’m letting on. My hand, moves gracefully and rhythmically, the latex glove making the whole scene seem strangely impersonal, but even my apparent heartless touch is more than enough to really inflame your poor, lonely, oh so desperate cock…

    My feminine intuition then kicks in - Suddenly, my hand stops… I am still touching you, but I pinch your cock just below your mushroomed penis head. Your vein filled cock flexes in between my thumb and forefinger with a slight pain, but the sudden ceasing of stimulation and my pinching have perfectly cut off your impending climax… You gasp and look at me confused… However, the moments pass and after a short recovery break I slowly resume my feather light stroking… I continue for a few more minutes and then astutely stop again, just before you erupt… My timing is perfect…

    Again you gasp, and this time look to me with a pained expression. I wait a moment or two, and resume stroking (gripping your powerful throbbing joystick even harder), only to stop again a few moments later… You beg me to keep going, but I give you a cold look. “Be quiet,” I say. “Do you want me to do this or not?” Eyes wide, still confused, you nod almost drunkenly YES. 

    “Then be quiet. You don’t want to get caught like this.” Do You?

    Maintaining my detached expression, I adeptly edge you again and again for nearly an hour, teasing you to the very brink, then backing off only until you’re about to get yourself under control and then I start up again. Your straining erection has continuously oozed tears of joy – so you are now sticky - Pre-cum now coats your stomach – belly button - and my gloved hand…

    “How often did you used to masturbate?” I ask you with forced flatness, emphasizing the words “used to”… It’s the first time I’ve spoken to you in an hour - and my words briefly startle you.

    “T-t-twice a day,” you stutter and gasp.

    “Oh, My…” I say. “You must be really frustrated?” You unconsciously nod vigorously. “Well, then, I shall have to be careful Not to get you TOO excited.”

    “Oh, please, PLEASE!” you quietly whine and plead…

    I just give you a look of bored tolerance, staving off another climax with My Efficient Pinch”, then slowly I resume stroking as you let out a helpless frustrated groan… 

    Another half an hour of torturous edging” goes by, and you can only offer pitiful whimpers and pleas by now – You are so Incredibly Horny and Desperate.. . I’ve got my rhythm down to a science - to “edge” you almost once a minute… Suddenly, after one more close call, I completely stop and stand up, pulling the sheet back up over your naked virile body… Your extreme erection is wonderfully obvious under the thin bed sheet…

    “What are you doing?!” you gasp. “You can’t leave me LIKE THIS ! ”

    “I see no reason NOT TO,” I reply. “I’ll be back later, we can pick back up then – I have my rounds to make.”

    “But you Can’t!   Oh Jesus, I need to Cum So Bad!”

    “I see… And what are you going to do about it?” I ask  smiling to myself.

    You squirm in an attempt to reach your cock yourself, but you only wince in pain. “See. You’ll only hurt yourself if you try… And that could make this recovery of yours take even longer for you. Which I suppose I dont mind. That just means more opportunities for me to do this…”

    You start to beg again, but I immediately fix you with a steely hard gaze. “Stop that,” I say. “No begging. It’s Not Acceptable.” You open your mouth to protest. “Stop it.” I say with finality! You’re mouth works, but I hold my gaze, and you look away, utterly defeated and helpless. You manage to mutter an apology to me.

    I say nothing for a moment. Then I leave the room. I return a couple of minutes later with a Childs blood pressure sleeve. Without a word I pull back the sheet, slip the cuff over your 8 inch purple erection and begin to repeatedly squeeze the bulb to pump it up.

    “What are you doing?” you say, startled by this. I say nothing, just continue to squeeze the bulb. Almost entranced, you watch and feel the sleeve inflate, and for a few moments, the squeezing of your engorged cock shaft is pleasant, but then it becomes uncomfortable. Then it becomes almost painful. Only when you let out a yelp - do I stop increasing the pressure.

    “Oh god, please, take it off, take it off!” you beg.

    I give the bulb one more squeeze and say, “Shut up.” You curse. So I squeeze the bulb one more time. “Shut. Up.” You have to bite your cheek not to say anything, or even whimper. I let the sleeve hold for a few moments, then I slacken the pressure just enough that it’s just uncomfortable again. However, the tight grip forces your straining supersized erection to remain Rock Hard…

    I slip something out of my pocket. It’s a little “bullet” vibrator. I ease it into the edge of the sleeve, right below the sweet spot I discovered as I was stroking you, then I give the bulb one more squeeze to secure the bullet vibe firmly in place. You grit your teeth as I turn it on to the lowest setting. Your engorged cock head (sticking out the end) and your balls are now all that’s visible…

    “I’ll be back to check on you in an hour,” I say. “I suggest you cum within that time (if you can) if you really want release…” I pull the thin bed sheet back Up over you and leave the room…

    True to my word, I don’t return for an hour. When I come back, there are tears of subjugated frustration running down your face. Despite the pleasurable arousing erotic sensations of the vibrator, the tight cruel sleeve has not allowed you to release… I am secretly very pleased… I turn the vibe off, then after a minute I remove the vibe, I then wait another minute for you to calm down a bit more before releasing the pressure of the sleeve and removing it. I can’t believe my eyes, you’re astonishingly Larger and Harder – Like 9 to 10 inches in length now instead of the prior 8…

    I then remove a long, thin pink velvet rope from my white jacket pocket. I tie it snug around the thick base of your Powerful Cock - Then loop it around and around your testicles - before pulling the string down and tying it to the bottom frame of the bed. This perfectly pulls your large full testicles down away from your body, while enticing your virile manhood to Remain Rock Hard.

    “Wh-what are you doing?” you moan, helplessly and pitifully.

    “Just making sure you’re secure.” I reply. I then sit on the bed next to you, wrap my hand around your virile pulsing Joystick and resume my sadistic methodical stroking… Immediately your on the verge of exploding as you try to Cum, But the velvet rope pulling tight against your balls, control your natural reflexes. Despite my steady, unceasing ministrations, you still cannot “Release” - As you balls naturally fill with even more male cum…

    Desperately, you plead for mercy, and ask me why I am doing this to you… I reach over and flick your delicate testicles with my index finger and thumb. Not too hard, but they are quite sensitive, and it’s enough to make you yelp in horror. “Be quiet,” I Command You…

    I masterfully stroke you for some time, maintaining my featherlight teasing and stroking, as you helplessly hang on the edge” of orgasm for as much as ten minutes - the bondage cruelly preventing you from going over the edge - before I have to stop and let you slowly cool down… Recuperate And Recover…

    You’re harder than ever, steadily leaking and oozing  pre-cum now like a miniature river, and my satiny slippery glove is slick with it. I now use my other hand to steady your desperate bouncy throbbing cock, holding it at the base. Then I take my gloved hand and begin to run my index finger around and around the ridge of your mushroomed head, stopping to slip the finger down across your frenulum, and then back up to circle around your exuberant ridge again. “Your Cock is So Huge” - I find myself saying aloud - “It’s Pure Perfection!”

    Your mind is completely empty as you let out a series of sharp cries and whimpers, and despite my orders, you beg me once more to Let You Cum. I slip my hand down and now, instead of my finger on your profuse ridge, the palm of my hand catches your purplish swollen penis head. I twist my palm against your hyper-sensitive frenulum again and again like I’m unscrewing a lid, making sure to curl my fingers every now and then - to tug gently on your extremely swollen ridge as they slide along it… You are out of your mind!

    You let out a low scream and try to thrash, calling aloud for help… I quickly give your balls a quick slap… “Shut Up,” I firmly COMMAND you… My voice doesn’t change, but you know I mean business… “Every time you open your mouth for any reason, I’ll give your balls another slap, and soon, you force yourself to remain as quiet as possible, returning to a Whimpering Good Boy”!

    After another few moments of this, I suddenly stop, and stand up… I want to make sure you don’t Accidently Erupt… I then pull a device from my doctor’s coat, a small box with wires coming off of it, ending in pads, and a plug… It is an electro-stimulation device… You look at it with renewed terror… You’re about to protest once more, but another look from me, and you know better…

    I attach the four little self sticking pads to your Monster Manhood, along the entire 10 inch length of your vein filled monster shaft. I then plug the wires into the box, plug in the box, and turn on the dial… Immediately, you feel every nerve in your subjugated helpless erection light up with a rapid pulsing of sharp shocking pleasure - Up along the entire length of your desperate shaft All the way to your Tip…

    You have never been So Aroused, So Large, So Hard, So Helpless You feel like you are “Nothing” but a Raging Desperate Throbbing COCK… You can barely draw a breath to squeal or scream, much less beg… Your body shudders repeatedly with Over-Stimulation and Inexpressible Bliss… As you clothes your eyes, I carefully replace the blood pressure sheath back around your monstrous cock shaft, careful not to disturb the placement of the wires… I squeeze the bulb until your Mighty Virile Manhood is just a bit too snug in its grip Your Exposed Swollen Cock Head, already a true beautiful shade of purple, swells to its maximum tension… I deliberately leave your balls bound and tied down; between that, and the squeezing blood pressure sheath, I’m Positive You Will NOT CUM no matter what… I turn up the dial on the e-stim to medium as agonizing electrifying unimaginable pleasure ripples through you and your Monolithic Joystick… You are experiencing Orgasmic Bliss - Without having an Ejaculative Orgasm… Your whole body begins to quiver and shake in Utter Ecstasy and Euphoria…

    Knowing you can’t help but cry out now, I take off my drenched (aromatic) silk panties and stuff them into your mouth – Then I take your oxygen mask and secure it around your face and mouth. I lean close to your ear and whisper into your vulnerable receptive psyche, “My shift is ending Stud Muffin, so I’ll be back tomorrow morning, But I’ll be thinking and definitely dreaming of you all night for sure… The night nurses have been informed to make sure your current condition remains STABLE until I return in the morning… With that, I’ll leave you to their expert feminine Care - youll remain “Edged” throughout the entire night sweetie. If you haven’t managed to Cum by the time I get back tomorrow, well, clearly you Don’t want to CUM Bad Enough… Bye Sweet Thing” - Before I left, I sadistically eased his cock head into my mouth for just a second or two - I just Had To Have A Taste!

    It was at this exact moment that I slowly awoke from my Erotic Dream… I was hornier and wetter than I’ve ever been before in my life… Gleefully I realized that my boyfriend next to me, (who always sleeps deeply), was sporting a natural robust morning wood - As I Gently Reached over to Check Him Out…  I Love that he always sleeps in the nude {And on his back}.

    Without wasting a moment, I tenderly uncover my guy - slather some of my saliva on his world class erection with my mouth - and then cautiously, carefully and gracefully mount him (not wanting to wake him up)… Delicately I ease his Glorious Joystick Up and Into My  Drenched  Ravenous  Loins… Within seconds my Stud is (Balls Deep) Within My Covetous Enraptured Vagina - AS He SLOWLY   Begins   To Wake Up…   As I slowly grind my clitoris against his pubic bone and kiss him good morning, I can’t help but giggle and Helplessly Climax instantly… 

    My Drowsy Guy Just Loves Feeling Me Cum… On His Rock Hard Cock!

    I Dexterously “Edge” my subordinate (devotional) man for over an Hour in bed (as I usually do), As I Quiver and Climax Repeatedly – Riding him Oh So Deeply - from one Blissful Feminine Orgasm to the Next! 

    I Cum - He Doesn’t ! ! !  Isn’t Femdom, FLR and Feminism “Divine”   ?  ?  ?


    This "dream" is taken from a story I'd read YEARS ago. I wish I could remember more of it.


    He’d known it was coming. After his long-awaited release, I carefully, patiently, oh-so-achingly-slowly milked him. I drained everything he’d saved up for two months out of him. He’d never felt such pure exhaustion. Never been so spent, and yet he’d also never felt so fucking horny.
    But then, I got to the part I hadn’t told him about.
    I locked him right back up in chastity. “Now that you’re so empty,” I told him, “you’ll be able to stay locked even longer.” Have you ever seen a mind burst? So much sexier than a simple orgasm.


    During my three months of continuous chastity I had a “mind burst”. While caged and in her embrace, I had a sudden gush and poured out a milky river of cum…. just from her verbal teasing. She was amazed and thrilled her mind-fuck was so good that I spilled. She found the power over me incredibly sexy.

    She told me I didn’t need to be let out. She could just keep me in my little cage.


    Harem's Judgement

    It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by their face in their unguarded moments, such as when sleeping, zoned out, or overcome with emotion, arousal, desperation, or fatigue.

    Under this insight, and after one-too-many offenses larger and small upon his harem, the emperor smiled an angry smile and growled "Let us make sure that those who will not respect you will quickly learn to fear you."

    If the judge and the emperor's harem agree, a defendant's judgement, sentencing, or both, are at the mercy of the harem. During judgement, nobody but the harem is allowed to speak to the accused, and usually even they limit their questions to matters of food or health. Instead of questioning, other tactics are used instead.

    This judgement period is indefinite — the shortest known time has been four days, but it's said that one criminal entered Harem's Judgement years ago and is still said to be there, mindlessly begging, with muscles well-toned from hours of writhing each day.


    Every glance at a nipple is another edge you're going to get before I let you cum. It's not a punishment, just something I've decided for fun. Look at my left one, and think about how I'm going to tie you up tonight and tease you, maybe without giving you a single edge.

    Now look at my right one and see how hard it is from thinking about how you're going to think about this moment while I'm edging you again, and again, and again. Think about how you won't be able to keep your mind nor eyes off of them, and how every glance means more. edges.

    Stop looking there, look in my eyes. I want to make sure you understand: Every glance at my nipples guarantees more achey need. Do you understand? Do you know how many times I've caught you glancing before you said anything? Did you notice how many times I've glanced at my own nipples, smiling, knowing that I'm adding more achey edges for you? How many times I've noticed others glancing, not knowing they're adding to your ache? How it keeps my nipples noticably stiff and aroused? I can't help it. There's a limit to how desperate I can make you before I can't stand it and need some relief. The pleasure I get from cumming while you're desperate is only getting stronger for me, and you love it. Admit it. No, not with words, by glancing.

    Good boy.


    Only for the whole week... can we go for longer?


    Well, he hasn't put it together yet that he and she aren't the only ones stealing glances at her nipples.

    He doesn't know it's supposed to rain tomorrow while they are doing a walking tour.

    He doesn't know that she's going to make him stare while she edges him, associating the visual with his need. Making him mesmerized by them, submitting to how good it feels to be controlled, unable to not glance whenever he wants to, loving the pleasure that washes over him when she notices and is pleased. How the longer he gazes, the more he can't stop thinking about being edged until she can't take it any more and cums while he's denied. How the sight of her nipples affects him so strongly that it serves to remind him what a good toy he is, turning his desperation into a reassuring pleasure all its own.

    He didn't expect how many selfies she'd take.

    By the end of the week, even with teasing each night, he had no idea that the count was easily above 200, and that she had no intention of letting him cum until he was completely entranced by her nipples and would promise whatever she wanted if she'd let him stare while she was edging him.

    Within three weeks after the vacation, he could unlock himself twice daily to edge while repeating mantras and watching a slideshow of her face grinning, her nipples clearly showing.

    When he was bad, he wore a locking 'punishment hood' so he couldn't see her, and his chastity cage. The punishment always ended the same way: Him begging and frantic to cum, the hood denying the only way he could cope, while she edged him to tears.


    At the same instant the three young witches all looked up from their books of erotic spells, potions and sorcery when they sensed the young man enter the library.

    Their piercing gaze immediately caused his heart to race and his body to become feverish with heat. Laying their books down, the three began to approach, his feet suddenly feeling as if they were embedded in concrete.

    His arrival could not have been timed more perfectly.


    A few years had passed since that incident in the library.  

    After that day he was never the same.  Just the sight of a threesome of women caused him to blush profusely, his blood to heat, his cock to throb uncontrollably.  Yet over time, his mind and body slowly adjusted to this, his new normal.   He could control this. 

    Or so he thought……until now.  

    Turning from the heat of his Grill Master, ready to serve his guests lunch, once again his feet suddenly feel as if embedded in concrete, his grilling apron tents, his cock hardens….rises…..as if commanded from afar for all to see.  

    A small trace of a knowing smile crosses their faces as they simultaneously raise their glasses to salute him.


    At first he’d thought that perhaps it was merely a coincidence that his three beguiling and bewitching classmates had mysteriously appeared as unanticipated guests at the reception he was hosting. Soon though he realized their appearance was anything but accidental.

    Although his feet were ‘freed’ from their temporarily immobility he felt himself becoming feverishly warm, but it had nothing to do with the heat rising from off of the grill where he stood. Instead, it was emanating from the pulsing of his pleasure enflamed cock that was stiffening more and more by the minute despite his best efforts to prevent it.

    It seemed impossible and made no sense, but it felt like soft fingertips were lightly feathering along his shaft, coaxing his cock in to a state of steely hardness unlike anything he’d felt since… that day in the library years ago. Glancing toward the three women he noticed them all staring back at him, the blonde in the black dress slowly and seductively tracing her fingers up… and down… the hard crystal of her glass.

    “Oh god…,” he uttered softly to himself, doing his best to flip the chicken breasts and pork cutlets on the grill with his now trembling hands. With his arousal slowly mounting, seemingly building toward what would be a most awkward and untimely orgasm he again looked their way. This time the look in his eyes was pleading.

    Subtle smirks were on all of their faces, clearly enjoying the distress this poor man was enduring as a result of their mischievous fun. Mercifully, he felt the mysterious caresses along his cock stop, but then gasped softly, feeling as if in their place a steel cock ring was now firmly in place at the base of his shaft. And that was when he noticed the dark haired beauty tracing her fingertip in a circle along the rim of her glass, her eyes sparkling wickedly.

    Before he could recover he then emitted a soft grunt, his hand reaching out and grasping the handle of the grill to brace himself. Now it felt as if something was being looped around his balls, separating them from his body, cinching around them tighter and tighter like a cruelly erotic noose.

    Now it was the woman in the crimson spaghetti strapped dress who was gazing at him with predatory eyes. Her finger was now slowly tracing around the rim of her glass, and with each circle she traced he could feel the constriction around his cum heavy balls tightening. By the time she stopped the three of them had him just how they wanted.

    His cock swollen and pulsing with need… trapped within what felt like an unforgiving steel cock ring… while his heavy balls ached from the churning cum now wickedly trapped within them.

    Only after the last of the remaining guests left hours later did the women approach and speak to him. As if accepting his fate was already sealed he allowed himself to be led in to his own home, a woman on either side of him with her arm looped through his.

    “Are you surprised to see us, sweetie? Did you miss us?..”

    “We had so much fun with you at the library that day. We think about you often.”

    “But you won’t believe how much better we are now than we were back then. We simply had to find you so we could show you…..”


    Hours later, the three women smiled and purred contentedly to one another. Their hot naked flesh was entangled and intertwined all around this spent, quivering and now exhausted man, enveloping him in a web of gently writhing softness and the intoxicating scent of female arousal.

    His body was spread and unmoving, still held in place by the invisible bonds that allowed them to keep him positioned however they pleased, leaving him defenseless against not only their wickedly erotic sorcery, but also their teasing caresses, swirling tongues and hungry mouths.

    “See baby? See how much better that was than last time?”, a female voice softly purred.

    They shared a smile at his lack of a reply. From the dazed, glazed over look in his eyes clearly it was going to be a while before this man was anywhere close to recovering from the all out sensual assault on his senses they’d just put him through.

    “Aww, can’t talk sweetie? It’s ok, we understand. We can let ourselves out, you just rest…..”

    “One more thing. You don’t mind if we take a shower before we leave, do you?….”

    They smiled at his weak attempt to respond, a gentle hand stroking through his hair followed by soft lips kissing his cheek. Before disappearing from view he heard their voices once more.

    “Thank you for your all your hospitality today, it was lovely seeing you again.”

    “Don’t worry, we’ll release you and set you free…. after we finish our shower…”

    “Oh, and sweetie? Just so you know, in case you were wondering…. we’re most definitely going to come find you again some day. We promise….”


    “Please no,” he whispered to himself at the sound of the approaching heels clicking on the wooden steps. “Please no more….”

    For a moment his limbs instinctively strained against the bonds that held him secured to the four corners of the bed, only to remember they were already so weakened from his earlier struggles that he had nowhere near enough strength to break their hold.

    He’d lost track long ago of how long he had been here. Or how many women there had been. All he knew was that if he didn’t cum soon his body was surely going to internally combust from the agonizing ache in his cum-filled balls and the unbearable pressure building in his swollen cock.

    A seemingly endless stream of seductresses… fellatrixes… cockteases… masturbatrixes had been focusing their skills and attention on him. Always working in pairs.

    Pleasuring him.

    Arousing him.

    Working his body to the brink of explosion, then cruelly denying him his relief. Over and over and over.

    Subjecting him with pleasures that were never fulfilled…. pressure that was never released… maddeningly close orgasms that could never quite be reached.

    For a moment his two tormentresses simply stood in the doorway, hips cocked provocatively, breasts gently heaving, savoring the anguished desperation on their captive’s face.

    When they joined him on the bed, stretching out along either side of him so their soft curves pressed against him even their nearness was nearly more than he could take.

    Shamelessly he pleaded, “Please, let me cum…. I’m begging you. I’ll do anything you want, just please… let me cum??”

    Already their bodies were gently writhing against him, their lips kissing his neck, tongues teasing his ears, soft hands sinuously snaking down his trembling body toward their defenseless target.

    Soft voices murmured in his ears, “We can’t do that, baby…. you’re not allowed… she wants us to make it worse for you… she wants to watch you break…”

    Almost on the verge of tears as he feels a soft hand gently encircle his cock, slowly stroking him back toward the edge he whimpers, “W-why?…. why are you doing this to me?….”

    “….. because we can…. it’s what she wants…. and it turns her on…. ”


    And from her bedroom on the opposite side of the country a woman purrs with delight at what is by far the most enjoyable Zoom call she’s experienced during these unusual, challenging times.

    Her fingers idly toy with her aroused nipple as she watches the two vixens team together with the utmost patience and skill, working her long distance lover toward the brink of eruption yet again. Once there, just like the others before them they will keep him cruelly teetering on the plateau… never letting his arousal waver, yet never allowing him to tumble over the edge… keeping him balanced just at the precipice of relief that is agonizingly close, yet will never be reached.

    Long distance relationships can be challenging enough under normal circumstances, especially a relationship like theirs that is filled with sensual games of tease and denial. Still, she was a resourceful woman. With a bit of persistence and determination anything was possible, even if perhaps it required the use of technology and a bit of outsourcing.

    Her sexual core is warm and moist as she watches this poor man suffer such sweet erotic torments at the hands of these two seductresses. She laughs softly at his pleas, purrs with lust at the sight of his weeping cock, and cries out in pleasure as she enjoys yet another orgasm of her own.

    And when her eyes eventually refocus on the large HD screen on her bedroom wall she sympathetically purrs, “Oh sweetheart, you poor thing…,” his need and desperation palpable as he lies bound between the two women who are seemingly intent on driving him toward certain sexual madness.

    Picking up her phone from her nightstand she sends a text. Moments later a woman temporarily pauses her merciless erotic teasing of their helpless captive, picking up a phone that lies on the nearby nightstand. She smiles softly as she reads their latest instructions.

    “Perfect…. don’t let him cum. Not yet. Make him hotter… make him harder… make him suffer.”

    She gives a subtle wink and a nod to her partner in crime. A moment later two soft mouths slowly descend down trembling male flesh, meeting at his waist where two skilled tongues proceed to sensually swirl and lap in tandem along quivering male hardness… the exquisite inescapable pleasure nearly provoking sobs from their desperately aroused captive.

    And at the sound of the man’s anguished sounds of frustration, on the other side of the country a woman watches with a soft smile, nodding approvingly.


    Every glance at a nipple is another edge you're going to get before I let you cum. It's not a punishment, just something I've decided for fun. Look at my left one, and think about how I'm going to tie you up tonight and tease you, maybe without giving you a single edge.

    Now look at my right one and see how hard it is from thinking about how you're going to think about this moment while I'm edging you again, and again, and again. Think about how you won't be able to keep your mind nor eyes off of them, and how every glance means more. edges.

    Stop looking there, look in my eyes. I want to make sure you understand: Every glance at my nipples guarantees more achey need. Do you understand? Do you know how many times I've caught you glancing before you said anything? Did you notice how many times I've glanced at my own nipples, smiling, knowing that I'm adding more achey edges for you? How many times I've noticed others glancing, not knowing they're adding to your ache? How it keeps my nipples noticably stiff and aroused? I can't help it. There's a limit to how desperate I can make you before I can't stand it and need some relief. The pleasure I get from cumming while you're desperate is only getting stronger for me, and you love it. Admit it. No, not with words, by glancing.

    Good boy.

    The Truth

    There’s something about the way she asks that does it.

    I don’t quite know what it is, but perhaps I’m not intended to know. I recall when we talked about the suggestion and what it would mean; I know I could resist if I needed to, but even then, I’m compelled to tell her I’m holding back, and she praises me for telling that truth, too.

    But those instances are rare. My mind *wants* to say the answers. It *needs* to speak, because speaking releases the burden of holding it in, whatever it is.

    To speak the truth is to feel lighter and looser and also to feel compelled and controlled. She sees the nervousness after the words come, and she tells me it’s okay… that *I* am okay because following her suggestions makes her happy and making her happy makes me happy.

    And yet: there’s always that twinge when I hear my voice say something I’m thinking. The twinge of knowing that my thoughts are not entirely my own, and that they have become something more. Something that can be used to grow her influence over me, bit by bit…

    As good as it feels, I can’t help but wonder to myself what it is about the question does it, but no sooner do I think that than I say it, and she smiles and kisses my forehead and reminds me I don’t need to know.

    I blush a little and say thanks. That feels good.

    (This sprung up on my Twitter account, starting as a riff on my ongoing obsession with hypnotically compelled truth-telling. The muse was speaking!)

    cc: @consensualhypnofics


    Top 5 tickle spots?

    I wish I knew! I’m not very ticklish, as far as I know. I’d say my feet. Once I was on a phone call with a woman who made me do post orgasm torture on myself and I was laughing uncontrollably while begging (THAT was fun!).

    Another answer that’s just as true is ALL OVER! Once at a party, a laid naked on a massage table while a woman put on metal claws and gently scraped and tickled up and down my body. I didn’t break into giggles… didn’t even try to suppress them… she definitely enjoyed making me gasp and squirm. :-) While I liked/hated it, what I also learned is that I needed to breathe better. I kept on holding my breath until it burst out n loud “GAH!”s and it gave me a headache! :-D


    Update: I think my most ticklish spot is in underneath my balls.


    Short Story: An Unexpected Gift


    “WOAH! What the fuck? Who the hell are you?” I asked.

    Right there, standing half naked in my kitchen, was a gorgeous blonde. 

    “Hi there! I’m sorry for taking liberties by entering your home Sir, but I was here early and I didn’t want to wake you.”

    “Wake me?” i asked, but shook my head. “Never mind that! Why did you even come to my home? Who the fuck are you?”

    “Oh my god!” she said turning to face me. “I’m so sorry Sir! I completely forgot to introduce myself! I’m Samantha! It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

    She smiled and extended her jelly stained hand. I looked at it, but didn’t shake it.

    “I would say the same, but you still haven’t told me what you are doing here. In MY home. How did you even get in? I lock all my doors at night!”

    “I assure you Sir. Your doors were locked and secure.” she said while straightening up. “I had to hack your system to gain entry. It took me a while, but since I’m more than familiar with your programming code, it wasn’t as hard as it would be for an intruder.”

    It was true had programmed my own security system and home network, which gave me extra security as well as peace of mind. 

    “You HACKED my system?” I asked, but then caught on to her other comment. “Familiar with my code? Why would you be familiar with my code? Just who the fuck are you?”

    Keep reading


    I know this was more of an M/f story, but an AI this smart that has hacked my computer and discovered my years and years of posts, many of which even I've forgotten sets off way too many "be careful what you wish for" possibilities in my head.


    All students agreed that taking the Creative Erotica class at @cockteasecollege was transformative. The teacher insisted on making her students look at things from new angles, let down their guard, and lose their filters. Everyone was even encouraged to undress to their comfort level while in class. Almost everyone got an A in her class, but she made damn sure each and every one of her students earned it.

    Usually she'd end up giving out a C, too. Her first writing assignment was to write two creative ways to punish students who turned in late or uninspired work. One would have to be plausibly done in class. The other had no restrictions other than it needed to turn the rest of the class on.

    When a group of female students decided to conspire together lure an agreed-upon classmate into a situation where he couldn't get his first assignment in on time, the teacher wouldn't let him explain.


    Like it? Good. You're going to see a lot of me, and I wear outfits like these almost exclusively. My body is used to it now.

    Just like your body will get used to the fact that once the teasing starts, it doesn't stop until you're frantic. Think about it: Every single time you see me, you're going to beg before we even consider stopping. After the first month, even the thought of us is going to make you squirm. Your mind will rehearse going into desperate frustrated need because it's the only way it might end. It will be like a phobia, or PTSD, or addiction. And then... maybe... maybe... if you're good... you'll get some relief.


    "No. Of course. You're right. It must be very difficult for you. To be fair, I had warned you that we'd be experimenting in ways induce and intensity a fetish for your own precum. You must have known that things counterproductive to that, like orgasms, wouldn't be part of the deal, right? You knew that would probably result in humiliating videos of you repeating mantras and eagarly licking your own precum off my fingers, right? Oh well, it sucks that we've put a lot of time into this and our grade will suffer, but you're free to back out at any time.

    "But now that it's too late, did you think this through?

    "Campus rules are that you must obey all women when in the female dorms, and I just don't feel safe right now with you. Experiment or not, shut the fuck up, prop my door wide open so every woman who walks by will know she's welcome to watch and join, then strip and let me restrain you. Now.

    "Good boy.

    "It's sad though. We do talk, you know, about which classmates are working with each other. Everyone is already paired up. I might be able to convince another classmate to let me join their experiment but nobody will want to risk taking on a teammate who quits, so you probably won't! Your best option will be to accept whatever experiment our teacher chooses for you. Have you seen what she does for her own research? I've already talked to our teacher about my concerns that you seemed to be at your limit and she urged me to keep pushing and if you quit then she has something extra special in mind, all with a grin that made me shudder! Plus, it will earn you some _very_ special attention from your classmates, especially my friends, too, some of whom you might even meet tonight.

    "So, you've decided to quit, and even if you change your mind, your mere word that you'd be a good boy for me isn't something I trust. You have two choices: hell, or convince me that not only will you do your absolute best for me for this experiment, but to accept you as my slave, walk to the registrar's office with you to declare me your owner.

    "You don't have to decide right this minute, of course. The registrar's office is only open for another two hours today and that's clearly not enough time to make such a permanent decision; the least I can do is be with you and help you consider it."