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    Disney: we vaguely implied that the villain’s toady was into him! :D canon representation!!! :D :D :D

    Marvel Studios (also Disney): we had a nameless extra ask about his husband :) you’re welcome :)

    PBS: The title character’s elementary school teacher will get married to a man on-screen and all of his students will be there to support him, nbd.


    Okay I know this is a jokey post but it IS a big deal for PBS! Back in 2005, the Arthur spin-off, Postcards from Buster, had an episode where Buster visited a (real life!) family that had two lesbian moms. The episode never used the words ‘lesbian’, ‘gay’, or ‘homosexual’, just had Buster hanging out with this family for a little bit. 

    The US Secretary of Education at the time was SUCH a fucking homophobe that when she found out about the episode, she demanded that PBS return all federal funding used to make the episode. PBS only aired it on a few channels. 

    Marc Brown, the original creator of the Arthur books, recorded a video about how important it was to him that all types of families be represented in the show. PBS has been trying for 14 years to get gay rep and it’s important that we support the show since - as they say in the credits of each episode - it’s funded by viewers, not by corporations! 


    Will humanity ever be free of the influence of Edna Mode? Can any of us so much as consider the character design for a hero or villain without her manifesting in the room, fully aware of our sins?


    You know what, another layer of difficulty is when you’re thinking about villains, and the wise words of Megamind come into your head. You don’t just want your child to be just a regular villain. But how do you make your villain a Supervillain with no cape? Where is the drama? But Edna says no capes, you must deny them the flair. It is impossible to please them both, and it’s tearing this family apart.


    you. you get it.

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    Counteroffer: Big dramatic cloak to protect your identity that you drop on the floor before every fight


    I can’t believe the compromise is Obi-Wan Kenobi


    “We’re fixing up this spaceship that belongs to our new friend Meap.”

    “Meap, he’s the most adorable thing in the world.”

    “Really? Are you sure there’s nothing, or no one that’s more adorable?“

    “No, not a chance.”


    PART 2

    “Okay. I jury-rigged Ferb’s old GPS device, to create a cute tracker.”

    “It locks on to the cutest thing in the area,”

    “so it should lead us right to Meap.”

    “Let’s see if we can get a signal.“

    “Got something!”

    “Oh, that’s probably me. Sorry.”

    “No. It’s three miles in that direction.”


    Part 3

    “Isabella, want to come with me and help me find Meap?“


    “I still haven’t gotten my”

    “‘you wouldn’t know cute if it bit your legs off’“

    “accomplishment badge.”


    “Let’s go!”


    Part 4

    “Hmm, I’m having trouble picking up his cute signal.”

    “Phineas, since you obviously won’t figure this out on your own,“

    “I think I’m the one causing the cute interference.“

    “Don’t be silly Isabella.”

    “I took into account your cuteness, and adjusted the cute-meter settings accordingly from the beginning.”

    “See, look what happens when I change it back to normal.”

    Bonus Depiction Of Me Right Now:


    Part 5 (from a different episode)

    “So, do I know romance or what?”


    “I said, do I know romance or-”

    “I heard you.”


    Part 6 (this time with Candace)


    “So that’s Uncle Phineas and Ferb as kids?“


    “That’s right.”


    “And that girl looks like Aunt Isabella.“


    “Did you hear that? Aunt Isabella!”


    “That means I’m gonna marry Phineas!”


    “Or Ferb.”


    *clicks tongue*


    We didn’t deserve this show


    Local kids brutally murder a girl they know


    Protesting is a FELONY in Tennessee now…Facism at it’s finest (x)


    I’m sorry, but people need to know this. This is LITERALLY the most blatant telltale sign of totalitarianism and this needs to be spread like wildfire. DO NOT LOOK AWAY.


    Here’s an actual link, since the one above seems to just go to Reddit:


    It’s important to point out that protesting generally hasn’t been made a felony, but rather the camping that the protestors are doing (and the legislation also includes other things to discourage protesting).

    This is still really bad though, because the right to peaceful protest is protected in the Constitution, and even if protesting isn’t outlawed outright the government is still criminalizing an act of peaceful protest just because it’s a protest.


    According to tn.gov felons in Tennessee lose their right to vote. This is called Felony Disenfranchisement

    So this means that the Tennessee government just passed legislation that would render the protestors unable to vote.

    I’m sorry lemme repeat that again

    the Tennessee government just passed legislation thar would render the protestors unable to vote


    Today, only one of the LMPD officers responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment. For firing into neighboring apartments. He is being held on a $15,000 bond. The other two officers are still employed by LMPD.

    Today, Kentucky has confirmed that the life of Breonna Taylor did not matter.

    donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund here.

    donate to Healing for Louisville here.

    donate to the BLM General Fund here.

    donate to a Kentucky-based BIPOC anti-eviction fund here.


    this is a short horror story


    Actually it makes a lot of sense, and tbh isn't that weird? It's a behavior that needs correcting, to be sure, but isn't that strange that he learned to do that.

    The toddler has probably repeatedly witnessed the adults say "Alexa, (thing)", and noticed that the request almost always gets honored. In his mind, he's connecting the phrase with a desired task being completed, so he's trying to imitate the adults around him in order to complete his desired task.

    He doesn't know any better because he's a toddler, and probably doesn't recognize "alexa" as being a name. He just assumes that's what you say when you want something, because that's what the adults around him have taught him. He's mimicking. And it's a perfectly normal and an expected and healthy behavior.

    If you don't like it, then you should probably blame the startling amount of people that use things like Alexa. Like literally this is happening because of the adults, and has nothing to do with the toddler's. What they're doing is completely normal child behavior.


    To his toddler mind “Alexa” is a supereffective version of “Please”


    I WOULD BE SO COMFORTABLE WHEN DRAWING!!!!!! And playing games.


    Yes, yes, hilarious Wall-E jokes, but the accessibility?! I’ve spent the past 6 weeks alternating between bed rest and sitting in my wheelchair. I’m currently lying flat on my back, my laptop dangerously perched, threatening to fall into my face, while staring up at a godawful fluorescent light. Give me a future where we can sit in environments that consistently adapt to you, while looking like you’re a supervillain that would rival Megamind in presentation!


    catch me and my wife in our matching SCORPIOPOD DESK CHAIR AMALGAMS.