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    Elizabethan good luck charms often involved iron, silver, salt, fire, and running water. Using this superstition and modern witch theory, there’s some easy Elizabethan good luck magic you could attempt today:

  • Add a pinch of salt to your hands as you wash them to have good luck in moving forward
  • Heat stream or river water over your candle to enchant it with good luck
  • Wearing silver will purify your day
  • Throw a pinch of salt over your fire to invoke the fire burning away bad luck
  • Iron fences and objects mark out areas of good luck
  • A spell for good luck in finding a new home! 🔮🏠

    For anon. I hope you find this spell useful!

    You’ll need:

    🔥 A brown or green candle

    🔥 Bay leaves

    🔥 Dried basil (optional)

    🔥 Garlic (optional)

    🔥 A saucepan and a little water

    🔥 Paper and a pen


    🔥 First, we make some anointing oil! Put your bay leaves (and basil and garlic) in the saucepan and pour a little bit of boiling water over them, only an inch or a little less. Boil this on medium and keep an eye on it until most of the water has evaporated. You may want to occasionally press on the leaves with a spoon. The result should be a small amount of scented, perhaps coloured liquid that you can jar up and keep using whenever you like.

    🔥 Once you have your oil, you’re going to want to cast a circle in a cleansed and quiet area where you can concentrate on the spell. Be sure to call on any deities you like if you have any!

    🔥 Next, anoint your candle with the oil you made, only a little on the sides and top, and light it.

    🔥 Take the paper and pen and draw a house. Inside it, write the names of the people who you’d like to live there. (Please, be realistic!)

    🔥 As your candle burns, hold the paper meditate on how you’d like to live in this house and the happiness of living there.

    🔥 Take the paper and fold it in half towards you, in half again, and then three-quarter of the way down so that the paper on top doesn’t meet the end as a full fold. On the fold, draw the rune Othala. (Seen just below.)

    🔥 Take the wax from the candle and pour it on the paper where the fold doesn’t reach the end in order to seal it. Leave this to dry.

    🔥 When you sleep, place the paper next to you. You can carry it around with you too. It should encourage the luck needed to find a new home for yourself.

    Witchcraft 102 Masterpost

    So. You’ve covered the basics. You know what every kind of ritual tool does, you understand all the terms that seemed alien to you before and you think you’re finally starting to get a feel for this witchcraft thing. You’re not a baby witch anymore, but… where to from here? Making the move from beginner witch to intermediate witch is a lot more difficult than it seems, purely because resources aimed at intermediate witchcraft are few and far between. But there’s a good reason for that.

    There are general rules and ideas that can be applied across all of witchcraft. There’s so much to learn from other witches, but your greatest teacher will always be yourself. There is a reason witchcraft is so customisable to the individual: some things just work better for certain people. Not to mention pretty much every magick practice in history was developed by witches using their intuition! Because of this, it’s hard to create resources that tell somehow how to go from a beginner to an intermediate. However, they do exist! You’ll just find that most of them will act as prompts or scaffolds. They’ll instruct you on how to figure things out for yourself.

    This next stage of your craft will involve a lot of introspection, and a lot of trusting your gut. It’s the reason you learnt all that baby witch stuff in the first place. This is where most of the personal growth happens. It can be scary, but it’ll also be magical. It’ll be a while before you actually qualify as an ‘intermediate witch’, and there’s no shame in that. The process of moving from beginner to intermediate is one that can take years, simply because witchcraft is such a deep and complex art. I myself definitely wouldn’t identify as a baby witch, but I’m still a beginner in many aspects despite having been a witch for years.

    Without further ado, I present to you witchcraft 102.


  • The Problem with Sharing Advanced Magic
  • Using Tumblr as a Resource
  • How to Stop Being a Beginner Witch
  • How to Deepen Your Craft
  • Developing Your Craft Beyond Tumblr
  • Creating a Spiritual Calendar
  • SOAP Journaling: a Devotional Framework
  • Devotional Journal (for deity worship)
  • Questions for a Deeper Spiritual Practice

  • When reading through information, I recommend taking notes on the content, as well as your thoughts on it. Do you notice any connections to other texts or ideas? Do you have any questions you’d like to follow up? This will not only help you remember the information, but encourage you to look at it critically and see the bigger picture. Here is an example of my personal note-taking scaffold which includes some of the notes I took a while ago. I adapted it from the Cornell notes system based on my personal needs.
  • At TechnoCoven, a recent online witchcraft convention, there was an hour-long panel about planning in witchcraft called Spirit Papers. Here is a link to the recording. It goes over different organisation systems, notebooks, etc.
  • Why you should cite sources
  • How to cite sources
  • What is an annotated bibliography?
  • I would highly recommend setting aside a specific time every day to study witchcraft. This way, you will be improving your craft every day. Even if you only set aside half an hour, you will be doing three and a half hours of study a week. An hour a day totals to seven hours a week. If you can’t find a specific time every day, then find a specific time every week. 6pm-8pm on Tuesday and Saturday, for example, or reserve all of Sunday afternoon. This structure obviously isn’t compulsory, but with it you will advance at a much quicker pace and probably find your craft more fulfilling.
  • You should definitely have a grimoire already, but if you don’t, get one. It can be on paper or online, if you’d prefer. OneNote, Evernote, Microsoft Word and Google Docs are all viable digital options. You probably have lots of loose information lying around, whether its physical, in note form or on your Tumblr blog. Categorise it and order it. Then go through it. Document the important and useful parts in your grimoire.

  • Elemental Magick in Science
  • Elemental Systems
  • The Darker Elements
  • History of Magick Part 1
  • History of Magick Part 2
  • History of Magick Part 3
  • History of Magick Part 4
  • How Location and History Affect Spiritual Practices
  • Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health (ebook)
  • <>TAROT

  • Stop Learning Tarot Like Flash Cards
  • Learning the Major Arcana
  • Learning the Court Cards
  • Reading Tarot Cards Vertically
  • Reading Reversed Cards
  • How to Take Notes on a (New) Tarot Deck
  • Understanding Yourself Tarot Mega-Spread
  • Conceptions of the Self Through Spreads
  • Shadow February Divination Challenge
  • Daily Tarot Journal Printable

  • Introduction to Shadow Work
  • 6 Phrases for Shadow Work
  • Safety Planning (good to have one of these if you’re doing shadow work and have a mental illness)
  • Shadow Working with Stuck Points
  • Shadow Work with Hillbillyoracle (pt. 1)
  • Shadow Work with Hillbillyoracle (pt. 2)
  • Hillbillyoracle’s Personal Shadow Work Framework

  • Good Things to Research When You Don’t Know What to Research
  • Areas of Research for the Intermediate Witch
  • Masterlist of Journals, Articles & Books on Folklore, Mythology and the Occult
  • Index of Old Grimoires
  • Working with Plants
  • Tips on How to Google Correspondences
  • The Cornell University Library Witchcraft Collection
  • Sacred Text Archive
  • Bocastle Museum of Witchcraft
  • Occult Library
  • Hermetics Library
  • Project Gutenberg Paganism Bookshelf
  • Legal Free Ebooks Masterpost
  • Good Pagan & Wiccan Publishers
  • How to Get Use Out of Older Texts
  • Finding Experienced Witches

  • What to Do When You Fall out of Practice
  • Making Your Own Correspondences
  • Pendulum Dowsing for Correspondences
  • 2019 Grimoire Challenge (a year of grimoire prompts)
  • Stones for Advanced Practitioners
  • On Tools and Psychodrama
  • A Way to Astral Project
  • Energy Alignment Identification
  • Magic in the Body
  • Spell Circles
  • Irish Concept of “On the Breath”
  • Sky Catch
  • Verbal Sigils

  • Tea With the Gods
  • The Hillbilly Oracle
  • Hex Positive
  • The History of Witchcraft
  • The Empowered Modern Witches Show
  • Academy of Affluence

  • A Samhain Fairytale
  • Foundations of Diywitchery’s Practice
  • Godphoning
  • Devotional activities
    I’ve got some examples listed here but there are definitely more out there!

  • Bree NicGarran’s Blog
  • Luna Luna Magazine (Blog)
  • Witchy Words (Blog)
  • Mumble & Things (Blog)
  • Down the Forest Path (Blog)
  • The Travelling Witch (Blog)
  • Prisoner’s Apothecary (Blog)
  • Harmony Nice (Youtube)

  • 6 Books for Advancing Your Craft
  • Hellenic Polytheism Books
  • Walker Between Worlds by Robert Kirk (I haven’t read it so I can’t vouch for its quality but I’ve heard its a valuable resources for those wanting to learn about the fae)
  • The Study of Witchcraft: A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca by Deborah Lipp (I will link to my book review here; this book is essentially a study guide)
  • Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon (book recommendation) (especially good if you are looking to find a deity but are unsure of where to start)
  • The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic: An Illustrated History by Christopher Dell (a fantastic starting place for looking into occult history)
  • I’m tired! I’m tired! I’m so fucking tired looking at the news as y’all can probably relate to if you’re not a cis/het/able-bodied/neurotypical white man, constantly seeing ‘lol what if you weren’t alive, haha remember we care about EVERYONE’s rights, this is for the best’

    <>Here’s a thing to sign

    link to news article

    The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation has <>announced plans to sue the administration<> for removing the anti-discrimination healthcare protections 

    Also with the ‘only Americans can sign’ part…hot take, what if you put the white house address in for the address section? 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

    Date of this post - June 13, 2020 (original post; June 12)

    please help if you can

    So! I’ve been denied the coronavirus relief aid, I am only receiving 75% of my salary and in even better news our food card has been cut off because since we are doing home office our workplace doesn’t have to pay for our meals!

    That means that for the next months I am going to be fucked!

    We are only scheduled to return to our normal hours in SEPTEMBER so if anyone could help me with my groceries and utilities it would be amazing.

    Anything from a dollar to reblogs helps so if anyone could give me a hand it would be peachy as fuck!

    Thank you!



    atla in a post 9/11 america telling kids over and over again that imperialism is evil, that friendship among nations is possible and actually vital for a peaceful existence, that kindness and forgiveness are difficult but necessary, that we need to take care of and honor the environment, that war is brutal and unforgiving to all involved, that everyone is connected in the great family of things and that separation of peoples based on nationality, ethnicity, or class is an illusion, and that all life is precious 

    fyi the point of fucking up your data patterns isnt to avoid suspicion. it’s to make EVERYONE suspicious. same logic as the bloc, pals.  protect your comrades, be suspicious. ESPECIALLY if you aren’t doing anything likely to get you arrested.

    the state is less omniscient and significantly more incompetent than you’d think. overextend their resources at every possible opportunity.  make them cry wolf repeatedly. run their data analysis agents fucking ragged.  and strike. attack.

    YES i’m a postgrad statistics researcher and i can tell you that the state honestly has NO IDEA what to do with the data it collects, it has an obsession with big data but it’s almost impossible to work with in practice. the traditional statistical approaches that are used can’t be scaled up, the adapted approaches are substantially weakened, and the machine learning approaches have the same problems and often tell them nothing. data scientists are only just coming around to these issues too, most still just push on with it anyway - incompetence is the word. above all this though, like you say, the biggest issue for the state is at the point of data collection. they will NEVER get anything useful if they’re collecting shitty messy data. they will eventually figure out that the real solution is working how to collect accurate and meaningful data, we should make it as difficult as possible for them to do that

    This makes me think that we need WAAAY more apps that generate junk data

    Apps that generate junk data? tell me moooore.

    Ooh I know this one!

    Ad Nauseum is an adblocker that stores the ads it blocks and continuously generates fake clicks, fucking with analytics and costing the ad companies money

    TrackMeNot automatically does randomly generated searches on a variety of search engines to obscure your real searches and fuck with analytics, and you can set it up to work with anything that has a search bar (including facebook, twitter, amazon, youtube, etc)

    WhatCampaign replaces analytics parameters in links with the string “FuckOff”. I thought there was a similar extension that used random strings, but I can’t seem to find it

    Privacy Possum is a fork of Privacy Badger with a focus on costing tracking companies as much money as possible, and idk if my limited tech knowledge is enough to understand what it does but the description does say it falsifies some data so that’s good enough for me


    Boy it SURE would be a SHAME if this were SPREAD AROUND for everyone TO SEE

    Rain you rush past man and beast,

    Your clouds provide my plants a feast.

    Thunder slips through drums of mist,

    And lighting blooms where atoms kiss.

    Drench me now in powered bursts,

    Fill me up, destroy my thirst.

    Renew me like the soil below,

    Supply my heart with room to grow.

    My blood detects your coming haze,

    My eyes watch the dimming solar rays.

    While I work and while I rest,

    Dear clouds above, bring your best.

    Bronwyn of @lonesome-bones