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                                                    How to Open the Veil

    The Veil is what separates our physical realm from the spirit world. By opening it, we’re able to communicate more freely with spirits. Essentially, you’ll be making a door and opening it in order to reach the spirit realm. 

    Disclaimer: I’m not an expert at this, please don’t take my word as the final say. I just started practicing this technique and was taught by a close friend. Always be safe when you practice because if you’re not careful, you can get into some shit. I’m writing this post by popular demand. 

    STEP 1: BE SAFE. The picture above is a little preview of the layout I used in my own dorm room. It’s hard to see, but I first drew a chalk circle and sprinkled black salt all along the edges of said circle. I also put four crystals at each end to mark it. Why do I have so much shit everywhere?? Because I don’t want anything to come through the door I created and cause problems. This circle keeps unwanted spirits out. (Granted, you don’t have to use as many things as I did. I find that a physical circle is just easier to visualize.) You can also use candles or anything else that works for you!

    STEP 2: MARK THE DOOR. I used sun and moon candle holders with electric candles in them (since I live in a dorm and can’t use real candles). I set them apart from each other, like I was making, well, a door. Then I used some Super-Moon water to draw a line between the two candle holders to amplify my energy. Finally, I also sprinkled a line of black salt to stop unwanted and harmful spirits from coming through the door. 

    STEP 3: RELAX. Get into the state of mind you need to be in to do witchy stuff. Meditation, grounding, singing–whatever you need to do to access your energy. 

    STEP 4: STRETCH YOUR ENERGY. Whenever you feel ready, slowly pool energy into you palms. Then push it through the marked entrance where your door is going to be, imagining it as a thread, string, or cord connecting to the spirit realm. This might be difficult, especially if the veil isn’t exactly thin where you’re at. You may feel your energy bounce back, or that you’re hitting a wall. If you do, don’t worry! You can always pull back, gather your energy, and try again. 

    STEP 5: CREATE A BRIDGE. You’ll know the moment when your energy connects to the spirit realm. It feels different for every person–for me, it’s almost like this tug in my gut and the feeling of a thread connecting my hands and body to something else. Once you feel that, it’s really up to you on how you want to create the bridge! For me, what works best is when I imagine myself walking across the thread of my energy towards the spirit realm. As I walk, my energy begins to create the bridge. There might be another door on the other side once you cross the bridge (it’s really up to how you visualize). If there is, open it. 

    STEP 6: OPEN THE DOOR. Once you’ve made the bridge, feel and hold on to that connection. Then, imagine a door leading to the bridge through the physical boundaries you created earlier. This door can look however you like–whatever’s easiest for you to imagine! Then, use your energy to pry open the door. After that…

    Congrats! You’ve successfully opened a door to the spirit realm! You should be able to feel the difference in energies. It’s kind of hard to explain how it feels–almost like this vast, empty expanse and the chattering of lots of different spirits floating around. 

    When you’re done…

    CLOSE THE DOOR. If you invited any spirits in to chat, say goodbye to the spirit(s) that you communicated with and ask them to leave. Make sure they leave before you close the door. If they refuse to, you might have to force them via your own energy (obviously, this is in the worst of situations. Try not to be rude if possible!). We’ve had to do this before and it’s not the most pleasant thing (haha). 

    To close the door, pull your energy out from the spirit realm. Imagine that bridge you created crumbling, until you can no longer feel that connection. Once you’re out, close the door, seal it up, and do anything else that feels necessary in order to break the opening. For me, I usually make a breaking motion with my hands to signify the cut-off connection. You can chant or say an incantation if you like as well. This is important, because you definitely don’t want to leave a door open for spirit to come through willy nilly!  

                                                              Other Info

  • PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! If you’re not cautious, some bad spirits might be able to get through and that’s never fun. If possible, try this first with someone else (preferably someone who knows more of what they’re doing). If you can’t, make sure you have multiple backups, wards, and other witchy things to keep bad spirits at bay. 
  • If you want to invite a spirit to chat, it’s probably a good idea to have an offering around, just to be polite. Tarot cards, pendulums, etc. are pretty awesome tools to use if you’re not great at telepathic communication!
  • Take everything spirits say with a grain of salt. They can lie just like people. 
  • I hope this was helpful to those that asked! If anyone wants to add anything, feel free to. I’m by no means an expert, so if someone wants to add their expertise advise please do! If something doesn’t feel right, go with your gut–never do something you’re not comfortable with. 

    Be safe, fellow spirit workers and witches!


    IN WORDS DROWN I One of the Ghost Traps I made a few years ago. The golden skull attracts the ghost’s attention, the palindrome fascinates it, and the graveyard earth gives it a place to settle. Use it to help clear your house of minor spirits. (And I guess if you are really bad you could place one in a cemetery for a month then smash it in the home of an enemy, but that sort of thing risks backfiring.)

    Spirit Snare

    Despite the title, to simply call this a means by which to trap a spirit is to disregard its main function. In actuality, the spirit snare is more accurately not only an abode for the spirit, but a tool to be used in the construction of spirit. This will become clear as you read below, but first I must preface by saying that the “skeleton” — the underlying structure — of this ritual can be adapted with a nearly boundless collection of replacement tools, ingredients, etc., e.g. while the following will incorporate a clay figure, this could be replaced with a doll (cloth, stick, etc.), a stone, really anything. What matters is the action and process, not necessarily the materials listed. With that being said, take this as an example, not the definitive or singular way to accomplish the same task.

    For this method, you will need a few “ingredients:”

  • Sticks — (in the above photo) you can see I used sticks of varying sizes, but all of which were collected at local cemeteries
  • Twine
  • Clay — I used natural, air dry clay; but if you happen to have (or have access to) a kiln, actual clay would be ideal; avoid plastic-based polymer clays
  • Batting — I used Spanish moss; natural fibers are best; an old (clean) bird’s nest would work well, I imagine
  • Fluidum vītae*
  • Wire
  • Paper
  • Tobacco/Incense
  • Optional:

  • Paint and/or other decorative elements
  • Rum or other offerings
  • * By fluidum vītae I mean blood or sexual fluids. Ideally, an animal sacrifice would be made and the blood collected, but to tie the spirit to yourself blood, vaginal fluid, menstrual blood or semen can all be used.


    • Begin by collecting your sticks. It’s not necessary to go digging through cemetery refuse piles at the stroke of midnight under the light of the waxing moon (like some witches who will not be named: me), store-bought is fine. No, but really, just go out and get some sticks. Feel free to gather them from specific locations or of particular species that correspond to your aims in constructing this spirit. For example, sticks from your own property (cedar or oak) would work splendidly if you seek to create a protective spirit. Employ whatever correspondences personal or traditional. Try to keep the sticks no longer than your arm, and no wider than your thumb or they will be unruly to work with in the next step.
    • Once collected, the sticks must be fashioned into a sort of flexible mat that will be rolled and fastened later. Have patience. While it seems quite simple, working with a long length of twine can get tedious, especially at the beginning. Take the first stick and anchor two lengths of twine onto it near the center, leaving 6 to 8 inches between them. The rest is a bit like a puzzle, taking each stick and finding which fits well with the one beside it. You needn’t do this all at once, I simply tried fitting each as I moved along. Once you find one that fits,  secure it with twine: I used overhand knots because they’re easy and can be moved and tightened accordingly, the ones on the left going over and those on the right under (or vice versa). It’s a bit like macrame. If you know better knots or methods, by all means employ them. Make sure to leave the long tails of twine, as these will be used later to fasten the bundle.
    • Once you have woven the sticks together, it is time to work on crafting a figure. As I mentioned above, this doesn’t need to be a clay figure, but could be a small doll or stone or whatever makes sense to you. I have a penchant for sympathetic magic, so I simply molded a little, nondescript figure. Once it is complete and fully dry, take it and sit with it. Consider for what purpose you are constructing this spirit, what will its function be, and allow its characteristics to manifest. This is very much a sort of negotiation: the ambient energy can manifest in certain ways, you must sculpt it and guide it to meet your goals. Do not underestimate the power of music. Choose songs with intention. Now is NOT the time to hit shuffle. Once the spirit is assembled, and time has been spent with it, prepare the figure with smoke. I’m prefer tobacco because with each exhale you can impart its function, responsibilities, arrangements and characteristics. I suppose the same could be done with passes through incense smoke. The most important part is to give this spirit a name. Knowing its traits and appearance, you can decorate the figure to match. But not yet is the spirit tied to the figure.
    • To do this, scrawl the given name on a square of paper and roll it into a scroll. Dress the figure with the fluidum vītae (if you elected to do a sacrifice, make sure you specify what the sacrifice is for; don’t be wasteful), imparting “life,” and wrap the scroll around the figure with wire. Make clear the association of the spirit and the figure, call it by its name, give it the power it needs.
    • Place this fetish on the batting. Being that I used Spanish moss and it has a tendency to be messy, I also used a square of white fabric, placing upon in the nest of dry moss, then the figure. Make sure the fetish is nicely nestled, adding more batting if necessary. I then folded the cloth over it and tied either end like a nice, witchy Tootsie Roll. Place the assemblage on the mat or sticks and bring each end of the mat to meet. A little overlap is fine. Using the twine tails wrap the entire bundle, fastening it with an impermanent knot (in case you need to disassemble it).
    • It is good form to present an immediate offering, and do choose one that matches the ascribed function of the spirit. Rum is a great general offering, given its fiery nature, but if you’re not looking to incite the spirit to action, perhaps something tamer is in order.
    • If you find a bundle of sticks unsightly, feel free to decorate the exterior with appropriately colored ribbon. It’s also good to place a small offering dish before it so that occasional gifts might be easily presented.

    Lavender Syrup!

    I know there are a ton of recipes out there, but this one's mine. I put in a lot more lavender personally.

    - 2 cups sugar

    - 1 1/2 cup water (here's an opportunity to use moon water for extra energy. Full moon water can boost the lavender correspondences for psychic awareness and love, while water charged in phases leading up to the new moon can boost lavender's ability to banish/protect from depression and anxiety)

    - 4 tablespoons lavender- Peace/anti-anxiety, happiness, love, sleep, psychic awareness/ability, creativity, protection from ill treatment.

    - purple food coloring (optional)


    Warm the water and sugar, mixing till it dissolves, then add the lavender and mix well. When the water is boiling, lower it to simmer, cover, and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes. If you leave it for longer, it will become bitter. Then strain into a bottle, and THEN add the food coloring if you want. This syrup is not meant to be very thick, so that it mixes easily with cold drinks just as well as warm. If you want it to be thicker, add more sugar.


    hey not to be a killjoy but can y’all spread the carrd about what’s going on in Poland

    obvious warning for homophobia, transphobia, etc. in the link above.

    I was born there. I have countless of LGBT friends there, and the fact that this is happening in the year 2020 is inhumane and terrifying. 

    If you’re Polish, vote in the upcoming election. If you’re not polish, please spread the carrd around.

    I am not an ideology. Nie jestem ideologią. 


    Meet Wiktor, Michał, Dominik, Milo and Kacper.

    Wiktor was almost 15 years old when he threw himself under the train. He was transgender.

    Michał was 29 years old when he hanged himself on a tree. He was working as a model. He was gay.

    Dominik was 14 years old when he hanged himself on his shoelaces. He was gay.

    Milo was 23 years old when she jumped off a bridge. She was an activist. She was transgender.

    Kacper was 14 years old when he hanged himself in his house. He wasn’t even sure if he was gay yet.

    All of them were bullied in school. Some of them were assaulted, insulted, attacked on street. Some of them were denied psychological help they needed. Some of them were denied medical treatment.

    All of them died because of institutional and personal homo- and transphobia here in Poland.

    I will think about those five people - one of them I knew in person. I will think about them when I go vote today. And when I vote, I will think about countless children who might lose their lives in the future because of politicians who find themselves a new public enemy - “LGBT ideology”.

    None of them was “an ideology”.

    We are not an ideology, I am not an ideology either. Nie jestem ideologią.


    from me as a polish actvist i want to say more about situation in Poland because i feel that more people should know.

    from begging:

    (12.06.2020) in tv program one of the guest member of Sejm Jacek Żalek from „Agreement” party which allied with the ruling party of Poland said that „[LGBT+ people] are not people, this is an ideology” Katarzyna Kolenda- Zaleska, the journalist hosting the tv program decided to throw him out from her program.

    (13.06.2020) Andrzej Duda the president of Poland gave a speech to his electorate in which he compare LGBT ideology” to neobolshevism” and once again said „this is an ideology”

    people went mad. rightly

    (15.06.2020) this is Helena Biedro. she is a mother to Robert Biedroń (the first openly gay member of the Sejm, leader of the „Spring” party, one of the three leaders of The Left, candidate to President, MEP) she read the letter from polish lgbt people parents to president. one of the quotes from her moving speech:

    „I came here from afar, but i have something important to say to you Mr. [President]. I can’t stay quiet when my child is hurt.”

    (bless this lady she deserved the world)

    (17.06.2020) Andrzej Duda invited Helena and Robert Biedroń and Bart Staszewski (polish LGBT activist) to a meeting. only Bart Staszewski showing up in President Palace. after the meeting he wrote this on his twitter account:

    Helena and Robert Biedroń didn’t show up because they claim that president did not want to debate with them but he invited them so he could had a photo with them to manipulate that he atleast tried.

    this is the end of mine post but this shit is still on. and you know what? i feel threatened. as a Pole, as a activist, as a LGBT+ person, as a human.

    one last word from me. VOTE

    [if you see mistakes in mine text then please inform me about this, i will editing in the loop]

    I am proud
    of your breaks,
    of silences
    and the withered hours.

    I am proud
    of your waiting kiss
    and the gray hours.

    It makes me proud
    your soft calender song
    the feel of your bones
    when my hug surrounds you
    like honeysuckle,
    when the cracks evaporate
    and time is but an exhalation in unison.

    Joaquin Lourido

    Me enorgullezco
    de tus quiebres,
    de los silencios
    y las horas mustias.

    Me enorgullezco
    de tu beso en espera
    y las horas grises.

    Me enorgullece
    tu suave canto de calandria
    el sentir de tus huesos
    cuando mi abrazo te envuelve
    cual madreselva,
    cuando se evaporan las grietas
    y el tiempo no es más que una exhalación al unísono.

    Joaquín Lourido

    someone: the disney little mermaid is a bad adaptation of the original story because she’s meant to die at the end

    me: the original story was meant to be an outlet for the male author having unrequited and repressed romantic feelings for another man and the only happy ending he saw for a same sex attracted man was to die and the only reward was being able to earn his soul through the joy of children his stories brought while the Disney adaptation touched upon the same themes with the work of Howard Ashman, another same sex attracted man but instead being able to give the mermaid a happy and loving relationship where she lives out her dreams is just as thematic and truer to the what the story sought to tell instead of having it become a tragedy. in this essay i