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    wait what if your real name as Azem was Hero???

    now hear me out

    first of all, The Ancients are basically Greece

    with names like Hades and Hermes and Athena

    Hero is a Greek name meaning literally “hero”

    so what if Hades was calling you “hero” he was just calling you the definition of your name?????

    i mean this so seriously if you have any sort of creative project you can and should be a little obsessed with it. you should reread your own writing and look at your own art and brag about your ocs its literally good for your health


    The inherent homoeroticism of killing your enemy and immediately regretting it


    It’s about rage, it’s about obsession, it’s about making that two-person war your entire raison d’être. It’s about loving and mistaking it for hatred and loving and loving and loving to the point of destruction. His or yours, it doesn’t matter. And you think seeing him dead at your feet will make you feel better, but all you feel is a whole lot of nothing.


    Can’t risk it


    This is the Cassowary of Creativity

    It just kicked the everloving shit out of the duck for threatening you, and wishes you a good, creative day.
    You are Safe Now.


    this is the idea chicken

    she lays an idea egg every day whether you use it or not

    idea eggs will be plentiful for you because the world is a vast and fascinating source of ideas and you don’t need luck or blog voodoo to have them for breakfast every morning


    Now I want to reblog this post due to the great pictures below. Kick ass, my feathered friend.

    Justice for Sylvanas... And Teldrassil!

    Many Sylvanas haters make the mistake of assuming, first, that her fans think she is innocent. Most of us know she is a villain. The second is to believe that we want her to have an easy way back to life and live happily ever after as if nothing happened. It is, again, not the case.

    Most of us believe she deserves A CHANCE at redemption, and it is MUCH different. We want to see her struggle with the guilt she feels now that she has her soul back. We want to hear Tyrande YELL at her about Teldrassil, about what her people have become, about Nathanos (I don't personally like him a lot, but he is still a significant piece of her story). We want her to have a deep conversation with Jaina, talking about the Third War, Arthas, Theramore. We want a LONG DESERVED reunion with her sisters, maybe even Lirath, her long-dead brother. We want her to face her people, the Forsaken, that she first saved, then abandoned. We want her to be tormented by her demons, understand them, fight them, and then grow from them.

    Because whether you are a total Sylvanas loyalist, or appalled with Sylvanas's narrative in Battle for Azeroth (like me), or a hater, most agree that Blizzard's writing team made a lot of mistakes in the last two expansions. After the retcons and "bunny in the hat" storytelling, all Sylvanas did since Cataclysm, the good/interesting (her dedication for the Forsaken, her connection to the Valkyrs, her focus switching from her faction to the Horde as a whole, becoming Warchief etc.) and the bad (Wrathgate, Gilneas, Teldrassil, etc.), became tainted by hidden intentions that leaped out of nowhere. And for what? For the benefit of another surprise man who manipulated her from the start, HER, who was the paroxysm of freedom and cunning. With the recent and upcoming patches, it feels they are only knitting clumsily some plot to fix the earlier holes, but the truth is nothing Blizzard writes will please everyone.

    Killing her would be the easiest solution... Which is EXACTLY why I don't want them to kill her! Sylvanas was created almost 20 years ago and was a beloved character for an extensive period. It is their fault if the situation became so tense between the factions; it is their fault that her decisions made no sense; it is their fault if fans are frustrated. Killing her might appease one side, yes, but it also closes windows to a lot of numerous smaller arcs of her past. It leaves the Horde with no original female character from Warcraft 3. It forces the Forsaken to accept Voss (who I like, to be honest, but it still feels like a downgrade from the Banshee Queen) or Calia F*cking Menethil (whose backstory is sparse, at best) as their leaders.

    I personally want to see her fight and grow and evolve on her way to seeking redemption. The victims might never forgive her, and IT'S PERFECTLY FINE! Forgiveness shouldn't be the goal of a criminal trying to atone for their actions. For those familiar with the concept of restorative justice, it would have been a refreshing change from the endless evil deeds/vengeance cycle this lore keeps repeating over and over and over again. In the hands of gutsy writers, the restoration angle would have been a good storytelling improvement while giving everyone a break from her active participation in future expansions.

    Let's be honest: with all the problems Blizzard is already having and their real-life inability to bestow restorative justice to actual, breathing persons who have been mistreated, harassed, and abused, the odds point to the easy exit. Such a fucking waste...


    PS: I also want to comment about Alliance players literally hunting down Sylvanas' fans on Twitter. First, how self-entitled can you be to SEEK the fans of someone you hate to bash their favourite character or even THEM as persons? How important do you think yourself to be to compulsively respond with insults and "facts about Sylvanas's deeds" to people who didn't even talk to you in the first place? You are pathetic and ridiculous.

    Also, Darth Vader, who killed CHILDREN in one-on-one combat, enforced and maintained a dictatorship to a whole galaxy, enslaved countless civilizations and bombed PLANETS, is one of the most famous fiction villains of all time, ... As a Star Wars fan (the WHINIEST fandom in the universe, might I add), I have NEVER heard one soul shaming another for liking Darth Vader! I have never seen someone insult George Lucas for showing a redeemed Force ghost of Anakin Skywalker at the end of The Return of the Jedi, mere minutes after he was still a military leader responsible for multiple war crimes. As I know a lot of Warcraft players also are Star Wars fans, I wonder, where are your posts about this undeserved redemption arc? Why the double standards? Why the constant belittling?

    Repeat after me: People liking villains doesn't make them genocide apologists! Let people ENJOY things! Not Everything is about YOU!!!


    Fuck I’m at a fencing tournament and literally a minute after I reblogged this my dad told me that he talked to the point people and I’m probably going to win a medal.




    I need to follow up to say I reblogged this last night, and this morning I got some of the best news of my life, like, a life dream come true news thing.

    Bagel what are your powers


    FUCK, I though it was just another lucky meme but LISTEN. Since a week ago I was waiting a phone call to confirm me if I got a job or not in my university. I reblogged this yesterday’s night “just for fun and because I don’t want any bagel to be mad with me”, and today’s afternoon, while I was losing my time as always, the professor I was supposed to work with called me and asked me for my personal information to start working with her.





    The bagel hasn’t let me down yet!


    I got a job offer after reblogging the bagel. Believe in the bagel!




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    Harry squeezes himself into a corner, hoping he is well out of the way and watches them. Malfoy takes the food out of the fridge, the cupboard, the pantry, and Harry is quite afraid his stomach will rumble at the sight of fresh fruit and veggies, and at the gorgeous smell of frying onions and garlic as Other Harry starts dinner.

    Quick as a Flash of Lightning, Unhurried as Eternity by @onbeinganangel for the brilliant and perfect @the-starryknight​ 

    This fic is like a hug. It’s like all the warmest, softest feelings, and most gorgeous little details, and the big emotional bundle of being a witness to love. Mari crafted such a lovely story, and I was overjoyed that she let me climb onto her coattails for this happy birthday moment 💕 Everyone go read this tribute to our darling Starry✨💗✨

    Heating pad/ Chronic pain PSA

    Heating pads can burn you.

    They can burn you quite badly.

    I saw a post the here other day that asked how to “get rid of heating pad marks.”

    Folks. If you have “heating pad marks” those are burns. And they can become much, much worse if you continue to use a heating pad on the same area of your body.

    I know most folks with chronic pain scoff when we read the warnings on a heating pad. “Don’t lie on this pad.” Yeah. Sure. Lying on it is exactly the main thing you’ll be doing.

    But please. Please always have a layer of protective fabric between the pad and your skin. Never, ever use a pad directly on your bare skin.

    Never fall asleep on a heating pad. I know it’s easy to do, but you’re much more at risk for getting a bad burn when you’re asleep.

    And never combine use of a heating pad with a topical analgesic (like Icy Hot, A535, Tiger Balm, Voltaren, Lakota creams or roll ons, essential oils or any other topical pain reliever) the oils and plant compounds in these products will accelerate burns. Do not apply anything to your skin and then use a heating pad.

    And if you burn your skin, take a break from using the heating pad. I know that’s hard because many of us rely so heavily on them for pain management.

    But you can permanently damage your skin by repeatedly burning it and dramatically increase your risk of cancer by doing so.

    Be careful.

    Please reblog this for the chronically ill folks in your life/ who follow you who use a heating pad

    for my fellow psychotics who struggle with thinking someone is in their house, a method I’ve found that really works are these guys:

    i put them on my front door and anytime it opens they ring. that way if i think someone has broken in or i see someone who isn’t there i can think back to if the bells have rung, and if they haven’t i can assure myself it’s not real. obviously it’s not fool proof, like if you are prone to auditory hallucinations, but it has really helped me calm down in time to avoid major psychotic breaks. it’s a real lifesaver

    nonpsychotics encouraged to rb


    This is potentially life saving information everyone should know.


    No you guys this post helped me find my cat. He was missing for almost a month and I’ve had him for over 12 years. After seeing this I put his favorite blanket he always slept on outside hoping he would smell mine or his scent and he was back the next fucking day asleep on it.


    When my cat got out, we called and called for him, and then, later that night, I remembered similar advice to this, and so put his little scratching pad, which he adores, on the front porch. Not even half an hour later, I heard a thump, opened the door, and there was his big butt, meowing at me.


    Important and vital


    I don’t care that I reblogged this today I’m reblogging it again


    This is an exception to not being related to writing.


    I hope this helps somebody