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    Thank you for asking, but no sir, I am not in the sex industry. This is just the look my owner likes to see on me.

    Yes sir, I am an owned bimbo. My owner decides everything for me, including the size of my tits.

    Yes sir, I live very close, in a walking distance but until now my owner mostly denied me to leave the house on my own. I stayed mostly at home. Now with the puppy this will very likely change. I hope he will allow me to visit this park on a daily basis. Maybe we can meet again.

    Thank you sir, I am very proud of my body.

    No sir, I wouldn’t have want them this big for me and they are still growing. But I love to carry them for my owner.

    Yes sir, they are for mans pleasure.

    Yes sir, if you like you and your male friends can touch, but I am sorry, your girlfriend must not touch them. No female, including myself must ever play with them. They are only for mans pleasure.

    Yes sir, I have never played with them and whenever I need to touch them, I have to wear nipple clamps during it as well as 5 minutes before and afterwards.

    Yes sir, they are always sore. Do you like how they feel?

    Thank you sir. If we meet again, please feel free to ask, as a man you can play with them whenever you want, sir.

    Good bye, sir.


    I love this little Christmas tradition.

    These bimbos only meet once a year but they know that only the one with the bigger tits will be allowed to have orgasms the next year. So both of them are normally begging their owners all year for bigger implants and fill up sessions.

    Both of them know that once there will be a point where one of them is clearly larger than the other for good. Both know that this will mean no more orgasms for the other one ever. Both of them hope it happens when they have to carry a size where many normal life activities are still possible for the one with the bigger tits, but both of them know that it's way more likely, that even the looser will constantly struggle with her size then. Both of them hope it will be the other one who loses. Next year only the white bimbo will be allowed to have orgasms, but the other bimbo gets her new expanders in January. It will be a very interesting contest.


    Geile Story


    I think, if her tits don't feel like a burdon, they are definitely not big enough. If she is able to hide them, like in big winter clothes, they are definitely not big enough. If her back muscles don't need rest during the day and hurt in the evening, they are not big enough. I want her to feel at any second, that she is carrying these tits for her owners pleasure, not hers.


    Yes, that's how it should be. She should love how much she "hates" them. Meaning she should feel good to accept this burdon for him and seeing how happy it makes him. But it should be a constant burdon.


    Yes, my owner has choosen this outfit for our hiking trip. Do you like it?

    I am very sorry, but no sir, I can not play with them to show them to you. I am not allowed to touch them if it is not absolutely necessary. But maybe you just want to play with them yourself. Feel free to explore them. My owner decided that any man who asks politely can play with them.

    No sir, just you. I am not allowed to let your wife touch them. I am sorry sir.