I hate Nintendo Switch Online. I hate the lack of optimization. I hate the expensive subscription service. I hate the lack of games. I hate the limited time releases. I hate that it's never gonna have the level of content that the Wii virtual console had. I hate what capitalism has done to gaming.

    This collection includes: All the GBA, GB and GBC games currently available on the Switch!!

    + And a few extra bonus!! Mostly from the same series'seses

    Download here for free!!: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pzycxh6zu9b8drf/GBA_Online_PC.rar (405 MB Uncompressed)

    They're all ready to be played in HD on PC. Just drag and drop the files on the included program


    Target audience right here!! The joy of gaming and sharing it with others is the reason i post and i made this blog. Enjoy the Kirbyses very much, and do remember to support the official release whenever possible


    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck google with a 10 feet pole.

    Seriously, fuck them. They are breaking the internet BADLY.

    Everyone needs to get out of Chrome ASAP. Use duck duck go or any other alternative too.


    Jokes on them too, we know how to be petty bitches in reaponse to this. Sit through the fucking 5 second delay and continue to use adblock AND Firefox to spite them.


    They realise that 5 seconds of waiting is still better than waiting for, what is it now, 30+ seconds of unskippable ads right?


    Friendly reminder that you can add this to your ublock block list to get rid of the five second delay on firefox:

    www.youtube.com##+js(nano-stb, resolve(1), 5000, 0.001)