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    This may come a little too straightfoward, but are you a death feederist?

    Haha, it really doesn't mind.

    Honestly, I am turned on by the death feedee themed stories more than anything else. It's more about the degradation part for me than the actual death tho - the idea of being useless, just a blob of fat, being reduced to nothing more than a pile of lard for sex and expanding, that's really hot. Honestly, here on tumblr, I let my imagination run wild and just feed my darkest deepest imaginations - but in real life, it's different for me. I wouldn't want to make it to the stage of being immobile because that's not my purpose here. It's more about embracing my sexuality how it is, raw and uncensored.

    Three Types of People Gaining Weight

    The Pouter

    The Pouter resents the effect food has on them. How just one little bite of something can lead to a full blown stuffing, making them feel helpless to the weight they’re putting on in droves. They’re the type who displaces blame. It’s the brain’s fault. It’s genetics. It’s the genetically modified food that is making them too fat to walk without waddling a little. Healthy food is too expensive; junk food is too divine. Exercise is too time-consuming; sitting all day is a required part of their 9 to 5. They pout their way through the day at their desk, sucking on their daily venti frappe, which they carefully don’t realize has been fattening up their ass so badly that it doesn’t really fit in their chair anymore. They pout when their clothes don’t look quite right and blame the dryer for shrinking them. They get angry when the elevator goes out of order, forcing them to pant and heave their way up the stairwell. Then they get irate when there’s nothing good left in the pantry to fill them up once they finally get to their apartment in the evening. The only thing that soothes their nerves is take out, and so they eat a lot of take out. The trash bin is full of take out containers, along the coffee table, and the countertop. Sometimes they reach the bottom of a container, so full but still needing to consume more, so they get take out from somewhere else. They wake up heavier every morning, but they don’t know that. All they know is that (because their arms and chest have blown up so big with flab) it’s getting hard to cross their arms when they’re annoyed.

    The Blusher

    The Blusher is the type who effortlessly gains a few dozen pounds in winter weight and doesn’t even notice until the weather warms. They happily pack away their winter clothes, pull on a well-worn pair of shorts, and…with a sharp pang of dread, find they can’t even tug the denim all the way up their bulkier thighs. Even without anyone around to ogle their thighs, or their chubbier face, or their larger love handles—which their shirt can’t quite seem to cover—they flush pink. A little ashamed and a lot embarrassed. Because how did they not realize? They gently touch their belly, thicker and curvier than it should be. They look in the mirror. And…whoa. They’re girthy all over. Their limbs are large and heavy-looking and they just look so big. They gained weight and were totally oblivious. Oblivious to how all those special-occasion splurges and one-off binges added up. With whispered curses and last-ditch tugging attempts, the Blusher tries on more clothes and outfits, hoping against hope that they’re not as big as they look and feel. Except almost nothing fits. And their belly keeps jiggling when they turn and bend and stand. And the dusted-off scale is showing them a number they can’t possibly believe. No, no, no. They can’t be that fat. With tubby fingers, they search and calculate on their phone to see…to see that they are teetering on the far end of the Overweight box in the spectrum. Just to the right, the more ominous Obese box lies in wait, colored a deep red. They blush that very same color, down to their second chin.

    The Lip-Biter

    The Lip-Biter is the type who stands in the kitchen, stuffing their mouth with a fifth donut as they press their heavy belly a little firmer against the counter. They’ve gotten fat, really fat, and they know it, but they nevertheless put off getting new clothes using money excuses, telling themselves that it’s not a big deal if they stretch the seams a little. Except eventually it’s not just a little, and the Lip-Biter, swallowing hard every time they get dressed, knows that. The truth is, they feel a rush when they notice their buttons strain over their breasts and torso. They hold their breath when they sit down slowly and aren’t sure if something’s going to rip. They sneak candies and chocolates at every opportunity, wondering idly how fat they’re going to get if they keep their bad habits up. They bite their lip at the thought of getting so obese that normal daily routines become difficult. They’re already not as fast as they used to be; they already sweat easier. After work some days, they buy a cake of some kind for a fake occasion and eat the whole thing at home, forkful after forkful, lacking any will not to gorge themselves. They spread their thighs apart a little more and let their clothes slowly stretch and snap as they eat. Lick their lips and squirm in pleasure.

    Fuck I want to fatten you up. Not some small 10 or 20 pound gain where your arms gain a little bit of extra weight. I want to completely transform you into a stretchmark covered, food obsessed, huge ball of flab. I want you to look like a reverse of those weight loss commercials where the person looks unrecognizable. I want to train your body and mind to crave food at all hours of the day. If you aren't stuffed to the brim, then you aren't satisfied. I can't stress enough how fucking hot you would look with 100 pounds minimum added to your skinny body. What counts as skinny? Any weight where you don't need a queen sized bed to have enough room to sleep off your 3,000 calorie breakfasts. I mean it when I say I want you bigger. I can't help but wanting to destroy any chance of you being skinny. However, I promise to show you how sexy you can be while I help you rub your sauce and crumb cover drumb tight belly. If you are willing to grow for me, I will keep you in a cycle of eating, cumming, and sleeping till you can't stop thinking about your next meal while feeling like you might pop in the middle of a force feeding session.

    Free thinking on feedism

     “So gluttony turns you on huh?”

    You have no idea. So let me give you a taste.

    I can think of few things hotter than someone who can’t stop eating - who won’t stop eating - until they can’t move. Someone whose breathing quickens at the sight of food. Someone who just can’t help themselves.

    Someone whose body bears the marks of their indulgence - belly softened and distended by countless huge and heavy meals, hips and thighs padded with the richness of millions of calories. A face rounded by bingeing, chins multiplied by lack of self control.

    Stretchmarks make me weak in the knees because they show me that person will gorge themselves until they’re literally splitting at the seams.

    Give me an eater so eager their world shrinks to the size of a laden table, who doesn’t see beyond the edge of their next plate. I want someone I can feed into a stupor, until they think only about the feel of one mouthful hitting their stomach as the next hits their tongue.

    If you really want to impress me, get on all fours and eat until that belly touches the ground.

    What is eaten doesn’t matter as long as it’s eaten enthusiastically and to excess. Restaurant plates piled high or bag upon bag of greasy fast food. Sweet, fattening treats or healthy, homecooked meals made for four. Eat it all for me and top it off with a gallon of melted ice cream gulped straight from the tub.

    Eat until you’re panting from the pressure of your overstuffed stomach against your lungs. Until your belly bloats out into your lap, your skin stretched taut and shiny over all that you’ve stuffed into yourself.

    Eat slowly, neatly, savoring every bite and letting not a single crumb or calorie go to waste. Take the time to revel in the knowledge that your gorging will only make it easier to eat more down the road. 

    Or cram handfuls into your face like you can’t fill that growing belly fast enough. Stick your face right in your plate like a pig at a trough, groaning in gluttonous ecstasy.

    Let yourself moan in pleasurable discomfort even as you continue to eat as though you’ll never stop.

    Loosen your belt, two notches then three, until the tongue slips through the buckle. Undo the button of you pants and let the weight of your heavy gut push the zipper down.

    My ideal relationship is one in which there are never any leftovers.

    Show me the glutton that you are and I will tease you for your lack of self control and remind you that your unchecked greed is exactly why you got this fat. I can see exactly how much of a pig you’re making of yourself in every roll of fat hanging from your frame.

    Show me the size of your appetite and I will worship the bulging belly you’ve built with it and sweetly coax you to keep going.

    Eat like every meal is your last, as if the food will disappear if you don’t stuff yourself fast enough. Eat like a bear fattening up for winter. Eat up. Eat more. Eat it all.

    Eat for me.

    Anyone here really like when someone is constantly hungry?

    Like "I know I'm already so fat and I really shouldn't have any more food, but I just can't help it! The hunger is killing me I need to eat *something*!"

    And then overeating and feeling too full and guilty but then getting hungry again soon after.

    Yea. That's the good stuff.

    Oh or "I'll start my diet tomorrow so I'll eat whatever I want today" but the next day they mess up, decide oh well I'm already fat might as well have one more day before my diet *really* starts.... Repeat every day until they very chonky ;p

    FUCK. Okay, it’s so incredibly hot to me how inevitable obesity can become when you do this to yourself??!

    Like, the more you eat, the bigger your stomach expands, the more you can eat in the future.

    The more you overeat, the bigger your portions will become, and the more often you’ll feel hungry between meals.

    The more you snack, the more often your body will ‘expect’ to be fed.

    The more fast/junk food you eat, the more often you’ll feel cravings for those foods.

    The fatter you grow, the less you’ll be able to exercise. You’ll be too big, too heavy, too tired to move yourself around. Your arms and belly will get in the way of themselves. Your body will lose its strength and tire out easier, faster. Meaning exercises become shorter, less effective. More daunting.

    The fatter you grow, the less you’ll WANT to exercise. All those lazy habits will add up, and you’ll prefer to do something sedentary instead. The less you exercise, the easier your body will grow fatter, and the harder it will be to lose weight.

    It’s like… Once you start gaining weight, your body sets off a snowball effect to become even larger, even faster, and… and…

    I just ate but I think I’ve worked up an appetite just typing this 😵💕


    Kink-activating word of the day is "overeat". Something about it is so hot to me 😩

    You can overeat at a single meal, but it also has connotations of being habitual: someone having a tendency to overeat, whether it's in a specific situation (like, a certain person's food or at holiday meals), or all the time, at every meal.

    And then there's the implication of there being a normal range of food someone needs - even a large amount of food someone could eat - but this is beyond even that. It's an open acknowledgement that they've surpassed any amount that could be considered reasonable for one person to eat.

    It also means they ignore any signals of 'enough': to overeat is a subjective experience. It almost doesn't matter how much food it is, it's about the person getting appropriate nourishment and not stopping there. Then getting full and not stopping there either.

    I really love thinking about the layers of connotations and implications contained in the word "overeat"


    I've always had a big appetite and a tendency towards "overeating". It just didn't look like that for the longest time.


    I just think it's neat that bodies can put on weight so fast they don't have time to figure out what to do with it and how their new size works. Like, stretch marks? Bumping into things because your brain hasn't caught up with how much space you take up now? Having to consciously figure out the least awkward way to bend over now that you have all that belly in the way? All very neat, and by neat I mean 🥵🥵🥵


    Very very neat 🥵

    Let’s respect bodily autonomy and the way someone may choose to gain. Period.

    Of course folks should be educated on potential risks that may come with certain methods of gaining, especially more extreme methods. But one can educate without inducing panic or criticizing (or pseudo-moralizing) someone’s informed choices.

    Educate, don’t frighten. (And also, please cite sources and back up your points when trying to do so. So much misinformation gets passed around this community on a regular basis.) Respect if someone chooses to gain using “riskier” or unhealthier methods, even if you may disagree. It’s their decision, their bodily autonomy, and not an excuse to harass them with your unwanted opinions or “concern.”

    And while this shouldn’t have to be said, respect if someone chooses NOT to push themselves or go to extreme lengths to gain. Someone is not “less” of a gainer because they choose to take their gaining slowly or gain more cautiously. Not every gainer is comfortable with gaining massive amounts of weight, or eating large amounts of food at once, or guzzling heavy cream/gainer shakes/boost/etc and that should absolutely be respected. No one should be pressured to gain in ways that they are not comfortable with.

    Respect how someone may choose to gain. Period. Their body, their gains, their choice.

    Me: The exclusion of fat people from public spaces by catering only to smaller-bodied people with things like chair sizes, and the ‘fat tax’ superfat people have to live with when daily objects like mattresses and furniture are not built to last when used by heavier bodies are examples of structural fatphobia, and while we can draw from the field of disabilities studies and acknowledge there probably isn’t such a thing as universally accommodating designs, we as a society need to do better to not relegate fat people to the sidelines of our communities. In this essay I will-

    Horny me: Hnnhggggh you got yourself so fat you need a seatbelt extender? 😳💦 You can’t sit at a booth? 😍 You broke your bed frame?? And you’re turned on about it??? 🥵🥵🥵😩👀👀

    Thinking about a neat businesswoman working from home who gets so fat from boredom eating that even doing her job from her computer is difficult. The walk from the bedroom is torture and when she finally sits down at the computer chair her hips spill over the cheap plastic armrests. One day the entire thing just collapses underneath her weight. She lies about webcam issues when really there isn’t a single work shirt in her closet that fits and she doesn’t want to be seen on camera in some frosting-stained top that barely covers her breasts let alone her stuffed belly. Eventually sitting down to work goes from uncomfortable to impossible. Her heavy arms can’t reach her laptop because her stomach pools over the desk and the keyboard, and her hunger is so demanding that even concentrating on her boss for an hour leaves her starving. She quits her job so she has more time to lie in bed eating obsene amounts of food. This turns out to be way more rewarding than working, moving, or being able to fit into any chair smaller than a couch.


    Hot or not: You have a rule with your feedee that they have to eat 4X the calories a day you do. After blowing up their taut belly to new horizons, they watch in defeated anticipation as you nibble on a 200 cal. cookie, understanding they'll have to match that with 800.

    VERY HOT! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    This is even better because even though i’m not a feedee....im still a big bitch that can eat a lot on a good day. There’s a lot of potential in this concept😈


    Omg this is so hot


    What kind of feedee are you?


    You didn’t supposed to get fat but here you are gaining pound or two every month. You don’t care about feederism patterns and don’t go crazy about this kink. You just like to eat as much as you want, you enjoy food and don’t mind some pudge around your waist and some compliments as long as you get pleasure from it.


    You just love food! All kinds of cakes, fast food, neat cuisine, all of it! You just can’t get away from it and stuff yourself like crazy. Gaining is not the main purpose but how can you eat so much and don’t have a nice round belly? This type is quite close to Epicurean but with serious addiction to food.

    High blood

    You just want to be adored, indulged and praised. Like a prince or a princess. You don’t want to give anything, you only want to get. Your ideal state is lying in the bed and being fed with only best meals. You are dominant and want everyone to serve to your wishes. All work and routine you leave for servants. You want to be fat, lazy, well fed and spoiled.


    You don’t want to get fatter. You NEED to get fatter. That’s always in your mind. You don’t care how as long as pounds are packing. You may go really hard, stuffing yourself like crazy, drinking weight gain shakes and gain really fast. You can use feeder’s help but you will still gain if you don’t have one. You almost don’t care about the consequences and you don’t know if you can stop.


    You want to get fat but most of all you want SOMEONE to make you fat. If you have such person you are ready to give in. Force feeding, teasing, body size difference, funnel feeding… You are all about it! You like being told what to eat, when to eat and how much. You want to be pushed to your limits everyday and get fatter and fatter because of their will.

    Put your type in tags or comments!


    Looks like I’m an epicurean and foodie!