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    The turkish cleaning lady has decided I don’t eat well enough and Must Be Given Lunches. Pray for my weakass white middle age woman tongue because I ain’t going to be rude and turn down that sweet lady.


    asktheangiriscouncil said:

    Exchange food? Give cookies/home baked bread? (I think I once read you bake bread at home?..)

    Yeah, we have an equivalent exchange, don’t worry :) I just got her a bucket of locally sourced honey today. The problem is that her food is way too spicy for me but I don’t have the heart to tell her that I don’t like it.

    I should replay Tales of Xillia for the sheer circus of Sam Riegel shouting ”teach me about bazoongas!” at Matthew Mercer and them winning an ideological discussion in the final battle by punching Travis Willingham in the face. Also they get testy with Orion Acaba who plays a pompous ass (he gets better) at one point as a bonus.

    This fan music video causing the entire Jak and Daxter fandom to discover and fall in love with E-Type remains one of the most bizarre online experiences I’ve ever had. Imagine you’re in the My Hero Academia fandom and somebody makes a music video for it using Everybody and suddenly everyone around you is talking about this band called Backstreet Boys that they just learned about, and get super happy when you send them a Best Of collection CD you’ve had on your shelf for years. 

    I just beat the campaign of Heroes of Might and Magic 3, why the hell do I feel like restarting it

    (It’s pretty wild because it has you play every side of the conflict - evil, good, greedy neutral, and at least one map is played twice, first as conqueror and then rescuer AND is the damn super powered hero you have to beat in the evil version as strong when you rescue and recruit him when playing for the other team? TAKE A GUESS) 


    @rococospade let me introduce you to Scandinavian bogs. 


    Quick question how is that man alive


    The living and dead vegetation is so thick and tangled on top of the water that it kinda makes a water bed. But you need to be real effing careful on them bogs because pretty much every step is a watery gamble ^^;; I once fell in a water filled hole as a child because I stepped on what looked like solid ground covered with moss. You can see holes in the background in some parts of the video.

    ... but I do wonder how many mosquito bites that man walked away with. 

    What Google is trying to sell me currently:

    Net casinos

    Net casinos

    Dating site for Swedish Christians (you’d think they’d be few enough to all know each other already)

    Net casinos

    Net casinos


    Net casinos

    Getting married at a McDonald’s drive through

    I wonder if I’d understand what the hell is going on in these Japanese fancomics Pinterest has started tossing at me, even if I understood Japanese. Because most of them just seem to be strings of random nonsense.


    How come semi trucks in Europe look like “toot toot :)” and in North America they look like “HONK HOOOOOOOONK >:|”


    “Henlo I am big twuck pwease give me wots of woom tank u :)”



    @trainwreckgenerator why did you hide these in the tags


    This suggests that Maximum Overdrive was Jurassic Park for motor vehicles.


    I’m sorry, but that is misleading as hell. American and European trucks are bred for different purposes.

    American trucks are bred for long hauls on largely straight roads. They can go for hours without a break. A European truck needs more breaks and a lighter load, and they would indeed take great internal damage if they tried to keep up with the Longsnout.

    The European Shortsnout is not bred for looks, but for agility! They navigate the windy roads of Europe in a way that would be way too risky for the powerful, but more clumsy American truck. It is true that the European overheats faster at high speeds, that is the very reason that breaks every 4,5 hours are mandatory for both the truck and the handler and a day of driving can never be longer then 9 hours.

    So, all in all, appreciate all of our trucks and our shared history, and be the responsible owner that gets the right breed for the right job.


    To be fair, the US does have shortnose trucks as well, they’re just a breed kept mainly for very local work where, like the above says, they are working in places with lots of turns, shorter drives, and plenty of stops. I see them used for garbage pickup a lot, where a longnosed Mack wouldn’t be able to fit much less maneuver, and the short nose prevents them from getting rubs (raw skin or even open sores) on their snouts.


    I would also like to point out that the tags have got it backwards. The wild trucks (which I’m pretty sure are extinct in the wild now) that all modern breeds stemmed from were shortnose trucks. We had known about automobiles and domesticated several species, but the truck species was not discovered until close to the start of the 1900’s, in Germany, which I BELIEVE was the first country to breed them in captivity, although England was the first country to really start using them for work. I managed to find a photo of taxidermied specimen


    As you can see, it resembles both long and short nosed breeds, as well as the far more common house truck used by individuals instead of for commercial work.

    As to the aggression, while the mack longnose LOOKS aggressive, they’re generally gentle giants (although please do give them space on the road! not seeing you in their blind spot is NOT the same as aggression!), it is actually the smaller house truck that is often trained by their handler to be aggressive: the keyword being TRAINED, they are also not naturally aggressive. The only time I have seen a mack be commonly aggressive is when they are pulling 2 gravel trailers, and I would be cranky if I was being overworked, too. If you see them hauling that kind of load, just give them space, and you’ll be fine.


    I feel like somebody should add something about the Australian variants.


    From my understanding of Australian wildlife:


    Does anyone know if/how American School Busses are related to trucks? 

    Pics for reference:


    The classic long-nose schoolbus


    But short-nose varieties exist, I remember when they first started appearing in my district!


    @dreorzen While school buses ARE in the automobile order, they are actually part of the Van family, not the Truck family, due to their passenger capacity. As you can see in the photos, they have no cargo bed or hookup, and are not really built for object transport. But they DO excel at carrying passengers, particularly children (although certainly not limited to just children)

    They’re known to be exceptionally protective of any passengers, and if you look closely on that second image you can actually see a specialized appendage that is (I think) unique to school buses- a small, red, octagonal fan, which they extend when there are small creatures around them that they are acquiring or releasing. Much like an angler fish’s bioluminescent bulb appendage, this fan (along with several bioluminescent patches on top of their faces and on their hindquarters) works to mesmerize any other vehicles in close proximity, to where those vehicles will cease movement until the bus lowers the fan. It’s super fascinating behavior, and little wonder why we trust our children to these gentle, protective giants.


    @bunjywunjy this seems like a post you need to see


    This post is exactly what I like about tumblr.

    Informative? Useful? Interesting? Yes. Explained in a silly manner? Also yes. In the end, are you delighted to have learn stuff? YES!