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    fuck pirating disney+ shows. i'm pirating unfunny popular blogs' tumblr+ posts


    do you guys think there's going to be genuine discourse abt this later on. like obviously gaud or someone annoying is going to have a subscriptions only type of thing, and i feel like someone's going to leak the posts thus inciting essay long posts abt how its wrong to steal from small creators... do you guys think thats going to happen? do you guys wanna place bets and stuff?

    to be honest, even if you ignored the racism - which we should not - the fact that botw had a plotline where a man (link) invades an explicitly womens' only space by dressing up as a woman, and is taught to do so by another "man" (every character in the game calls villia a man besides villia herself. narratively nintendo is treating her as a man) who "pretends" to be a woman up until you "catch" her out, where you see the beard and can respond with "you're a man" - that should infuriate people. the fact that villia insists on not being treated as a man but is narratively treated as a man by nintendo and other characters - and as the butt of a joke is disgusting. it should infuriate you.

    and this is a plot point that's part of an essential quest. if you want to play the game as written then you MUST buy the shitty outfit, MUST sit through transphobic jokes, MUST sneak into a womens' only space and not get caught. that can't be fixed in any meaningful capacity by saying "well actually link is trans" or "actually villia is trans and people accept her" because nobody bothers to rid their stories of the key issues: link MUST cover his face and wear a (racist, sexist, bullshit) outfit in order to pass well enough to be accepted - not real acceptance - and he must sneak into the women's space instead of go in unadulterated. link has never been treated in universe as anything other than a man, no matter how many interviews Nintendo will have about making him marketable to all genders thru androgyny.

    the fact remains that you can't get to the heart of the transphobia of this plot decision without acknowledging that it primarily plays into the older, deeply racist, orientalist fantasy of a (brown) womens' only space that is ripe for the picking if only a white man could connive his way inside.

    and white 'progressive' fans try to slap some surface level trans inclusion onto this whole situation, while leaving the deeper issues with this narrative unaddressed. while ALSO throwing fans of colour who are hurt by the inherent racism of this plotline under the bus. i am trans, people have my deepest sympathies in their efforts for mainstream gender validation but that sympathy can only extend so far in the face of how utterly racist the gerudo outfit and gerudo town plotline is. redesign the outfit or perish. and the rest of you orientalist fucks can kindly piss off.


    growing up as a cis girl the patriarchy told me “you’re a girl because of the way you were born, there is nothing you can do about this, you have no say in your gender” and i hated being a girl because it wasn’t my choice it was a prison and the trans community told me “you’re a girl because you say so, your view of yourself is the most important thing, if you change your mind that would be ok” and it made me proud to be a girl and feel empowered in my gender and i wasn’t trapped anymore and then terfs come along and tell me “you’re a girl because of the way you were born, there is nothing you can do about this, you have no say in your gender (but like in a woke way)” and they somehow expect me to be on their side?


    if you respond with some terf shit im blocking you lmao

    god im just so goddamn emotional about the monitor’s little speeches. this truly is community, man. an incredible community has been built and now we’re facing the end together, holding hands. not to mention the overarching capitalism metaphor within blaseball - this the way we overthrow the gods, is building our communities, helping and uplifting each other, sticking together. Man.

    [text id: first image is a screenshot of Blaseball.com. The Monitor, a giant squid (this time wearing sunglasses) says “hey talkers”

    Next, a tweet by @angrybookseller on twitter

    A calmer response, this time

    Having this, THIS, be the payoff to a narrative thread that started almost 15 seasons ago is making me really genuinely emotional

    I’m gonna talk about community lore, narrative payoff, and a giant squid for a bit here

    Included on the tweet are two pictures, which are a transcript of what the Monitor said:

    hey talkers

    how’d you get here?


    your pals are inside

    can’t let you in yet


    aiding the others

    but stay near

    [there is another message from The Boss]

    Where do you think you’re going?

    [back to the tweets]

    Way, way back in Season 7, the Hall Monitor followed Jaylen back from the Trench. The Moist Talkers, seeing a giant squid, decided that this aligned with our branding, and that we were going to follow it wholeheartedly.

    It was just a joke, at the time.

    Then, the same season, the Tacos executed the Snackrifice plan. It was chaotic and funny, but also put no small degree of strain on their team community. It was not a thing that they wanted to repeat. Then Season 9 rolled around.

    The Monitor, seeking “eggs” (peanuts, as it turned out) began following the most idolized shelled player on the board. Naturally, due to the Snackrifice, this was a Tacos player. There were very few other options.

    One of those options, however, was the Talkers’ star pitcher

    PolkaDot Patterson had been shelled at the same time as the Tacos players. At the time, they were a pitching powerhouse, and arguably the Talkers’ strongest asset.

    But the Tacos were tired. And we knew that.

    And we wanted to trust Moist God

    We wanted to trust it despite knowing that this may be the end of The Dot. That we may lose them. The Monitor was going to eat our prized pitcher, shell and all.

    We called it Polkammunion. Due to a tragic typo, we called it CNMMUE.

    PolkaDot lived. It became a moment in history

    And that, we thought, was the story. The Dot got a cool new mod (Squiddish), and the story was passed down for roughly ten months as something that happened “back in the day.” And then today happened, and we were presented with a choice.

    Again, we chose to trust the Monitor

    Having this key player in our team’s culture and history TALK to us, and furthering the plot while doing so - the implications that this carries about the incinerated teams are non-negligible - THAT is how you deliver meaningful narrative.

    THAT is why I love this game

    This is another story that the Talkers will remember.

    Thank you for letting me ramble, and thank you TGB for writing a story that’s going to sit with me for a long, long time.

    [end of text]