Mass Effect is an old fandom, so I’m sure someone’s already done this but-

    I’m just over here thinking about how Asari join with one another by attuning their nervous system to their partner’s, allowing them to share thoughts, memories, and feelings… and how biotics, including human biotics, have to master controlling their nervous system in order to activate their abilities.

    So- hypothetically speaking, one could see where a suitably powerful human biotic with a particularly high level of self-control could learn to join with another person 👀

    Honestly I think this would be particularly interesting because humans are notoriously wary of human biotics because of a long standing superstition that they’re not just telekinetic, but telepathic. What a twist for the biotic that realizes the possibility was, in fact, there all along, if not in quite the way the bigots always feared considering (as far as I know) joining can’t be done against someone’s will.

    All this to say I think it’d be well within Kaidan’s capabilities to learn how to join then use it to get up to all sorts of emotionally intimate, sexy shenanigans with Shepard >D

    i have an unhealthy adoration for the idea of shepard being the first to go head over heels in mshenko. and that's not to say kaidan doesn't develop feelings before me3, i just think he's the kind to fall in love slowly.

    it's especially funny because (without mods) shepard can only romance women in the first two games, and i headcanon shepard as gay. so there's this extremely idolized and well-known military commander who could pull pretty much anybody he wants. absolutely BITCHLESS for the first few years because he's so horrendously down bad.

    liara? ashley? miranda? jack? kelly? diana? nope. n o p e. he only wants kaidan, regulations be damned. it's one of the things that makes the very AGONIZING canonical slow burn very, very worth it.

    like if you're playing the way i do, with a shepard that hasn't gotten with anyone at all in the trilogy, it makes the mars scene so much more impactful. and the way he doesn't want to leave kaidan's side—he's only just gotten him back. it makes the initial silence as liara tells him kaidan needs medical attention that much more intense. it makes his "where are you taking him?" on the citadel that much more emotional.

    I know that Mass Effect 3 gets a lot of shit - and fuck knows it deserves it - but I swear it also has the ability to make me feel more emotions than any other piece of media ever has.

    Forget the endings bullshit, and the ridiculousness of Kai Leng - it's about Javik's voice when he asks you "Why didn't you prepare for the reapers, human?" It's the old lady whose daughter is dead on earth, but she doesn't know, and doesn't remember she's talking to her asari daughter in law. It's the kid in the refugee camp, waiting for her parents. It's Mordin singing Amazing Grace, Thane's last prayer, Legion and Tali on Rannoch - does this unit have a soul? It's asking the elcor ambassador how many of his people you managed to save and hearing "Not. Enough." It's hearing the casualty reports over the radio in London - areas reporting 90, 95 percent casualties - and knowing there's nothing you can do. It's hearing Anderson whisper "You did good, child" as he dies. It's hearing Hackett's voice and standing up one last time, ready to fight, ready to die.

    The officer leans close, jabbing a finger into Steve’s chest. “You’re damn lucky it ain’t ten years ago or one state over,” he growls. “You could be looking at a felony charge, serving 15 to life. We didn’t stand for this kind of thing in Hawkins when I joined the force.”

    Steve just folds his arms and gives the officer a bored look. “Okay,” he says. “Good talk. Can I see my boyfriend now?”

    The officer sneers, but he steps aside to let Steve through. They’ve got Eddie cuffed to the hospital bed with another gun-toting guard in the corner. 

    “Jesus christ,” snaps Steve. “He’s not gonna escape, he can’t even walk right now. Why don’t you clear out and give us a little privacy, huh?”

    “Sorry,” says the guard, not sounding all that sorry. “It’s for his own protection.”

    Fuck. He’s gonna have to hope Eddie can follow his lead. All that practice pretending to be a wizard or whatever has to be good for something, right?

    He perches on the side of Eddie’s bed and takes his hand. He can do this. “Hey, gorgeous. How’re you feeling?” 

    “Uh,” says Eddie, eyebrows doing something hilarious. “Steve?”

    “It’s okay,” says Steve. He rubs his thumb over Eddie’s knuckles. This is the most they’ve ever touched, he thinks—the most that was just skin, no layers of denim or leather in between. Not even a layer of blood and dirt. 

    He swallows and keeps going, willing Eddie to develop freaky mind-reading powers all of a sudden. “I know you didn’t want to tell anyone about us, but I had to, baby. I’m sorry. I had to tell them you were, yknow, with me when…when Jason killed Chrissy.”

    “You didn’t have to tell them about us,” says Eddie slowly. He’s giving Steve kind of an intense look. “Honey-pie. I’m sure there’s gotta be another way. One without as many consequences for you that you might not have thought all the way through.”

    “There really isn’t,” Steve says. Thank god Eddie’s so quick on the uptake. Sure, he’s being a stubborn dick about it, but at least it doesn’t seem like he’s going to let anything slip. 

    “Fucking hell,” sighs Eddie. “Don’t suppose we can put that pesky little cat back in the bag. Okay. Darling angel, light of my life, corndog of my soul, who else knows?”

    Corndog of my soul, Steve mouths to himself. “Just the cops. And Robin and Nancy, obviously. And—oh, remember Hopper?”

    “Do I remember Hopper, he asks. Oh, pudding-pop. The late Chief Hopper and I spent so, so much quality time together over the years; he was practically a father figure to me. And just as with my actual dear old dad, his departure was cause for great rejoicing in Casa Munson.”

    “Sorry to break the bad news, then. Hop’s alive, and he—uh, he knows everything.” Steve tries to communicate the scope of everything by kind of tilting his head back and forth. “He’s been…helping.”

    “Huh. No shit,” says Eddie. Steve can’t tell whether or not he’s getting it. To be fair, there’s a lot to get. “Okay, gallant knight errant of mine, any news on whether or not I’m getting sprung from this charmingly appointed dungeon?”

    “We’re…Hopper’s working on it. That’s why I’m. Y’know. Here. To tell you that they know about us.” 

    “Cool, right, understood.” Eddie closes his eyes, leaning back on his pillow. It’s so strange to see him in nothing but a hospital gown against white sheets. He looks like a wrung-out dishtowel. 

    There’s a commotion from outside, raised voices saying something like you let him what and haven’t even interrogated the Munson kid yet and not a legal status you fuckin—

    “Time’s up, sweetheart,” says Eddie, mouth quirking up into the ghost of a smile. “Anything else you wanna say before they decide to upgrade my security?”

    “Uh,” says Steve. He’d mostly been focusing on getting the basics of Eddie’s alibi across in a convincing way, and he can’t remember if there were any other details Eddie should know. 

    He hears the door slam open behind him, and panics. “Love you, bye,” he says, and ducks in to brush a quick kiss across Eddie’s chapped lips. The last thing he sees as he’s hauled bodily out of the room by a pissed-off detective is Eddie with his eyes gone enormous and shocked, lifting his uncuffed hand to his mouth, looking and looking at Steve like something is always going to be different from now on, forever.

    (ETA: small continuation here!)


    Thinking abt Steve and Robin, Robin and Steve, two people who look so alike, who act so alike, who are basically siblings, who could actually be twins separated at birth if not for the age gap

    (let's ignore that gap, or claim Steve skipped a grade cause he was a 'gifted' child that stopped being 'gifted' as he grew up in that typical neurodivergent experience kinda way).

    Imagine it, Robin Buckley, an accidental pregnancy from a romp in the back of a VW, imagine if the Buckleys had twins but could only manage to take care of one, putting up the other for adoption because no matter how much they love the little bean, they can't afford two.

    Now imagine The Harringtons, rich and influential and desperate for a child of their own (even if it eventually turns out that they'd never be completely ready to be parents) but... maybe something was wrong. maybe Mrs Harrington couldn't, or Mr Harrington was shooting a few too many blanks to make it work and no matter how many times they try... it just doesnt happen for them.

    And then this little boy is born to a couple in Hawkins, a surprise extra alongside their little girl. A deal quickly struck, the Harringtons pay for everything, all the medical bills, and give the Buckleys enough to get them started with a house and enough money to start a college fund for their little girl, as long as they get the little boy before he's adopted by someone else.

    And then one day, shortly after the mall burns down, Robin brings home this boy who she claims saved her life. This impossibly beautiful boy, covered from head to toe in pretty little moles and big, beautiful hazel eyes like Mrs Buckley, with Mr Buckleys strong jaw and broad shoulders.

    Their little boy has come home, and it takes everything they have to not pull him into their arms and into their home all at once, so it happens gradually, he's invited to dinners, to holidays, he's welcome to stay the night, he has first dibs on the guest room, even has clothes in the closet there, he and Robin are inseparable, they're siblings, without a shadow of a doubt they're siblings. they found each other despite everything.

    They might tell him, or they might not, it doesnt really matter.

    Their little boy is home, and he's GOING to get all the love he missed out on even if it kills them.


    YESSS FINALLY!! i've been saying long lost stobin twins for so long yesss OP i'm smOoching ur beautiful brain so hard rn.

    "Alright then. I'll leave her in your care."

    Chrissy Cunningham is left standing at the center of the small Scoops staff room, lips tugged into that same sweet smile that has booted her up in the highschool ranks.

    Steve isn't sure what to make of it, and judging by the confused noise Robin makes beside him, neither is she. As far as interesting occurences go, this reaches way past the shop's monthly potential.

    The staff room door closes behind the guy– that's what they call him because honestly, what does he even do? He's hardly the manager since they see him like once every other blue moon–then it's just the three or them.

    "Um.." Steve says when it becomes clear that Robin won't be of any help.

    "Welcome to the team?"

    Chrissy beams, and in her sailor uniform, which looks unfairly adorable on her, she's the picture of an absolute peach. He knows instantly that the customers are going to love her.

    Chrissy Cunningham is the missing piece of balance Steve realizes the stupid little ice cream shop needs. Where Robin and himself are all wavering patience and customer service in its most sarcastic form, Chrissy Cunningham is the picture of politeness.

    They deem her the shop manager by the second week– unofficially cause goodness knows these people aren't going to hire or promote a real one. And Steve never fails to be impressed by how quickly even the toughest customer or meanest mom melts at the soothing smile and quiet assurances of the cheerleader.

    Which is all fine and dandy on it's own, but there's also the fact that Chrissy, sweet strawberry blonde, petite Chrissy, is also kind of a riot.

    The first time Steve hears her murmer a string of creative curses, he almost snaps his neck with the speed at which he turns. Chrissy's lips are still sporting that same innocent smile when she drops a few more colorful insults at the overly priviledged prick of a teenager leaving the shop.

    When the next customers step forward, she greets them cheerfully, and Steve is forced to spend the rest of the shift wondering if he'd simply misheard.

    It becomes clear that Chrissy is a lot more than a precious face when both Robin and Steve witness her chew out an irresponsible mother with the loveliest bat of her lashes and most polite vocabulary possible. Steve doesn't even know how it's possible to sound so pure while clearly berating someone.

    "Her aura is pink. But an 'oOps, I spilled some blood in my baby bottle' kind of pink" Robin explains one afternoon during their break. Weirdly enough, Steve thinks it makes perfect sense.

    But he likes Chrissy, they both do. She's overall a sweetheart and her rare moments of disguised bitchiness are honestly kind of iconic. Between Robin's smartassery, her cheerful bite and Steve's endless reservoire of attitide, they get along well, the three of them.

    "Where do you think she goes?" Robin asks one afternoon after watching Chrissy make a beeline out of the store with a strawberry cone in hand.

    Steve's honestly been wondering the same thing.

    Most days Chrissy never takes her breaks with them. She grabs the same strawberry flavored ice cream and hurries out, only returning a minute before it ends.

    "Dunno. Don't blame her though. I wouldn't wanna be here either if I could help it." He answers, though he still makes a note to ask later. Robin shrugs and makes a noise of agreement.

    The topic doesn't last much longer, is derailed almost insantly by a side comment that effectively sends the two into a bout of bickering.

    "Oh! I have a friend that works at the mall, down at the record shop. I use their discount once in a while and they get free ice cream deliveries whenever we're both working."

    It's somehow a less exciting answer than Steve is expecting, but he figures it makes enough sense.

    "Ah." Robin says, twisting the marker cap in her hand. The board has a new check under the you suck section, now decorated– courtesy of Chrissy– with stink lines and poop doodles (that still look a lot more like ice cream in Steve's humble opinion).

    "How come they never comes around then?" Steve asks, because as far as he's concerned, friends working in the same area should be pestering each other as much as possible.

    Chrissy shrugs. "They loiter around sometimes." She grins, and there's a twinkle in her eyes when her gaze lingers momentarily on him. Steve frowns, wonders if the knowing look in them is a trick of the light.

    "But I guess they're shy."

    Why someone working at a mall would be too shy for a place as ridiculous as scoops ahoy is completely beyond Steve, but he's not given the chance to question it for too long. A small group of girls walk up to the counter, and Steve pretends not to notice the way Robin uncaps her marker in preparation for the inevitable. Steve plasters on a charming smile and focuses on the group.

    "Truth or dare."

    The clock at the far end of the room reads 5:41pm and the last of the less popular ice cream flavors have been packed away. They go through the familiar motions of closing, fully intent on leaving a little early with how empty the store front is. Caught up in the lame party games they've been playing for the last hour to pass the time, Robin calls the last round of their truth or dare game.

    "Truth." Chrissy says and Robin pauses in consideration before speaking.

    "You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but you and Jason.."

    Chrissy freezes slightly and Steve sits at attention. So far they haven't touched on anything serious, but by the looks of it they're about to.

    Everyone and their mother knows about the famous breakup that took place the last week of school. It wasn't exactly a huge spectacle, but even without the title of King anymore, the news had reached him too.

    Chrissy and Jason were together since their freshman year, had the whole highschool sweethearts thing going for them in fact. It was quite a shock to everyone when suddenly they weren't anymore.

    "Who broke up with who?" Robin finishes.

    It's not asking for too much detail, a quick enough name drop to ease the burning curiosity everyone has likely been wondering since news got out.

    "I did." Chrissy answers blankly. "He's sweet in a lot of ways but fucked up in a lot more of others. I guess someone helped me see that and it felt smarter to cut things off earlier." She explains and Steve still has to blink back shock from hearing her cuss, despite how many times he's already heard it. It still feels like listening to a child swear.

    "Well shit." Robin says, which about sums up what Steve is also thinking.

    "Good for you then."

    Chrissy shrugs and tugs at a loose strand of her hair. In the next second, her smile is back in full force. "Okay Steve, your turn. Truth or dare."

    "Dare I guess." Steve says from where he's wiping down the last table, more than ready to leave the store for the day.

    "Lets seeee." Chrissy hums thoughtfully, bringing one hand up to her chin to thrum her pink coated fingers along it.

    "You're the last up so how about we go out with a bang."

    Steve shoots her a look. Their dares so far have been restricted to the shop, trying gross ice cream flavors, fitting as many cherries as possible in mouths etc, so he's not particularly expecting anything too challenging regardless of her ominous warning.

    "Alright hit me."

    "Okay okay." Chrissy says after a second.

    "How about this." There's an excited look in her eyes now and she's bouncing in a way that suddenly makes Steve wish he'd gone with truth.

    "So you remember my friend? The one from the record store?"

    "This is stupid."

    The lights from the record store are still open, and from the looks of it business is just as slow as scoops had been. There's no one behind the register, and besides the loud music seeping past the glass doors from the radio on the desk, there's barely any sign of life.

    They're crouched behind a bush, no doubt calling attention from the bodies of people passing them by.

    "Thought you said it was going to be easy. Whatever happened to the Harrington charm." Robin teases unhelpfully from beside him. He shoots her a glare, sliding the look down at Chrissy's amused giggle.

    "Screw you both." He hisses, but steps out of hiding anyways. It's not like this is going to be all that difficult (annoying acquaintances aside). Walk up to the counter, wait for Chrissy's friend to show up, put in some of his moves and grab a quick cheek smooch. Easy. What girl wouldn't want a kiss from Steve fucking Harrington.

    Yeah. That's right.

    "We don't have all night Steve." Chrissy hisses playfully from behind her bush, another giggle following the statement when he flips her off.

    Walking into the record store is more nerve wracking than he expects it to be, the welcoming ring just barely makes it over the sound of the blasting music (no wonder the store's empty, this volume could seriously take someone's ear out.)

    He's used to being watched by those two as he makes a fool of himself, so really, this shouldn't be anything new. Yet by the time he reaches the counter, Steve has half a mind to turn around, stomp childishly back out to meet the girls, and proclaim this entire thing stupid as hell. because honestly that's what it is. Stupid. Like what are they? Middle schoolers?? It's not like some random girl would apprecia-

    "Can I help you?"

    Steve totally doesn't shriek at the unexpected voice from behind him, whipping around his hand instictively to find the nearest item.

    Eddie Munson stares first at the rolled up magazine brandished against him, then up up up till he meets Steve's eyes.

    Now Steve knows who Eddie is. He's witnessed enough cafeteria speeches and hallway theatrics to recognize the messy brown hair and slightly crazed but simultaneously soft brown eyes. He's stood aside for enough quick cash to weed exchanges to recognize the skeptical quirk of an eyebrow, or the sarcastic smile he likes to do before saying somethimg mean. Steve is familiar with all the denim, leather and ink, with all those rings.

    Still the Eddie in front of him is a lot more toned down, sporting a simple black shirt with a store issued name tag on the chest and a pair of black jeans. The rings are still on his fingers, but his usual mess of brown hair is tied back in a low bun.

    Steve pulls his eyes away from the black bats against pale skin when Eddie coughs. Under the lighting the guy's complexion looks a little pinker than normal, but it's hard to say for sure.

    "If you're going to rob a store Harrington I suggest you do it with something less.." Eddie snatches the rolled up magazine, straightening out the bends before scrunching his nose at the cover. "..nevermind, suppose you could kill someone with this." Steve isn't sure who the celebrity on the cover is, he still hasn't looked, but clearly Eddie isn't a fan judging by the snort he sends the item as he tucks it back into the right stand.

    "Um." He answers and cringes at just how lame he sounds. What was he here for again?

    Oh right. Chrissy's friend.

    "Can I talk to your...huh- the other employee?" He manages to ask, suddenly wanting this entire exchange to be over. He's not scared of Eddie Munson persay, but there's always been something overwhelming about his presence. At first he'd thought it was the chains and leather and flailing limbs, but here in the record store, with his tone at a normal volume as he turns down the radio music, Eddie is still strangely intimidating. Steve doesn't get it, doesn't understand why Eddie Munson's always had him It's weird, being alone with him like this.

    "Much as it pains me to say it, it's just me closing tonight bud. You're gonna have to manage." The sarcasm dripping from the natural low of his voice would be more insulting if the implications of his words weren't finally sinking into Steve's brain.

    "That can't be right." He starts, to which Eddie shoots him a look that's equal parts exasperated and suspicious.

    "Chrissy said her friend–"

    Realization clicks right then, directly into the center of his brain, and for what he assumes is the same reason, Eddie's expression mirrors the dawning horror he feels.

    "Chrissy-?" He asks at the same time Steve says "You're her friend??"

    Shit. He's going to kill her. It's almost too easy to picture the mad cackling those two must be doing behind their bush right now, and Steve has half a mind to grab his attack magazine once again and make a beeline for those demons.

    "Chrissy sent you?" Eddie asks, cautious in a way Steve's never really heard him before. It's strange, they're having a semi regular conversation, this isn't school anymore, and the metalhead isn't all up in his face or dishing out any of his usual jock themed insults. So why the hell does it feel so... Why does he feel the sudden need to turn tails and run at the thought of carrying out a quite frankly harmless dare on this guy? It's not like he would hesitate with anyone else.

    The girls had allowed him to say it's a dare, so it really doesn't have to be weird. Hell in the very probably chance that Munson says no, that'll be great even. He'll be able to turn around and–

    "Hey." Eddie snaps his fingers and Steve's eyes are instantly drawn to his rings. He's never seen them up close before, and huh, his nails are painted, black where Chrissy's is pink. Now that's a new choice. "Earth to his highness? or well- sailor I guess."

    Steve bristles uncomfortably, yells at himself internally for making shit weird, it's not like he has to make out with the dude. Imagine making out with someone like Munson, now wouldn't that be something. Something weird of course, cause it's not like he'd want to make out with the guy...which isn't important right now...haha yeah. What's really important is why the hell Chrissy is friends with Eddie Munson of all people. Like how the actual fuck did that even happen? How long has he been working at the mall? Hell he doesn't think the guy's even the kind of person to work any type of retail–

    "Okay man you're seriously starting to freak me out here."

    Steve startles out of his thoughts, eyes wide with the realization that 1.) he's been staring like a creep for a minute now and 2.) he's here on a mission. And Steve Harrington who's done significantly worse (not all of which he's proud of) dares in his life time, is totally not gonna chicken out now.

    "Can I kiss you?" He blurts out in a hurry.

    Eddie blanks and Seve playsback his own words, hears how it sounds and instantly feels his face warm up.

    "Shit- not like that. That's not what I meant. Not like, actually kiss you. Just on the cheek. It's a dare– you can say no or anything. We're playing truth or dare and Chrissy asked me to kiss her friend on the cheek and at first I thought she meant...well..someone else but she's clearly punking us both so." God. He's totally pulling a Robin right now. How is he? Steve fucking Harrington, infamous lady killer and effortless charmer, pulling a Robin Buckley?

    "Again you can say no, I don't actually have to do it, in fact I'm pretty sure she's having plently of fun already from where she's huh..." He gestures vaguely behind him, hopefully pointing in the right direction of the stalking bush. "watching right now.."

    Eddie doesn't look behind him, doesn't even seem to notice the gesture. He's gone a little pale now, and there's a second where Steve feels a little rejected at the idea. He bats away the feeling instantly, because screw this guy! he doesn't want to plant one on those probably chapped lips anyways!

    Steve blinks to himself, because the dare itself has no need for proper kissing, and therefore the flashing image of him pulling the metalhead by the collar of his dorky store shirt and locking lips over the counter is completely unnecessary. Crap. His cheeks feel warmer. Why do his cheeks feel warmer?

    He needs to leave, like now. This shit is waaay too awkward. The dude hasn't even said anything ye-

    "Yeah sure. Okay."

    Speak of the devil, Steve thinks, finally forcing his eyes away from the back wall– which he doesn't even remember redirecting his gaze to.

    "You really don't have to if it's weird man. Screw Chrissy." He says in what is perhaps the lamest attempt for a last minute backout.

    Eddie shrugs, his pale complextion is gone now, seems a little redder than normal actually. Steve doesn't know why his stomach flips at the thought that the guy might be blushing. Which is silly, why would he be blushing?

    "You walk out now and you're admitting defeat." Eddie says. "Can't have King Steve failing at a relatively simple dare now can we?" Then he turns his head and leans in, one arm resting on the counter while he taps his exposed cheek.

    "Alright. Put her there." Steve knows it's meant to sound cheeky but somehow he also sounds anxious? Again, there's that disappointed feeling, and Steve figures he'll make it quick since clearly the guy is so bothered by it. Fucking priss, with his pronounced jawline and the strangely inviting stretch of his jugular vein. Fuck him and the weird slightly off balance way he's always making Steve feel.

    Yeah, he'll make this quick, rip the bandaid off.

    Eddie sighs when another second passes. "Listen man you don't have t–" he turns around, but Steve, who's alreay schooled his eyes shut for who knows what reason, is already his dipping his head forward.

    They collide headfirst.

    Their noses bump, but somehow the slight pain of it is lost to the brush, however brief, of lips against lips– and yeah, Eddie's are slightly chapped, but fuck he wasn't supposed to actually know that.

    Steve would almost feel bad for how far he jumps back, if not for the fact that Eddie jumps even farther, almost tripping over his own feet in the process. His face is indisputably flushed this time, but Steve can't even judge with how much his is practically burning.

    One of them cusses, but he isn't sure who, and after a long second of shocked, wide open, eye contact, Steve wordlessly nods, turns on his feet, and walks back out.

    He can still hear Chrissy's obnoxious cackling when he reaches the car, can still see the amused but weirdly thoughtful look on Robin's face. But most of all, he can still feel the touch of Eddie munson's lips against his.


    Why does he kind of like it?

    if there's a pt 2 it'll be munsons pov.

    [The gang mistakenly thinks Hancock and Sole broke up]

    Maccready: They can’t get a divorce. Not Sole and Hancock. No way!

    Deacon: Well, it’s been nice knowing you guys.

    Piper: What do you mean?

    Deacon: If they get a divorce, they have to settle custody. Hancock will get Cait and Maccready, Sole will get you and me. That’s how this works right?

    Cait: We’re not children, Deacon. Even if they do break up, it doesn’t mean we can’t all hang out together.

    Maccready: Yeah. Piper and I both dated Sole at one point and we still hang out. It’s not weird.

    Piper: It’s a little weird.


    Maccready: …ok fine, it’s a little weird.

    [the day of Sole and Maccready’s wedding]

    Preston Garvey: Well, I have to go, I have a wedding to attend.

    Curie: Oh! I have a wedding to attend too!

    Piper Wright: Ah I knew I was forgetting something. I have a wedding to attend too.

    Paladin Danse, sarcastically: I think we ALL have weddings to attend.

    Deacon: I think… I have a wedding I’m supposed to be the best man at.

    Hancock, sprinting off: I HAVE A WEDDING TO OFFICIATE!


    having a husband who is a forensic science student who does nothing but study skeletons all day is ridiculous because we were in the middle of he suddenly just grabbed my head and said "oh my god, you know you've got a healed skull fracture here?!" like WHAT do you MEAN I have a HEALED SKULL FRACTURE???


    he told me my skull healed really weirdly and I probably have brain damage from it because there's a fuckin crater in the back of my skull that I just thought was a normal thing everyone has. I should probably see a doctor


    update on this: he keeps like grabbing random body parts and trying (and failing) to subtly look at me and im like STOP EXAMINING ME because he's so fascinated by my fucked up skeletal structure. the other day we had Christmas drinks with my coworkers and he told me afterwards that someone in the group had a weird shaped skull and something about processes and i was like god can't you just be normal and stop examining people


    I told the person I'm dating that one reason I like old movies is because most actors don't have Hollywood-perfect smiles and I like to look at all the different shapes of their crooked teeth and misaligned bites and the way their silver and gold molar fillings flash when they talk.

    They just looked at me and said "That's such an anthropologist thing to like," and honestly? No rebuttal possible.

    (After this conversation I drunkenly showed them my favorite pages of my paleopathology textbook. Bless them for not immediately running as I caressed an image of a snapped femur that healed at a 90 degree angle.)


    Me, an MT, glancing at someone's raised up/pushed inward shoulders: You sleep on your side, don't you? [Them: ...yes]

    Me, an MT, barely able to knead someone's glutes bc they're fuckening brick walls who would punch my fists back if they could: You've been aggravated for a really long time, huh? [Them: ...yes]

    Me, an MT, overhears someone claim their head hurts: *immediately starts massaging their neck, bc most people with headaches have neck problems* [Them, three minutes later: omg my headache's gone]


    Scientist x Artist solidarity: OMG YOU'VE GOT SKELETAL PROBLEMS CAN I DRAW/STUDY YOU???? You're SO COOL!!!!


    How would the companions react to finding an abandoned deathclaw nest and all of a sudden the eggs start hatching and before they knew it a group of baby deathclaws are following them around like ducklings😆 ps love your work

    Thank you!! 🖤 Again, sorry I only got around to this now, hopefully you’re still around to see it! Please enjoy! :)

    FO4 Companions React: Stumbling Upon Baby Deathclaws

    Preston: This might sound crazy General— bear with me— but what if we brought these baby deathclaws to the castle and domesticated them? If they can be trained, they would be a huge asset to the Minutemen.

    Nick: I’ll admit they are cute, but remember, my friend, deathclaw are natural predators. You can’t predict if and when their instincts will kick in. It’s not a situation you want to be in.

    Codsworth: [nervously] How long until they decide that we’re on the lunch menu?

    Curie: Zince zese deathclaws are newborn and uncorrupted by ze wasteland…I wonder if we would be able to rear a breed of docile deathclaw. It would zertainly be an interesting study.

    MacCready: They’re uhhh…[swiftly moves foot away as one of the babies sniffs it]…They’re alright, I guess.

    Longfellow: [angrily waving whiskey bottle around] Don’t trust these little bastards. Once yah think you can trust em, they’ll snap and bite yer limbs off. Trust me, I’ve seen that shit firsthand.

    Cait: Let’s train these killin machines up and then let em loose on the raiders. That’s a bloodbath I’d pay tah see!

    Hancock: [amused] Aw, look at these little guys. Wonder if we can teach em some tricks.

    Piper: Where did these little ones come from? [looking around nervously] I hope Momma isn’t close by…

    Ada: [Pulling out a cluster of teddy bears] I have toys.

    Deacon: [squealing] I’ve always wanted a Deathclaw, but a whole SQUAD of these little guys?? INCREDIBLE!!

    Danse: I wonder if it would be possible to to train these creatures to identify and eliminate Commonwealth vermin like ghouls and mutants. And synths.

    Strong: Here, little ‘claws [throws radstag meat on the ground] Eat. Meat make babies strong.

    X6-88: I would say exterminate them. However, these creatures could be valuable to the BioScience Division.

    Gage: Heh. I think these little rascals like us, boss. We should keep em [noticing one of the baby deathclaws repeatedly running itself into a rock] Ha! Dibs on that one!


    what about the male companions (or at least deacon, mac, and danse) getting dragged out into the glowing sea with sole to find Virgil, but sole is horrible at using their map and the companion is starting to get radiation sickness but sole hasn’t even noticed

    I love this an extreme amount because you are describing my exact experience with this perfectly WYAGWCWYSVWGSC (seriously though i smiled so much when i saw this in my inbox!!!!)

    Fallout 4 Men Companions React To Sole Getting Lost In The Glowing Sea While They All Get Radiation Sickness That Sole Ignores


    “Hey uh I think your pipboy’s upside down or something. Mind if I take a look? You know, before we turn into fleshy glowsticks?” He wants to be polite so bad since Sole does this kind of thing a LOT but they were supposed to find virgil and its been three hours and Sole is still lost. Deacon jokes a bit during the first hour but by hour 4 hes like Give me your pipboy now :).


    Oh god he knows that look on Sole’s face. The “don’t worry I got this dont interrupt me” look. Happened on the trip to goodneighbor and it’s happening here. Nick knows that he will be fine but Sole??? Brother in christ this is the glowing sea now is not the time!!!! By hour two Nick sighs and says,”Oh give me that!” And yoinks their arm to look at the map. Sole is absolutely not allowed to walk ahead and if they even think about it Nick gives them a disapproving look which mentally kills them because disappointing Nick Valentine hurts more than 23 stab wounds.


    Every time Sole insists they lead the way anywhere, Danse dies a bit on the inside. He wants to respect them but by god he is dying so much on the inside. Thankfully they both have power armor but its hour 6 and they’re still not there and power armor can’t save them forever. Danse looks them in the eye and says something like,”I Respect You. I Really Do However We Are Going To Die If You Don’t Give Me The Map.” Nothing but the sound of Sole’s shameful power armor THUMPTHUMPTHUMP and Danse’s cool power armor THUMPTHUMPTHUMP is heard until they reach Virgil.


    The map expert. After all, he’s always marking settlements on your map(i couldn’t help myself its too perfect for this sorry). Ok but Preston would know a lot about cartography actually. He’d spend his free time making maps himself and they’re super nice looking. When this quest comes, he lets Sole take the map because they asked nicely. However he did not know that Sole gets lost super easily and also cannot read a map(Preston was always the one holding them and leading the way after all). Preston so desperately is trying to give them hints on how to properly read it but Sole is not picking up at all. Makes a few stern but polite comments about the radiation. Eventually he awkwardly goes “hahahahaha you wanna learn how to read a map? right now? please” and tells Sole how to read it as he’s leading the way.


    He was already not thrilled by the idea of coming here given the. You know. Radiation and horrors. Sole was super excited oddly enough. They fucking LOVED exploration even if they couldn’t read maps for shit. However this isn’t some random field in the commonwealth this is the glowing sea. Maccready would firmly tell Sole that “Look, I know you’re excited and whatever but try not to wander too far off the trail. It’s just…very dangerous in the glowing sea and I think it would be best to get in and out as fast as we can. Trust me. Anyways, that was all I wanted to say. Lead the way.” He wants to be nice about it because Sole is his best friend/and or partner but he prefers his best friend/and or partner very alive and not dead from radiation poisoning. After 15 minutes he takes the map and starts leading them. He is not patient wyetwfwtsgacwg


    Oh he is so patient about the whole ordeal. He suggested they take a lot of extra rad-x and radaway before they went into the glowing sea (he offered to carry it all too). He knows Sole is really bad at reading maps and whatnot (Sole has gotten lost at the park pre war so much. The amount of times he found Sole in increasingly bizarre places due to this…). Codsworth gently taps their shoulder every so often, offering even more radaway and rad-x. Occasionally he’ll make comments about how he’s General Atomics Finest(tm) and how he is really good at navigating terrain and reading maps. Eventually Sole does admit they’re lost (probably around hour 10) and lets Codsworth lead the way.


    Hancock loves taking in the scenery alongside a nice bath of radiation as much as the next guy but uhhhh he is very worried about Sole by the first hour. Are they. Are they okay??? They’re glowing a bit uhhhh he should stop them. Says something like “Hey [nickname] why don’t ya let me lead the way, yeah? Just kick back and stroll while I do all the work.”


    He looks at Sole like what the FUCK are they doing. Human glow, no sight of cave. Strong lead way. Human is bad at navigating terrain!



    Gage stares straight into Sole’s face like,”Boss, we’ve both seen some shit but I’m going to shoot you in the head if you think I’m just gonna stand here twiddling my thumbs while we get fuckin microwaved by the earth. Give me the damn map.”