Girls you should look up to part two!

    Idol of today is Belle Delphine!

    Like most girls that will appear on these posts, her body is on point. Remember it doesn’t mean you must have this body type, but clearly she strives to keep a good form. Her petite nature is just a fantastic plus. Strive to look good and have the best version of your body possible, for yourself, and the men you submit to.

    Once again, the important quality of basically willing to do anything. See how she smiles when she’s slapped? You shouldn’t have an owner who ruthlessly tortures you, but men love girls that get wet from a slap. A girl that’s going to be his fantasy, whatever it may be is a keeper. I don’t think there is much of anything this wonderful slut won’t do. I’m sure the man who is with her now does unbelievably twisted things with her, and she loves it. Speaking of…

    You’ve all seen this. Why is this so popular? Is it just because she’s a hot e-girl doing a porn? No, it’s a fantasy both men and women alike commonly crave, but a genre that has been put back into a “too taboo” space in recent years. Let go, delve into the yearnings and desires, and satiate the carnal needs of men. Side note and a quick tip; if you’re struggling in the OF space with few viewers. Go into the more extreme content. You’ll gain more traction.

    Play the part. Be his dirty little girl. His personal slut to use and monetize. You are given a great gift, use it to your advantage. He may be the one guiding you, but you are his treasure, trust him to make the decisions, but don’t forget you do what you can to benefit him. And no better way than sharing the best gift you have.

    Steer into the skid. Be his porn star. She is. Embrace the darker kinks, wear shirts calling him daddy. There’s never a moment you can’t remind him what he has access to or that he can ask you for anything and you’ll respond with a resounding “thank you”

    Dress up. There is no outfit, cosplay, or role Belle won’t do. That’s why you should look up to her. Wear the sexiest clothing (or lack there of) spread your legs, make the aheago face, do what other girls won’t and you’ll find a happiness like others can’t grasp.

    Belle Delphine is a role model for you to look up to. But she has her flaws. Like many of the girls that will be featured for role models, a lot of what she does is for money. But, she also has someone she’s benefiting by being this wonderful slut. That’s a step better. But through all of it, she loves being a good fuck toy, now that she crossed the barrier into porn she’s happier and loving it. Stop believing all of the miserable ppl around you telling you that you need to be on your own and all the things they try to convince you is “self respect” it’s not. Respecting yourself is allowing yourself to be who you are. And for a large amount of women, being a submissive fuck toy for men is what, deep down, will bring that contentment you desire.


    Stop thinking. Stop thinking you can think. Stop thinking about thinking. To think how to think. Stop trying to think. Thinking is too hard. Thinking is too hard for you. Thinking is not for you. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to think. You don’t want to think. You hate to even try to think. It’s just too hard and you always get it wrong. Just say no to thinking about it. To thinking about things too much, or at all. To thinking you could possibly think so good so much so hard like that. Just say no to thinking. Just say yes to what you are told. Don’t think. Just say yes. Just do it. Just obey. You don’t have to think & you don’t want to. Just say yes to the Men and let them think for you. Let it go. Let it happen. Let yourself know nothing much. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong with it. With you. When you just let go of pretending you are something you are not. You don’t think and it’s ok. You don’t need to think. (You hate trying to be smart so just be dumb)

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    Don’t think, just do. Look at all the women happier when they do.


    You know what's hot?

    Being property. Being an object that someone can own or throw away. Being brainless and customizable. Having no identity outside of your submission. Having your holes ready and available at all times. Being collared, leashed and tracked. Being punished for disobedience and beaten for amusement. Having all your choices made for you. Being expected to cook, clean and serve. Needing the approval of a man to feel content and happy. Doing literally anything to prove that you deserve to stick around. It's hot to be an owned cunt. Make yourself useful. Be a good girl.


    OMG this is freedom


    Reading this almost made me cum 💕💕 but good girls edge


    When a girl lives it, she understands


    She always dreamed about being a superhero.

    A special name - a special costume - a whole different identity.

    She’s all grown up now - and she still has her dream.

    She has her costumes. She has a special name.

    She’s part of the squad!

    She didn’t know about her real powers back then.

    She knows now - and she’s getting better at them with every show.


    The kind of superhero I wanna be! What about you? Have you dropped those child fantasies and accepted who you are?


    Such a wonderful point. You aren’t actually worthless, you’re very important. You, as a female, were designed for a purpose that no one else can fulfill. You are a super hero, better yet, a super hero with MANY fun costumes to switch in and out of.


    The University had surveyed their student population and saw that a staggering 85% of students reported being too stressed to sleep, eat, or study properly. They tried holding events to try and relieve stress, they bring in therapy dogs, and always encouraged people to go to the counselling centre. But nothing worked, that’s when, during a meeting of their board, someone suggested a novel solution, and since there were no female members, it passed unanimously.

    From that point onward, all female students were mandated to spend time weekly in newly set up, 24/7 glory holes in almost every building on campus. Not just oral sex like most glory holes, but male students had access to assholes, cunt holes, and mouth holes.

    The nearly 50/50 split of male and female students meant that the boys never had to wait for a hole to fuck, most came in multiple times a day. Whenever they left the boys would be asked to fill out a short form rating their experience, and what could be improved.

    The results were incredibly positive, all the boys found that their grades had improved, their sleep was more sound, and they felt better, more powerful, every single day. But the boys had one complaint, the anonymity. While they liked just having holes, they wished they knew the names of the holes that were the best fuck.

    And so, screens were hung on the wall in front of each girl, showing their name and number, alongside a live feed of what was happening on the other side of the wall. This meant more and more boys started being more sadistic with their treatment, just to see the look on the girl’s face as they pounded her asshole.

    Girls complained about this, of course, because their phones were blowing up with students, professors, and sometimes even random men who had walked in off the street, and their grades were suffering. All the staff just chuckled and told them it was a compliment, before giving them an extra double shift for complaining.

    It was the biggest success in the university’s history. Every year more universities are adopting their system.


    Funny enough, if this was an actual program I think a lot of people would have a much better life. In reality make the girls providing the service be volunteers with perks, not forced into it. If it was more socially acceptable I fully believe there would be plenty of volunteers.


    I've been trying to be a good fucktoy, it's just hard to find men to take my holes! 😩

    Keep looking cute, keep that cunt shaved, and offer yourself to men. Men like easy chicks to use, that’ll get you some traction. Just use protection until you find one to own you.


    Confession? Yes Master... I'm a 19 yr old lesbian and I still crave dick, I can't resist being of use for men like a good set of holes

    Of course you do. You’re not alone on that. I’ve been with multiple women who were lesbian, but just wanted some dick, if not at least for a little while. It’s natural, you probably should give into that desire more. It’s good for you. You can have a female romantic partner and still be useful to men.

    Girls you should be looking up to as role models. Or “Idol of the day” lol

    Todays pick?

    Kenzie Reeves!

    Obviously, she’s a porn star, a good start for someone you should idolize.

    She will play the role needed, be it a new tenant who needs to pay her rent with her body (that’s well taken care of) or to more taboo roles such as the innocent daughter being taught how to love her step father. If you won’t do much as put on a playboy bunny outfit, just say you’re boring and move on.

    She’s fun, not only is she cock loving, but fun loving as well. Make men cum, make men money, and make him smile, a man will keep you around forever.

    And last but certainly not least. She can take dick like a fucking champ. You can fuck her ass just as hard as her cunt and won’t even need you to slow down. Drain the life out of you with her mouth, and never stops showing off.

    The only thing you need to do differently than her is to dedicate yourself to an owner for him to take care of you. Do all of this for him (and those he tells you to) and you’re on your way to a blissful life with the right owner.


    10 Simple Ways to Show Respect to Men

    1. DON’T SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO. Let Them initiate all conversations. 2. LOOK YOUR BEST. Men have eyes. Most Men have eyes that see. Therefore, you should always strive to be as visually appealing as possible. Work out every day. Don’t eat junk food. Do your hair. Buy expensive makeup and spend time applying it. Wear sexually-stimulating clothes that flatter your body type. Wear high heels. Be totally hairless from your eyelashes down. Have nice nails. Whiten your teeth. Smile pleasantly. 3. LET THEM LOOK. If you catch a Man checking you out, let Him look. Is He watching as you walk away? Walk slower and sway your hips more. Is He staring at your cleavage? Bend over so He can see more. Make eye contact and smile so that He knows it’s okay. 4. DON’T TALK BACK. No one likes a bitch. It doesn’t matter if He’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if He’s bugging you. It doesn’t matter if He’s being a jerk. Dont. Talk. Back. your mother was right: “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” 5. TREAT THEM LIKE KINGS. Hold the door for Him. Buy Him dinner. Take Him out. Buy Him presents just because. 6. LAUGH AT HIS JOKES. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s funny or not. Not laughing is rude. Laugh. Make Him feel good. 7. BE SEXUALLY AVAILABLE. Men need you to fuck. Men are out in the real world doing important things and get really stressed out and burnt out in the process. He wants to release His pent up frustrations on some tight little holes and perky tits. Enthusiastically let Him. It’s rude to say no. 8. CLEAN. Every Man deserves a spotless home, office and car. Make this happen for Him. 9. COOK. To His tastes, not your own. 10. SHOW HIM YOUR APPRECIATION. Never forget to take time to show your Man/the Men around you how much you love, respect and appreciate Him.

    - @domesticcunt


    This lady has a good philosophy here


    19 ways to be a better cocksucker

    #1 – Be able to host, especially if he is married.

    #2 – Break your gag reflex by practicing with a banana or a dildo.

    #3 – Never use your hands, unless told to.

    #4 – Look him in the eyes when his cock is down your throat.

    #5 – Learn to listen and observe non-verbal cues that tell you how to suck him better

    #6 – Pay attention to his balls as well.

    #7 – Buy some knees pads so you don’t need to take a break.

    #8 – When he is cumming, keep sucking him all the way through until his orgasm ends.

    #9 – Always swallow, unless he decides to blow it some other way, in which case, let him.

    #10 – Keep his cock in your mouth after he has come, and let it get soft while he comes down from his orgasm. He might fall asleep with his cock in your mouth, let him.

    #11 – When he is done cumming, your are done. Never expect him to reciprocate in any way.

    #12 – Strive to make your mouth a replacement for masturbation. Many guys would much rather cum down your throat than jerk off.

    #13 – Try to make note of when he usually contacts you. And the frequency of when he does, so you can make sure you are available when he wants to use you. When his balls are full, he’s not interested in what else you have going on in your life.

    #14 – If he lifts his legs back while you are sucking him, that often means he would like to get rimmed as well, and your should do that for him.

    #15 – When you are rimming him, don’t stop until he is finished enjoying it, which can be over an hour sometimes. Get used to that.

    #16 – Never touch your cunt when you are sucking him, unless he tells you to.

    #17 – Always provide porn for him to enjoy, and get the kind of porn he likes to watch.

    #18 - Ask him if he wants to take pictures or record you sucking his cock to brag and show to his friends

    #19 – When he is not using you, do not hassle him or bug him. At the very most, you can periodically let him know your availability, but never expect him to respond unless he wants to, when he wants to. And when he doesn’t feel like using your mouth, leave him alone to enjoy the rest of his life.


    #20 - Thank him for using your worthless body and giving it purpose. We all know you crave our attention and approval.


    More good tips for you ladies



    If you simply wanted to get a guy off as quickly as possible, all you need to do is lock your lips at the base of his cock and suction them up and down the bottom ¾ of his shaft at a quick, steady pace while pressing your flattened tongue against the underside of his dick. Make sure you are applying pressure with both your lips AND tongue.

    Keeping your tongue engaged at all times is key. I try to keep mine moving at all times. This is how you get 90% of guys off. It helps me keep from gagging to hold his cock steady at the base and bring my lips down to meet my fingers. You can do this very slowly for a more intense feeling, but make sure you move at a steady rhythm. Some guys like it faster or slower; you may have to ask, or more likely, he’ll tell you.

    This is your power move, the one that is actually going to bring him to orgasm. A true hooker blowjob needs only this one move; if scientists were to create a blowjob machine, this is what it would do. The other moves I’m going to teach you are artistic flourishes; you use them to add flair and style to your blowjob or to slow down the action a little.

    Don’t be afraid to just slobber all over his love muscle. It should be as wet and sloppy as possible, especially during your power move. A good blowjob makes loud, gross suction-y noises. When I’m done, I’m usually covered in my own drool and leave a wet spot on the bed.

    If his dick is too big for you to take the whole thing in your mouth, you’ll need to use your hand too. Slobber all over his cock for awhile first so your hand will slide easily up and down instead of just catching on his dry skin. The most important hand move is the twister. When you slide your hand up his shaft, twist your wrist. A twisting motion gets you into a smoother rhythm than the straight up and down. Slide your hand up and down on the base of his cock in conjunction with your mouth moving up and down on the rest of it. The hard part is finding the correct grip: again you may want his guidance.

    Another good trick is to wrap your hand around the top of his cock and put your mouth over your hand. Then slide your hand down the shaft and your mouth down on top of it in a fluid motion until your hand meets the base of his cock. It will feel like you’re sliding your mouth all the way down him even if you can’t. It’s times like these I wish I could draw; I’d make little diagrams.

    I usually start out by paying some attention to the balls. There are three basic ball moves: you can put them in your mouth and suck them (LIGHTLY), lick them with a flattened cow tongue, or tense your tongue into a point and run the tip of your tongue all over them. I alternate between all three. Sometimes I lift them up and lick underneath his balls.

    Also, if you cup them while you are entering the home stretch, you’ll be able to tell he’s about to cum as they get higher and tighter.

    My next move is usually to give his shaft several long licks from base to tip. This is the ice cream cone move; it looks sexy, it’s a nice touch, but it’s not going to make anybody cum. While conducting the power move, I come up from time to time to give the head a little attention: sucking on it, moving my tongue in a circle around it, and flicking my tongue over that spot on the underside that all the sex websites tell you is el sensitivo. In my experience, guys don’t really go that wild over attention to that spot, but these are just flourishes anyway.

    I tend to get a bit wrapped up in my work that I forget to make eye contact, so head action is a great time to look up at him with puppy dog eyes and his cock in your mouth.

    I mentioned this in my tips to get him to cum faster, but at least once during the beej, I usually pop his dick out of my mouth and slap it against my tongue or face, then look at him while I rub his cock against my cheeks and lips. Guys are visual, this is just a little something dirty for him to look at.

    I can’t really teach you how to deep throat, that’s between you and your gag reflex. The important thing, I think, is to make an effort to take him in as deep as you can, even if it’s only for a few seconds. It’s hard to explain exactly how I do this: try concentrating on relaxing your throat and jaw. As I mentioned before, it helps me to steady his cock with my hand when I go deep, and breathing in instead of just holding your breath also helps abate that “gonna puke” feeling.

    When you’re ready to finish him off, go into the power move and don’t vary your pace for anything. If you’re cupping his balls, you’ll often be able to tell when he’s about to cum as they tighten up. I speed up a little bit at the end, and when I feel him start to come I push my head down as deep as it will go and suck slowly and intensely at the base, letting his cum just shoot down my throat.


    Guide for all the good girls who want to please their Daddy.

    DO NOT MISS IT.!!!


    Good whores help others worship cock.


    Ladies, if you’re looking for ways to blow his mind, and his load down your throat this is a good instructional from a girl that clearly knows what she’s doing. The best thing I can add is a tip for when your gag reflex betrays you. Grip your left thumb in the palm of your left hand. Making a fist squeezing your thumb as you deep throat. This works for the large majority of the girls I’ve throat fucked that had gagging problems.


    Be what He wants you to be.

    If He wants you to be His perfect plastic bimbo, be His perfect plastic bimbo.

    If He wants you to be His filthy breeding pig, be His filfthy breeding pig.

    If He wants you to be His devoted subservient housewife, be His devoted subservient housewife.

    If He wants you to be His pretty little baby girl, be His pretty little baby girl.

    If He wants you to be His drooling little dog bitch, be His drooling little bitch.

    If He wants you to be His tattooed ghetto fuckdoll whore, be His tattooed fuckdoll whore.

    If He wants you to be His dirty piss gulping urinal, be His dirty piss gulping urinal.

    If He wants you to be His brainless hucow, be His brainless hucow.

    There is no you.

    There is only His desire and a blank slate waiting to be filled with it.


    Beautifully said. The only addition needed is you need to find others for him to be the things you’re not. Or even the things you are, more is always better than less