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    Role Model

    Chapter 1 - The Interview

    Ravi desperately tugged at his trousers, trying to get them to close. His shirt bunched up at his shoulders and sat open to reveal a carpet of hair. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, this can't be happening," he said to the room.

    "You okay?" Steven called through the open door. Ravi heard footsteps and Steven stook his head through.

    "They don't fit," Ravi gestured down at himself and collapsed down on the bed.

    "Oh. Well no, it doesn't seem to, umm," Steven cleared his throat. "Why do they need to?"

    "My placement interview. I haven't had to wear anything smart for ages and I just sort of assumed they'd be okay," Ravi explained.

    "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. For that nuclear place? Fuck! No, no, listen, right, Jason will have something that I bet will fit, because he's put on-" Simon caught himself. "Because he's about your size, I reckon. And he had his interview not long ago, so he'll have something.

    Ravi noticed the almost-comment on his recent weight gain, but chose to ignore it. "Nope. Thought of that. He's away until Monday," he said, head buried in his hands.

    Simon had already left the room. "He left his door unlocked though," he called through. "He never locks it." Ravi looked up, hope swelling in his chest. "He won't mind if you borrow something."

    Ravi entered Jason's room to see Steven stood with the wardrobe open, pulling out a selection of shirts and trousers. "Oh my god, you beautiful, beautiful man! You've saved me, oh my god." Ravi quickly grasped Steven in a hug before picking up one of the shirts he'd pulled out.

    Steven went red. "Oh, no, it's nothing really, just thought to check a door." Ravi wasn't paying attention to Steven's nervousness, already tugging down the trousers down his hairy thighs. "I'll umm, I'll leave you to it then," Steven said, leaving the room.

    Ravi came into Steven's room a few minutes later, once again dejected. The shirt and trousers were buttoned closed now, but barely. The fabric of the shirt was straining, with a small gap of dark, hairy skin showing between the two buttons at his belly button, and Ravi walked awkwardly, clearly uncomfortable in the too tight clothes. "I can't actually be fatter than Jason can I?" Ravi asked, voice dejected.

    Steven stared at Ravi's torso, unable to tear his eyes away. "I don't think you're umm… I think you're probably about the same size still, his placement interview was a couple of months ago now, so he could have put on a little weight since."

    "Fuck. I always thought I was at least staying a bit slimmer than him," Ravi was looking down at his middle, rubbing his hands over the straining shirt.

    Steven shifted in his seat uncomfortably, still unable to tear his eyes away from the larger man. "I wouldn't say that you're uh," he trailed off, and cleared his throat. "You know, it's not like you're actually, you know, or anything. Just put on a little weight. Stocky. Finding your adult body."

    Ravi wasn't paying attention to Steven's discomfort, or the way he'd pulled his iPad over to his lap. "Fuck. I can't go like this, look at me." He poked the tight fabric around one of the straining buttons. "It's too hot to wear a jumper isn't it? I'll swelter."

    Steven shook his head and took a deep breath. "It's fine," he told Ravi. "Really, it is. Look, if you put on a tie it'll cover up the buttons, we can use a tie clip to make sure it doesn't move. And a jacket will cover it a little. Can you sit down okay?"

    Ravi hesitated, but slowly lowered down onto Steven's computer chair and groaned. "Just about. I feel like I'm getting cut in two." Steven could hear a slight strain to his voice, and did his best to ignore that the fat on Ravi's torso bulged even more as he sat.

    "I think you're going to have to put up with it," Steven commiserated. "Just don't eat or drink anything, yeah? You're at your limit."

    Ravi nodded and took a deep, steady breath. "Cheers mate. Really. I was freaking out there. This placement is perfect for me."

    "Which is why you're going to get it! There's no-one else on the course that can say they've done the exact type of modeling they need." Steven walked over to Ravi and slapped him on the shoulder, before offering him a hand and heaving him up. "When is it?"

    "I'm leaving in 20 minutes," Ravi said, unbuttoning his trousers and the top button of his shirt to give him some temporary relief.

    "Fucking hell Rav! Give yourself a bit of prep time in future, yeah? Maybe give yourself a bit of time to get some new trousers if you need them."

    "I know, I know. Lucky that Jason's a fat bastard too, eh?" Ravi joked and slapped his thick middle.

    Steven gave a nervous laugh and ushered Ravi out the room. Once he was alone he let out a long, shuddering exhale and sank down onto his bed, fingers unbuttoning his trousers.


    Ravi arrived at the swanky offices to find the other interviewees, most of whom he recognised from his uni course, sat with a woman with short, blue hair and a colourful, cartoon dress. "Ravi?" she asked as he approached. "Heather, we spoke on the phone. I'll be looking after you today." Ravi hoped he imagined the way her eyes flicked down to his shirt before widening a little. "I think that's everyone now, we can go up a touch early and get you all settled."

    As Heather led the way, she explained the way the day would work. Ravi only half-listened, having read all of this in the email going over the day. He instead looked around at the other candidates. From what he knew of them, he was the best engineer of the bunch, and he'd already done several projects on the type of nuclear reactors that got developed at the company, but he noticed that all of them were dressed far sharper than he was, with swish suits and crisp ties that seemed to fit them all perfectly.

    "And this is where you're going to be based for the day!" Heather announced, gesturing around a conference room. "Help yourself to coffees and teas, and there's some snacks over there, biscuits, donuts, flapjacks, a bit of fruit. We'll bring you lunch at one and I'll come collect you all when we're ready for you." She raised her arm to wave as she left the room. "Good luck guys!"

    The other candidates moved to make themselves coffee, while Ravi stared at the plate of donuts and biscuits. He remembered Steven's advice about not eating, as he drummed his fingers against his stomach, but he'd skipped breakfast, and his stomach was rumbling now. One couldn't hurt, he told himself, collecting a few biscuits and hesitating, before grabbing a donut as well and moving to one of the chairs. After all, he wouldn't interview very well if he was hungry. He sat down with a grunt and picked up the first biscuit, telling himself to eat it slowly, as he put the whole thing in his mouth in one go.

    "Oh, hi Ravi," Ade, a handsome man on his course, said as he sat down next to him.

    "Ade! What are you doing here? I thought you were going for that aerospace placement?" Ravi asked.

    Ade rolled his eyes. "Tom got it. His dad works there so he was always going to get it," Ade grumbled.

    "Tall hot Tom?" Ravi asked.

    Ade shook his head. "Short hot Tom."

    "Damn, I'm sorry, that sucks," Ravi commiserated.

    Ade shrugged his shoulders. "It's fine. It wasn't very well connected, it turns out." His eyes flicked down to Ravi's waist. "Are you okay? You look a bit… uncomfortable."

    Ravi shifted in his seat, fingers working their way around his waistline as he tried to stop it biting into his hips and the flesh around the bottom of his burgeoning belly. "Yeah, no, I'm fine. Clothes are just a bit tight really. You can't tell can you?"

    Ade hesitated. "Not at all," he lied. "You look fine."

    Heather walked in at that moment. "Ade, you've got your technical task now, and Ravi, you've got your interview."

    Ravi quickly swallowed the biscuit he was eating and shoved his donut in his mouth, licking his fingers. He stood up with a slight grunt, and gave a thumbs up to Ade who returned it with a smile. "Good luck!" he told Ade. Ade turned back, but didn't reply.


    The interview had gone well, Ravi thought, although he had noticed about 10 minutes in that he still had some powdered sugar from his donut down his front and had to try and discreetly brush it off. He was waiting for his technical task, which according to the schedule he was supposed to have last, at the very end of the day. He'd stretched his legs out and leaned back into his chair, attempting to get relief from the constant irritation of his clothes. He'd even allowed himself to take off his tie and undo his top button, where a mark now sat on his neck.

    He was now sat watching the other candidates eat lunch, avoiding going too close to stop himself giving in to temptation.

    Ade gestured at the platters. "You go ahead, I'm not eating. The guy that did the technical task said the company's got way too much money, I guess they spend it all on food."

    Ravi hesitated before shaking his head, his fingers tracing some of the sorer sections of skin. "I shouldn't. I had a big breakfast."

    "Jesus fuck this is a good sandwich though!" Brian, one of the other guys on Ravi's course, practically shouted.

    Ravi edged closer to the platter of food. "I guess I should eat lunch really," he reasoned, speaking to no one in particular. "Brain food and all that." He picked up a sandwich and bit into it. It really was a good sandwich, with lots of pastrami and emmental, on a salty rye bread and with pickles throughout. Ravi moaned as he took another bite.

    An hour later Ravi stood in the bathroom mirror, staring at the slivers of flesh that were now showing between each button. Giving up on doing up his top button again, he put on his tie, hoping it would disguise the undone button, and went back to the conference room, finding it empty, everyone else having finished their interviews.

    He noticed that there was one uneaten sandwich still on the platter and shrugged to himself, finding even this small movement caused his shirt to bunch up uncomfortably now. By this point, he told himself, this shirt was obviously already too small, what was a sandwich going to hurt? He bit into it, savouring the flavours, wondering if the company lunches were always this good. He opted to stand while he waited, unsure about how well his clothes would stand to the strain of sitting down.

    Eventually, Heather came to collect him for the final portion of the day, and led him to a room. He immediately felt less self-conscious about his clothes - the man running the technical portion of the task was huge.

    His shirt was pulled tight by a soft, pillowy gut spilling out onto his thick thighs, while the outline of two breasts pushed out just above the crest of his gut. Dark, unkempt stubble covered a jowly face and double chin. "Tony," he greeted Adbul in a thick yorkshire accent, standing up with visible effort and offering his hand. "You'll be working with me if you get the place, I'm heading up the project we're recruiting for."

    Ravi accepted Tony's hand, introducing himself, and Tony collapsed back into his chair, creaking filling the room. Ravi gingerly lowered himself into his own chair.

    "Right, just to be clear, I'm only going to let people onto my team if they know their stuff, alright? I'm not carrying some lazy student. Don't try and blag your answers. If you don't know something, tell me how you'd work it out," Tony told Ravi. Ravi nodded, slightly taken aback at Tony's bluntness. "Right, you'll have one of those, won't you?" he said, pointing at a tray of pastries and donuts before picking one up and taking a bite, a shower of pastry flakes and sugar falling to join the covering that already sat on the shelf of his stomach. "All your uni mates turned them down. Probably too concerned about their figures." Despite this, there was clearly roughly half the tray missing.

    If anything, Ravi felt confident after Tony's warning - he did know his stuff, better than his course mates at least. Despite his shirt feeling like it was about to explode, he reached out and took a pastry covered in chocolate and a donut, sensing that this was some form of initiation. "Good lad!" Tony called across the table, leaning back with a smile and drumming his fingers on his gut.

    Ravi answered all of Tony's questions with ease, being familiar with the style of nuclear reactor the company researched and developed. Tony even seemed impressed when Ravi suggested a few minor modifications that could be made to the standard design, discussing his ideas behind each. Ravi periodically took a new pastry, which seemed to win Tony over each time.

    Half an hour later, Tony grinned and congratulated Ravi on his answers, before slapping his knees and slowly standing, offering his hand to Ravi to shake. Ravi tensed his middle to stand up and -


    "You tore your shirt?" Steven asked incredulously. "Like the buttons popped off? Like, in a story?"

    Ravi shook his head confusedly. "What story? No, the seams at the side, see?" He twisted to show Steven, tearing the hole even wider in the process. "Oh fuck. Can you help me get this off?" He began to unbutton the shirt and Steven stood behind him to peel it off his arms.

    "How did the interviewer react?" Steven asked, Ravi successfully extracted. Steven stood gripping the ruined shirt, knuckles almost white.

    "That's the weird thing!" Ravi said, standing in just his trousers, the zipper pushed apart by his fat. "It made him seem to like me more! He just laughed and told me it 'happens to the best of us', like it's some daily occurrence or something."

    "Still, you got the placement, that's the main thing," Steven pointed out.

    "Yeah. That Ade from the course got a place too actually."

    "Well that's nice," Steven said. "Here," he opened the fridge and offered Ravi a beer. "You deserve this I reckon. A curry too, to celebrate."

    Ravi nodded. "Let me get these trousers off first though."


    An hour and a half later, the two housemates sat watching a movie, the table in front of them covered in a selection of Indian food, and Ravi now in pyjamas.

    "I need to lose some fucking weight," Ravi moaned in between bites, and slapped the paunch that bloated out in front of him. "Look at this thing! I used to have a 30 inch waist when I came to uni!"

    Steven looked across at Ravi. "It's just because you've just eaten though. You're bloated." He paused. "What size trousers do you wear now then?" he asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

    Ravi scoffed. "Well those ones of Jason's today were 34s, and I managed not to burst out of those at least, so probably 36s." He looked down at himself. "I've got to lose some weight," he repeated to himself, quietly this time.

    Steven tried to diffuse the mood. "Hey man, fuck it, it's second year, everyone puts on a little weight at uni, right?"

    "You haven't," Ravi pointed out.

    "And just think about next year!" Steven continued, ignoring Ravi. "It'll be great! All three of us on great placements at great companies, all living together."

    "Yeah, yeah, I think you're right you know," Ravi replied, forgetting his earlier worries and grabbing some more food to pile on his plate. "Next year's going to be so good. And who cares if I've put on a little weight, right?" He lifted up his t-shirt and jiggled his small belly to emphasise his point. Steven smiled and shifted uncomfortably, pulling a pillow over his lap.

    Chapter 2 - The First Day

    Ravi and Ade at in Heather's office, thoroughly bored. They'd spent the morning filling out forms and going through various HR and safety briefings, and even the studious Ade was beginning to find it difficult to stay awake.

    Ravi was disappointed to find out that the endless stream of food provided at the interview was just to attract candidates and wouldn't be a daily occurrence. Still, he was happy he'd opted to but the roomier 38 inch trousers when he'd bought new office-appropriate attire earlier that week, as he was sure that the pinch he'd felt when he'd tried on the 36s would have become unbearable after this long sat down, even if he hadn't eaten.

    Ravi had felt self-conscious ever since arriving that day. Despite his clothes now fitting (he cringed, remembering his interview), he felt like a blob next to Ade's broad shoulders and small waist, with biceps straining against a smart and stylish shirt. Meanwhile, Ravi's weight had only climbed higher over the summer, his small paunch now pressing out obviously no matter what he wore.

    "You about done then Heather?" Ravi heard a gruff northern voice behind him say. He turned around to see Tony stood, his soft and saggy gut barely contained by his shirt. Ravi couldn't be sure, but he thought he might not have been the only one to have put some weight on over the summer, as Tony's shirt was looking tight.

    "Almost Tony," Heather smiled a little nervously. "I was just telling them about the company's current health drive and then I'm done." She turned back to them and handed each a small booklet, which they added to the rest of the paper they'd been given. "As part of our recent initiative to keep everyone happy, healthy and productive, we've replaced all the biscuits with fresh fruit in the main break room, and the company has organised a deal with a gym that's just a short walk from here, where every-"

    "No one remembers all this stuff anyway Heather," Tony interrupted. "Come on lads, let's get to lunch."

    The two stood, Ravi excited to hear that he was getting rewarded for his excruciatingly boring morning with food. "Well actually I was interested to hear about-" Ade began to say.

    "It'll all be in an email. Or the employee handbook. Or somewhere else you'll never look. Come on." Tony started to lead them out the door. "Cheers Heather!" he called to the flustered woman. "Right you two, this company's got more bloody government funding than it knows what to do with, so on everyone's first day they get taken to lunch for far too much money. Still, it won't get used otherwise so I'm not complaining. You two keeping up?" he asked, turning to look at them. Ravi thought it would be difficult not to keep up with the large man's slow pace. "So I'm taking you to a slap up restaurant and you'll order more than you think you can eat."

    "Oh, I'll probably just get a salad," Ade explained. "I'm on a diet where I restrict calories during certain-"

    "Then you eat your salad and us two will eat everything else that we'll say is getting claimed for you, eh?" Ravi felt a shiver of excitement at the large man lumping Ravi in the same category as him that he couldn't explain. He told himself that he was just excited to be making a better impression on his boss.

    They arrived at a restaurant that Ravi knew he'd never otherwise be able to afford, and got seated. "Bloody fancy restaurants with their bloody rickety chairs," Tony grumbled as he sat down.

    They sat quietly for a while, pouring over the menu. Ade set his menu aside after a minute or so and sat with a tight-lipped smile while Ravi and Tony didn't look up from their own menus for quite some time. Just the descriptions of the dishes made Ravi's mouth water.

    "Made your minds up lads?" Tony asked.

    "Like I said-" Ade started.

    "A salad, I know, I know." Tony turned to Ravi, a twinkle in his eye. "What about you then?" Just like at his interview, Ravi felt like he was being subtly challenged, but to what he wasn't sure.

    "God, there's so much that looks good. The pork belly maybe. The moussaka looks great too."

    "Get them both then, it's none of us that's paying," Tony insisted. "Choose two or three starters and sides while you're looking as well, you can't eat like this every day." Ravi thought that Tony might, in fact, eat like this every day.

    They ordered, and their starters arrived shortly after, covering the table. Ravi was quietly thankful that Tony had insisted he order a few, as the portion sizes were small and he found himself looking forward to his mains. Despite being intent on his food, Tony clearly made an effort to speak to them both, asking about their university course and their interests outside of their degrees, and in return told them about the company and the team they were joining. Past his somewhat grumpy exterior, Ravi was warming to Tony, realising that he was just impatient and easily annoyed when things weren't being done in what he saw as the right way.

    Halfway through his second main, Ravi began to slow the pace of his eating. The food was delicious, but rich, and he felt like there was a ball of lead in his stomach. Still, he soldiered on, unable to shake the fact that he was impressing Tony somehow. And indeed, as the meal went on, Tony seemed to become friendlier with Ravi, while Ade barely interacted with him, clearly bored of the extended meal.

    Finally, Ravi put down his fork, breathing heavily and sweat dripping down his back and under his arms. He didn't know the last time he was this full, and his new clothes were already feeling just a touch tighter than was comfortable.

    Tony meanwhile was coping far better with the feast he'd just consumed, but it was clear that he was more sluggish than before. Ravi had watched with fascination as the older man's gut had risen like dough throughout lunch, transforming from a thick apron of fat into a soft ball that sat in his lap.

    Tony slowly raised his arm to get the attention of a waiter. "They've got this chocolate tart you'll love lad. Nothing like it." Ravi's eyes went wide. He wasn't sure how much more he could eat. Still, he just nodded with a small smile at Tony, even when Ade announced he didn't want dessert, giving him the perfect out.


    "Right, this is us," Tony explained, showing them into a large open plan office. The walk back from lunch had been significantly slower than the walk to the restaurant, and it was now late afternoon. "Every team has its own individual space, so everyone here you'll be working with. There's meeting rooms over there," he pointed to an entire side of the room, sided in glass, "and individual working rooms over there if you need them," he pointed to another row of doors. "And this," he spread his arms a little, clearly feeling that this was the highlight of the short office tour, "is the office kitchen. We're not doing that bloody health initiative up here, so there's actual food available, don't worry. Help yourselves to biscuits, coffees, teas. I try to make sure there's usually some cakes or donuts or something most days. I actually want to thank my team, not starve them."

    Ravi was thrilled to find that Tony kept their department stocked with treats and snacks, unlike the rest of the company. Despite the large lunch, he followed Tony's lead in grabbing a slice of cake and idly eating it as they walked around the office getting introduced to everyone. Ravi noticed that unlike the rest of the company, which seemed to present a unified clean, put together face, it was clear that this department was more casual, with the suits that he'd seen others wearing done away with in favour of simple shirts and trousers. He gladly took his tie off once it was clear it wasn't needed. He also noticed that in general, most of the team was on the heavier side than most of the rest of the company, especially the men, most of whom had dad bods or beer bellies hanging over their belts. He wondered if the company's health push might be somewhat targeted.

    Ravi and Ade spent the rest of the afternoon sorting out their desks. By the time 5 pm rolled around, Ade had a spotless desk and a custom filing system, while Ravi had a pile of stationary piled on top of the various bits of paper he'd been passed throughout the day. Ade was sat deligently making notes on a project brief Tony had given them ("Don't bother looking at it today! First day's always a write-off anyway."), and would occasionally shoot a dirty look across at Ravi whenever he would let out a small burp, or his stomach would let out a loud gurgle. Ravi didn't pay these looks any mind, feeling far too tired and warm while he digested to really notice. Leaning back in his chair with sunlight streaming through the large windows, he felt like a python basking on a warm rock while it digested a particularly large meal. He didn't quite understand why he had such a persistent erection, but was too tired to really question it.


    "All they do is eat all day!" Jason cried. "It's like all an office job is, is being bored all day and eating to relieve the boredom."

    Steven nodded. "It's the same at mine. They debated about what the best biscuit is for about an hour."

    "Golden Crunch Creams," Ravi said. "Best biscuit in the world." He drummed his fingers against his stomach, which had shrunk down a little from his earlier bloat. "I don't know, there's something going on at my placement. Like the manager actively encourages everyone to eat all day." He paused, hesitant to carry on, but unsure why. "He seemed almost impressed with how much I ate at lunch. And everyone's a bit fat. He's the biggest though. I don't know, it's like he's some kind of feeder."

    "A what?" Steven asked nervously. "I'm not sure I know that word."

    "Someone that likes to feed other people," Jason explained, shaking his head. "Context clues, yeah buddy?"

    Steven laughed shakily. Ravi had noticed that Steven was always a little jumpy whenever anyone brought up gaining weight. He knew his family were all thin, so he wondered if Steven felt a lot of pressure to stay in shape. He shook his head, feeling sorry for him.

    "Anyway, I'm too tired to cook, shall we order pizzas?" Jason suggested.

    Ravi pressed his fingers lightly into his growing belly, feeling the soft layer of fat covering the taut, stretched stomach. "Yeah," he said quietly, "go on then."

    Chapter 3 - The Christmas Party

    While never reaching the excesses of that first lunch, Ravi was surprised at the sheer amount that Tony encouraged the team to eat throughout each day. Multiple boxes of sweet treats would appear each morning in the kitchen, and Tony would offer them round the office if they hadn't disappeared by the afternoon. Most would refuse, citing diets and growing waistlines, patting their slight paunches, and so inevitably Tony would end up at Ravi's desk, pushing a small pile of pastries, cakes and donuts towards him, usually without asking, making comments that "at least someone knows how to eat properly." Inevitably Ravi's cock would bounce in his increasingly tight trousers at these comments, and after stuffing all of the items into his mouth he would quietly slink down the corridor to the toilet, where he'd lock himself into a stall and fish his cock out, hand pumping madly. As he'd gingerly wipe himself clean afterwards, belly hair sticky, confusion and shame would rise in his chest, which would soon get forgotten about as his tongue would find a small missed crumb stuck on his lips, and he'd wander back to the office wondering if there were any biscuits left in the cupboards.

    Ravi's favourite day of the week was Friday. While he knew Steven's and Jason's offices had traditions of bringing in cakes at the end of the week, that would be basically redundant under Tony's fattening regime. Instead, Tony had come up with Fromage Fridays a few years ago, bringing in huge cheese platters in the morning, so that most Friday afternoons would be spent with most people milling around the kitchen, grabbing bites of brie and goats cheese, before heading to the pub. On top of a day's worth of eating and several pints, Ravi would without fail get a greasy kebab or pizza on the way home, stuffing it greedily into his mouth, sauce dripping down onto his straining shirt, while one hand would lazily snake down his trousers as soon as he was back in his room.

    Despite the company's health initiative, Ravi still found that the lunches provided in the cafeteria to be far richer and more filling than if he'd had to go out to buy a meal deal. He was quickly growing close to the rest of the team, who were all friendly and keen to get to know him. He noticed that many of them who turned down Tony's offers of sweets often indulged in a large lunch themselves, unable to resist, and maybe explaining why their dad bods weren't going away despite their supposed diets. Ravi was grateful that Tony sat to each lunch with the team, rather than with the other managers, and he quickly got to know the large man. The same couldn't be said for Ade, who would move to a new table each day with a salad brought from home, insisting upon Ravi the importance of networking.

    "It's all one company," Ravi said one day. "Who can you realistically network with?"

    Ade chuckled and shook his head. "Everyone here has a STEM degree. They all know people, who know people, who know hedge fund managers. It's not what you know Ravi, it's who you know."

    Still, Ravi felt that what he knew was helping him out a lot more than who Ade knew, as Tony was consistently impressed with his work, and sent a glowing report back to the university towards Christmas, when the university term would be finishing.

    The result of all this gluttony was that Ravi had once again bought a whole new set of clothes, and he realised with some dismay, these were getting uncomfortably tight themselves by the time Christmas rolled around. Whereas before he felt a lot of his gained weight had just filled him out, swelling his skinny adolescent body into the thick body of an adult, he now undeniably had a gut. Almost all of the weight he'd gained since starting his placement had gone straight to his middle, and he now had an almost perfectly spherical hairy ball gut at his centre, almost the same shape as a pregnant woman's, hovering above his waistline without any give or slack. He was starting to find the way it refused to squash or move to get in the way of basic tasks like tying his shoelaces, pushing back against him when he tried to lean down, to be utterly, irresistibly arousing.


    Ravi sat at one of the tables at the edge of the dancefloor, nursing a pint. It was the office Christmas party, and he was wearing a jumper covered in Christmas trees, stretched tight over his new belly.

    Tony settled down next to him, grunting as he sank into the seat, and put a plate piled high with food down on the table. The chair creaked ominously, and Tony froze for a moment. "One of these collapsed under me a few months ago." Tony explained. "I keep on telling them they need at least a couple of stronger chairs for the not so dainty among us, eh lad?"

    Ravi laughed nervously, not sure how to feel that Tony was putting the two of them in the same category. It made him feel oddly proud, almost mature, like Tony had identified him as an equal, even if it was only due to his increasing weight. "Not quite in chair breaking territory yet Tony," he said eventually, giving an unsure slap to his belly, like he'd seen Tony do so often to emphasise a point.

    Tony laughed. "I don't suppose you are lad! Don't worry, you'll get there." What the [I]fuck[/I] was that supposed to mean. Ravi laughed nervously again and shifted to hide his growing erection. "You not eating lad?"

    "Oh, I've already grabbed some food."

    "So? Go get some more. God knows none of these lot will be eating it." Ravi half-smiled in acknowledgement at the suggestion, and carried on drinking his pint. "Well? Go on, I'll keep your pint safe, get a plate," Tony ordered.

    Realising Tony wasn't joking or just being friendly, Ravi quickly went to pile a plate high with food. He didn't quite understand the hold Tony had on him, but he found himself unable to resist the older man's every suggestion. Equally, he didn't know why Tony seemed to gravitate towards him, seeking him out at almost every opportunity.

    Ravi got back to the table and immediately dug in. "Good lad," Tony said between his own mouthfuls, and Ravi again found himself growing hard.

    They ate in silence for a while, before Ravi realised he should say something. "I'm really enjoying it here," he settled on.

    Tony continued to chew for almost a full minute before swallowing and replying. "You're doing well lad. Fitting in alright, and your work's bloody good for someone that's still working at getting their degree." Ravi felt a swell of pride and sped up the rate he was eating at, keen not to let Tony down. "Not like that one anyway," he nodded towards Ade, shmoozing with a group of the higher ups.

    "He'll be networking," Ravi chipped in around a chicken drumstick.

    "Hmm, net's the only type of bloody work he's done since he got here. It's like he's not interested," Tony grumbled.

    Ravi shook his head. "I don't think he's bothered about the work really. He wants to go into finance," he said by way of explanation.

    "I bloody bet he does! And I never see him bloody eat owt either. Can't trust a man who doesn't eat properly, that's what I say," Tony said, perhaps a little too loudly. By way of response, Ravi took an enormous bite of potato salad.

    As if he'd heard them, Ade started to walk over to Tony and Ravi's table. "We should go soon, people are starting to arrive for that uni drinks thing," Ade said. "If you're finished eating that is," he added bitchily.

    "Give him a chance!" Tony barked, wiping some hummus off his plate with a large piece of bread. "You can't expect the boy to go out drinking without having eaten anything, can you?"

    Ravi nodded, forcing the rest of his food down at a faster rate, before standing up unsteadily, his stomach overly full. He tried to pull his Christmas jumper down but it kept on riding up. "Right, I think I'm," he burped and Ade wrinkled his nose, "ready to go. Cheers Tony, have a good Christmas."

    "You too lad! Don't get too drunk tonight, will you?"

    Ravi and Ade left and got in a taxi. The ride was basically silent, which suited Ravi fine as he was busy rubbing his stuffed belly. He kept on shifting uncomfortably, and tried to hide a continuous stream of burps. When they arrived, Ade leapt out of the taxi and went into the bar without waiting for Ravi, who made his way much more slowly.

    It was obvious that Ravi and Ade were some of the last to arrive, everyone else already clearly drunk. Ravi wove his way through the crowd, more difficult with his increasing girth, and found Jason and Steven.

    "Eyyyy!" Jason cried as he saw Ravi. "It's the big man!" He patted Ravi's side. "Drink mate? Drink. I'm going to get a drink. Who else wants a drink?" He stumbled off to the bar, leaving Ravi with Steven, who stood in place, swaying slightly.

    Steven mumbled something, eyes fixed somewhere around Ravi's middle. Ravi assumed he might have been trying to focus on something to keep him upright, or to stop from being sick. "What was that?" Ravi asked.

    Steven's eyes lazily rose to meet Ravi's and he leaned in, stumbling so that he fell into Ravi's gut. He made no motion to stand up, and Ravi ended up supporting. "Big man," Steven slurred, repeating Jason's words from earlier.

    Ravi laughed. "That's right mate! I've gotten pretty fucking fat recently, haven't I? I'm glad you haven't gotten so drunk that you can't see obvious shit."

    Steven's face broke into a grin, mere inches away from Ravi's. "Fucking fat," he mumbled.

    "Yeah, let's get you say down shall we?" Ravi slung an arm around Steven and maneovered him to a nearby seat. Just as they sat down, Jason appeared with pints for each of them. "I don't reckon he'll be needing his," Ravi told Jason, nodding his head towards Steven, now slumped in his chair, head resting against Ravi's chest. Ravi suspected he might be drooling a little.

    "Perfect!" Jason said. "More for me!" He picked up Steven's ex-pint and chugged it down.

    Ravi sighed. "I'm going to have to be in charge of you two tonight, aren't I?" He asked wearily.

    "Yep!" Jason said cheerfully. Before taking a mouthful of his own pint.

    Ravi felt Steven shift slightly and pushed him away, seating him by himself so that he was precariously balanced. Steven's mouth began to move, half-forming words.

    "Like a story…" Steven mumbled.

    Ravi laughed. "Like what story Steve? One about getting too drunk?" he asked.

    Steve shook his head and mumbled something. Ravi could just about make out the word "builders".

    "A story about builders! Very exciting." Ravi looked over at Jason and laughed.

    Steven patted Ravi's stomach and slurred something that sounded like "gay" or maybe "gain".

    "Ah, right," Ravi said. "Gay builders, got it." He turned to Jason. "I reckon he needs to get home."

    "Mate, no, come on!" Jason protested.

    "You can stay here, but I'm going to go with him," Ravi told him.

    "What? No. You've just got here!" Jason said.

    "Look at him mate, he's going to end up on the floor," Ravi said, gesturing towards Steven, his head slumped down to his chest.

    Jason shrugged. "Fine, fine. We'll have to do a proper night out at some point though, yeah?"

    "Yeah, fine, whatever. Just help me get him up, alright?"

    Together the two took Steven outside, and Jason went back in as Ravi held him up while he ordered a ride. Once in, Steven collapsed against Ravi, both hands resting on his burgeoning gut. Ravi laughed. In Steven's drunkenness he'd started kneading his gut belly slightly, like a cat making biscuits. He'd have to make sure to make fun of him for it in the morning.

    They got home, and Ravi helped Steven out of the car, thanking the driver profusely, and thanking god that Steven hadn't been sick. "Right, let's get you to bed," Ravi told Steven.

    "Bed?" Steven asked quietly.

    "Yes, we're getting you to bed," Ravi said patiently.

    "You bed," Steven said, placing one hand of Ravi's chest.

    "Yes, I'll go to bed in a bit too," Ravi reassured him.

    "No," Steven said, stumbling up the stairs. "My bed."

    Ravi laughed. It was like dealing with a toddler. "Yes, you'll go to your bed, I'll go to my bed."

    Ravi helped Steven take his clothes off and put him to bed. Steven reached out and grabbed Ravi's hand.

    "Ravi," Steven said quietly.

    "Yeah?" Ravi asked

    "Ravi," Steven repeated, a smile growing on his face. Ravi chuckled to himself and grabbed him a glass of water before leaving him alone.

    Downstairs, Ravi grabbed a beer and looked to see what was in the fridge that he could eat.

    Chapter 4 - The Project

    Tony had called in the entire department for a meeting, and was detailing a massive new project. He'd ordered huge platters of food "to keep everyone focussed", but in reality most of it was going to Ravi and Tony, with a few others grazing here and there. Ravi felt like if anything all the food was making him less focussed, the heavy food making him drowsy, and he wondered how Tony managed to keep leading the meeting.

    While many managers would present standing up, Tony steadfastly insisted on being sat down, citing a desire to improve conversation, but he'd confessed to Ravi that his feet just got tired after too long standing up, and have his usual knowing comment or nod to Ravi, implying he'd know all about that soon enough. Ravi studied Tony's body, the mammoth thighs, the gut that got accentuated as he sat down, the short, pudgy fingers. Tony had clearly put on weight recently, and while Ravi's own gain was much more obvious, he wondered whether he'd actually put on more, or if the weight was just more obvious on Ravi's smaller body. Ravi had absolutely ballooned recently, and new clothes started to feel constricting almost as soon as he'd bought them.

    "... and I really am sorry, I am." Ravi shook his head to focus as he realised Tony was reaching the end of the meeting. "I'll be right there with you, but I reckon there'll be some late nights. I'll not force anyone, and I'll make sure you're fairly compensated, and I'll make sure you get fed, but ultimately that's the situation we're in."

    There was some grumbling, but on the whole everyone showed willing, knowing that Tony wouldn't ask them if it wasn't necessary. The meeting slowly dispersed, but Ravi stayed to help Tony finish up the pile of snacks that always got ordered for any large meeting.

    "Here, lad," Tony said after a while. "I won't blame you for sacking this project off. This is all extra, it won't impact your placement."

    Ravi shook his head and hastily swallowed a mouthful of biscuits. "It sounds interesting. Really. It's what I'd like to do one day so I'd like to help however I can."

    Tony nodded. "Right then. I'll talk to Grace about getting you up to speed with what we're looking at with the shielding." He strained to stand up, and walked slowly around the table to clap Ravi on the shoulder. "You're a good lad, lad," he said. Ravi smiled and blushed, unsure of what to say. Tony moved to leave the room. "Finish all this, won't you? I can't be bothered getting someone to clean it all up, and it'll just end up in the bin."

    Ravi was left alone, looking at trays of food in front of him. Smiling, he slapped his belly, reveling in the way it rippled and shook, and grabbed a sandwich in each hand.


    The start of the project heralded weeks of late nights, each one ending with Tony ordering enough food to feed them all twice over. Some would leave as the food arrived, wanting to get home, others would grab enough food to satiate themselves and run off, while a small group developed who would stay demolishing the food. Even this group would eventually leave, bloated and slowly growing, inevitably leaving just Tony and Ravi determinedly finishing the piles of greasy good.

    Ravi didn't think it would be possible, but his growth accelerated. Ripples of fat became rolls which became folds. Thighs dimpled, arms shook, chins multiplied. The centre-peice, as ever, was Ravi's insatiable gut, expanding outwards, sagging down with its sheer, unyielding weight. Again and again, he would find himself weighed down beneath himself, breathing heavily, opposite Tony in much the same state. As soon as he was able to move, Ravi would shuffle off slowly to the bathroom, where he'd strain to reach his achingly hard cock, his arm maneuvering around his own enormous torso to relieve himself, an act that became more awkward by the day as he grew.

    One night, after a particularly heavy work dinner of pizzas, Ravi stumbled home. As usual, Tony had ordered far too much food, and Ravi had ended up eating three whole pizzas to himself. He clutched his gurgling stomach and tried to breathe slowly to help himself digest.

    "Hey man," Jason greeted him. "We were just about to order a Chinese. What do you want?"

    Ravi stifled a burp. "No, it's fine, I've-" He belched. "I ate at work."

    Steven shifted in his seat. "Come on," he insisted. "You'll just end up hungry by the time it arrives and I'm not letting you nick any of mine. Besides, it's been ages since we all ate dinner together."

    Ravi pondered for a moment, his hand idly scratching at the patch of skin and hair showing underneath his shirt as it rode up. He couldn't really be considering eating, could he? He was already so stuffed. But he thought about the feeling of being stuffed beyond his limits, about how much he was enjoying getting bigger, about how Tony seemed so proud of his growing appetite and growing body. He nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, go on then. Add a crispy chilli beef for me."

    Steven tapped on his phone. "I'll add some extra sides and stuff as well, so there's enough for all of us."

    Ravi cleared his throat. "I'm not sure how much I'll…" His voice was barely audible and unconvincing.

    "Ordered!" Steven said. "Right, shall I get us all a beer?"

    A while later the three of them sat in front of the TV and a table full of empty containers. Steven had long finished, and sat with his head leant back and clutching his small bloat. Jason was hunched over his food, eyes occasionally flicking towards Ravi, and slowly, with tortured breaths, forced the last of his food in, eager to not be seen to be giving up.

    Ravi leant back, his arms spread wide and his face bright red. His plate was balanced precariously on his gut, and while his stomach was uncomfortably tight, he still carried on eating mindlessly, having become accustomed to pushing in food far past his limit. Below his gut, his cock was hard as steel, and he hoped that his two housemates were either too full themselves to notice, or that his large gut might block their view.

    Finally, after what seemed like an age, Ravi and Jason finished the last of the food, taking their last mouthful at the same time. Jason flopped back, his face pale and strained. Ravi felt incapable of leaning forward or moving much at all, so simply left his plate balanced on his spherical gut.

    Ravi belched, and the sound rolled around the room. Steven turned his head lazily to look at him. "Fuck me…" he whispered, staring in awe at Ravi's bloated body.

    Ravi grinned through his pained expression. "I might have overdone it a little bit, eh?" He attempted to massage his gut a little and winced at the additional pressure.

    "You ate more than me," Jason said weakly in between strained breaths. "I thought you'd said you'd already eaten."

    "Do you think I'm overdoing it?" Ravi asked, looking down at the rising dome of fat in front of him.

    "No mate," Steven said quickly. "You're enjoying yourself. Plenty of time to worry about dieting when you're older, eh?"

    "I guess," Ravi said, unsure. He turned to look at Steven. "Look at you though, eh? You almost ate as much as us two. You'll be as fat as us both soon enough."

    Steven closed his eyes and let out a small groan. He took a few deep breaths before opening his eyes and answering. "God I hope not." He gave a weak chuckle. "One of us has got to stay slim, at least."

    "I hope you're not lumping me in with him," Jason said, his hands splayed out on his beer belly. "He's got 50 pounds on me easily these days."

    "I umm, I should go to bed," Steven said suddenly, straining to stand. "Big day tomorrow. Night you two," he said as he rushed out the room.

    "I should go too," Ravi said, mustering the energy to move his plate onto the table and hoist himself up. "Got to give a chance for all this to digest."

    "I don't know how you eat like this all the time man," Jason said, not making any effort to move. "I can barely move."

    Ravi slapped his gut, and admired the way it shook. "You get used to it I suppose."


    As Ravi grew, his gut maintained its large spherical shape, but was starting to become soft and sag down. A thick layer of fat now sat on top of it, which Ravi would find himself absentmindedly playing with while he was working. The fat had started to distribute more around his body as well, his limbs thickening with fat rapidly, and his face starting to take on the jowly look that was so familiar on Tony's face, complete with the start of a double chin.

    After one particularly late night, Tony and Ravi sat alone, surrounded by empty pizza boxes. Everyone else had left earlier, but the two of them couldn't tear themselves away from leftover food, so had stayed far later. Ravi had come to enjoy these one-on-one moments with Tony, and was grateful for them, knowing that hardly anyone else had the opportunity to talk to him on a personal level so frequently.

    "Right, you've got to get home lad," Tony said finally, slapping his thighs and standing up. "It's too bloody late."

    "It's fine, it's fine, really, I enjoy the work," Ravi protested. Even so, he stood and moved across the office to his desk, where he bent down to pick up his bag and-


    "Everything okay lad?"

    "Yeah, don't worry it's just-"

    Tony whistled as he saw the seat of Ravi's trousers split wide open, revealing his boxers. "I bet that's been a long time coming, eh? Those have been painted on you for weeks."

    Ravi tried to ignore the implication that Tony had been looking at his trousers, and his arse, for weeks, as he fought against a stiffening penis. "I just can't afford to keep on buying new clothes every two months!" he said with a sigh.

    Tony laughed. "I was exactly the same when I was your size, felt like I was putting on a pound a day sometimes." Ravi was confused by the casual way Tony talked about gaining weight, the way he'd compare the two of them, and his growing arousal. He picked up his bag to cover his crotch. "Here, what size do you wear?"

    Ravi sighed. "God knows nowadays. 44 waist maybe? And at least a couple of Xs to keep the L on my shirts company." He could feel himself growing red. Why couldn't he control himself around food? Why did he seem to enjoy it so much?

    "Right, don't keep on buying new clothes, I reckon I'll have something that will fit you tucked away somewhere. Sam likes to keep them around to see how they fit." Ravi raised an eyebrow at this. Why would Tony's wife keep old clothes around when it was obvious that he'd not fit back into them anytime soon? "They might be a bit out of fashion, but that's quite trendy these days isn't it? Bit retro."

    Ravi was beyond grateful, and he arrived early the next day wearing a too small t-shirt and some sweatpants. Tony passed him a large bag of clothes, and he went to the toilets to change. He opened up the bag and pulled out a shirt and a pair of dark trousers, holding them up to check the size. He couldn't really be this size, could he? There seemed to be acres of fabric here. But sure enough, as he slipped them on, he found them to be a perfect fit. He thought back to just a year ago, when he'd been as trim as any of his mates, and was now twice the size of some of them.

    He unbuttoned the trousers almost immediately as his arousal grew. Despite knowing Tony obviously must have been this size at some point, having this tangible evidence that he was following in the footsteps of his boss gave him an odd sense of pride. He reached around his gut, larger and rounder than ever, to pump at his achingly hard cock and before long, streams of cum were coating the underside of his heaving gut.

    He sat in the stall for a while catching his breath, hands idly roaming the flesh he'd gained over the last few months. Some time later he regained his composure and stood shakily, returning to the office as a few more people arrived. He tried to grin and act normal, but found himself in the kitchen all morning, cleaning out the selection of snacks.

    Chapter 5 - The Breakthrough

    "This is brilliant. This is…" Tony had the reactor model that Ravi had been working on up on the screen. "How did you come up with this?" Tony asked Ravi after some time looking at the various aspects of the shielding.

    "I just used the ideas that you wanted me to look at and played around with them a bit." Ravi explained. "Honestly, I just took what you had already and-"

    "No," Tony cut Ravi off. "I'm not letting you be humble about this. You're taking full credit. I'm going to show this to the director today. This could save the company millions Ravi, completely revolutionise how we deal with some of the safety protocols. You should be proud." Tony was beaming with pride at Ravi at this point, and Ravi blushed, unused to much praise at all from the gruff man.

    Tony struggled to his feet. The recent long nights had hit both of their waistlines hard, and Tony's gut now completely dominated his frame, a soft pillow of fat that hung over his waist and flowed to fill his shirts. Above it, the outline of two soft man-breasts could be seen sinking down into his armpits. Still, Ravi knew that he'd put on even more weight than the older man, and his own large orb of a belly now strained against even Tony's old shirts that he'd lent him. While Tony was still significantly heavier than him, Ravi was nervous about the trend that was emerging, and had even recently wondered if he'd ever get up to Tony's size, the idea sending a thrill up Ravi's spine and deep in his groin that he didn't understand.

    "This," Tony accentuated the word by slapping his gut, sending ripples across his entire body, "calls for a celebration I think." He walked around the desk, his body bumping into each piece of furniture he passed, and slapped Ravi on the shoulder. Ravi wondered how much his own body jiggled like Tony's. "You've done bloody well lad, there's a lot of qualified engineers at this company paid too bloody much to do work not half as good as this. Dinner tonight I think." He looked around. "Don't tell that skinny mate of yours, eh? I'm thanking you, not Ade. He's spent more time networking than he has doing work." Tony walked off, and Ravi watched how he almost waddled, each thigh sliding past each other, and fat swaying from side to side with each step. He wondered if his own walk had changed, and if anyone had noticed.

    Tony had left early, passing Ravi a slip of paper with an address on, and said something about organising dinner. He'd debated with Ravi (at him, really) about various restaurants they could go to, but ended up settling on inviting Ravi to his own house. "Sam's cooking's the best you'll have. And there'll be enough for us both, don't you worry." He slapped his huge gut to make his point. Ravi had heard enough about Tony's wife's cooking over the past few months to know he should be excited.


    Later that night, Ravi stood outside a large townhouse and rung the doorbell, before being greeted by a man he'd not met. "Hi, I don't know if I've got the right house, sorry, I'm-"

    "Ravi! Of course, of course! I'm Samir, Tony's husband. You can call me Sam," the man introduced himself. Ravi stayed on the doorway for a moment, completely shocked. He'd assumed that Sam was some doting housewife intent on feeding up her man. However, the Sam that stood in front of him was tall, easily 6 and a half feet tall, and almost completely bald, with a thick beard, a lean muscular body, and skin the same dark brown as Ravi's, wearing a shirt that showed off bulging arms.

    Ravi realised he hadn't moved, and Sam still stood beckoning him through the doorway. He shuffled in and Sam took his jacket.

    "Are you okay?" Sam asked. "You seem a little dazed."

    "Sorry, no, I'm fine. It's just, well, if I'm honest, I wasn't actually expecting you to be, well, you know…" Ravi trailed off, embarrassed.

    "A man?" Sam laughed. "Tony has a habit of flying under people's gaydars. I think it's the accent. Don't worry, it happens all the time. Right! This way! He can't stop talking about you, you know. Absolute wonder boy according to him."

    Ravi didn't know if he was more shocked to find out Tony was gay or that his husband was so exuberant and cheerful, completely contrasting with his gruff manager. He was also confused about the contrast between their bodies - Sam could only be described as an absolute dilf, who clearly took care of his looks and went to the gym, whereas Tony was an absolute barge of a man, with scruffy stubble on a soft, jowly face.

    Sam led Ravi through to an expensive looking kitchen, every surface covered with food, some cooked, some still being prepared. "Tony will be down in a second. There's some snacks on the table, help yourself. Can I get you a drink? Wine? Beer?"

    Ravi nodded and grabbed a handful of crisps from the table. "A beer would be good, thanks." He looked around at all the food across the surfaces. "I didn't realise more people were coming."

    Tony laughed as he walked in the room, his footsteps setting some wine glasses rattling and clinking against each other. "It's just us lad," he explained.

    "Oh, the food, I assumed-"

    "Don't you worry about all that, it'll all get put to good use."

    Sam smiled. "I sometimes go a bit overboard when I'm cooking. I trained as a chef, so I like trying out new recipes if I get a willing audience." He handed Ravi his beer in a tall, elegant glass. "Don't worry if you don't want to eat too much, it'll all keep, we can send you off with some leftovers."

    Tony laughed again. "No worries about that with this one," he slapped Ravi on his shoulder. "He's put away more than me a couple of times."

    Ravi felt oddly proud at the comment. He rubbed his heavy gut through Tony's old shirt and smiled at Sam. "It all looks amazing."

    "Let's get you two sat down then! I've got your first dish almost ready to come out, and I'm working on the second" Sam said, moving over to the oven and bending down to check its contents.

    "Are you not joining us?" Ravi asked, a little confused.

    "Oh, I'll be around, but I won't really eat. I tend to fill up just by tasting bits here and there as I go. I'll grab something if I get hungry, don't worry about me, you two enjoy yourselves."

    Tony and Ravi sat down, and Tony raised his glass to Ravi. "To a bloody nuclear engineering genius!" Ravi bashfully joined in the toast.

    Sam brought the first dish over, a huge rack of ribs, and set it down between them, quickly putting an enormous portion on each of their plates. The meat was delicious, some of the best Ravi had ever tasted. He ate it quickly, unable to slow down, and almost as soon as he was done, another plate was put down in front of him, piled high with buttery spiced potatoes and several chicken thighs in a spicy curry sauce.


    It must have been hours later, when Ravi looked up from his plate to see Tony sat with his head tilted back, snoring gently. Ravi had grown used to the way that Tony's soft flab would rise like dough when he'd eaten a lot, but this was the most full he'd ever seen him, and his belly now sat in an enormous mound in front of him, riding high and heavy on his lap.

    "Looks like you win," Sam said from behind him, placing yet another plate in front of him, some kind of fried dumpling.

    "I bet that doesn't happen too often," Ravi said, his voice strained with the pressure of all the food in his gut.

    "I don't remember the last time I saw anyone beat him. You must like eating," Sam took a seat next to Ravi and picked a dumpling up with his fingers.

    "Oh yeah, the food was amazing, you're a great cook."

    "Thank you. But that's not what I meant. It doesn't matter how good the food is, does it? You just like eating." Sam lifted up the dumpling to Ravi's lips and held it there, expectantly. Ravi hesitated before closing his eyes and opening his mouth, letting Sam push in the small doughy parcel. As he bit into it a mix of sweetness and saltiness exploded in his mouth at once and he moaned involuntarily.

    "I guess," Ravi admitted. "I like the way food tastes. And how I feel after a good meal."

    "And the effects?" Sam kept his voice light and casual, but laced every word with hidden meaning.

    "I like to feel full," Ravi replied shakily.

    "Oh you like more than just feeling full. Lots of people like feeling full," Sam said as he held another dumpling up to Ravi's mouth, who obediently took it. "You like feeling fat."

    Ravi didn't say anything, he wasn't sure he could say anything. Instead he just sat and chewed, waiting for the next dumpling. His cock throbbed inside Sam's husband's old trousers.

    "He can't stop talking about you, you know. Comes home every day talking about the wonder boy," Sam said, breaking the silence. He stood up and walked behind Ravi, picking up yet another dumpling and feeding him from behind.

    "Oh, well umm," Ravi stuttered a little as he spoke, unsure what to say. "The project went really well and it was a team effort really."

    Sam chuckled softly. "Oh I don't mean the engineering. He's proud of you, don't get me wrong. No, I mean, he can [I]not[/I] stop talking about the boy that's come in and gained. All. This. Weight." He lightly patted the side of Ravi's gut as he said each of the words. "He's been coming home, asking me to cook more and more for him. I should thank you really, he hasn't been this excited about gaining in years." Ravi was about to ask what Sam meant by gaining. "He reached 400 pounds the other week. And he's not a very tall man. Can you imagine what that much weight feels like? I don't suppose you'll have to one day soon."

    Ravi was silent. He didn't know what he could say. Sam filled the silence again. "And what about you? You must be closing in on 300 pounds, at least?"

    "I haven't really weighed myself in a long time," Ravi said quietly, confused about the conversation and his own reaction to it. "It's not the kind of thing I'm that bothered by."

    Sam pushed another dumpling into Ravi's mouth, before hooking his hands beneath his armpits, and smoothly, easily, raised him to his feet. "You sweet, oblivious boy. Come on then, follow me." Ravi staggered a little under the weight of the meal he'd just eaten, but obediently waddled after Sam up the stairs.

    Sam stopped in a bathroom in front of a large, metal scales. "Hop on then," he ordered.

    "I'm not really sure that I…" Ravi trailed off.

    "Hop. On." Sam gave Ravi a gentle push and he relented. Sam bent down to check it for him, Ravi unable to see past the crest of his own body.

    "308 pounds! Congratulations!" Sam said, a grin growing on his face. "The big three-oh-oh! I bet none of your little uni friends can say that can they?"

    Ravi stared, dumbfounded. He had no idea he'd put on some much weight. "Well I've just had a big meal…"

    Sam burst out laughing at this. "And how many people do you think weigh 308 pounds after a big meal? Do you think I would? Would your friends? How many people do you think could even eat as much as you have tonight? No, this is all you, Ravi," he placed his hands under Ravi's gut and shook it, setting it jiggling. "There's no need to be coy with me. Look at my husband. I know what you big boys like. I know what you want."

    "And what's that?" Ravi asked shakily.

    Sam leant in close and practically whispered. "You want to eat so fucking much." He leant back a little and smiled. "Do you feel absolutely stuffed Ravi?"

    "I've eaten a lot, I feel really full, yeah," Ravi replied.

    Sam shook his head. "That's not what I asked, is it Ravi? No, I asked you whether you were absolutely, unbearably, deliciously stuffed."

    "No," Ravi replied quietly.

    "No, what?" Sam's eyes were boring into his own.

    Ravi took a deep breath. "Not yet."

    "That's my boy!" Sam said softly. "Why don't you come with me?" He took Ravi's hand and led him back downstairs to the kitchen table where Tony still sat snoring softly.

    "This," Sam said, approaching Ravi and holding a jug of thick brown liquid he'd fetched from the fridge, "is called a gainer shake. It's one of Tony's, but he won't miss it, don't worry. What do you think it does?"

    "I don't know,' Ravi replied, his voice shaking.

    "What does it do, Ravi?"

    "It goes inside me," Ravi said, yearning for the promised feeling of fullness.

    "Oh yes!" Sam said softly. "Oh yes, it'll certainly go inside you. But then, my little Ravi, what it will do, is make you fatter and fatter and fatter, and more full than you could possibly imagine." He laid a hand on the shelf of Ravi's stomach. "Would you like that Ravi?"

    Ravi whimpered and nodded. Sam raised his chin with a single finger, and began to gently pour the mix down his throat, slowly so as not to overwhelm him. The shake was too thick, too sweet, too cold, to be truly enjoyable, but Ravi didn't really care. He only cared about swallowing the mixture, only cared what it would do to his body.

    "There we go, that's a good boy, there we go," Sam cooed to Ravi. Ravi was unbearably, overwhelmingly full, but he couldn't stop. Each second the ecstasy of his stretching stomach grew.

    Finally, the shake stopped trickling into his mouth, and Ravi squirmed in his seat, desperate for more. He panted, searching for oxygen to help his stomach digest. Sam gently massaged Ravi's gut.

    "There's another jug in the fridge in the bedroom," Tony said, awake now and looking at Ravi. He heaved himself up, grunting as he did so, and made his slow way over to where Ravi was sat, almost immobilised by the leaden weight in his stomach. Tony leant over and whispered in his ear so that Ravi could feel the rough stubble rub against his cheek. "How about it lad? Will you drink another one of those shakes for me?"

    Ravi could barely reply and simply gave a soft moan, full of desire. Tony grinned and turned to Sam. "You'll go get it, won't you love? I'm not making it up the stairs any time soon." He slapped his full gut.

    As Sam ran upstairs, Tony turned back to Ravi. "This is what you've wanted all year, isn't it lad? Me and this fat gut feeding you bigger and bigger? When will you stop, do you think? Will you be able to? I thought I'd stop after the first 20 pounds, then 50, 100. 250 pounds later look at me." He spread his arms as if revealing a magic trick. "Will that be you boy? You've made a good start, but I think we'll need to push you on just a little further."

    Sam was back now, and wasted no time in tilting Ravi's head back up. Despite being more full, Ravi managed to drink this one even faster, keen to impress Tony, who leant over him, whispering gentle encouragement in Ravi's ear. As he did so, his soft, warm flesh pushed into and enveloped Ravi's side, sending him wild and driving him onwards.

    By the time the jug was finished, it was well past midnight. Ravi sat practically shaking from the exertion of pushing so much into his gut. He raised his arm to rub it gingerly, but even the gentlest touch caused him to wince in pain.

    "Right then love," he heard Tony say to Sam. "I reckon we need to get this one in a taxi, what do you think? Mhm, these dumplings are amazing, are there any more?"

    Ravi could hear them cleaning up around him, but couldn't even react. Instead they just moved around him, Tony's gut occasionally bumping into him. Eventually he felt his arms being draped over two shoulders, one set firm and square, one set soft and rounded, and he felt himself being lifted up and supported to the door, his legs staggering as he was all but carried outside. He felt Tony and Sam lower him into the taxi and Tony leant in close. "I'll see you at work on Monday lad. You rest up. We'll have to do this again sometime."


    Ravi was surprised to find that no-one else was home, but couldn't bring himself to care very much, as he stumbled through the front door clutching his stuffed stomach, and staggered to the living room where he collapsed on the sofa. He briefly thought about going to his room, but the thought of climbing the stairs made him groan. Sluggishly, he undid the buttons on his agonised shirt and trousers, sighing as his gut surged forward in the new space afforded to it.

    Ravi lay there for what might have been ten minutes or an hour, not even able to summon the energy to rub his aching belly and only able to take short shallow breaths, interrupted only by his constant stream of burps. He swore he could feel stretch marks forming in real time.

    Ravi heard the front door open and Steven stumbled in, softly singing some song Ravi couldn't quite make out. After a few seconds Ravi heard a soft "Jesus fuck," from his housemate. He turned his head lazily, not even able to lift it properly, to find Steven frozen, staring with wide eyes at the fat man splayed out on the sofa. Ravi supposed he must look quite a sight, his fat hairy gut spilling out of his unbuttoned shirt, and the top of his trousers wide open to reveal his underwear.

    "Steve, sorry I-" he cut himself off with a belch. "I'm just so full, I don't think I can-" he hiccuped and winced as the sudden motion rocked his too full body. "I can't move man. I'm sorry. You might have to put up with me like this for a bit." He burped again, long and loud and sighed in pleasure as it seemed to relieve some tiny amount of the pressure he felt.

    The monstrous burp seems to have awoken Steven out of his trance and he stumbled forward a little, eyes glazed but still transfixed onto Ravi's exposed middle. He sat gently down in the small space on the sofa that Ravi wasn't splayed out into. "It's fine," he said quietly, almost a whisper. "Really, it's fine. We've all seen each other shirtless before right? Probably even seen each other naked a few times." Ravi could smell the beer on Steven's breath, explaining why he was coming in so late.

    "Yeah, I reckon so, but I'm a bit heavier than the last time you saw me like this," Ravi started to laugh but quickly stopped himself when his straining stomach protested against the movement.

    Steven let out a long, slow shaky breath, before clearing his throat. "It's the stress of placement year. Everyone's put on a bit of weight." His voice came out strained and higher than usual.

    "Not sure anyone's put on quite so much as me. I weighed myself tonight you know. Well, got weighed. Over 300 pounds," Ravi confessed. He swore that he heard Steven whimper. "I was barely 14 stone a year ago, what the fuck happened."

    Steven gingerly reached out a out a hand on Ravi's belly, and began to rub small circles, his fingers weaving through the soft, thick hair there. Ravi groaned in pleasure and his head fell back against the sofa. "No, I don't think anyone's put on nearly so much. Still, Jason's got a proper gut now and…" he hesitated before continuing. "And even I've put on about three stone."

    Ravi let out a small, short laugh before opening his eyes and turning to look at Steven with a smile. "Shit man, really?" And indeed, there it was, the tiniest of pot bellies pushing out ever so slightly against Steven's shirt. Ravi couldn't help but notice the way Steven's trousers strained against the bulge there as well. Ravi reached out and poked Steven's small beginner belly gently, and Steven inhaled sharply. "You were always so skinny, now look at you. You'll be catching up with Jason soon."

    "Oh fuck," Steven whispered, barely audible. "I'll be borrowing his old clothes soon I bet." Steven's hands continued to make their slow circles on Ravi's gut, and his eyes were transfixed. "Do you remember that? When you had to borrow his clothes? Ripped his shirt? God you looked so fucking ridiculous."

    Ravi gave a small laugh and burped. "I guess I did, yeah. Got the placement though."

    "Do you enjoy it?" Steven asked intently.

    "The placement? Yeah, it's amazing. Absolutely amazing."

    Steven shook his head. "I mean this," he stopped rubbing Ravi's gut to gently pat it to make his point. "Getting big, being big." He paused, and then in a voice even lower, so that Ravi had to strain to hear: "I like it." Ravi didn't know if Steven meant his own small belly, or Ravi's far larger one.

    Ravi waited before replying, turning the idea over in his head. Steven continued to rub his gut in large, wide circles, applying just the gentlest of pressure. Finally Ravi nodded. "I like it," he was quiet now too. "I like that I'm bigger than all our friends, and take up more room than anyone else we know." Steven nodded, and his hand moved to Ravi's lower gut. Ravi could feel his cock growing hard in his underwear, and was aware that Steven must have noticed, since his trousers were wide open. "And I like the way it makes me feel more mature. More like a man." Steven's hand actually brushed Ravi's hard cock through his pants, and Ravi grew even more aroused, despite his own embarrassment.

    Steven nodded. "A man. That's exactly what's happening Ravi. You're becoming a real man." He'd stopped rubbing Ravi's belly now and his hand was resting on the bottom of his gut, Ravi's hard-on pressing directly into it. Steven used his pinky finger to hook into Ravi's waistband and he spidered his hand in. "Just like Tony," Steven whispered in Ravi's ear as he gripped the fat man's cock. Ravi shuddered and his eyes rolled back.

    While gently playing with Ravi, Steven slid Ravi's trousers and pants down to his knees, struggling a little due to how tight they were. He moved down in between Ravi's legs, pinned in by Ravi's lardy thighs. He deftly moved Ravi's cock from his hand to his mouth. Ravi couldn't stop himself moaning, his voice ringing around the small house, and if he could form coherent thoughts he'd have been thankful Jason wasn't in. Between his full gut and Steven's administrations, Ravi had never been so overwhelmed by sensations in his life and he found himself trembling. It wasn't long before he finished, pumping down Steven's throat, his loud moan turning into a long, rattling belch, and he was left a quivering, beached whale on the sofa, a fine sheen of sweat covering his hairy, dark skin.

    Steven took his hand and helped to heave him to his feet. The seat was low, and it took Ravi some time to build up enough strength to shakily stand up. Steven kissed him, leaning past his taut centre, and led him by the hand to his bedroom. Once there, Ravi collapsed onto the bed and Steven helped him wriggle the rest of the way out of his constricting clothes. Still too tired to do anything, Ravi shuffled across the bed to make room for Steven, and Steven nestled into his fleshy side as they fell asleep.

    Chapter 6: The Offer

    Ravi woke up to find the bed empty, Steven having left at some point in the night. He cautiously moved to his room, careful to avoid Jason, and changed his clothes. He headed down to the kitchen, surprised how hungry he was after eating so much last night.

    "Morning," Jason said, eating a large bowl of cereal shirtless. Ravi noticed the way Jason's belly folded over his waistline when he sat down, and the thickness that had accumulated across his torso.

    "Morning," Ravi replied. "Have you seen Steven this morning? He, uhh, wasn't in his room when I checked."

    Jason paused. "He went out. Listen, did something happen? He seemed really upset."

    "What? No, nothing hap- I mean, nothing that would- I don't think I did anything to upset him." Ravi was bewildered. Did Steven regret it? Hadn't he initiated last night?

    "I don't know what's happened, and I don't want to get involved, but you need to be careful how you talk to Steven, okay?" Jason sighed. "I knew this would end up happening at some point."

    "What? What do you mean? Why do I have to be careful with Steven? What did you know would happen?"

    Jason rubbed his temples and forced a smile. "Look, I'm not getting involved. Steven isn't here. He seemed upset. I've passed on all of the information I have, I've done my part." He sighed again and turned back to his cereal, clearly not wanting to carry on the conversation.

    Ravi nodded and stayed quiet. He put some toast in the toaster and cracked some eggs into a frying pan, starting off his first round of breakfast. He'd gotten into the habit of treating himself to two or three breakfasts at the weekend, having grown used to eating at home and then again once he was at the office. He sent Steven a text while he waited. I'd like to speak to you. Sorry I missed you this morning.

    Three breakfasts later (he really was surprised by hungry he was after last night, but there was a hollowness in his stomach that demanded to be filled), he sat playing video games with Jason, a table of snacks piled high in front of them. Ravi was losing badly, unable to concentrate, and constantly looking at his phone. He had to resist the urge not to text Steven again, best to wait for him to text back first. Still, he typed and retyped various messages before deleting them.

    "Do you fancy a beer? We should start thinking about sorting dinner really," Jason said as the evening set in, struggling into a standing position. Ravi was impressed. Two lunches and plenty of snacks later, Jason had kept up admirably with him, and his dad bod had bloated up into a proper beer belly, and his t-shirt had ridden up to reveal a small sliver of belly. Ravi knew that far more of his own mammoth gut was showing, having not upgraded his casual wardrobe nearly as often as his work one, and thought that perhaps it was time to go shopping. Probably worth getting a couple of sizes too big in fact, since he was starting to admit to himself that his weight gain wasn't going to slow down any time soon.

    A heavy dinner and several beers later, Jason sat groaning, holding his tight belly, while Ravi continued to graze on snacks and what was left of the mammoth dinner. Ravi let out a burp and picked up his phone, putting it straight back down when he didn't see anything on it.

    "Stop it," Jason snapped, his eyes still closed.

    "What?" Ravi asked. "I'm not doing anything."

    "Checking your phone every 30 seconds. You've been doing it all day. It's really fucking annoying. What are you waiting for?" Jason had opened his eyes, but struggled to sit up straight.

    Ravi was quiet for a while. "Steven won't talk to me. Something, ah… something happened last night."

    Jason sighed. "Fuck. You guys had a fight?"

    Ravi shook his head. "No, no, not a fight. We sort of had a… a moment, I guess."

    Jason sighed again and rubbed his forehead. "Look, he probably doesn't want me to say anything, but this needs getting sorted sooner or later, and he's been getting worse recently." He looked Ravi in the eyes. "Steven's basically in love with you. Everyone else can tell. Even more recently for some reason."

    "What?" Ravi asked. "No he's not. He's my mate. We're just mates. He's not in love with me."

    "Yes he is! He just doesn't want to do anything because you're straight and he knows nothing can happen."

    "No I'm not," Ravi said.

    "Not what?" Jason asked.

    "Straight. I'm literally not straight. You guys all know that," Ravi explained.

    "Of course you are. You've had girlfriends. You fancy women," Jason looked at Ravi like he was mad.

    "I mean, that would be a part of being bi, yeah. But I've had boyfriends. I went out with a guy in sixth form for like 2 years."

    Jason sighed. "But none of us actually knew you in sixth form, did we? And you haven't done anything since to imply you're bi? Like mention it? Or sleep with a guy?"

    "Ah. Right," Ravi said. "So Steven…"

    "Thinks you're straight and that he has no chance with you," Jason finished for him. "Does he? Have a chance? Would you go out with him?"

    Ravi turned the question over in his mind. "I think so. I don't know. It's weird. I've not really thought of him that way before this year, but maybe? Probably, even."

    "Listen, I'm not getting involved, yeah? But just be careful. We're living together next year too and I don't want it to be awkward." Jason moved back to rubbing his tight stomach.

    Ravi nodded and struggled up to grab some more food, thinking hard about what Jason had told him.


    Ravi would have almost been impressed with how well Steven was avoiding him, if it weren't so annoying. He hadn't seen him in almost a week now, with Steven leaving the house early and coming back late.

    At the office, Ravi was surprised to find that Tony barely mentioned what had happened the previous Friday. Oh, he'd mentioned the dinner party alright, said that Sam had liked him, wanted to invite him round again, but nothing about the way he'd pushed Ravi past his limits, both physically and sexually. Ravi got the impression Tony almost found it normal. Perhaps it was, to him.

    Midweek, Ravi got called into the office of the company's CEO for a meeting. The tall, gaunt man motioned for him to sit, which Ravi did gingerly, wincing as he heard the chair creak beneath him. He adjusted his clothes to check that there wasn't any hairy fat spilling out anywhere, as was becoming all too common.

    "I've heard some good things about you this year. Incredible things actually. Tony says you're brilliant, and you uhh," his eyes moved up and down Ravi's body, taking it in, "clearly fit into his team quite well."

    Ravi thanked him and willed his stomach not to rumble.

    "I understand you're finishing a placement here later this month, and then you'll finish your final year of university?" the thin man continued. Ravi nodded. "In which case we'd like to offer you a job once you've graduated. You'll find we can be very generous in terms of pay and incentives. Company car, private health insurance, gym membersh-" he cut himself off, "well, my point is, we can afford to be competitive, and we want you. I don't want your answer now, but do think about it won't you?"

    He motioned that Ravi could leave, and the two shook hands. Ravi left buzzing, not even upset by the spot of mustard he noticed on his shirt as he left. He grabbed a small plate of a selection of donuts, and slid his phone out of his tight pocket. He sent a quick, excited text to some friends and family to tell them what had happened before steeling himself to text Steven.

    Hey man! Haven't seen you this week! I got a job offer at my placement! They're really keen. I'd like to talk to you tonight. Will you be at the house?

    He put his phone down before it buzzed almost immediately. A text from Steven simply read Okay. Ravi breathed a sigh of relief and fished a bar of chocolate from his drawer.


    "Steven, hi," Ravi panted. He'd rushed home, and his shirt was damp with sweat, sticking to the curves of his body.

    "Hey Ravi," Steven said quietly.

    "I'm going out actually," Jason announced, collecting his things in a hurry. "I've got a date. Or something. I think. Whatever." He made his way to the door. "I'll be back later. Or tomorrow. Whatever works really." The door slammed behind him.

    "I'm sorry," Steven started.

    "What for?" Ravi asked.

    "Last week. It wasn't right. I shouldn't have- look, I'm just sorry, okay." Steven wouldn't look at Ravi.

    "I still don't know what for though, I'm not mad or annoyed or regret anything," Ravi insisted.

    "You were drunk, I shouldn't have."

    "No I wasn't," Ravi said.

    "Then I was! I was too drunk and I acted stupid and I'm sorry," Steven said, his voice getting louder. "We're living together next year and we should just forget it happened."

    "I don't think we can just forget what happened Steven. I don't want to." Ravi moved towards Steven, trying to catch his eye.

    "So what? We talk about it and then make friends again and then I go back to… look, you're straight and I know that and it's fine but that doesn't mean it's easy for me." Steven's voice wavered.

    "This shit again," Ravi said, exasperated. "I'm not straight. I've never said I'm straight."

    This caught Steven off-guard and he actually looked up to look at Ravi. "You're literally straight. You've had sex with loads of girls."

    "Yes!" Ravi agreed. "I also got a blowjob off my housemate last week and then spooned with him all night! I'm bisexual."

    Steven looked away. "It still doesn't matter. We shouldn't have done it."

    "Why?" Ravi pressed. "I enjoyed it! I don't understand why you think you have to be miserable about it."

    "Because it's not the same!" Steven shouted. "Because I've been in fucking love with you for three years and you liked the fact that I gave you a blowjob. Because you've never thought about me that way until Friday. It wouldn't work."

    Ravi sat down next to Steven on the sofa, who had to shift to make room for him. "You're right," be admitted. "I've not particularly thought about you like that. You're hot, don't get me wrong, but you're a mate." Steven sighed quietly. "I don't see why we can't try though. I like you, you like me, we're both living together, we might as well enjoy it."

    "What if we fuck it up?" Steven asked. "What if it all goes wrong and it's awkward all of next year?"

    Ravi spread his hands out in front of him. "I don't know. But I imagine we might sort of be in that situation already, right? You've avoided me all week, we're fighting now. If we went out for a few months it's not like we'd be making anything worse." Steven didn't move, but Ravi could feel his body become less tense. "Besides," he continued, trying to gauge Steven's mood, "imagine how fat I'd be this time next year if I had someone to fatten me up."

    Steven looked up, tears in his eyes. "Don't make fun of me."

    "Make fun of you? I'm the fat arse here. I'm right though, aren't I?" Ravi asked.

    Steven nodded. "How did you know?"

    Ravi shook his gut. "I think at this point the only people interested in me are into fat guys."

    Steven started to smile, tears still in his eyes, and shook his head. "I liked you before you gained weight."

    "But it's a bonus though, right?"

    Steven laughed. "Yeah. Yeah, a bonus." He wiped his eyes and his smile grew. "So what do we do now?"

    "Dinner?" Ravi suggested. "You stuff me until I can't move, and then we end up in your bed, if I remember correctly."

    Steven nodded and wiped tears from his eyes. "Yeah. Sounds good."

    Ravi reached up to wipe more tears from Steven's eyes, and then leant in to kiss him. Steven leaned in, pressing against Ravi's soft body. Ravi fell back, pulling Steven with him until Ravi was spread out on the sofa, his body spilling over the side, with Steven laying above him.

    "Right then," Steven said after a while. "You stay there. I'll order some food."

    Epilogue - The Second First Day

    Ravi was once again sat in Heather's office.

    "Sorry we have to go through all this! I know you already know so much about the company, it's just that a lot of its different as an employee, with payroll and everything."

    Ravi just smiled and nodded, feeling the way the fat around his face bunched up and moved even with this small gesture. He wondered what Heather thought of how his body had changed over the past year. While he'd put on roughly the same amount of weight in his last year of university as he had during his placement year, it wasn't as noticeable, and most people just saw a fat man these days, but Ravi knew there was no way to ignore over a hundred pounds gained in a year. His gut had maintained its large, spherical shape, but the last hundred pounds had all been soft, creamy fat, layering underneath his skin, and his gut had lost its former firmness and started to droop further and further down.

    He spent almost two hours with Heather, signing forms, reading policies, and he was absolutely ravenous. Ravi struggled to think of the last time he'd spent two hours while awake without eating anything at all. Certainly not within the last hundred pounds, and probably, he thought, thinking back, not since he'd first started his placement, almost two years ago.

    Finally, Heather put all the paperwork in a folder and smiled. "Right, I'm going to put all this away. Welcome back Ravi, it's good to see you. You've got a meeting with Tony now - you can make your own way there, can't you? Same office as last year." She looked Ravi up and down as he struggled to stand. "This elevator's out of order on this side of the building by the way, but the one in reception's working."

    Ravi grinned and thanked her. Stairs were not realistically an option at this point. Even walking along the corridor to reception felt something of a chore, building up the sheer momentum to get going requiring more force than for most people.

    Ravi greeted a few people he knew, and went by the kitchen to pick up some snacks, before going over the Tony's office.

    "Bloody hell lad! Look at the size of you! Not started a diet then I see," Tony walked around the desk to shake his hand.

    Ravi looked down at the two enormous guts as they shook hands, watching the fat ripple, and could see Tony doing the same. He couldn't possibly be- no, that didn't make sense. But then, it did look-

    Tony said it out loud first. "Here, how much are you weighing these days? You're almost looking bigger than me."

    Ravi looked up at Tony to see his face nervous, clearly not wanting to hear the answer. He wasn't almost looking bigger than Tony at all. He looked a fair bit bigger. "I was 422 pounds at graduation about 6 weeks ago. Steven wanted to see how much I'd put on at uni. So I guess more than that? 430 at least, maybe 440?"

    "Bloody hell." Ravi wasn't used to seeing Tony lost for words. "You reckon you've put on that much since then?"

    Ravi shrugged, a little embarrassed. "Maybe. At the rate I've been growing, I've put on at least two pounds a week, probably three some weeks." Ravi had never really thought about it. No wonder Steven was always saying he was like something out of one of the gainer stories he loved so much. "To be honest, I was a little nervous I'd come back and you'd make me feel tiny, Tony."

    Tony whistled. "No worries about that lad. No, Sam was just happy he got me to 400 pounds, I haven't really put on any weight this year. Half a stone maybe."

    Ravi sat in silence for a while before speaking. "So that means that I weigh-"

    "About two stone more than me. Jesus lad. I'll have to start eating more to catch up with you, I can't have one of my engineers outweighing me."

    Ravi grinned. "Don't worry, I'll lend you some of my old shirts."

    Tony grumbled something about cheeky children and sat down at his desk, gesturing Ravi towards the seat opposite. "All the green chairs in the office are reinforced, should be fine. Some of them still have arms on though, I've asked facilities to get it sorted, Tom got stuck in one last week. He's up to about 25 stone and all I reckon, I'll be having to worry about keeping up with him as well soon enough. Right then."

    As Tony talked through some of the upcoming projects he wanted Ravi to work on, Ravi looked down at himself, shocked that he was now bigger than the man he'd looked up to for so long. He traced a finger along the huge arc of his body, constrained and held in shape by his tight shirt.


    "How was the first day back?" Steven called from the kitchen in their new flat, the smell of dinner drifting through to Ravi.

    "Great thanks, yeah! Dinner smells good!" Ravi called back.

    Steven turned round as Ravi entered the kitchen and grinned. "Still plenty of food in the office?"

    "God yeah. I think Tony's been stockpiling in anticipation of me arriving," he joked.

    Steven laughed and stroked Ravi's gut. "That makes sense, I know I would. You're still hungry though?"

    Ravi nodded. "Starving. I'll just have a quick sandwich before dinner. How was your day? Settling in a bit more?" he asked.

    "Yeah, yeah, starting to get the hang of everything a bit more now, not quite so lost," he said before sighing. "I tell you what though, you never said how exhausting it is carrying around all this extra weight," he continued, rubbing his own gut. He'd gained alongside Ravi the last year and now sported his own soft, heavy ball gut.

    Ravi laughed and joined Steven in stroking his gut. "First off, all I do is complain about how tired I am. Secondly, what do you know about being fat? You put on a little weight and all of a sudden you're king of the gainers."

    "Oi, it's not just a little weight. I'm fatter than Jason now." This was true, despite Jason putting on weight himself last year. The three of them had made for quite the house of porkers by the end of their final year. "And 70 pounds in a year is a lot for most normal people. I could be almost 350 pounds this time next year," Steven continued.

    "Well I'm glad you've got someone to aspire to and show you how it's done," Ravi said, slapping his gut and kissing Steven. "And it won't take you anything like a year to get to 350. Tony and Sam have invited us to go for a dinner party this weekend. Tony says Sam wants to make it a regular thing. You remember that time I went round?"

    "Oh god, how could I forget?" Steven looked down at his belly and dug his fingers in to the flab, imagining himself even fatter. "What do you think? What if I ended up over 400 pounds, like you?"

    Ravi smiled and kissed Steven, rubbing his gut. "Mhhmm, I think I could live with that. We might have to get Jason to move back in with us though, get someone under 300 pounds to help us round the flat. Especially if I keep on gaining at this rate. I'm fatter than Tony now!"

    "What, really? Has he lost weight?" Steven asked.

    Ravi shook his head, sending his jowls shaking. "Nope. Basically the same weight. I'm just bigger now."

    "Oh my god, how does that feel? I remember when you came in after the interview saying how big he was."

    "Incredible. Really amazing actually. I feel absolutely huge. I think he was a bit jealous actually," Ravi said, thinking back to their meeting.

    "Well," Steven said, "at least he's got such a great role model."


    Encouraging a Feedee is a lot more than telling them to eat!

    A lot of people don’t take the time to understand that encouragement isn’t always about telling someone to eat. So, let’s expand on what encouragement means, so that we can be better Feeders, Encouragers or Mutual Gainers.

  • Remind them it’s okay to want to be fat and being fat doesn’t make them a bad person.
  • Tell them that they are beautiful or handsome with their new weight and that it suits them.
  • Reassure them that it’s great that they want to work towards their dream body.
  • Communicate that it’s okay if they decide that they’re happy with the weight they’ve gained or they need to lose weight. Remind them that their bodily autonomy is important and it’s their choice.
  • Praise their increased appetite and tell them that their passion for food is wholesome.
  • Congratulating them for sticking to their daily calorie goals.
  • Tell them that it’s alright to take a rest when they’re stuffed and they don’t need to push themselves 100% of the time.
  • When they tell you they aren’t feeling too good, have the empathy to reassure that it’s okay to have a relaxed day.
  • If they have done a good job at stuffing and overeating, aftercare is important. Encouragement isn’t only verbal, ask if they want to have their belly rubbed or if they would like to be cuddled. See if there’s anything you can do to ease their discomfort. Is there a movie you can watch together? Maybe some music would go well with bloated snuggles?
  • Notice their softness and brighten their day by saying that you appreciate how cuddly they are / have become.
  • Reassure them by telling them that their gain is beautiful at any size and that all bodies gain differently. Show them the things you’ve noticed and love about their growing body.
  • And if they’re a guy, hype them up by saying the moobs they’re developing look wonderful and really suit them.
  • Tell them that their double chin is beautiful.
  • When their clothes are getting too small, inspire them by telling them their belly popping out under their shirt is cute.
  • If you’ve noticed that their confidence improve as they become happier in their body, make sure you let them know.
  • Have some empathy and reassure them by explaining that it’s okay to feel anxious about judgement and that you’ll stand by them in judgmental situations.
  • You’re their partner in this, have the time for them to discuss their anxieties and fears around gaining weight or being fat.
  • If they break furniture, laugh it off and say that it’s understandable that some furniture is too flimsy and it’s time to buy some new furniture that better supports their size.
  • As their body expands, tell them that you don’t mind helping them reach places they can’t when taking care of their body. Offer to tie their shoe laces and start getting things for them. Allow them to rest, remember it takes a lot of energy to maneuver bigger bodies.
  • If you’re moving too fast, remember your Feedee’s size. Take steps to make them feel like they aren’t a burden with reduced mobility and tell them that you don’t mind taking things slower.
  • Remember that their body is their own and not yours to dictate.
  • And most importantly, always tell them that you love and admire them. Make them feel beautiful and welcome.
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    this is so pure and wholesome 


    ✨need need need need need need ✨


    Can we please talk about the non-sexual aspects of a mutual feedism relationship? Like you and your partner have a mutual understanding on food. There’s no insecurities around it. You both eat what you want because you know it’s what makes your partner happy but it also makes you happy. You both get to help each other pick out new clothes when you out grow your old ones. You get to pig out in every restaurant you go to. You never have to worry about your body image because you love your partners body and you 100% know you partner loves your body. Not to mention the cuddling session are going to be unbelievable. Soft body on soft body is obviously hot but it’s also so comforting. After a hard day of work you can almost guarantee that you get to eat with your partner and relax together afterwards because you’re both too stuffed to do anything else. I think the best part is you get to know your partner is happy because they are living the life they want to live


    THIS. This is why I want a mutual gaining/feeding relationship 😩😍🥰


    How does one increase their stomach capacity when stuffing themselves?

    Truly you’ve just gotta eat big and eat constantly. In my experience, eating at every meal to *just* past the point of full, to where you’re not in pain but still feel stuffed, and then eat just a little more after that. Your appetite & capacity will start to increase…along with your waistline! 😅🐷


    do you know of any clothing brands that are for plus sized men? pretty much all the articles ive seen talking about "the BEST plus sized brands!!!" are basically exclusively womens clothing brands

    So true!! I’m glad you asked! Here are some stores I found for plus sized men’s clothing!



    King Size

    Gc2b - plus size binders!


    Big Boy Season 365

    Boohoo Mens




    Johnny Bigg

    SHEIN Mens

    Limitless XL

    Old Navy


    Bad Rhino

    He opened up his widened thighs as he took the last bite of his family sized Snickers bar, making room for his belly to plump out and accommodate his midday snack. He’d already been stuffed from breakfast, which consisted of two cheesy omelettes, French toast sticks, a tall stack of well-buttered pancakes, four powdered donuts and who knows how many strips of bacon, but when he passed that vending machine on his way to class, he couldn’t help himself.

    The soft, upper part was spread on top of his desk while his lower belly surged underneath, the underside of his belly hitting the cold surface of the chair beneath him. He grunted and shifted his legs again, feeling his stomach slip further out of his sweatshirt and flow over the edge of his seat. He reached down to pull the sweatshirt over his exposed flab, but it wouldn’t give any kind of resistance. It must be because I’m so bloated, he thought absently. It should fit after I sleep this food off.

    In the back of his mind, he knew his days fitting inside the school’s desks were numbered. The more he resolved to get back into shape, the more his self-control waned. He had to wedge himself into the seat today. His top belly was so big from his meal that it pushed his fattened chest up to his double chin, making it hard to move his head and even harder to shove the candy into his mouth. He felt exhausted from the exertion of lifting his hand to his mouth. His hips and thighs were spreading like wildfire, spilling over the sides of his chair and testing the weakening seams of his sweatpants. Every time he shifted, he heard them creak. It had been weeks since he could pull them over his belly. These dorm dryers are way too strong. I swear all my clothes are shrinking, he thought, putting a hand on the aching mass and rubbing.

    His hand sunk into his belly easily, much to his surprise. He felt packed like a drum, yet there was still so much fat hanging off him. He wondered how he was going to be able to complete his presentation in the state he was in. His eyes wanted to close so badly, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to pull his sweatshirt down enough to cover his entire belly. Besides, the way the desk was pressing into his middle, it might take him a little while to get up. He rubbed soothing circles onto his belly, his resistance to sleep growing weaker by the minute.

    “Next up!” The professor shouted, breaking him out of his stuffed reverie. The whole class turned to him expectantly. He quickly removed his hand from his stomach and leaned forward to get up. His wobbling ass made it as far as one centimeter off the seat before he realized his lower belly was trapped. He’d have to shimmy out from the side. His belly did not take the pressure well. Before he could stop himself, he let out a long and loud burp, feeling his sweatshirt ride further up as his flab expanded outwards.

    “Excuse me,” he said, mortified yet unable to let out a second, shorter burp. He grunted as he tried to pull his body out from the desk to no avail. His sweatpants only strained further, a few popping audibly in the silent classroom. His ass and belly were so packed into the desk that every time he tried to move or stand, the desk went with him. The scraping of the metal against the floor and his pained grunts were the only sounds in the room.

    “Sorry-uuurp-could you just skip me-urp-for now?” He pleaded, doing his best to avoid looking at the faces around the room.

    “You’re the last presentation.” The professor said plainly. His panic grew; of course he would volunteer to go last. Once again, he tried to stand, and as he plopped back down a strange sound came from beneath him. He now sat lower than everyone else. Though he couldn’t turn his head to look, he realized that his chair legs were slowly giving out. He scooted to the side as frantically as his overfed body would let him. His belly was starting to dislodge itself when he heard a SNAP! and finally, the left side of the chair gave way.

    The fall was unexpected and ungraceful. The pressure of his ass spreading out against the already-tight sweatpants caused them to rip right down the middle. The seams on his inner thighs started popping one by one, and as his belly surged out into his lap, the zipper on his sweatshirt burst open from the bottom. The fat packed into his thighs poked out from the holes they created in his pants, touching the sides of his freed belly and the cold floor. All of these sudden movements shook up the contents of his stomach, and before he knew it, he let out another huge belch. His hands instinctively went to his belly as he let the air out. He stopped to catch his breath and as he did, two smaller, quieter burps slipped out of him.

    The class was still silent. He refused to look up, only focused on the splayed belly pushing his thighs apart. He had no idea how he’d be able to get up. He still could barely breathe; struggling to get himself out of the desk was the most movement he’d done in a while besides waddling and chewing. As the seconds went by, the breathlessness gave way to a pang of hunger. Shame and pleasure rose in him as thoughts of lunch began to invade his mind, seemingly oblivious to the compromising position he’d eaten himself into.

    “Alright, well.” The professor finally said. “Let’s continue presentations tomorrow.”


    Reese no longer had a neck. I’d watched for the last few months as my coworkers cheeks fattened like pudding, falling lower and lower until his jawline no longer existed. The only relic left of his chin was the goatee he grew out to at least have something resembling it while fat consumed the rest of his face. His head was now just a thick stub connected directly to his shoulders and back.

    I had no clue what would have caused him to balloon so quickly. I had tried talking to him about anything he was doing differently, fruitless as I watched him slowly spill out of his office chair while turning into a tub of lard. His stomach grew out of each of his shirts. It didn’t seem to matter if he bought larger clothes, the moment he sat down you could see the giant curves of his bulbous body stretching it taut.

    We used to always go grab lunch together, but now it was like he was glued to his seat, only standing while lumbering his new mass in and out of the office. Finally one Friday, he invited me on a boating trip that weekend with his friends. I decided what could be the harm, and joined them.

    Reese’s friends were spitting images of him, beached whales sailing on a boat. I made no comment as their shirts came off the moment we’d departed. I felt relieved for the shirts, each one stretched to it’s limit. I tried to ignore the fact that all their bodies were rolling like the water we constantly passed over. As we were still motoring out, my coworker sat down next to me handing me a beer. He began going on about how this was his haven away from work, where he ended up every weekend able to just get away from everything.

    I tried listening, but with the rocking of the boat and slight buzz, the world fell into the background. The sight of the horizon and crashing waves was hypnotic. It was easy to just let everything slide away and just exist in the moment. We’d stopped at some point, setting up fishing poles. However, it wasn’t long before coolers packed full of food came out and the men began gorging themselves with nothing else to do.

    I found myself joining in, too relaxed to care what was going into my body as I sat stagnant, the extra calories disappearing into my gut. Despite us not catching anything over the weekend, I came back at peace, completely refreshed accompanied by a nice full feeling from constant snacking over the weekend. I’d been invited back, and couldn’t wait.

    Reese stopped by my desk when he lumbered in that Monday. “Heads up” He said “in a few weeks you might be looking like me”. We laughed. If that was the cost of feeling like a carefree pillow, I was bliss.


    It happens to ever lineman. They think they're all beef, but when the real bulking starts their muscle isn't the only thing growing. Their stomachs start pushing over their waistlines, bellies softening, muscles padded with extra flab. On the field they start panting, the extra weight taking a toll on their strides. But it's already too late. If they try losing weight, they'd lose their muscle in the process. Their only hope is to continue growing, become stronger in the process. The scale can only one way. Finally their weight would catch up to them, chin dropping as well as their fitness. They'd reach their peak potential, turning into a wall of marbled beef, the epitome of an exjock as their eating habits overcome them.