Nick suwin
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2018-08-06 11:33:04

    Recently received these awesome HAND-CRAFTED jute ropes from @theropegeek recently as he kicks off his Etsy shop! ☆☆www.theropegeek.com☆☆

    If you’re interested in rope bondage, I would definitely check out his product; it smells delicious (think hayride on a warm fall day…) and is nicely supple and soft to the touch (which surprised me, cuz I thought natural-fiber rope would be scratchy). I also found that it leaves the most delightful and beautiful rope imprint marks (don’t worry, they don’t stay forever!), and I plan to take pics of the lovely aftermath ^^

    More pics to come!! I just need to find some more decorative knots and harnesses to do RG’s product justice..!