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    At what age did you stop having accidents? I thought I was normal to have occasional wetting accident and bed wetting up until age 13 or 14, but I was chatting with someone who said that was too old?? It wasn't all the time, just a couple times every few months.

    Stephanie - Part One

    Stephanie sat near the back of class as her professor droned on about some topic or another. It was a smallish auditorium. Sitting about a hundred kids, the seats were tiered so that Stephanie was looking down slightly from her seat near the back. She smoothed her skirt out as she sat, paying more attention to her clothes than the lesson being taught. She had chosen an especially short skirt today. Not that any of the skirts she wore were particularly long, but this one was especially daring. It didn’t bother her though. She enjoyed the attention. Stephanie had worked hard to be in the shape she was, and sometimes it felt kind of nice to know people were admiring her legs. She did make sure to wear a pair of full, but still cute, panties. 

    Stephanie tried to cross her legs underneath the desk, but it was a tight fit, and less than comfortable. She was growing increasingly uncomfortable as the minutes dragged on, and it had nothing to do with the desk. Stephanie eyed the empty Starbucks cup sitting on the desk in front of her, and she couldn’t help but picture the empty nalgene water bottle that was in her bag. It hadn’t been empty for long.  Stephanie was shifting in her seat, trying to find a comfortable position that didn’t press on her bladder so much. 

    “Stephanie!” Professor Sorinsen’s hard voice cut sharply through the room. Stephanie gave a little squeak and jumped in her chair, banging her knee on the underside of the desk. “You seem particularly engaged in the lesson today.” The professor continued. “Why don’t you come down here and help me with this demonstration.”

    Stephanie groaned quietly as she stood up from her desk. She gave her skirt one last smoothing before walking down to the front of the room where her professor stood waiting. Stephanie wished she had slipped out the door at the back of the classroom before her Professor Sorinsen had noticed her. Or maybe it would have been better to skip the class entirely. That way she would have to pee so badly. 

    “Stop fidgeting.” Professor Sorinsen snapped. Stephanie had been shifting from foot to foot almost unconsciously. She was so focused on how much she needed to pee that she had almost been potty dancing in front of the entire class. Most of those one hundred seats were full, and there was no doubt that every eye was on her now. Stephanie felt her face heating up slightly at so many having seen her be scolded by the professor. “Hold this.” He told her, handing Stephanie what looked like a black ball; it was smooth like glass, but it felt too heavy to be glass.

    “Hold it up, like this.” Professor Sorinsen positioned Stephanie’s hands so she was holding the black ball straight out in front of her, facing the rest of the class. It took both hands to hold the ball steady. “Hold still.” Stephanie blushed again at the reminder. She had been bending her knees and crossing her legs while standing. Definitely potty dancing now.

    It was torture for Stephanie to stand perfectly straight while the professor was fiddling with some device off to her right. It seemed to be some kind of laser pointer that he was adjusting until it was shining directly on the ball in her hands. Stephanie needed to pee. Like really needed to pee. Her arms were already getting tired of holding this stupid ball, and every time she made the slightest movement the point of the laser would jump around on the ball, sometimes missing the ball entirely. Whenever this happened Professor Sorinsen would glare at Stephanie until she managed to hold still with the ball in place. Finally, getting frustrated with her constant fidgeting, Professor Sorinsen stalked over to where Stephanie was standing. For a moment she hoped that he was going to take the ball away from her, but instead he just took her hands and moved them to the proper position, so that the laser was dead center. He gave her a sharp look, and pointed his finger at her firmly. 

    “Don’t move a muscle.” Professor Sorinsen commanded. before striding back over to his device. Stephanie bit her lip and closed her eyes. It was so hard to stay perfectly still.

    Stephanie opened her eyes to the sounds of laughter. Her first instinct was to look at Professor Sorinsen. Had he messed up the demonstration somehow? A split second later, Stephanie realized the truth. Her need to pee was rapidly deflating. A look down confirmed her worst fears. Stephanie was peeing her pants. Or skirt rather. The force of her pee had been so much that even the front of her short skirt was stained with a big wet spot now. Giggles rippled through the lecture hall, quickly replaced by open laughter. Stephanie even spotted a few people taking photos with their phones. She felt rooted to the spot. All Stephanie wanted to do was run away, but her legs didn’t seem to work. She could still feel the rivulets of pee running down the inside of her legs. Professor Sorinsen was obviously unimpressed by her accident. He scowled at her, or more precisely at the mess she had made on the floor.

    “I can assure you,” The professor said loudly to the class. “That was not part of the demonstration.”


    Steph was so excited when she woke up. For once she wasn’t waking up all wet clammy in a puddle of her own pee. She couldn’t wait to rub it in Grant’s face. She had known it was just a phase. She definitely wasn’t going to wet the bed ever again. She pulled back the covers and sat up in bed, but before she could get up Grant walked in the room. He smiled when he saw her, and her own face split into a triumphant smile.

    “I didn’t wet the bed! See?” Steph patted the dry sheets. The slightly yellow stain probably wouldn’t ever come out, but at least they were dry.

    “I see that,” Grant answered. “I guess your diapers did the job, huh?”

    Steph’s smile froze and her face flushed crimson as she remembered the events of the previous night. Grant had been tired of her waking up soaking wet, so he had diapered her before bed. She had been trying to block the memory out, but it was no use now. She could feel the swollen diaper enveloping her butt as she shifted uncomfortably on the bed. Steph didn’t feel quite so dry anymore. She hesitantly reached a hand down between her legs and felt the diaper beneath her pajamas. It was soaked near to bursting. She might not have wet the bed, but she definitely wet her diaper.

    Grant just patted her head fondly. “Maybe tonight you’ll stay dry. Until then…” He pulled a fresh diaper from the huge supply he had bought for her. Steph could only nod, she was still blushing, and couldn’t bring herself to meet his eyes. Steph had a feeling it would be a long time before she was out of diapers.


    H-hey eyes up here mister!


    Try as she might, Steph couldn’t quite get her romper to cover the thick diaper she was forced to wear. As if wearing a diaper in the first place wasn’t bad enough, now she was stuck in this babyish onesie with her diapers poking out for everyone to see. One accident, and she was back to wearing such infantile clothing. It was only one accident. The fact that her diaper was now soaked had nothing to do with anything as far as Steph was concerned. Grant obviously didn’t share Steph’s beliefs. Her boyfriend took one look at the swollen diaper, and the expression on his face told Steph that she was in for a somehow even worse punishment than she was already. One look at his face and Steph felt her already wet diaper grow warm once again.


    💦Timeout?! But how for how long?! I need t-to…to..umm…uh oh..  💦 


    Unfortunately for Stephanie, she didn’t know just how strict the punishment for having an accident at school would be. She wasn’t even allowed the usual skirt that would have at least covered some of her new thick diaper. 

    The other students were encouraged to alert a faculty member whenever Stephanie had an accident in her diapers. If she could stay dry for a week, she could go back to wearing pull-ups and a skirt at least, but every accident meant an extra week in thick diapers.

    After just three days, Stephanie had already earned herself 1 month in diapers. It was going to be a long school year


    No no no please I really can’t go out like THIS 💦😳😳💦


    It didn’t matter that Steph had graduated from high-school a couple years ago. Rules were rules in her dad’s house. A wet bed meant diapers. Steph had hoped he had forgotten that weird rule. After all, her younger brother was in high-school already, but her dad didn’t miss a beat. No sooner had he caught Steph trying to shove the pee-stained sheets into the washing machine, than he produced a package of way too thick diapers that were just in her size. It was too much to bear for Steph. It was just one accident, but he seriously expected her to wear the absorbent underwear because he didn’t trust her not to pee herself. 

    The worst part was that the diapers weren’t just for bedtime. Steph had to wear them during the day. That meant to college, and to work. Her work skirt was already dangerous on windy days, how was she going to avoid flashing her diapers to the entire world?


    I'm a guy who like to pee in my pants. I confessed this to my wife and she is completely freaked out and our relationship is in jeopardy. I was wondering how you would handle a situation like this.

    That’s a tough one. Obviously I don’t know you or your specific relationship. If I were you I would just explain that this is what you’re into, but don’t pressure her into anything. (Whether that means you wetting yourself around her, or asking her to do it) And don’t bring it up again unless she does first. If she’s not interested you shouldn’t try to pressure her into indulging you, and you shouldn’t toss away your marriage for a fetish

    Yes you do have to wear that to school.

    Why? What’s wrong with it?

    Oh yes they are wet, now why exactly is that?

    Because you wet them, I see…Well why did you do that?  Should I put you back in diapers because you can’t control yourself?

    You were drinking?  You’re not old enough to do that are you?  Well now all your classmates will know you’re not old enough to keep your panties dry either.

    This is your punishment for disobeying me, and lying to me.

    We’ll see if I think you’ve been punished enough tonight.  If not, well I still have your nighttime diapers from when you were wetting the bed.  Maybe I’ll put together another outfit for you to wear tomorrow.

    Go on now, you don’t want to miss the bus.  

    Have a nice day at school sweetie.


    Jennifer’s diapered vacation

    Hey all, here’s a short sneak peak of an unedited part of the first chapter for a new story I’m working on. So far I’ve written about 5,000 words, but I’ll just post a short section for today while I continue to work on the rest. The story will contain female desperation, wetting, humiliation and diapers. 18+

    “No one will even notice Jennifer.” Jennifer’s mother said, obviously exasperated. “This is not up for discussion. You will wear them.”

    Jennifer stood with her arms crossed defiantly, eyes red-rimmed. This wasn’t how this vacation was supposed to go at all. 

    “This isn’t fair.” Jennifer yelled, stomping her foot. “I won’t do it.”

    “Jennifer…” Jennifer’s mother held up a finger, her voice gaining an edge. “Don’t you take that tone with me. You will do as you’re told.”

    “I won’t do it!” Jennifer repeated. “You can’t make me.” This was the worst. Just because she occasionally had accidents at night, her mother wanted her to wear diapers. It basically never happened anymore. Her mother was just overreacting. The worst part was that Jennifer’s sister, Sarah, was watching the whole exchange. Sarah was only one year older than Jennifer, and she was so stuck up. She always had to act like she was in charge, when really she was just a whiny little kid at heart. “Make Sarah wear them, she’s the real baby of the family.”

    “That’s it!” Jennifer’s mother snapped. “I warned you.” Jennifer half expected her mother to flip her over for a spanking then and there, but instead her mother stalked out of the room without another word.

    “Why won’t you just do what she says?” Sarah asked. Definitely stuck up. “If you just listen, then she wouldn’t be so hard on you.”

    “Shut up!” Jennifer snapped at her sister. “You’re just jealous that I’m so much prettier than you are.”

    Sarah just shook her head and walked away.

    Jennifer sat down, waiting for her mother to storm back into the room and start arguing all over again. Nothing happened. They were supposed to be leaving soon, and Jennifer started to wonder if her family was going to leave her behind. Would they really do it? They had all been looking forward to this trip for months, they wouldn’t actually leave her out, all over a diaper, would they? Jennifer started to get nervous, and finally she ran out of her room and into the living room. Her family was still there. Her sister sat reading a book, and her parents were softly talking to each other.

    Jennifer waited for the storm that never came. Surely her mother had talked to her dad, and the yelling would start all over again. Instead, no one even mentioned the argument that had been raging mere minutes before. Jennifer even allowed herself to hope that maybe her mom had changed her mind. No luck. Once all the bags were loaded in the car, Jennifer’s mother very calmly asked if Jennifer was going to get changed, or if she needed someone to do it for her. 

    With all the scowling and eye-rolling she could manage, Jennifer went to the bathroom and replaced her white lace thong with a pair of pink and purple patterned  pull-ups. Just because it was going to be a long car ride, apparently no one trusted her to not piss all over herself. It was ridiculous. Wearing them to bed was already bad enough, but during the day like this was simply absurd. Jennifer contemplated not wearing them, but her mother had sounded serious about changing Jennifer herself if necessary. Pulling her yoga pants back up over the diaper, Jennifer left the bathroom. She was stopped at the front door by her mother, who pulled Jennifer’s waistband down enough to confirm what she was wearing underneath. No one trusted Jennifer; it was completely unfair.


    Jennifer stood in front of the whole class. She tried to stifle her sniffles as everyone else laughed. There were faces she recognized in the crowd. Her sister, her ex-boyfriend, there was even the boy she had a crush on in the first grade. It was strange, Jennifer hadn’t seen the boy in more than 10 years, but for some reason she was sure it was him. She couldn’t bring herself to move as the teacher addressed the whole class.

    “It looks like Miss Jennifer couldn’t quite make it to the potty.” Mrs. Barnes said. It was true. Jennifer plucked at the uncomfortable wet fabric that was sticking to her legs. A huge wet spot stained the front of her white pants.

    “No,” Jennifer tried to deny it. “I just…spilled something. That’s all.”

    “Oh dear,” Mrs. Barnes didn’t sound the least bit empathetic. “Wetting yourself and lying. You are a naughty little girl, aren’t you? Why don’t you try telling the truth for once?”

    “I wet myself.” Jennifer said. Her eyes went wide. That wasn’t what she had meant to say at all. It felt like the truth was being dragged out of her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. “I thought I could hold it, and I was too embarrassed to ask to leave, but I couldn’t hold it anymore.”

    “That’s more like it.” Mrs. Barnes said with a nod. “Is there anything else you would like to get off your chest?”

    Jennifer wanted to scream ‘No there isn’t you sadistic bitch.’ Instead, words poured uncontrollably out of her mouth.

    “I was the only girl wearing diapers at a sleepover when I was nine. I assumed everyone else still wet the bed sometimes, but they all teased me when they found out I still needed diapers.” Jennifer admitted, blushing at the memory. She looked down to find that she was wearing her pink unicorn pajamas. There was an obvious stain down one leg where her pampers had leaked.

    “And?” Mrs. Barnes prompted.

    “I wet myself at my aunt’s wedding when I was twelve. I was the flower girl, and I ruined my dress. My mom put me back in diapers for a month after that.” Jennifer said, unable to stop herself. Her entire family had witnessed that accident, and they still brought it up sometimes during family reunions. Jennifer was wearing a formal white dress, with a huge damp spot on the back. No matter how hard she tried, Jennifer couldn’t tug the hem of the dress down below the two diapers her mother had taped her into.

    “Surely there’s more you would like to share?” Mrs. Barnes asked with an evil smile. Jennifer shook with fear.

    “No,” Jennifer begged. “Please, no more.”

    “No?” Mrs. Barnes sounded amused. “Does that mean you don’t want to tell the story of the time you fell asleep in the car during a family vacation?” Jennifer’s clothes were back to normal. Her grey yoga pants were doing their best to hide the bulge of a thick diaper around her waist. She usually only wore them to bed, so Jennifer didn’t usually need to worry about hiding her diapers under her clothes.  Mrs. Barnes continued. “You were so insistent that you didn’t need to wear diapers anymore, but what is the first thing you do on vacation?” Jennifer felt her bladder give way. She could only watch as her diaper ballooned outward, forcing her legs apart, and leaking waterfalls down both of her legs, forming a puddle on the tile floor. “I can’t remember what happens next.” Mrs. Barnes sounded pensive. “I wonder how your family will react. Your mother is quite cross with you. I suppose there’s only one way to find out.” The last thing Jennifer saw was a cruel smile cross the older woman’s lips.

    Jennifer jerked awake. Only her seat belt kept her from falling out of her seat. Her vision was blurry and her head felt fuzzy. Blearily, she blinked the sleep away. She knew there had been a dream, but the details were already fading away. Jennifer couldn’t remember what had startled her awake so violently.


    OMG Yes!! THis is so perfect. I need more!!!