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2020-07-03 13:02:47

    theres a hole in the wall in my brothers’ room because they were fighting (for fun not anger) in there once and one of them knocked the other into the wall so hard his head made that hole, so they put two small skeletons in there for decoration

    they tapped up the “décor” sign up because according to them the skeleton is named décor and the one underneath him is his husband. also worth noting that they found 2 dollars in there the other day


    Nothing to Report

    We move to the city

    To forget the stars

    Because it’s hard to believe

    We’re so small

    When egos and legos

    Both build skyscrapers here

    We move to the city

    To identify sounds of cars

    To their models

    Instead of chirps of birds

    And beetles in bottles

    No one said hobbies

    Had to be useful

    Ain’t no poisonous mushrooms

    To get you

    We move to the city

    Because we need to feel

    Someone is watching

    Even though

    There’s nothing to report


    Maureen Armstrong @haikkun

    cigarette smoke instead of

    space between us,

    your body is telling mine a story

    do you know how to say you’re sorry

    when you’re not really sorry?

    the regrets pile up like grave dirt,

    words unspoken tucked into my heart

    without a bedtime story

    so fucking what, at least now i know

    what your hair feels like between my fingers

    and thats a little bit


    so kiss me like

    this isn’t just the whiskey

    in the dark, even a lie can taste like the truth

    then remember me

    when you open your lighter,

    when its saturday morning,

    at work, when fishing,

    or even at all

    and every morning is a lesson learned:

    you can always watch the sun rise

    but the sky will never love you back

    - sfh