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Uniform,Bondage,BDSM, GOM, I m from North-Germany.

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    “That’s it, sweetheart. Just let go.”

    Consciousness is slipping away and things are getting blurry around the edges. My body relaxes into His embrace. i’m still aware that my heart is beating very fast, but it’s not fear or shock i’m feeling anymore. It’s anticipation. Relief. Gratitude.

    As i stare into my captor’s eyes i realize i don’t know this Man, but somehow, He knows me. He’s chosen me for purposes unknown. His hard body radiates Masculine strength, power, and confidence and i am calmed by the warmth of it.

    As i feel myself losing control of my body - of my life - i cling to a sudden revelation that’s as clear and bright as the blue eyes staring down at me: i’ve been saved from the banality and meaninglessness of my aimless life. The fear of the unknown is by far preferable to the ambivalence and malaise i’ve felt about my existence. i’ve just been too chicken shit and weak to do anything about it; i needed a Savior.

    i hear a whimper that sounds like it’s coming from a child and realize it’s me. i feel wetness in my shorts. Have i pissed myself? His smirk suggests something else. my body convulses as cum dribbles from my little penis and begins to wet the front of my slacks. He smiles, pleased by the effect He’s having on my body.

    “Such a good girl! I’m going to take good care of you from now on. I’ve prepared a place just for you. Everything is ready, princess. No more fighting. No more hiding. I’ve found you and now you’re mine.”

    i shiver uncontrollably as i drift into blackness. His large hand drops from my mouth, releasing a guttural sob from the depths of my soul.