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    We are jack of spades, inferior white faggots in service to the Black Master race. In today’s social landscape our Black Lords and Masters are constantly demeaned and condemned in an effort by the white supremacists to undermine the natural order. The whites are the subjugates. We are the ones meant to serve and service our Black Lords and Masters. 

    The very first time I turned myself and my body over to a Black Lord I learned the way. During the early part of my life after that I turned away from those truths only to be right back here today in a place where I know I am a faggot and I know my place is to serve at the feet of our Black Gods.

    Most white bois that have at least one time or another in their pathetic lives turned up their holes for the use of a Black Lord have a fundamental understanding that Blacks rule and whites kneel. They know this from the way that Black God took them, used them for His pleasure, spent His seed deep inside them, and left them needing more and more frequently.

    So many white sissies dress up real feminine like to please Black Gods, so many white bois cage their worthless penis in an effort to show our Black Lords that their needs are insignificant and that the Black Lord’s genitalia is King. Many white faggots put themselves in smaller and smaller cages to turn their dicks to clits and if I ask most of them why they do it it is usually to honor a Black Lord.

    Every time I turn my hole up to a Black God He quickly shows me how much of a faggot I am. My hormones race, my hole (throat or ass) hungers to take all of Him in, my desire to feel or taste His Holy seed is insatiable. I literally hunger for Him to use and abuse me with all of His power and for His total pleasure. I am a proud inferior white faggot that knows his place. Staring down at the feet of my Black Lord or up at the tip of His Holy Staff, or under the weight of His body pushing against mine as he impregnates my hole with His Holy seed. 

    I am a jack of spades, an inferior white faggot proudly serving the Black Master Race. 

    KIK: justin.c.richards (Orlando, FL USA)