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    how is trump alive?? like hes rlly gone thru his whole life like That …. and no one has ever just fuckin decked him?? gave him the ole one two? knocked his lights out??? incredible


    sorry to improve your day without much notice but 




    This is cathartic


    People just becoming politically aware are never going to appreciate just how fucking hated this guy was before he was in politics. He was hated for over half a century. Everyone aware of him mocked and derided him as a cheating, greedy corporate asshole and mindless bully and this is by far not the only time anyone clocked his ass but it is probably one of the only times it got caught on video. Hatred of him was bipartisan all my life and it just goes to show how easily right wingers can be suckered by anyone who kisses their collective asshole on their pet agendas.


    Never forget that the reason Trump seems like an over-the-top stupidly villainous antagonist from a 90s movie is because half of them were based on Trump and making fun of him.

    The reason The Simpsons and a handful of other comedies ‘predicted’ the Trump presidency was because he kept saying he wanted to run and nobody could think of anything funnier than a President Trump.


    Seeing tr*mp just get fucking decked instantly made my night better


    Streaming companies are the landlords of media. You will rent in perpetuity, and never actually own anything.




    1. Download Firefox

    2. Add the following extensions: uBlock Origin, AdBlocker Ultimate, Privacy Badger, Privacy Possum, minerBlock (ClearURLs and Don’t track me Google also recommended but not necessary for this)

    3. Go forth brave soldier


    It's finally here!

    Sebastian Sallow x MC | 'The Raven and the Snake' by @choccy-milky part from chapter 13 ❤️


    Thank you @choccy-milky ❤️ for this story!


    I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE U DID THIS😭😭TYSM THIS IS CRAZYYY!!!💖💖never thought id be able to see a scene from my fanfic brought to life like this!!😭and im just happy you like my fic enough to make something like this to begin with!!💖 ty again!!💖💖


    I think the most unintentionally pretentious part of me is I genuinely forget that most people do not have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of mythology and folklore. I literally just assume most people know at least the name of every Greek god. My mom and I were watching the Banshees of Inisherin and at the start, she asked "Do you know what a banshee is?" and I was so stunned because it would never occur to me to ask that question because I would never assume the average person doesn't know what a banshee is. The average person knows what a banshee is right. You know what a banshee is right. You know the names of the greek gods right. You know that norse myth where loki fucked the horse right. Right. RIGHT


    I hate the cosmetic surgery industry for so many reasons I really do. But the line between cosmetic and medically necessary plastic surgeries is as a cloud, and we cannot sacrifice bodily autonomy for bans so. We need to dismantle white supremacy and the patriarchy in order to effectively tackle the issue. I should be able to get elective top surgery without medicalising my transness you get?


    I had a breast reduction when I was 16. I was so top heavy that my back had started spasming badly by the time I was 12, if I hadn’t been able to get my reduction, I would’ve been in more extreme pain for much longer. The relief was almost instant. Just one example of medically necessary plastic surgery, in case people aren’t sure what that looks like.

    Medically necessary plastic surgery also includes removing excess skin when someone loses a lot of weight: skin folds can become infected. Burn victims’ skin grafts, those are plastic surgery too. The field covers a lot more than people think.


    Harold Gillies, now considered to be the father of modern plastic surgery, developed most of his techniques (many of which are still in use today) specifically to reconstruct the faces of men who'd been injured in WW1.

    Advances in weaponry meant that, for the first time, men were coming home from war with literally half their faces blown off, on a regular basis. This was not only traumatic— there were cases of men cancelling engagements or being afraid to see their families, because of their disfigurements— but also caused problems with every day tasks like speaking and eating, in which your face plays a pretty key role.

    Gillies arranged for a whole ward, and later a hospital, to be dedicated to the treatment of these men, and took steps to ensure that all soldiers who received these kinds of injuries on the battlefield would be sent to him directly. He developed methods for applying skin grafts so that larger portions of the face could be repaired.

    He continued his work treating wounded soldiers throughout WW1 and WW2, and when both wars were ended— just in case he hadn't done enough to establish himself as a full on hero— he was then approached by a medical student named Michael Dillon, a trans man, and was able to use the same techniques he'd developed to reconstruct the penises of wounded soldiers to give him a phalloplasty. The first one ever performed on a trans man. He even diagnosed the guy with a condition to explain the frequent operations, so as to avoid outing him.

    Dillon later wrote a book about trans-ness, which inspired Roberta Cowell, who became the first British transwoman to get a vaginoplasty, also performed by Gillies.

    In both cases, the techniques he developed were still being used in similar operations decades later. Gillies himself stated that he wanted no publicity for performing these operations, saying that "If it gives real happiness, that is the most that any surgeon or medicine can give.”


    so stupid the 7 hour cut of the godfather is only available on a third rate pirate website looking like someone taped it on a VHS, let it sit in an attic for 20 years, and uploaded it to youtube in 2005. it looks like it came out in 1860. i put it on and start googling if i have cataracts. the 4k shit is out for the theatricals and where am I? living like a caveman. im in the corner sitting on my knuckles like tarzan looking at the 2.5 pixel resolution on my laptop going oh grug me think me see michael ooh ooh. when is paramount going to chop it to 40 minute bits and release it as a season of television for me and the 5 people who know it exists to enjoy. why does happiness evade the ever-grasping hand. what if i hunted francis coppola for sport  


    @jerseygrrl good god i cant even find it …. its a 2 yr old link i keep in my notes app and its fucking broken . like my heart. like the way fredo (rip my guy🇮🇹) broke michael’s 🤘 😔 💔. history slips through our fingers like dust into sand but who’s there to watch…. what will remain when a tumblrina’s memory fades….. the 7 hr cut? the behemoth? a myth now lost to time




    can we talk about how literally 64% of people wear glasses, and yet we NEVER see them in movies/tv unless it's on some nerdy or uncool character? why do we adhere to such a weird beauty standard that subconsciously makes us feel bad for,, not being able to see???


    I used to work for LensCrafters and I can tell you for a fact that they make a big deal out of wanting as many customers as possible to want to get contacts. Every meeting there was a reminder that we were to push contacts. Hell, the other employees /managers repeatedly tried to push contacts on me even after I informed them that there was no way that I would ever shove a piece of plastic into my eye.

    To them, the difference between selling glasses and getting a customer to sign up for contacts is like the difference between selling a video game and getting a player to get a monthly subscription.  And failing that their next big sell is for frames that cost twice to three times as much, but have little to no frame (and thus almost look like you aren’t wearing glasses at all) and are fragile as all hell (and thus are likely to break and have to be replaced).

    They can’t rely solely on our prescription getting heavier or otherwise changing to the point that we have to buy a new pair every year. They want to push you to buy their product every time that you visit the optometrist and then some more in between.

    As counter-intuitive as it might seem, it is in Big Optic’s best interest to convince us that we look terrible if we wear glasses.


    The next time you need an eye exam, ask for a copy of your prescription. Take a picture too.

    You can buy prescription glasses and even prescription sunglasses online for a fraction of the cost as they will force you to pay in stores.

    The only thing you need is your prescription, and your pupil distance, which you can just measure at home



    I forget the other ones but these are the two I've used. Firmoo always has a lot of coupons and buy one get one free deals.

    If you buy them online, you can get prescription sunglasses for $30. If there's a buy one get one sale, you can get two pairs of prescription sunglasses for $30. And they don't have to be the same prescription. You but yourself prescription sunglasses for $30, and you can get somebody else a pair of prescription sunglasses for free. Or just a backup set if something happens to the first one!


    You do not need to be spending $60 on glasses!! Buy them online!!!

    It also means that if you break them catastrophically, you can just reorder them online instead of having to go to the eyeglasses place, which would suck even more for you if your eyes are so bad that you can't drive.