Learning to tame my nature and be a submissive slut for my husband. I do not own any of the pictures. While I enjoy many aspects of this lifestyle- this blog is mostly fantasy!NSFW 18+ ONLY!

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    Fun things to do

    Make little cunts do nasty and disgusting things, then verbally humiliate them and abuse them while laughing at them for doing exactly the things you made them do.


    Excellent idea. No amount of humiliation is too much for a cunt.


    Gaslighting 101. The quickest way to break her mind


    A Real Man..

    A Real Man abuses his woman. A real man hits her and tells her that she’s nothing but his punching bag. A real man spits down on her and rubs the dirt on his shoes across her skin. A real man doesn’t care about tears.

    Hurt me. Please.


    Hoping all women can find a real man.


    Definition of a real man.


    As men we have a natural predatory nature

    We seek out all manner of things. Some may seek out different things. But majority of men seek out conquest. The conquest of overpowering someone is something that has gone on as long as anyone can remember.

    For most men it’s overpowering women. They have no real natural defense mechanism to defend themselves. Society tells us men to appeal to our better nature, to our conscience, of what is moral and just. This reasoning is what stops women getting taken advantage for the most part.

    Women have had their fair share of men being civil, they didn’t want that. Decades later they had equality, they didn’t want that. Now, Comes a time where we are reverting back to something more familiar. Women aren’t respecting men who are nice, they want a man to show power. The respect a woman now gives a man is when he disregards her views, her wants, her needs, her validation.

    They want to be called cunts, sluts, bitch, twat, puta, and whatever other degrading words women use to describe each other.

    You debase yourselves under the premise of a female liberating agenda.

    The irony is you cunts doing all of this is helping men objectify the fuck out of you and you don’t even realize it.

    But the behavior you cunts demonstrate to a certain type of man is much different compared to some cuck. You’ll even be passed out drunk wanting to be used and passed around like a pack of cigarrettes in a prison yard.

    You cunts put yourself out there like this to seperate the cucks from the men. To that end a man at some point will oblige.

    Because you cunts have already stripped each other of respect without you realizing it. You women calling each other sluts, bitches, cunts, twats, cumdumpsters, cows, and whatever other names you and your best friends call each other. Training yourself, debasing yourself, accepting you are nothing more than holes to get fucked, creamed, and used by men. Us men just follow it up by calling you what you are used to. Nothing has changed in how you are addressed, the difference is a man is doing that now. That’s what you cunts wanted anyway, not some pussy ass prince charming to call you some bullshit princess. Because subconsciously you know that motherfucker aint around. Just a man who wants to use you, degrade you, humiliate, debase you, defile you, hurt you, at his leisure.


    So true 👍


    Casual PSA

    Just thought I’d clear up the air and set things straight.

    Sex is initiated with male pleasure in mind. It ends immediately after said male pleasure has been achieved….

    -No, a cunt’s pleasure/orgasm does not matter in the least bit

    -Absolutely, in no way, shape, or form is a slut supposed to request things (orgasms, sexual positions, where a Man should cum)

    -And it happens COMPLETELY at His discretion, regardless of location, time, frequency, sexual protection (or lack thereof) people in the area, or people doing it to you

    Cool, thanks! <3


    Like I have said before, some cunts get it


    My latest kink is being expected to repay favors from men with sex.

    He buys me lunch or coffee on a friend date: hand job under the table or BJ in the bathroom.

    He gives me a ride: road head.

    He helps me move some heavy boxes: his choice of any of my holes as a shoe of my appreciation.

    He lets me sleep on his couch while I’m traveling: I’m his sex doll while I’m under his roof.

    He helps me get a job: I’m his sure-thing eager booty call until he gets sick of me.

    I’m just a helpless girl. I’m weak and poor and don’t have much to offer the men who take care of me. But even the ones who don’t like to rape deserve to be appreciated for their time and money. One of my only real skills is pleasing a cock.


    Mmmmmm this is a dream

    A real man

    The other day I was on the phone with my husbands mother. My husband came up behind me, grabbed me and started pushing his dick into my ass. I tried to push him away but he just grabbed me and impaled me on his dick. I quickly said goodbye to his mother and he went to town, mercilessly pounding away at my ass. Toward the end I begged him to stop but he never did, he never even slowed down. He only stopped after he blew his load deep inside me, got up and went to do something else. I was left there, trying to catch my breath and pull myself together. Easily some of the best sex I’ve ever had. That is a how a real man fucks.


    As spanking is an essential part of training a whore. How often you got spanked in a week?

    We don’t believe spanking is a necessary part of training. Not that it can’t be, it just isn’t for us. In the 10 years we’ve been together, I can count the number of times he’s spanked me on one hand