Rough Sex With Married Women

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    The cuckold husband loves pussy more specific his wife’s pussy. He wants to lick it and pleasure it all the time. He loves it so much he also wants others to pleasure it.

    Love tasting him in side my wife’s pussy!

    Most of the married women I fuck, cheat in secret, their husbands have no idea their wives cheat. Some of them are cucks and do know. I have made sure each one of their husbands taste me one way or another. For those that know, I have them watch as I pound their wives mercilessly. I have them watch as I turn their wives into mindless fuck machines. I cum down their throats, cum in their ass and in their pussies. I do not use condoms.

    I make sure their wives are completely filled with my cum. Then, I make sure their wife, my whore, squats down over their face as my cum oozes out into their mouths. I make sure they suck and lick every sticky drop of my cum from their wives well fucked pussy. I make sure they know who owns their wife and what I taste like. I make sure they feel the humiliation of cleaning my cum from their wife in front of me.

    For those husbands that don’t know, I make sure that their wife makes it clear she wants her husband to go down on her pussy later in the day. After I have spent hours pounding his wife and filling her pussy with multiple loads of cum, she coaxes her clueless husband into eating her pussy. It is funny when my whore will tell me later how her clueless husband was so excited because she was “extra wet” when in reality he was tasting my cum. Countless husbands have tasted me or unknowingly used my cum as lubricant. It always gives me a powerful jolt knowing that cucks and clueless husbands have to clean their wives pussies after I am done with her.



    in the mood to get throatfucked

    This looks familiar, fucking your throat while you lay on clueless wife’s side of the bed. Of course I also like to reach forward and run my wedding ring over and over your swollen clit until you cum like a whore and leave a wet spot on my clueless wife’s side of the bed.


    Your First time wearing Nipple Clamps

    The first time you try them there’s trepidation. You open and close them a few times to see how they work. You close it on your finger to see how tight it closes. It hurts the tip of your finger and you can’t imagine the pain it’ll cause your nipples.

    You open the first one and place it near your nipple, you take a deep breath and slowly close it. The pain hits you, it makes your eyes water, you wince, “mother fucker!!!” you mutter under your breath. He’s told you to breathe through the initial pain, deep slow breaths. You pause for a minute and focus on breathing. “It’ll feel good” he’s told you “you’ll love it” he’s told you.

    “Bullshit!” You think as you put the second one on. The pain is strong, you are trying to focus, trying to breathe. You take five deep breaths. Your eyes are closed as you do. Both nipples are throbbing, the blood is rushing, being redirected, every nerve ending seems to be open. You’re not sure how long they’ve been on and not sure how long you can handle it.

    Just as you’re about to give up, even though he said to give it five minutes at least, you can’t handle it….as you finish your deep breaths you feel it, the pain, it’s causing pulses, moving down your body, little vibrations that don’t stop. They roll down your belly, your hips, and reach between your legs. You feel yourself getting turned on. Your clit feels like it’s being touched, you reach down to feel, “What the hell??” You think as you realize you’re dripping wet.

    How did he do that? How did he know? The pleasure is growing, the pain isn’t going away but now there’s pleasure. You touch yourself. Your clit is so sensitive, you rub more and more. You forgot he’s watching you. You were so focused on the clamps you forgot he was the one in control, he wanted to watch you put them on for the first time. You hear his voice “Don’t stop, keep playing, that’s a good girl.”

    “Yes sir” you say as your fingers explore your slit. You slide two inside you, you’re so turned on. You slide deep inside you and start moving them in and out. Your body is defying itself. The pain shouldn’t make you feel this way, but it is and you love it. Just as you’re focused on your pussy you feel the chain on the clamps being pulled. “Fuccccckkkkkk sir!!!!!” You scream out.

    He smiles a little as he holds the chain, watching your nipples pull out and the rest of your breasts follow. He says “if you stop playing I’ll pull harder” he holds on to the chain, won’t let go. “I need you to cum for me now”. You look at his eyes, you see the need, his desire to watch you cum. That’s what you needed to see.

    Your fingers rub hard against your clit, faster and harder you rub. Your thighs quiver, shake faster and faster, your stomach muscles tighten. You feel the pain from your nipples but the pleasure is taking over. As you rub you feel the orgasm coming. “I’m cumming sir!!!!! Oh God I’m cummmmmmmming!!!!!!”. Your body convulses in the strongest orgasm you’ve ever had. Everything goes black, your breath is heavy and deep. Your body has just exploded in pure pleasure. Everything goes limp. You can’t believe the feeling but you love it. You bask in it.

    As he smiles down at you watching your body still have aftershocks from the orgasm you feel him let go of the chain. “I hope you’re ready for this” he says. Before you can comprehend, he takes both hands and opens the clamps and pulls them both off at once. “Fuck you sir!!!!” You scream out as a wave of pain from the blood rushing back in hits you. It’s a deep throbbing pain. It hurts much worse than putting them on. Your eyes are watering again, you realize that even this pain is turning you on again, and you can’t wait for Sir to punish you for your words, you crave more….you can’t wait for more….







    TBH I’m so turned on by sweet and calm sadists.

    Like, no matter how much of a brat you are no matter how much you cry and beg and struggle they just smile down at you and stroke your hair and continue doing whatever the fuck they want to do.

    As someone who generally is very good at pushing people’s buttons and enjoys winding people up until they react, the person who just ignores it all and continues to completely and openly enjoy my pain and humiliation without feeling the need to so much as raise their voice? Very very hot.

    me, every time i see this post:

    My aesthetic

    This is always one of my favorites. I don’t know that I have ever needed to raise my voice during a scene. I would much rather, and I find it much more effective, to correct, discipline, or humiliate in a calm tone with a smile on my face

    😳 I never have seen someone articulate my kind of sadism this way before.

    I’ve been reading a book about owning, looking after, and disciplining, a dog, and this is pretty much how you go about it. It’s positive reinforcement.


    This is pretty much the way I operate. Oh I may growl or speak in an absolute, blood chilling command, but I am calm, direct and often sweet. My voice and mannerism will sometimes be the exact opposite of what I’m saying. I will convince My sub how sincere I am, that I am even compassionate and then as my voice sounds so sweet, My words are anything but sweet

    Said tenderly, almost lovingly “oh My little one, I know it hurts but push back hard, in one thrust. No little one, no lube, My cock is going to tear up your tight little asshole… now impale your little ass and give Me those tears. Awe does it hurt? Good!… now do it again.”

    Or after edging her forever and watching the tears stream down her face and her thighs quiver I might say “oh, that loooks like you are suffering so much agony. Are you aching My little one? you are? Oh that is just so sad. Would you like to cum? Yes? you would? Well I can see the hope in your eyes” (as I softly stroke her face and hair and maybe kiss her forehead) she will think I’m actually going to let her cum.

    Then I’m likely to take her face in My hands and gently ask her “you would be willing to do anything for Me at this moment wouldn’t you? No matter what it is, you would do it wouldn’t you?” I might absentmindedly ask, “My little sub, do you like to be called a whore?” She of course answers yes. “Are you a whore?” I ask softly. Eagerly she answers that she is absolutely a whore. “Good, it is a fitting title for someone with pussy juice dripping down her thighs, drooling and willing to degrade herself for Me” I say in a flat or neutral voice.

    Of course this is probably the point I would grab a belt or a crop so she sees it and then walk behind her. Without warning I would start spanking her bare ass mercilessly, grab a handful of hair and growl into her ear that she better cum like the whore she is, she better earn her title and cum for Me… N O W!!!!!!

    And there is nothing the little thing can do but cum like the depraved whore she is. Indeed she earns her title of whore. I make sure of that. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Different people and situations require different approaches but the one is always enjoyable.



    Just let this image sink in. My cum dripping out of your wife’s well fucked pussy. While you are being a dutiful husband working all day, I’m fucking your wife all day. I treat her like the perverse, depraved, cock craving whore she is. I can go all day and can cum several times. I have the strength, endurance and stamina to fuck her every hole over and over. (Yes she has told me you are done after about five minutes, leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied) No worries though, I satisfy her every sexual need. I satisfy her darkest cravings you know nothing about. I do things to your wife she would never let you do. She begs me to do things you have no idea she likes. She begs me to be rough, to make it hurt. She begs me to make her feel like a cheap whore. She wants me to make her feel “dirty”. I promise you I have no problem fucking her hard, rough and repeatedly for hours. I strip away that sweet, demure little exterior and help her get in touch with her inner whore. Your wife absolutely is a whore, in fact she is a cheating whore and she has no trouble telling me she is. Something else for you to picture, there is this little game I play with your wife. I tie her up (yes she actually loves bondage) I spank her rough and hard. I shove a fat anal plug up her ass and fuck her with it hard and rough. Sometimes it hurts so much she is in tears. Of course this makes me even harder. Then as I spank her, I reach down and stroke her soaking wet pussy, it’s on fire by this time. I ask her if she is a cheating whore, she tells me she is. I ask if you can satisfy her like I can, she instantly says no. I untie her hands, have her on all fours in front of me, I have her use a vibrator on her clit. I press the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I ask if she wants to cum like a whore, trembling, she says yes. I can feel her pussy juice dripping over my cock and running down my shaft. She tries to push back and I laugh at her and call her a whore but I don’t let her push back. Next, I tell her, “you can cum and you can push back on my cock if you say you are a cheating whore and IF you use your husbands name. So say, your name is Steve, she has to say outloud “Steve I’m a cheating whore. And then she gets to push back and have Me fill up her greedy, wet pussy. I count to three, tell her to say it and push back. She does, she does it instantly and, I grab her hips and push forward at the same time. So your wife is calling out your name, admitting to you she is a cheating whore as she impales herself on my cock. Trust me when I tell you she cums harder and has more orgasms over and over than you have bet seen her have. All while she is admitting to you just what she is while being filled with another man’s hard, throbbing cock. So look at these images over and over and realize what your wife is giving me, realize you can never satisfy her. Realize she may wear your ring but she knows damn well who she belongs to…. and that is me. #wife-Hunter #yourwifeMywhore #Ifuckyourwife #shetellsmeshesmywhore #yourwifemycumdump


    I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and this happened …..

    “You need to write something on shitty subs.”


    “Let’s be honest. All we ever hear about are shitty Doms, fake Doms, predatory Doms. Not a peep about shitty subs. We both know Doms who have been fucked up bad because they got involved with one, but no one ever talks about it. Doms seem like they don’t want to admit it happened to them. They don’t want to admit they badly misjudged.”

    “I’m liking this topic!”

    “Yay! Oh, but for fuck’s sake, when you write it you must absolutely not use the words ‘shitty subs’!”

    “Umm, ok. Sure.”

    There is a tendency here in Tumble Town, reflective of a more general attitude in the D/s subculture, that whatever happens is never the submissive’s fault. Every submissive is innocent and devoted and doing her duty conscientiously and correctly, and if things go south it’s because the Dominant in the equation is some inadequate or downright evil figure who done her wrong.

    I call bullshit.

    Submissives are human beings, just as Dominants are. As such, they run the gamut from good and decent people to people who are damaged, confused, self-absorbed, and occasionally, not to put too fine a point on it, assholes. Such people can be problematic for a Dominant,  primarily but not exclusively for those Dominants who have a strong “caregiver” component to their character. (I prefer the word “caregiver” to “Daddy,” because there are plenty of Dominants who give enormous amounts of care who would never self-identify as a “Daddy Dom.”)

    I want to lay out a few broad categories based on things I have gleaned from conversations with other Dominants, combined with a couple of my own experiences over the decades.

    The confused. Blame 50 Shades. Blame the pervasive flood of unrealistic imagery on the internet. (Tumblr dash, anyone?) Blame whatever you want. But you have to acknowledge that there are any number of people who loudly proclaim “I’m a submissive!” when in fact they are simply confused. I knew a woman once who was quite adamant – overly so, I thought – about the fact that she was a True Submissive™. Right up until the moment she got her first taste of what D/s as a lived experience was actually like. She vanished, until she resurfaced several months later with this text: “I realize now that I’m not a submissive, but I’ve found happiness in the arms of another woman.” My reply, “Ah, so you’re a lesbian this month, then?” went unanswered.

    The users. We all know that the internet is infested with random fuckboys who use the cachet of “Dominant” to get laid. Make no mistake: there are also random fuckgirls who use “submissive” for the same purpose. I have a friend who, for several months, thought he was “in a relationship,” when it was obvious to those of us who were his friends that she was just a player who said all the right things and told him what he wanted to hear so that he’d play with her on Skype. She wasn’t interested in a relationship, she just wanted to get off while some guy watched. Any guy would do, really.

    The narcissists. “My mother passed away overnight.” “Oh wow. Oh hey, I’m picking up my new car today! Squeeee!!!”  Sound like I’m exaggerating for effect? I’m not; this is an exchange that actually happened. One would think that the narcissists would be easy to spot, but it takes time for one to realize that every exchange with one of the narcissists is one-sided, and that no matter what you share about the things you’re dealing with in your life, within a sentence or two they will inevitably bring the conversation back to them.

    The energy vampires.  There is such a thing as a “needy” submissive, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of Dominants thrive on nurturing and giving care to “needy” submissives. I’m talking about those people who drain a person dry, emotionally and psychologically, day after day after day. The Dominant feels an ongoing sense of utter exhaustion. Not that good feeling of having stepped up to their responsibility to their submissive that day, a feeling I often think of as akin to the feeling of “good tiredness” one feels after a kick-ass workout or a fulfilling day at the office doing work that one loves. I’m talking about that feeling of being utterly drained, and of feeling that bleak sense of “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” of which The Bard wrote so eloquently.

    The abusers. The idea that a submissive can be abusive towards their Dominant might sound laughable to some, but it’s really no harder to grasp than the idea that vanilla wives can be abusers. There are submissives who, for whatever reason (emotional, psychological, brain chemicals), derive some twisted satisfaction from abusing their Dominants in various ways. Sadly, the kinds of Dominants who might be the targets of such abuse are usually the soft hearted Doms, the “Daddys,” the caregivers, and those Dominants who are utterly, hopelessly smitten with their submissive.

    The mentally ill. During the conversation that spurred this piece, my friend cautioned me thusly: “Whatever you do, you can’t call them ‘crazy’!!” Well damn, that reduces me to writing in euphemisms and weasel-words, but let’s see how it goes. I know submissives, people I consider friends, who step up every day and battle mental health issues. Some of them are in relationships with Dominants who are there for them, and with whom they forge a way forward as a team as the submissive gets treatment and finds healthy coping strategies to live a better life. I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about those people who use their mental illness as a blunt instrument, as a “get out of jail free card” for treating their Dominant like shit. And I’m talking about those people who use the cachet of “submissive,” “masochist,” “pain-slut,” “humiliation-slut” as a patina to cover what are, at their root, the most godawful and unhealthy tendencies towards physical and emotional self-harm, who use a sadistic Dominant to enable what I’ll call “self-harm by proxy.” I’ve had the experience of being involved with someone like this exactly once; the realization of what I was seeing was horrifying, and one I hope never to repeat.

    Now comes the part of the story where a lot of people reading this hit the handy Unfollow button, perhaps after flooding my inbox with angry Anons. And I’m fine with that, because this piece needed to be written. We need to lose the naive idea that a submissive is, by definition, an innocent, helpless Little Nell figure, tied to the railroad tracks and tormented by Snidely Whiplash. Life is more complicated than that. People are more complicated than that. And submissives, like Dominants, are more complicated than that.

    As always, @instructor144 nails it perfectly.


    I have helped countless wives and girlfriends realize that cheating is the hottest sex there is. I have made them realize that their husbands and boyfriends either won’t or can’t fuck them like the depraved little whores they crave being. I have made them realize the pure, raw, lustful sexual power of throwing their head back and saying “fuck my wedding vows” as they cum hard over and over again.