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    Amber’s Evening:

    I have been telling Amber for weeks that i was going to take her to the night club that an old college friend bought. She was always excited to go out for a fun night of dancing and drinking. I told her we would go out this Friday night as the club was about 100 miles away. We both were getting out of work early on Friday so i told Amber to take a nice bath when she gets home from work. I also told her i would surprise her with a new outfit that I would pick out for this occasion. She smiled and looked at me with a bit of a puzzled look but said nothing else. The next day, i arrived home after Amber. I could hear her finishing up in the bathtub so i quickly showered in the other shower. A short time later, we were both in our bedroom together. She looked so sexy with a royal blue towel wrapped around her beautiful body. We shared a hug and a kiss and i asked her if she was ready to put on the outfit i bought her. When i took the dress, panty, and heels out of the bag, Amber gasped as she flashed that wicked grin at me. I took the panty and held it open at the waist as i dropped to my knees. I held it for her as she stepped into it one foot at a time. I slowly pulled the dainty little thong up her legs. As i was pulling her thong up, i leaned forward and kissed her pussy before pulling her thong into place. As i picked up the dress, Amber looked in the bag and realized tonight she would be braless. I pulled her dress over her and down her gorgeous body. “Allen, it doesn’t even cover my ass,” Amber said as she looked at half of her exposed ass in the mirror. Next i slipped a sexy pair of heels onto her cute little feet and now she was ready. “Allen, I don’t know, i will be pulling the dress down all night and it still doesn’t cover me completely”. I quickly dressed, took her hand in mine and walked her out the door toward my car.

    As we drove, i placed my hand on Amber’s thigh. Her skin was so golden, so soft, and warm to the touch. “What kind of club is this?” Amber asked as she placed her hand on mine. “It’s a dance club hun,” i said as i squeezed her thigh. The rest of our drive was uneventful but the thoughts of what might happen tonight heightened my arousal. After a two hour drive we arrived at the club and parked. “The Blue Lounge,” Amber said as she looked at the sign as we walked inside. We were greeted by a bouncer who took our money and let us past the velvet rope. As we walked through the club, the rhythmic beat of the music was pleasant. We sat down and Amber immediately pulled her dress down and grabbed my hand. “Baby, we are the only white people here.” Looking around, i searched for my college buddy. Just then, Devon sat down at our table. And i quickly introduced him to Amber. After some small talk, Devon told us to enjoy the club, everything we needed was on the house, and later he wanted us to come back to his VIP Lounge so we could catch up. Devon had our first round of drinks delivered to our table then left. Amber wanted to dance but i wanted to finish my drink first. I told her to go ahead and hit the dancefloor and i would join her in a few minutes. Looking at me, Amber said “you know these guys will be all over me as soon as i start dancing.” I took a sip and smiled. Go on hun, have fun and go dance, i will be there in a few. Amber slid out of the booth, stood up, pulled her dress down as far as it would go and walked to the dance floor. As i watched my girl walk, she looked incredible. As she stepped onto the dance floor, she had no shortage of dance partners.

    As i finished my drink and walked to the dance floor i was intercepted by a couple of the black dancers. “Come on player, go sit down and let your girl enjoy herself.” Both guys cut me off and escorted me back to my table then had the waitress bring me a drink. As i sat there, i watched Amber enjoying herself and enjoying several drinks. Devon stopped at my table and sat down. “Don’t worry, those guys are harmless. They don’t always get a chance to hang with a beautiful girl like your Amber.” We chatted and talked about our college days as i watched Amber cutting loose. I could tell she had several drinks, as she was no longer pulling her dress down to cover her ass. Devon called two of his associates over to our table. When the guys arrived Devon told them to go and escort Amber back to his VIP lounge behind his office. As i followed Devon, i looked over and saw Amber being escorted from the dancefloor.

    As i sat down on the sofa i noticed how nice and quiet it was back here. The lighting was dim and there was nobody allowed unless Devon invited them. I looked over and Devon walked to the door as the two gentleman that escorted Amber to the VIP Lounge walked her inside. Devon thanked them and they left. Just then, Devon closed the door, pushed my girl against the wall, lifted her dress, and smacked her ass.

    “Oh my god, what are you doing,” Amber said as she looked over at me as she squealed when Devon slapped her ass. “You see Amber, back in college, Allen and I swapped our girls. Devon squeezed Amber’s ass as he placed his hand around her neck as she faced the wall. “But this isn’t college,” Amber mumbled as Devon grabbed Amber’s thong by the waistband and yanked it down her legs to her ankles. Lifting her thong to his face, Devon inhaled, smelling Amber’s pussy in the process. “You did good Allen, you found yourself a real slut this time, her pussy is already soaked,” Devon said as he tossed Amber’s damp thong off to the side. “I think i will keep your girl’s thong like in the old days,” Devon said as he reached between Amber’s legs and rubbed her pussy. Devon lifted his fingers to his mouth and tasted Amber’s juices. Looking over at me Devon said, “she isn’t even putting up a fight.” As i sat in the chair watching, Devon walked Amber over to the sofa and pushed her down to her knees.

    Amber wasted little time as she became lost in the beautiful big black cock that was smacking her in the face. “Oh baby, I’m sorry, his dick is so beautiful and huge,” Amber mumbled as she slipped her mouth over the head of Devon’s cock. I squeezed my cock through my pants as i watched my girl running her tongue up and down the full length of Devon’s cock. “Your girl sucks a mean dick,” Devon said as he watched Amber. “Ahh… that’s it girl, work that dick real good with your mouth. That’s it, suck on my nuts too, Devon said as he pulled my girl’s hair back so i could watch her sucking on his dick. “Did you tell your girl how I roll with the women?” Devon asked as he held Amber’s head and face fucked her until she started gagging with spit dribbling out onto the floor. “Go on, tell her,” Devon said as he pulled Amber’s head back by her hair and started spanking her face with his enormous cock. I squeezed my cock once more then said “Devon is going to cum for you baby, then he is going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before.” Amber just moaned as Devon said “you remember so well Allen.” Devon face-fucked my girl as she gripped his ass. The sight of my girl being treated like a slut had my cock so hard i thought it was going to break through the zipper of my pants. Just then, Devon began to grunt and thrust hard. One final thrust, and his cock pushed down Amber’s throat and he began to cum. Amber was furiously rubbing her pussy as she flailed a bit as she couldn’t breathe while Devon pumped spurt after spurt down her throat. Just then, Devon pulled out and Amber gasped for air. “Such a good little slut, you are freaky as fuck,” Devon said as he rubbed his cum covered cock all over Amber’s face. Devon pulled Amber up as she was panting and turned her around and pushed her face first onto the bed. Immediately Devon moved behind her and grabbed her hips. “Amber, are you ready to show Allen just how big of a freaky slut you really are?” Devon said as he looked over at me. “Go on Allen, tell me that you want me to fuck your girl,” Devon said as he placed his glistening hard cock in Amber’s ass crack like a hotdog in a bun. “Oh My God”, Amber cried out. Looking at Amber, i could see the effects of the alcohol and the arousal after being face fucked. Without hesitation and in a confidant voice, i said, “Go on Devon, fuck my girl, give her that big black cock that i know she craves and fantasizes about. Stretch her pussy like I can’t and hit spots in her i never can. I want to see you fuck my girl like you fucked all of my other girls in college.” Amber looked at me, lust filling her eyes, and not a hint of protest.

    Devon held my girl by her hips as he pushed into her tight pussy. Amber let out a loud moan, moaning louder as each inch went into her. “Oh My Fucking God it feels so fucking good Allen,” Amber cried out as she slapped the bed and gripped the sheets with white knuckles as she made a gurgling sound. “Fuck,” Amber cried out as Devon was now buried to the hilt and pushing against her cirvix. Gripping her hips firmly, Devon started to thrust slowly as Amber gripped the sheets and gritted her teeth. It didn’t take long for Devon to thrust hard and fast, as my girl was soaking wet. I couldn’t take it anymore so i pulled my cock out and began to stroke myself. “Jesus Allen, you have a real slut here, she is taking all of me,” Devon said as he hit spots inside my girl that i could never reach. Amber started gasping and from the look on her face she was about to cum. “Oh baby he fills me up so much,” Amber panted. “Oh god he is stretching me baby, im gonna cum…” suddenly Amber began to convulse and quiver as a very powerful orgasm rocked her body. Devon never even slowed down as Amber came, and i watched my Amber cum again.

    Devon pulled my girl up to her knees. This time he only placed one hand on her back. I stroked my hard cock as i watched my girl fucking my buddy. It was Amber thrusting back and impaling herself on his massive cock. Amber was moaning quite loudly as she fucked herself on my friend’s much larger and thicker cock. “Oh baby your friend’s dick is so much bigger and thicker than yours,” Amber cried out as she continued thrusting back at Devon. Devon reached out, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Amber’s head back as he slapped her ass. Moments later, Amber was moaning loudly as she began to cum again, very hard, on my buddies cock. “Oh god, I’m going to cum again,” Amber moaned. Devon asked me to come to the other side of the bed so i could look into Amber’s eyes so i would never forget the look on her face of how my girl needs to be fucked. I moved to the other side of the bed and sat in front of my girl.

    I could not believe how beautiful Amber looked. Her body was glistening from sweat as was Devon’s. I owed this night to Amber. I know deep down I could never fuck her like this. I don’t have a ten inch thick cock and i definately dont have Devon’s stamina. Amber gripped the sheets as she thrust back, meeting each of Devons thrusts. Devon slapped Amber’s ass causing her to moan out. I leaned closer to look into my girl’s eyes when she looked up at me and mouthed the words “thank you.” Devon slapped her ass as he said “sluts just need to be fucked like sluts.” Just then, Amber’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she came again. She panted and moaned as Devon continued fucking her. The way Amber shook, trembled, and mumbled were all signs that she was being thoroughly fucked out. I moved over to the other side of the bed and enjoyed watching my girl.

    I stroked my cock as Amber watched me. Devon was relentless as he fucked Amber as he held her hips and slammed all ten thick inches into her. Devon finally slowed down and stopped. “You have a wonderful girl Allen. You are one lucky man”. Devon rolled onto his back and pulled Amber onto him. “Amber needs to have a VIP pass to the club so she can come whenever she wants. Hell, she can come alone, i’m sure you won’t mind, will you Allen”? Devon said as he positioned my girl over his towering dick. “Not at all Devon, I know she is in good hands here in your club.” Amber lifted up and guided his long thick cock back into her pussy as she looked at me with excitement in her eyes and a grin on her face. I watched Devon’s long thick cock stretching Amber’s pussy as it slid in and out. It glistened from her cum and i was amazed at how long he was. “I have another surprise for you Amber,” Devon said as his cock was fucking Amber like a piston. Just then, another black gentleman crawled onto the bed.

    I could not take it anymore. When i saw Amber’s mouth open and she took a second cock into her mouth, i began to cum. I shot ropes high into the air, landing on the floor in front of me. Devon and this other gentleman switched places. Now Devon was fucking Amber’s mouth while another man I did not know was fucking my girl. Devon pulled his cock out and began stroking it. He began grunting and then suddenly he erupted onto Amber’s face. After he finished cumming, Devon leaned in and kissed Amber’s cum covered mouth. He jumped off of the bed and told me to follow him. He said we were welcome to sleep in the VIP lounge tonight since we were drinking and it was late. He told me to go mingle in the club for a while as he had a couple of other guys he wanted to introduce to Amber. “We will take good care of her and I will let you back in when we are finished. As i sat at the bar i couldn’t help but wonder what was happening and how many more guys joined Devon. I sipped on a second drink as i sat at the bar listening to the music. After about an hour Devon found me at the bar. He sat down and told me that Amber was already showered and he had his staff make the bed in the VIP Lounge with fresh sheets. “You have a very fine girl Allen. She is a keeper and it’s wonderful that you recognize her needs and allow her to explore to fulfill those needs. You are a much different man than when we were in school. She is waiting for you, go climb in bed with your girl and give her the aftercare she deserves.” I undressed and climbed into bed with Amber. She cuddled in my arms, exhausted. She kissed me several times. “Thank you for tonight, I really needed that,” Amber said softly as she lay her head on my chest. “After you left, two other guys came in my pussy.” Within moments, Amber was fast asleep in my arms. THE END.