Forced Female Orgasm
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2015-02-10 22:47:41

    You had heard of the service they offered, always curious of how a Sybian would feel, to straddle something so powerful and unforgiving. The prospect of being able to book a session with not only a Sybian but also having someone there to aid you was like a dream come true. After booking it online your heart was racing with excitement when the doorbell rang; an attractive man carrying both the Sybian vibrator and a large mirror had arrived. You realised what the mirror was for once you finally stripped and mounted the machine. Once he sat behind you and caressed your body while you gazed at yourself, you were ecstatic; it turned you on so much more to see yourself in such a state of ecstasy. Once you felt the immense power of the vibrations nestled deeply between your inner thighs, you were in heaven. Once his hands began to hold you firmly down on it, whispering that he’ll keep you held on it after every orgasm, even when you felt like you might not be able to take any more, you knew you were in for the ride of your life.

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    I remember seeing this video, would have loved to bend her over just enough to slide my cock in her ass as she's riding that thing.. MMM!